Chuck Todd Lets John Boehner Tell Blatant Obamacare Lies On Meet The Press

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NBC’s Chuck Todd continued to be the Republican Party’s best friend by letting John Boehner tell two gigantic lies about the ACA on Meet The Press.




Chuck Todd confronted Boehner about his wrong Obamacare predictions that fewer people would have health care under the ACA and that Obamacare would kill jobs.

Boehner replied, “Obamacare made it harder for employers to hire people. The economy expands and as a result you’re going to have more employees because businesses have to. But you can ask any employer in America and ask them if Obamacare has made it harder to hire employees because it’s a fact. Um, yeah. Do you know why there’re more people insured? Because a lot more people are on Medicaid, and you know giving people Medicaid insurance is almost like giving them nothing. Because there aren’t, you can’t find a doctor that will see Medicaid patients, and so where do they end up? In the same place, they used to end up, in the emergency room.”

Todd weakly asked, “So you don’t see Obamacare as good for the country?”


If Chuck Todd had done even the most basic research, he would have known that Speaker Boehner was lying. Boehner’s claim that the numbers of insured Americans is so high because of the Medicaid expansion alone was false. A Kaiser Family Foundation study found, “The survey finds that nearly six in ten of those now covered by Exchange plans were uninsured prior to signing up. The previously uninsured are one of the groups most likely to believe they have benefited from the ACA, and seven in ten of them say they would not have gotten coverage without the law.”

Boehner’s other claim that employers all say that Obamacare has made hiring more difficult was also not true. A poll by the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) that surveyed four sectors of the economy found that seventy-five percent of business owners said that the ACA has not impacted their hiring practices. An additional 85% said that they didn’t expect the ACA to impact their hiring practices in the future.

NBC’s Chuck Todd should not have let Speaker Boehner put these lies out there unchallenged. Todd’s lay down and die brand of journalism is the reason so many Americans don’t trust the mainstream press and don’t bother to tune into the Sunday morning shows.

John Boehner can’t defend his desire to repeal Obamacare, so he had to lie in order to justify taking away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans. Chuck Todd does not believe that he has a responsibility to call out conservative lies, and his willingness to let Boehner’s lies slide typify his consistent enabling of Republican falsehoods.

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  1. This behavior will continue until enough people continuously call and complain about it. They can also advise the station that they will start boycotting viewing any and all of the stations shows, if this is not corrected.

  2. Chuck Todd is an amateur as well as Boehner. Both of them are on borrowed time when 2016 comes around. In fact Todd can only kiss so much butt before the public will see through him. Boehner Ali has committed his last act of treason. He should have stayed in Israel.

  3. on the plus side (as Todd has explained before) not calling out the lies allows him to continue to book the quality guests his show needs…

  4. Both of these two are the part of the main reason the public does not, trust the news media any longer.
    Both should disappear from ever being on any news show again. I’d not miss them.

  5. Jason, Jason, Chuck Todd’s a roach just like ol’ Rinse and the rest of the roaches. Can you just imagine for well, just 2.5 seconds, what it would be like if by chance either you or I had him heaven forbid, as a father figure? Gosh I shouldn’t have asked that, I feel like an outcast.

  6. Why would any somewhat knowledgeable person watch Todd more than once. This pretty much happens every week. I stopped watching months ago.

    Hey Todd, if you don’t call them out on their blatant lies we will not watch. It is like you want us to play the same ridiculous game you are playing. We have more integrity than that. And if you play along with the lies, you have none. Man up!

  7. I think Todd’s a bone head and corporate shill for NBC / Comcast Universal who values his pay check over his journalistic integrity and unwilling to ask the tough questions…Don’t worry Chuck, Faux News would love to have you

  8. Oh Bull Shit, I now have Health Insurance after 14 years without. I’m 61 and my wife is 56. I hate republicans. I wish every one of them had NO insurance. And I mean it.

  9. Chuck Todd said that he corrects liars, they won’t come back to his show. So which is worst? Having liars on his show misinforming people, or not having liars on his show misinforming people. What is the benefit to the public of having liars on his show?

    I’ll take not having liars on his show, Alex.

  10. I could not stand to listen to it. I turned down the volume and just resumed reading the morning paper. If Boehner opens his mouth, the lies just come out. He’s pathological.

  11. After David Gregory left MTP I was hoping the next host would have some integrity. After seeing Chuck Todd’s first show, I realized it wasn’t going to happen. I don’t watch the show any longer. At least George Stephanopolous (sp) seems to have some journalistic integrity. He actually does press people for answers and confronts the lies. He still seems able to get guests on This Week. Chuck Todd is a joke.

  12. I stopped watching CNN years ago. It’s not just Todd but Blitzer, that fat Candy something etc., they are all joke. They are trying to compete with Fuch Spews.

    Turn off CNN!

    News programs, including Fuch Spews are losing audience. Especially the 20-30 crowd.

  13. NBC needs to replace Chuck Todd with someone who will return truth, facts, dignity, and viewers to “Meet The Press”. Rachel Maddow.

  14. The GOP is just one HUGE contradiction!!!, I’ve studied the republican party since nixon and I’ve realized that EVERYTHING they say and do are blatant LIES! ONE of the TRILLION lies they’ve been screaming is ALL the media is liberal!!!, anyone with ANY basic knowledge knows the GOP through corporate america own 9 out of 10 media outlets!!! fortunately many americans are waking up! cable news is DYING!! american news in general is dying! even PBS and NPR has been corrupted by corporate american and the GOP! MTP is DYING rapidly!!! chuck todd is just as pathetic as david gregory!! HEY GOP, nobody is buying what your selling!!! it’s not the HOST!! it’s your FAILED product!!

  15. Conservatism/Republicanism is a mental illness masquerading as legitimate thought while making a juvenile attempt at hiding their unbridled greed and corruption. Todd is just one of many bought and paid for 1%ers.

  16. Honesty was his name Keith Olberman the truth and nothing but the truth is missed so much. Gracious in site and truthful information from what happens around the world Martin Bashir these are just two of the greats worth watching Ed Shultz does a great job for working class Al Sharpton I use to like but no longer since he owes so much taxes he should not be allowed to broadcast not a honest person to beleave and he is to much about civil rights and takes it to far please bring back some logic to msnbc .

  17. It is scary that the news media and outlets are owned by the very culprits who have raped this country financially and are destroying the environment. As long as there are people who think that everything said on FOX NEWS is the truth and are led by fear and hatred, the Koch-roaches will always be there to take advantage of the weak and ignorant.

  18. Although I agree with you, the Republican Party represents only the wealthy, the Democratic party as a whole are a pretty greedy bunch of scoundrels along with the Republicans. They have done little over the last 35 years to stop Reaganomics, and the trickle down scam. They have said little all these years regarding the biggest travesty in American history. That is the moving of American manufacturing to police states like Red China, and Vietnam. This is the biggest reason for a shrunken American middle class, and not just a stagnated one. Along with the main stream media who rarely if ever mention this travesty, and the Democratic Party, the American middle class is doomed. Baltimore and Ferguson are just the canaries in the cave detecting the toxic gas that is the future for America, and what will likely result—an American police state controlled by Corporate Fascists. Then America and the world is finished.

  19. It has been an uphill climb working against Republicans and the so called “independents’ like Libertarians.
    Democrats have enacted the Affordable Care Act, against massive Republican Malfeasance, along with pushes to improve worker safety, and raising the minimum wage, each of which Republicans and Conservatives have fought tooth and nail against.

    Perhaps when we stop having “independents’ sabotaging Democratic efforts we’ll get some real change…

  20. What is wrong with you people? Todd got this man lying. If he had gone after him with the first lie , he would have watched him walk away.

  21. Truthfully….Chuck Todd seems out of place on that show. In over his head? Certainly. Get Rachel Maddow on! Switch these two around…Put Todd in Rachel’s time slot with a “show” of his own, and give Rachel the Big break on the big show. I bet you none of those regular Republican BS masters and Liars would dare show their faces on her show. Betcha. Listening McCain? Lindsey? Boehner? and all the rest…..Rachel would have them all sputtering and gasping for air as they lie and spin out the Bull.

  22. Chuck is playing it safe with his well known guests—-he doesn’t seem to have the guts to challenge them. He want’s to be nice and safe in order to keep his job.

  23. These idiot journalists think that if they ask tough questions, and hold liars accountable, they won’t come back, BS!!! They’ll come back because not everyone watches Fux news, so go ahead, hammer away, and let’s see who has the bigger balls- The host or the guest, that’s what I want to see.

  24. Boehner being a liar, well there’s nothing new there. I love being on the ACA, I can no longer ge BLACKLIST for being born a woman with hydrocephalus. BOTH OF WHICH ARE NOT MY FAULT!

  25. Journalism is and has been totally dead for a decade or more. His kind just kicks more dirt on the grave of real journalists like Murrow.

  26. I watch Al Sharpton sometimes. I couldn’t care less about how much tax he owes as long as he is paying them back (and he is).

  27. A bit hypocritical to criticize Chuck Todd for allowing Boehner to get away with a single Obamacare enrollment distortion, while the media gobbled and regurgitated front loaded Goodies for election year talking points, plus other White House propaganda through the 2012 election.
    Democrats knew from the implosion of Hillarycare that they had to lie about Obamacare, especially that Greedy Capitalists making an obscene 400% poverty level income would pay for it. Obamacare was passed on a mountain of Lies.
    “We can insure everyone with no caps for life.”
    “Everyone will keep their plan and their doctor.”
    “Your premium will go down $2500 per year.”
    “Our plan will cost less than 1 trillion”
    “If you make less than 250K your taxes wont go up,” –my personal favorite since the Cadillac tax will begin phasing out employer insurance and the biggest tax deduction on IRS books in 2018. http://www.cnn.Com/2014/11/18/politics/gruber-obamacare-promises

  28. Quality Guest! Really?

    Chuck Toad, John Booner and all their republicon cohorts are the biggest liars walking and they bring nothing but shame hardship and disgrace to the American people.

  29. Chuck Todd is not a non-partisan journalist. Never has been. His right-wings have always been visible to me. He should fly over to the platform that suits him best: FAUX NOISE!

  30. Chuck Todd Lets John Boehner Tell Blatant Obamacare Lies On Meet The Press

    It’s what he’s being handsomely paid for by U.S. Corporate Media. He wouldn’t get away with this lackluster performance had he been in a TRUE democracy – which should tell us something alarming about this country.

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