Paul Ryan Tries To Use Baltimore Riots As An Excuse To Take Food Away From Poor People

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Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is trying to use the Baltimore riots as an excuse to take away food and housing from poor adults and children.

During an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, Rep. Ryan (R-WI) dressed up his Ayn Rand fantasies of starving the poor as economic opportunity.



It’s really not a more money thing. Spend the money we have more effectively. I think we need to do another round of welfare reform — not to save money, but to save lives. And so it’s not a function of pumping more money into the same failed system because we’ll just get the same failed result. It’s rethinking how we actually attack the root causes of poverty. All we do these days effectively is treat the symptoms of poverty.”


I would consolidate many of our federal poverty programs into flexible programs that go to our states to customize a welfare benefit for person’s particular need. Because what you do when you stack up all these poverty programs on top of each other, we have this thing called the poverty trap, where we’re actually disincentivizing a person from getting on with their life and going to work. It pays not to take a risk to take a job to go out an prove your life because of the benefits your lose.

As usual, Ryan completely avoided discussing what his plan actually does.

According to an analysis by the CPBB, Ryan’s plan would take food away from poor adults and children:

While Chairman Ryan describes the proposal as maintaining the same overall funding as the current system for each participating state, that would be a practical impossibility. His proposal would convert the nation’s basic food assistance safety net — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps — from an entitlement that responds automatically to increased need into part of a sweeping block grant that gives each state fixed funding for the year and, thus, cannot respond in the same way. This would be a particularly serious problem when need rises, such as in recessions.


While Chairman Ryan says he’s driven by evidence and research, his plan would jeopardize basic nutrition assistance for poor children, which research has shown is highly effective not only in reducing child malnutrition, but also in improving children’s long-term prospects. A path-breaking recent study examined what occurred after food stamps gradually expanded nationwide in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It found that poor children with access to food stamps in early childhood (and whose mothers had access during pregnancy) had an 18-percentage-point higher high school graduation rate — and were less likely as adults to have stunted growth or heart disease or to be obese — than comparable children who lacked access to food stamps because their counties hadn’t yet implemented the program. By eliminating poor families’ entitlement to SNAP and placing funds for basic food assistance at risk of being diverted, the Ryan plan would jeopardize these crucial gains.

In other words, Paul Ryan is trying to use the Baltimore riots as an excuse to cut poor people’s access to food all across the country. In Ryan’s view, the best way to create “opportunities” for those who have the least is to create an unstable survival situation for them. Ryan relied on that old Republican myth that poor people don’t want to work to support his plan. In fact, poor people do want to work. There are tens of millions of Americans who go to work, but are still poor. Getting a job isn’t a cure-all. People need good paying jobs.

Paul Ryan’s solution isn’t really a solution at all. Ryan is dressing up more Ayn Rand fiction and trying to pass it off as public policy.

The Republican “idea man” has once again come up empty.

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  1. Where are the jobs that Ryan keeps saying people are rejecting because they’d rather be on food stamps? THERE ARE NO JOBS!!

    Republicans caused all this with low wages for the average workers while allowing billion dollar parachutes for people who get fired from rich corporate jobs (Fiona), no job creation, no opportunities, third world state conditions when it comes to infrastructure and the idea that the way to move America forward is to put billions into the military while cutting more and more from education, health, social security (we pay into), unemployment (we pay into), VA.

    Lian Ryan should just STFU. What have you done for us lately Paul? How much does the average soldier make? How much does Paul Ryan make, including Koch money? Not only is Paul Ryan a lying POS, he’s also a high end deadbeat who has done nothing to earn his wage.

    We should unemploy him and see how luxurious his life is on a few hundred dollars a month for rent, food, basics and transportation.

  2. This is actually a form of economic terrorism. With no safety net between their families and the abyss, the downwardly mobile will be forced to sell themselves on any terms, at any price, and the example of those who are physically destroyed by poverty will serve to enhance credibility.

    Better for people like Ryan to remember what happened to the Shark of Constanza/ Archbishop of Bingen in the old cautionary tale. In France, Russia, and Cuba, it came true.

  3. Give the money to the States – like the kingdoms of Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas?

    The same bunch of plantation rulers who ran our State budgets into the ground without producing anything useful?

    There are no state employees left to deal with programs, new or old. The money will block grant into the State and into the King’s coffers.

  4. Lyin’ Ryan is an expert at sucking on the government teat. He’s absolutely clueless on what the problem is.

  5. people like paul ryan are always trying portray the social safety net, or welfare as they prefer, as a failed program because it has not eliminated poverty. that is a false premise. welfare is not supposed to eliminate poverty – that is impossible. the welfare system is in place to help poor people survive. too many people fall for that kind of specious argument that calls it a “failed” program. I would say it has been a great success in that it has helped more needy people than any other program ever in history anywhere.

  6. The root cause of poverty is . . . rich folk, no matter the variety they are.

    And underlings like Ryan.

  7. There is a fundamental disconnect in the “cause and effect relationship” logic of these conservative, non-empathetic, chest-thumping politicians and pundits.

    The prejudicial presumptions and favorite right wing/tea party talking points — that those who are out of work would prefer to subsist on welfare rather than be gainfully employed, and that only unemployed people need government financial assistance — are completely baseless and perpetuate the ignorance-based stereotype of people in need as being lazy parasites on society … no doubt a deliberate tactical decision by the callous propaganda peddlers on FOX News and in the right wing blogosphere.

  8. Cause starving people never riot… How about we make sure this ass hat doesn’t get his government check in the next elections. He obviously isn’t working just spouting b.s. which he can do off the governments dime as far as I am concerned.

  9. This fool; Paul Ryan is really giving Any Rand a bad name. Actually, the women spoke to those individuals; such as many poor; for the very reason of being too good for their own selves; thus, a level of selfishness (necessary; such as to avoid distractions while on a path to reach a goal; learning to say no; for the creating a deficiency that prevents one from reaching a decided upon and intended goal. When dealing with individuals such as Ayn Rand; that dabble with reasonable choices related to human behavior and necessary change process; one must either have a war chest of information or continue the journey of gathering information to be able to separate what makes sense. The personal belief systems; such as faith or the lack of faith; believing that there is a Supreme being or not; and what have we in terms of difference found in social environments. We take the logical and continue gathering resources; found everywhere, to make decisions and choices. Paul Ryan is a idiot.

  10. What is worse than Ryan is the electorate that put him in office. Year after Year. If these folks think he is great, working in their best interests, then they have been duped. Worse than that, his draconian policies not only affect them, but every U.S. citizen.

  11. Corrected: Paul Ryan is really giving Ayn Rand a bad name. The women spoke to individuals; such as many poor are… too good for their own selves. She advocated a level of selfishness (necessary, to avoid distractions while attending to meeting a goal. Being conscious of needs for aiming; and being able to remain on course; having to say “No” to others. Otherwise delays and deficiencies prevent success of reaching a decided upon and intended goal. Reading individuals such as Ayn Rand (dabbling with reasonable choices; human behavior and necessary change process) either have a war chest of information or gather one before deciding to excludes or judge context presented. Believing in a God is a personal choice and does not limit such theory developments. We take the logical developed and continue gathering resources; found everywhere, we assess and then we make decisions and or choices. Paul Ryan is a idiot.

  12. There seems a massive lack of logic in conservative thinking when it comes to welfare, in that the stated perception is that making welfare too good is a disincentive to work, and thus to make it even more abyssmal will somehow inspire those who suffer its’ clutches will get off their proverbials and get into gainful employment. A couple of failings in this logic are that many, if not most, beneficiaries, are working, but due to the lousy minimum wage, need assistance to put food on their kids’ plates. Also, there is a basic assumption that, if you give a liveable social safety net, then people will not choose to engage in new ventures, whereas, if anything, a good welfare system will give people the freedom to make good choices, not panicked ones. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not living in fear that they may lose it all if they don’t kow tow in jobs they hate that don’t pay the bills…

  13. The only welfare Republicans love: Corporate Welfare.

    And Jesus would never be accepted in Republican Circles.

  14. If Paul Ryan and his kind think that the Baltimore Riots were a problem, imagine what will happen when he takes away our safety nets.

    The country will dissolve into chaos.

  15. “…flexible programs that go to our states to customize a welfare benefit for person’s particular need.”
    Sure. Right. Because if there is one thing republicans have demonstrated, it is the patience to work with poor people as individuals possessed of human dignity, and putting time and effort into crafting a plan that is just right for that individual. {rolls eyes}

  16. Didnt Mr. Ryan promise a “replacement”plan for the ACA years ago… nothing then or now. Hes all talk like every teapuker on Earth. No substance or ethics.

  17. We should start buildong guillotines… and put one in front of every megacorporation headquarters and every state capitol. With a whole battery for Wall St. and two for DC.

  18. gee ryan – that is all you think about is how to take away from the poor. how about we take away from you for being stupid.

  19. We have a Poverty Crisis! What are the Republicans going to do to reduce poverty? New Data Says 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, With 80% of the Total Population Near Poverty
    We are rioting against the Republicans for refusing to tax the 4000 multimillionaires, 572 billionaires that pay no Federal Taxes. We are rioting against the Republicans for refusing to close the $3 trillion a year corporate tax breaks that do not make jobs or make the economy better. We are rioting against the Republicans because they are refusing to do what 90% of Americans want to tax the rich and close the loopholes. Make The Federal Reserve rain money on us like they did the banks, $40,000 per every man, women, and child. Get President Obama to make a coin valued in a monthly amount for every adult over 18. Only take $175.3 billion to bring 45 million people in the US up to poverty level.

  20. To Hell with all these elite “Kings” and “Queens” and their GOP “Flying-Monkey” puppets!!! We really do “outnumber” them!!! Do you think they will use their “NUKES” on us??? [WINK]

  21. What an idiot! Does he not ever actually think? There are many people who are actually working that have to rely on food stamps to feed their children because they don’t make a living wage. Are they just being lazy? I guess they’re just not working enough hours right? These are the same morons who refuse to raise the minimum wage. They are morally bankrupt.

  22. I’m not claiming to be some economic genius by any stretch here, but mathematics was my best subject in school by far, and I am a self admitted economic wonk.

    Let me in plain English spell out what lying Ryan just said in non politician talking point style.

    Block grants = gutting the safety net so as to cut taxes at the top period.

  23. WTH did you just say? I can’t parse that, and I have parsed for a living. Please clean up your syntax.

  24. The quality of your language has improved, which enables me to say with some confidence that the quality of your thinking has not.

  25. Lyin Ryan is just living up to his name the Sycophantic Kock sucker Ayn Rand Loving Dimwit. VOTE DEM.

  26. Does his hair not grow, or does he cuta millimeter off every morning before he heads out to lay waste to the middle class. These “young Republicans” are supposed to infuse the Greedy Old Plutocrat Party with “new ideas” but they all just trot out the same tired old dogma – cut taxes on the rich and cut social programs. Trickle down didn’t work 30 years ago when Bonzo advocated it. It didn’t work 10 years ago when the Smirking Chimp advocated it, and it won’t work now. All it does is funnel an ever greater percentage of wealth to the top. Trickle down hell. It should be called Topple Down, because if something doesn’t change, it will eventually bring about the ruin of the late great USA

  27. I agree with Ryan it’s high time we had another round of welfare reform, of corporate welfare reform. Funny how the republiklan seems to ignore all the off shore corporate headquarters in order to dodge taxes and yet would take food and housing from the poor. Please forgive them Lord as they pray over their money

  28. Ryan is a two sided turd….With a point on one end and blunt on the other…stinks anyway you look at it.

  29. Ryan, once again, is talking the worn, tired, GOP line.
    You’re a husband, wife, 2 kids. 13 and 15. The two of you are making min wage because that’s all that’s available to them ATM. The kids are too young to consider p/t after-school work, and, besides, they take their schoolwork seriously.

    So, tell me, Paul, how this family is supposed to live on $2400/mo?
    Some percentage of the problem is that the last dozen years got all the mfg jobs shipped overseas.

    The major portion of the problem is that the min wage has stagnated for decades now. It needs to keep pace with inflation. I made $1.60/hr (min) in 1968. That would be almost $11 by now. And most businesses won’t pay anyone (or, at least, stay reasonable for service) more if they can get away with it.

    Ryan — it’s your buddies in Congress and your buddies in Business that are the problem. You want to trim the budget? Drop a half-dozen aircraft out of the order. Or 100 missiles.

  30. I dont know if I can but monday I may check into if I qualify for FOOD STAMPS,,,yea I want me an E B T card..if I get one ,,I will find one of the UPPER CLASS food outlets around town. Then I will go into it and find me a small jar of CAVIAR ,,fish eggs,,you can get them for $10 to $20 for the low class ones,,THEN mabe I will get me a NICE PORTERHOUSE STEAK,,,,,AND DARE ANYONE to comment on my purchase,,,I have WORKED for over 50 years and paid my TAXES for that card,,it would BELONG TO ME and no one else,,and I can do with it as I please,,YES there are CRIMINALS out there who do abuse these cards illegaly,, we already have police for them,,,WHAT DOES THAT have to do with me???? NOTHING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN DUPING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH FOOLISH STORIES ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DO NOT DESEARVE TO EAT,,,HOW DUMB DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO BELEIVE THAT KIND OF CRAP????????????


  31. Remember when Newt and Phil Gramm did the first round of budget cuts in the early 1980’s? That’s when all the people ended up on the streets and Bush’s dope business really took off because they collapsed the economy that round of cuts and then busted unions and de-regulated the economy, meaning that wages went through the floor and prices went through the roof, killing the economy and the jobs, ruining the intergenerational family structure; remember Mr. Family Values? What a lying thieving hypocrite. And now we have gone through what 6 rounds of budget cutting; food, housing, medical care, education, transportation; I jest cain’t figger out where the economy has gone; why right into their back pockets, pa. Lyle Courtsal

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