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Republicans Admit Hobby Lobby Ruling Is Religious Tyranny Meant to Control Women

It is fairly well known that part and parcel of the Christian religion is providing men scriptural cover to control women. It does not matter if it is prohibiting women from praying when men are present, disallowing them from questioning a man, telling women to be obedient to their husbands, or that they were created in subjection to a man; control is control and in the bible women are veritable property of their husbands and subservient to men. Republicans subscribe to that obscene concept as a matter of course, and to drive the point home the conservative Supreme Court gave religious male employers power to control women by restricting their reproductive health choices.

Before, during, and after the Vatican-5 ruled that religious employers had the scriptural right to deny their female employees access to contraception, Republicans and their evangelical base lied and claimed their only goal was religious freedom to withhold health plans that included contraception coverage. That assertion was always a filthy lie and many pundits warned that was the case. On Thursday last late in the day, religious Republicans finally admitted that the Hobby Lobby ruling gave evangelical employers what they wanted all along; power to control women. Specifically, power to control whether they use contraception, participate in family planning, or have an abortion under any circumstances.

Republicans claim their abominable legislation overturning a Washington D.C. anti-discrimination statute that prohibited religious employers from punishing women who use birth control, family planning services, or abortion services was to protect employers’ religious liberty according to the Hobby Lobby ruling. However, they revealed the legislation is about using religious tyranny to control women because the D.C. council included a provision in the law, according to Hobby Lobby, reiterating that religious organizations do not have to provide health insurance coverage for contraception or abortions. Religious Republicans said that is not nearly enough and struck down the D.C. law “prohibiting employers from discriminating or retaliating against workers, their spouses, or their dependents for obtaining contraception, family planning, or having abortions

.” According to the sponsor of the religious tyranny legislation, Representative Diane Black (R-TN), the anti-discrimination law “is contrary to the federal statute.” The High Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling simply gave religious employers biblical cover to withhold contraception coverage in health insurance prescription plans; not the right to violate an employee’s privacy or discriminate and punish them for using contraception or family planning.

As the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards, said, “This bill makes it open season for bosses to dig into their employees’ reproductive health practices and fire women for taking birth control or having an abortion.” Democrats also understand the implications to workers as well as the Republican motivation behind the religious tyranny legislation. Democrats warned that Washington D.C. “workers would be fired and face retribution for their personal healthcare choices” that, again, is the only purpose of the legislation as an extension of the Hobby Lobby decision. As many political pundits warned when the Hobby Lobby decision was announced, religious freedom had nothing to do with it, contraception had nothing to do with it, and employers providing contraception coverage in health plans had nothing to do with it. It was always about religious tyranny and like the groups behind the push for the Hobby Lobby lawsuit, it was only about controlling women. It is also about invading women’s privacy to gain ultimate control over every aspect of their personal lives.

This legislation is also a gross violation of federal HIPPA

Privacy Rules put in place specifically to protect an individual’s medical records and “other personal health information;” including their personal health plans and who their health care providers are.  HIPPA laws were enacted to give patients sole rights over their personal health information, including the right to examine their health records, but it does not include their employers. The Republican legislation allows employers to invade the privacy of their employees by demanding information about their, their spouses, and dependents personal health choices or face retribution for non-compliance; something the religious right lusted for long before Hobby Lobby.

That the religious right intended to gain ultimate control over women in Hobby Lobby was never in question, and Republicans dutifully served the interests of the Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage, and the National Right To Life Committee demanding the religious legislation. Two powerful conservative groups, the Republican Study Committee and the Freedom Caucus, also pushed the Republican House leadership to pass the legislation. The groups asserted that if Republicans did not act, employers would be forced to hire, or keep in place, an employee who held beliefs that did not comply with their beliefs and therefore be uncontrollable.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put the legislation’s intent in the proper perspective. She said, “Allowing employers to fire employees for using birth control, in vitro fertilization, or any other reproductive health care service is an unconscionable intrusion into workers’ personal lives. House Republicans would even allow employers to fire employees for the reproductive health decisions that their employees’ spouses and dependents make.” Pelosi did not include that the legislation was an unconscionable religious intrusion, but she was right; Republicans want employers to exert control over far more than their employees and it is a sign of what it is store for American women regardless if their employers are religious tyrants or not.

According to Republicans, not allowing religious employers to tyrannize and control their employees is part of the “continued attack on religion and a person’s 1st Amendment right of freedom of belief;” belief in religious control over women. It is noteworthy that despite the Hobby Lobby lawsuit and ruling allegedly being about religious freedom to withhold contraception in employer-provided healthcare prescription plans, Republicans now say it is really about controlling a woman’s access to any reproductive services and the right to invade their privacy to impose “religious freedoms

” on a larger segment of the population. It is also, as several ‘license to discriminate’ laws in two dozen Republican states reveal, about imposing religious tyranny on the gay community.

What is stunning, and frankly disappointing, is that men are not taking to the streets and storming the halls of Congress to demand an end to this unending Republican religious assault on their wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters under the guise of some tyrannical evangelical’s religious freedom. It is what the Hobby Lobby lawsuit and ruling by the Supreme Court’s Vatican-5  was about from the very beginning and Republicans made that very clear in passing religious tyranny legislation they said fulfilled ‘federal statute’ according to Hobby Lobby.


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  • It's not just Christianity though...don't get me started with Islam.

    What we need are some Satanists or BDSM'ers using the Snobby Lobby argument to get control over men's bodies...

    • You really don't want to get into bed with the Satanists, not only do they support Rick Scott of Florida as regards school prayer, but the founder of the Satanist church in America, by the way, said "this organization is basically Ayn Rand with a couple of rituals added"

      • You are specifically referring to LaVeyan Satanists, about whom you are correct. There are quite a few others. But Rand herself thought it was no one's business if a woman had an abortion.

      • LaVeyan Satanists are honest.

        Which is far more than we can expect from a goodly portion of Christianity, and not in the least from Republicans.

        • Republicans are all Satanists. I know many of them claim to be Christian, and some of them (the ones left standing anyway) claim to be Jewish, but none of their legislation or action has any semblance of Christian theology in them. Instead, it falls into the Satanist philosophy of "do what thou wilt" where human life is disregarded (after the womb to fake Christians....but even before then to Ayn Rand nutters) and actions are deliberately pushed out to advance ones self above all others. In other words, the "I got mine, so gets yours" crowd that has resulted in our gross income inequality to this day. If Jesus were alive (or to have ever existed), he would not be a Republican. The actions of the money peddlers and persecutors there are the furthest thing from his way of life that is humanly possible. That's why you don't get into bed with Satanists to advance a cause. "Selling your soul to the devil" has consequences that are not intended at the time. So is the curse of all religion.

        • In the same vein, you also get state legislatures that ban feeding the homeless (, allow Satanic services to the ire of their Christian constituencies ( and policies in general that are designed to hurt the middle class and the poor. All of this comes from the same party that technically has a Satanic pentagram in their party's logo. ( See the stars in the back in Reince Preibus' publicity shot? Those are Satanic pentagrams. If this doesn't spell out where their allegiances truly lie, then nothing will. Republican voters think their party cares about religious liberty, but push comes to shove, they only care about the allure of the all mighty dollar. Their religion is money. All others will be banned, hence your articl...

    • Personally, I am sick not only of the right wing evangelists, but also of you people who hate Christians. Christianity was the first religion that gave some protections to women. All you people have done, with your 'freedoms' you have allegedly given to women is produced a society where a large part of the women are completely dysfunctional as human beings -- a career is much more important that having a husband and children. What a sicko way of thinking.

      • My childhood was spent in the 1950s, where every "real" woman was expected to have a husband and children, whether she liked them or not. The results, including (but not limited to) alcoholism,pep pills, husband-nagging, and child abuse, were not pleasant to contemplate.

        • Husband-nagging? Caused by oppression of women? I read a quote once, "nagging is a repetition of an unpalatable truth". Husband nagging and wife nagging will continue while there are chores to do

        • I am not speaking of "Take out the garbage, the lawn needs mowing, Debbie wants her room painted pink". I am talking about the constant pressure to earn more money, buy more goodies,keep up with the neighbors, that happened when the wife was being "aligned" by the other housewives and would have been accepting social defeat if she herself had worked.

      • People Hate Christians for the same reasons so many hate Islam. They brought it on themselves.

        And horsefeathers as to the notion that Christianity gave protections to women. Xtianity and Judaism always blame women for the fall of man.

        Modern day society has given women the long over due option to pursue a career. It is Xtianity's sicko notion that women HAVE TO be nothing more than brood mares.

        See to the beam in thine own eye LeHunt.

      • Personally Le Hunt, I'm sick of repub Christians. That is who I have a problem with. Repub Christians are not true Christians. They do not follow the Prince of Peace. They do not follow the Sermon on the Mount. I feel sorry for you.

      • Most are not sick of REAL Christians. What we are sick of, are people professing to be Christians, but are a long way from acting on the teachings of Jesus. If Jesus were alive today, he would be called a Socialist, which is NOT a bad thing to be. So don't put us down because we are calling out the FAKE Christians, who are basically like the Sadducees and Pharisees.

        • @LBMHOU, your post is exactly what I've been saying since the 80's, the RIGHT WING republican religious republicans aren't christians! PERIOD! I love the people here at POLITICUS but don't judge christianity on the GOP's MONEY CHANGERS! they're FRAUDS. BTW the KKK calls themselves a CHRISTIAN organization too, yeah RIGHT!

      • @le hunt, @le hunt, @le hunt LOL dude, I don't know what YOUR definition of "LIBERAL" is but it's becoming quite evident, YOU AREN'T, dude you republican "LITE" post are sad, BTW YOUR rant about women in the bible was hilarious!! FREEDOM?? FREEDOM? you mean women being treated as property?? or apart of a HAREM? or stoned to death for even the thought of adultery?! DUDE, you're a moderate republican, stop trying to BULL$HIT people, you are what YOU are.

      • Why , because women were MEANT to have kids and wait on a man hand and foot? Your way of thinking is disgusting..... Learn to take care of yourself and LEAVE women the HELL ALONE!

    • What are Americans who follow the Muslim religion doing? I don't see anything going on and I live right next to the largest population of Muslims in the country.

  • Get out the pitch forks and torches. We should be furious and storm DC but after decades of them doing stuff like this it always feels as if we keep swimming up a very strong downstream current just to be tossed back to the beginning every couple years.

  • Rmuse: I'm not surprised that men are not outraged and trying to get congress to stop the religious tyranny. It is my belief that most of them don't care, and those that do are the problem. Historically I believe that men don't want women to be better than they are in any respect, especially in the bedroom. It takes away from their masculine pride of being the breadwinner etc.
    What does surprise me is the number of republican women that allow their fellow lawmakers to not only do these things, but come out in favor of the very things that will restrict them as well as those they supposedly represent. Maybe they think they are above all that?

  • Yes, Hobby Lobby is terrible, and, yes, the bill aimed at the DC anti-discrimination statute is an abomination. But the article is misleading. The bill did NOT overurn the DC statute. It is only a bill. It has not been passed by the Senate, and even if it is, there are not enough votes to override a promised prsidential veto. The DC statute is still alive and well, and probably will continue to stamd.

    • What you wrote is all true, but if not brought out to the public view, not discussed, not made known exactly what that bill is all about - the lawmakers will make it into law. Even with a veto from the President it goes back to the Senate and the House and with a 2/3 vote in each Chamber over-ride his veto. While historically, Congress has overridden fewer than ten percent of all presidential vetoes, this congress of GOPPERs hate this President so much that they would work at getting the 2/3 votes any way they could - including lying like dogs.

    • There's a story that goes something like, when they came to take my neighbors I did nothing and then when they came to take me, no one was left. You don't need to be gay to support gay rights, you don't need to be Black to support rights for Black people and anti-discrimination policies and you don't need to be a woman to oppose sexist policies. You do need to be a human being and you do need to have an ounce of sympathy. Most "christians" these days don't seem to have either characteristic

  • An employer or employment agency shall not discriminate against an individual
    with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of or on
    the basis of the individual's or a dependent's reproductive health decision making, including a
    decision to use or access a particular drug, device or medical service, because of or on the basis
    of an employer's personal beliefs about such services."

    So, compensation is a tricky word here because health care benefits can fall under compensation. Therefore, this law could be used to skirt the Hobby Lobby ruling and therefore would need to be reworded. Also, if i understand liberals correctly, private businesses can't fire/refuse to hire an employee based on their beliefs, but the government sure as hell can fine a private business into bankruptcy because of their beliefs about gay marriage. Logical consistency as usual.

    • Once again you prove your Victim Mentality Erica.
      Private Employees need to come up with a valid reason to fire, or not hire, someone.

      The Logical Consistency here (that you wilfully overlook) is that folks regardless of their religion or sexuality- simply will not be allowed to discriminate for no good reason, no matter what religious excuse is used to justify it.

  • Moongrim, first Erica must have a mentality before it can be victimized. Religious tyranny has been the bane of mankind since the very first mumbling of incantations and sacrifice.

  • We need to quit denying factual evidence. American Christians fall exceedingly short of the target of Christianity. The very fact that while spewing their hateful propaganda ( or rather as evidenced by the fact that they DO spew hateful propaganda ) they ignore many of Christ's admonitions to love each other, reserve passing judgement, care for the poor, heal the sick, and the list goes on and on.

    To illustrate this most vile tendency in American Christianity I offer as evidence what started out as a simple gofundme campaign to provide training and employment to developmentally disabled adults, which has morphed into an indictment of Christian churches in America. To disseminate my campaign I have sent letters to 392 churches and church officials within Mega-Churches, my thoughts being that as they command much more money than smaller churches, they could afford to send some tiny donation to support this worthwhile cause. To date I have received 5 replies ( all applauding my effort...

    • Please get it right. It's repub Christians that are not true Christians. I know left leaning Christians that are true Christians.

        • The World Council of Churches conducted vigorous litigation on behalf of Haitian refugees, and its constituent congregations still often defend the oppressed. The UU congregation I was once a part of was quite progressive and active. There are others. I'm not much of a churchgoer myself.

  • Corporations are artificial legal entities. They neither have alienage nor can they die. As such, they have no choice, conscience, spirit or soul.

    With the First Amendment our founders sought to protect us from this kind of religious tyranny.

    Republican lawmakers who want to pass bogus "religious freedom" legislation are engaging in nothing more than elective despotism. Likewise governors and elected judiciary.

    SCOTUS' Hobby Lobby ruling is nothing more than a blatant act of judicial despotism.

    James Madison wrote: "An ELECTIVE DESPOTISM was not the government we fought for." (Federalist Paper 48). Yet this is what conservatives are attempting to impose on the rest of us.

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