Fox News Is Forced To Apologize After Completely False Baltimore Shooting Report


Fox News’s Shepard Smith was forced to apologize to viewers after a Fox News report that a Baltimore protester had been shot by police was proven to be completely false.

Video of Fox News’s apology:

Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin claimed that he saw Baltimore Police shoot and kill a protester as he was running away.

The Baltimore Police tweeted:

Shep Smith, who seems to be Fox News’s dedicated apology guy, said:

Sounds like what happened is we screwed up. Mike Tobin thought he saw somebody get shot. And there was a gun and a patient on a stretcher and there is would a woman who said she saw the cop gun him down and there’s going to be violence and all the rest of that. And what we have is nothing. And the truth is, according to police, there is no gunshot victim.


I’m now in correction mode and we apparently were wrong,” Smith went on to say. “Unless there’s new information that comes forward, all the information now points to there was a guy running down the street, gun fell in the street, gun went off, guy was taken into custody. He complained that he was injured or something. They put him in an ambulance and, out of an abundance of caution, the police are now telling us, they took him to the hospital. Nobody has been shot. No police officer has pulled the trigger. And on behalf of Mike Tobin and the rest of our crew there and he rest of us at Fox News, I am very sorry for the error and glad we were able to correct it quickly.

The fact that the completely false Fox News report could have set off another riot should not be lost on anyone. Cable news rushes to stories and gets things wrong all of the time. The fact that Fox’s correspondent didn’t bother to verify what he thought he saw before he put it on live television is a real problem.

Fox News has demonstrated why they can’t and shouldn’t ever be trusted. Beyond their obvious bias, the fact is that Fox News has a history of getting things wrong. Fox doesn’t get any credit for quickly correcting their mistake because it was a mistake that never should have been made.

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  1. This is a prime example of how much FOX and the GOP are one in the same. Lying, denying and making up news. How desperate do you have to be.

  2. how does someone who is supposed to be an observer with even a moderate amount of skill imagine they saw someone shot?

    and then report it as fact in a city that’s on edge from a previous shooting?

  3. This after the Baltimore PD & Sun newspaper contrived the ‘Pruge flier and social media’ panic to justify police caging a bunch of school kids at the point they get their buses, setting off the big problems the day of the funeral. Media and police depts are creating the problems, expanding the problems, making $ on the situations they create.

  4. Iwaswatchingthenewstoday..hewasreportingwhathisreporterswerebeingtold.Whenhewastoldthey(reporters)werebeinggivenincorrectinformationtheyimmediatelyrelatedthatandapologized. I hope and pray that some day that liberals will learn to tell the truth and stop lying!! He was NOT FORCED..I was watching from the very begining..when the report came in until the end!! I have never seen any liberal reporter apologize for any incorrect information that they have fact, unfortunately, most is incorrect. It is so sad, that here in America, that when we turn on the news we are not going to get the truth. Thank God that we do have one station that will tell the truth!! The liberals hate Fox News because they tell the truth!!!

  5. The BIG news of the day is that Fox “News” actually made an attempt to correct something they put out. Normally they don’t say anything or put a retraction on at a time when most of their zombies aren’t watching.

  6. BEHOLD!! here comes a flood of republican TROLLS to entertain us with their NEVER ENDING parade of nonsense, listen TROLLS, riddle me this batman?? Why does the FUX NEWS organization file under ”ENTERTAINMENT” with the FCC?? gee! I guess it’s because if they’d file under ”NEWS” they couldn’t LIE their A$SES off to bring in the SUCKERS!! you’re correct cape crusader!! now how do YOU react to FUX NEWS? it’s just a front for rupert murdoch and roger ailes to sell GOP propaganda and bring in normally closeted KLAN members! and OLD WHITE MEN who love watch BLONDE BLUE EYED MODELS posing as NEWS reporters, it’s just another juvenile HOOK for the SUCKERS!

  7. Mr. Tobin should be immediately fired for his report. All he did was try to attempt to start another riot. FNC is not in the business to report the news, they are in the business to create the “news” whether it’s factual or not.

    I remember there was a James Bond movie called “Tomorrow Never Dies”, where he was going up against a News Media Mogul (ala Rupert Murdoch). I maybe wrong in the following but I seem to remember that the motto for the News Service owned by bad guy was “Reporting Tomorrow’s News Today.” This sounds like the FPC to me.

  8. THANK GOD the oldsters who love the LIES that Faux News ladles to them are dying off – and Faux’ ratings are plummeting!

  9. Fox news making up a story shouldn’t surprise anyone with half a brain since they are a racist tabloid propaganda machine but I will say I’m surprised these callous, amoral, bigoted cretins apologized. I’m going to say something I always thought if we have a race war that ends this nation’s existence fox news will have alot of the blame!

  10. You’re a good man Shepard, I’ve always felt you were the only one with integrity and not just this time.

  11. So there was a gunshot contemporaneous with a guy falling down and then being put on a stretcher…

    And there was a witness who said that the cops gunned a guy down and there would be violence…

    And a news reporter reported it.

    And then later, it turns out the guy FELL and the gunshot was a DROPPED gun.

    And the network retracted the story.

    See, they should have just used rocket launchers to create a fake gas tank explosion, or forged documents to smear a sitting President, or edited a 911 tape to make it appear that a suspect said something he didn’t, or cropped a photograph to create the false impression that a Black man doing something politically incorrect was actually white…

    Well, you get the idea. Fox should have done one of THOSE things, because apparently, those things are OK; but errors…? Oh, those are unforgivable.

    “…if you don’t know you’re being scammed you’re too stupid to comment on the story, or you’re in on it.”
    – Ace Rothste…

  12. Well I’ve read many posts here and they indicate the lemmings are falling off the cliff with their biased and unfounded dribble.

  13. @erica, do you even believe the BULL$HIT you post? listen BUDDY and YES, I say BUDDY because you gotta be a republican MALE! because WOMEN typically are more thoughtful than MOST males! BTW fridays coming so get ready to cash your TROLL CHECK!! nothing quite says DUMBA$S internet TROLL like getting those troll bucks.

  14. Dying off, they have received an award for being the most truthful news coverage for 13 (yes I said 13) years!!!

  15. I am inclined to give elchucko the benefit of knowledge in reference to “lemmings”. However elchucko you lose credibility when you accuse the left of being lemmings as we are nearly lemming free as WE are allowed to think for ourselves unlike your ilk who have your thoughts handed to you by the Goebbels channel and other Reich Wing rags.

  16. Chucko, you are right, I apologize. It is much more than that. I was only guessing since my math isn’t accurate enough to calculate this:

    All day x 24 x 7 x Y – commercial ads + BS commercial ads in election years = hmmmmmm, at least 2 billion L. Eureka!

    *note Y is for years and L is for “level” of BS

  17. It wasn’t a fox reporter he was interviewing a black woman, live ,and she was relaying the info about the incident to the reporter.

  18. I’m surprised that it wasn’t Bill O’Reilly claiming that he was there and saw the guy get shot. O’Reilly certainly makes the news as entertaining as it can possibly be.

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