Hillary Clinton Gives The Republican Benghazi Conspiracy Theory the Finger

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Secretary Hillary Clinton’s lawyer informed Republican conspiracy theorists also known as the Republican Party that she will not be playing their election conspiracy games.

Citing their request for her to appear on two separate occasions — once in May and once at a later to be determined date (aka, closer to the election cuz this is totes legit!) — in a letter to Rep. Trey Gowdy of the Select Committee on Benghazi, Clinton’s lawyer replied, “Respectfully, there is no basis, logic or precedent for your request.”

Instead of the two times Republicans requested, in what has been called out as an obvious election maneuver, Sec. Clinton will appear once, during the week of May 18th or later.

In other words — and these are my words, stop being a Republican witch hunter and finally at long last, f off. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Clinton’s lawyer pointed out that not only is this illogical, but she ALREADY did this and the questions have been asked and answered too many times to count:


The Democratic presidential candidate already obliterated the Republicans’ Benghazi stunts with a single letter, announcing that she wants to testify without delay. This was after Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) claimed that the Benghazi investigation was going to stretch into 2016 because Hillary Clinton and President Obama were refusing to turn over “the facts.”

Clinton has already testified for Republicans about the tragic evens in Benghazi. And even the Republicans who testified for the Republicans told the Republicans that there is no coverup. Naturally, instead of turning their attentions to the plight of the nation still reeling from the Bush recession, Republicans decided they just had to dig harder, on the taxpayer dime.

After all, Republicans have ads to cut against Hillary Clinton and this footage will be sliced and diced until she appears to be the devil. Republicans will then leak those parts to a willing press. Thanks, taxpayers!

Also, if Republicans can drag this out close to the election, they get free mainstream media coverage and given the media’s frothing hatred of all things Clinton, it would be full of innuendo and sneering contempt. Republicans will do this as they did it in the past, by keeping their Benghazi hearings closed and only leaking the portions they want the public to hear. Republicans refused to let the co-chairs of the Benghazi review testify in public, in spite of their requests to do so.

If Republicans just want the truth, why would they refuse to allow the testimony to be made in public? Well, probably because Co-Chair Pickering told MSNBC, “I believe, in fact, the Accountability Review Board did its work well. I think the notion of, quote, a cover-up has all the elements of Pulitzer Prize fiction attached to it.”

That was back in 2013. But Republicans are still going. The one place they aren’t looking, naturally, is at themselves, in spite of being told by Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) during a Benghazi hearing that if they wanted to know who was responsible for Benghazi, they should buy themselves a mirror, telling them they have:

“the audacity to come here” when the administration requested, for worldwide security, “$440 million more than you guys wanted to provide. And the answer is that you damn didn’t provide it! You REDUCED what the administration asked for to protect these people. Ask not who the guilty party is, it’s you! It is us. It is this committee, and the things that we insist that we need have to cost money.”

If anyone is waiting for the press or Republicans to question why this charade is going on still, many years after everyone realized there was no there there, don’t bother. This will be the shiny ball that replaces discussions about things like middle class jobs and wages for working families, because this is hot. It will sell. Wages for the working poor won’t sell like a fictional scandal.

But Sec. Clinton isn’t going to play along, so the press and the Republicans will be stuck with only one more Benghazi moment to really stick it to Clinton.

Instead of expecting accuracy, it’s best to head into these things betting on the craziest and most paranoid thing the press will say, based on an undisclosed Republican aide’s feelings about an event they didn’t witness. Naturally this source won’t be identified or even referenced as the actual source of the entire basis of the claim.

The circus is in town and Ms. Clinton is giving them the figurative finger they so richly deserve. Too bad she can’t issue them a bill on behalf of the taxpayers.

18 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Gives The Republican Benghazi Conspiracy Theory the Finger”

  1. Even more than the ludicrous Gowdy and before him, Issa, the thing that bothers me most is the Rs are such hypocrites, not only on this subject but on all subjects.

    They wave the flag and insult American ideals. They yell freedom as they try to rob people of their freedom. They use religion and the death of 4 people as TOOLS. Spirituality and treatment of the dead should be sacred to these same people who say that is central to their lives. They do not make any sense at all and act as if they do not see what is being done to the memory of the very people they claim as their reason for freaking out since that day. Politics has had a lot of dark times. The “B” circus is one of the ugliest, ever.

  2. These jerks are no match for Hillary.

    As they challenge her,
    she shows them to be the braying asses they are.

  3. Once Hillary took a blow torch to her computer server, it’s always going to be called a cover-up. She can testify two days at 3 hours each, or one day for six. Makes no difference to me.

  4. AndyCA, thanks for the excellent link. Really informative.

    When I first became aware of the number of embassy/consulate attacks and the number of people killed under the Bush administration, I was amazed because there was zero outrage and zero investigations. In retrospect, could things have been handled differently in the time leading up to the Benghazi attack? Yes. But does it rise to the level of impeachment? I don’t think so. How many more times can the Republicans find nothing??

  5. repubs….be LEERY of what you ask for….AGAIN…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…for it is Going To Eventually BITE YOU DISGUSTING ASSHOLES IN THE BUTT…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. For the millions of taxpayer dollars the bozos have wasted on hearings, lawsuits, shutdown, etc — the only corner they cut was putting the Seventh GOP investigative report on Hooked on Phonics and therefore the massive majority of GOP buffoons could not read it.

  7. ” it’s always going to be called a cover-up.”

    Only in the minds of Republicans and Fox “News”. The rest of us know it for what it is, politics. If she hadn’t wiped her server clean, Republicans would have been trying to look into her personal e-mails under the guise of trying to find something about the non-existent Benghazi scandal. Of course, Republicans, the honorable individuals that they are (snark), would have been sure to air any personal dirty laundry that they found, anonymously of course. Get over it! She’s not playing their game.

  8. It is truly telling that this is all the Republicans have to try to smear her with, the Obsessive Benghazi Syndrome.

  9. repubs….be LEERY of what you ask for….AGAIN

    Because of this Select Committee, the public was made aware of the private server that Hillary used exclusively, and the fact that foreign donations weren’t being reported by the Clinton Foundation. Two very important things that every American should’ve aready been privy to.

  10. If she hadn’t wiped her server clean, Republicans would have been trying to look into her personal e-mails under the guise of trying to find something about the non-existent Benghazi scandal.

    That’s hardly a valid excuse for wiping a server clean that may very well have had public information on it that belonged to the American people, Rick.

    Would you be willing to allow that excuse for all future presidents and secretaries of state, Republican or Democrat? Exclusive use of a private server? Sole discretion over what gets turned back to the public several years after leaving office?

  11. I am still waiting for them to send a request to BUSH and CHENEY about all the attacks and killings at Embassies during King georgies term……… Come on GOP get it together there are many deaths and attacks to look into, what’s the hold up already????

  12. U.S. embassy attacks under George W. Bush:
    6/14/02, Pakistan,12 killed.
    2/28/03, Saudi Arabia, 17 killed.
    6/30/04,Uzbekistan, 2 killed.
    12/6/04, Saudi Arabia,5 killed.
    3/20/06, Pakistan, 4 killed.
    9/12/06, Syria, 1 dead.
    1/12/07, Greece,0 dead.
    3/18/08, Yemen,mortar attack missed embassy, hit’s girls school, 0 dead.
    7/9/08, Turkey, 3 killed.
    9/17/08, Yemen, 7 killed.
    Not one republican asked for investigations. Not one, zero, zip.

  13. Libya was a hotbed of terrorist activity. Our Embassy had requested additional security days and weeks before the attacks. Other countries had closed their embassies. The military was told to stand down as it did not fit Obama’s lying narrative that terrorism was put down. These people died as a direct result of State Dept. incompetency and inactivity. Plain and clear !

  14. First: Learn about how embassies are protected ours around the world in peaceful and in war torn places and also how foreign embassies in our country are protected.

    Second: Learn the difference between our Embassy in Tripoli where Stevens was assigned and the CIA Annex and consulate he travelled to and was visiting in Benghazi.

    Third: Read the ARB, they saluted the response.

    Fourth: Stop watching Fox. They lie.

  15. Fifth: Where did you hear about a stand down order? Was it Fox? Well, that was debunked a hundred different ways including by the Republican report that came out a short while ago. It was debunked over and over everywhere. There was no stand down order. None. It was a lie told by political idiots trying to manipulate you into a world they create.

    There was no stand down order. Go read.

  16. You’re either one of the most willfully gullible TeaPublliKKKlan TOOLS I’ve seen in a while, or simply another PAID LIAR. I’ll bet I don’t have to tell you which way I’d lay MY money, do I?

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