Hillary Scandals Flop As Clinton Extends Her Lead Over All Republican Candidates

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A new NBC News poll reveals that the Republican attempts to stop Hillary Clinton have failed as the Democratic frontrunner leads every Republican presidential candidate.

According to NBC News:

In the new NBC/WSJ poll, Clinton’s favorable/unfavorable rating stands at 42 positive, 42 negative (even) – down from 44 percent positive, 36 percent negative in March (+8).

Still, that break-even rating exceeds the fav/unfav scores for Republicans Marco Rubio (22 percent positive, 23 percent negative), Scott Walker (15 percent positive, 17 percent negative), Rand Paul (23 percent positive, 28 percent negative) and Jeb Bush (23 percent positive, 36 percent negative).


And looking ahead to the general election, Clinton leads Bush, the former Florida governor, by six points (49 percent to 43 percent); Rubio, the Florida senator, by another six points (49 percent to 43 percent); and Walker, the Wisconsin governor by 10 (50 percent to 40 percent).

The Republican presidential candidate in the poll who comes closest to Clinton is Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., 47 percent to 43 percent.

Republicans have thrown almost everything that they have at former Sec. of State Clinton in an attempt to derail her presidential campaign before it gets up to full speed. The Benghazi conspiracy theory has gone nowhere. The “scandal” over Hillary Clinton’s emails has done virtually nothing, and the attempts to attack The Clinton Foundation have come up empty.

The problem that Republicans refuse to confront is that elections represent a choice, and Hillary Clinton remains the favored candidate when she is matched up with any of the 2016 Republican hopefuls. Clinton remains more popular than any of her potential Republican opponents because what the Republican Party stands for is very unpopular. Hillary Clinton remains the strongest candidate in either party.

Clinton’s favorability ratings have been dinged by the combination of the Democratic frontrunner’s low-key campaign rollout combined with the barrage of ginned up Republican scandals that the media has been pushing as 2016 election news. Republicans have a serious problem because none of their candidates are popular. Clinton’s opponents have thrown everything they’ve got at her, and the result was nothing but failure.

President Obama’s approval rating is increasing, and Hillary Clinton is still rolling along. 2016 is already showing hints of looking like 2012. If this trend continues, Democrats may have a lot to look forward to in 2016.

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  1. And Old Black Saying to repubs…..”God don’t like ugly”….!!!!!!…..Just keep THAT in Mind….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What’s astonishing is that it is even that close. When and if Republicans talk about real issues, they are in deep trouble. Their policies have been destroying America and its infrastructure for thirty some years. It’s time to rebuild America and it isn’t the Republicans who will want to do it.

  3. Benghazi, Emails, Foundation.

    The trifecta of non-scandals.

    If you read the unclassified ARB then you know it was handled properly. The classified ARB version for Congress covered the annex and the role of the CIA in the disaster and that too found it not in her realm of responsibility. And of course they still take her out of context and attempt to paint her as heartless.

    The Foundation is a charity. They lie about it. They use it to try to swift boat her but that is just because they got nothing and have done nothing. They must attack her strength – her heart, Bill’s life of good work. Evil of them.

    The email. Where are Powell’s? She used a server secured by a guard in her home that was designed for use by a President and safer than the one at State, actually. Only one was repeatedly hacked, the one they said she should have used. All she did was legal and in the “letter and intent” of the guidelines in place by State and she was the only head who complied. Next.

  4. Turnout, yes – true, but sadly also a big consideration for some voters is the current price of gasoline at the pump in late October.


  5. She used a server secured by a guard in her home that was designed for use by a President and safer than the one at State, actually.

    Her server was hacked. And guess what, the hacker didn’t break into her house to get at her emails.


  6. We must remember that one of the worst things for the Repubs is voter turnout. Usually, the more the turnout to vote, the better our chances are! We need to turnout in full force and make sure we do not leave the fate of our country in the hands of these crackpot knuckle heads! They are simply dangerous and are against everything the middle class stands for.

  7. Republicans are the enemy of the United States and their supporters are traitors to these United States, and should be seen as such.

    This corporate-coddling by M$M of these idiots needs to STOP.

    Republican presidential candidates get away with campaigning against a Democrat while never having to explain what they’ll do for America and Americans should they win the prize. On the other hand, M$M lackeys go on the attack of every Democrat in order to help out their chosen “Party” – the Party of Big Corporations. You can’t get any more anti-American than that.

  8. What is truly amazing is how the GOP has become the real authority on scandals when throughout modern American history has be found to be guilty of said malfunctional deliberate tactics. Followers have become divisive due to divide and conquer game plans played on internal emotions and fears. We the people should demand the wizards pulling the strings for better understanding of who or whom stand with the American nation regardless of affililations to party loyalty.

  9. I think it’s time for both sides to devulge who, why and what their true intentions will benefit all Americans and not just for contributors because we’re all together as Americans. I knew when the blue/red,liberal/conservative,Government/Private enterprise became the rallying cry America was headed to the faith felt throughout history of other nations and must fall because we as a nation is no longer true to those first love values. The carpetbaggers have controlled media, livelihood, direction, culture and influence by the power of money. May our maker have mercy.

  10. Is this the controls set to hide things.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    The game of pedalling negative influence is becoming un-American.

    What happened to all Americans pulling for good?

    Why must I take a side against another American? Why can’t both sides agree what is best so all can win regardless of personal convictions especially if others are hurt because of narrow vision.
    God of all does not need special agents.
    Despite what others think. Look at history.
    Hate won in most failures.

  11. Oh and Dennis, by that I mean a reliable source. A State Dept communique, a White House briefing statement, a report by a tech website that has proof, you know, not just specious innuendo and lies to discredit her.

  12. Look who was featured speaker at the Koch Summit

    by digby

    Peter Schweizer author of “Clinton Cash”, who they humorously call a “researcher.” And there’s audio of it:

    [A]ccording to audio obtained by The Undercurrent and Lady Libertine from a source who was present, Schweizer spoke at a political strategy summit for the Koch brothers last summer, urging donors to relentlessly pursue the left and rallying them ahead of a big fundraising pitch. His own organization, the Government Accountability Institute receives funding from Koch-funded groups.

  13. Apparently Goebels is alive and well. If I were Hillary Clinton’s campaign press secretary I couldn’t have written a better headline or better puff-piece. It’s early and the Clinton sugarcoating is starting to melt in the torrent or revelatoins that are now starting to fall. There are a LOT of Republicans who are going to be criss-crossing the country bringing the message that the Clintons are as corrupt and last month’s sewage. Simply, its going to be evident that one cant trust the Clintons and that Hillary, as sweet as she poses, is a self-serving power hungry egotist. If America wants to save itself it has to look to the likes someone like Carson or Huckabee. Buying the Hillary pablum is to join the unthinking herd. Do your research, and then vote like someone who wants to leave a strong America to the future. Nufsed.

  14. Angie, normally I would agree. I’ve seen my share of political orifices. However, I’m impressed with one candidate for President whom I believe it much different than any I’ve seen. I’m 75 years old, have more degrees than a thermometer, and understand the grit of politics. Yet, this Ben Carson seems a world apart from any candiate i’ve seen before. I know this sounds idealistic, but there’s something about the man that grabs me. I love America and I fear that Hillary and Bush and some of the other frontrunners are, as you say, “Southlocated Orifices”. I respect your opinion. I would probably share it, except there seems to be something special about Carson. Anyway, that’s my take. Nufsed.

  15. I’m not much younger than you, and politically savvy since I was nine. Yeah, there’s something different about Carson, all right.

  16. Let’s look at the numbers – 42% for Hillary, 42% against.

    All that means is that 82% of those interviewed have already made up their minds. She doesn’t have much room to grow in either direction. Further, her positive rating has dropped from favorable to even, in a matter of a month. In March, 80% had made up their minds. That means that the 2% difference has been overwhelmingly negative.

    Compare that to the Republican ticket options:

    Marco Rubio: 45% have an opinion
    Scott Walker: 32%
    Rand Paul: 51%
    Jeb Bush: 59%

    It’s apparent to me that Republicans are still testing the field. To be fair, they all have higher percentages listed as “negative”, but that’s to be expected with such a high number of candidates. Those who have a favorite candidate will, logically, feel less favorable about the others. Hillary’s only challenger on the Dem ticket is a self-proclaimed Independent. And she still only has half the people behind her!

  17. Go read it again Dennis. It says some guy emailed Hillary. HIS own account was hacked at his own server, not her server.

    Also, it says there is no indication she ever answered any of his mail. “screengrabs released thus far don’t include any indication that Clinton wrote back to Blumenthal.” So, no there, there. Nothing, nada.

  18. Rin,

    Are you advocating a future Secretary of State, Democrat or Republican, would do well using his or her own private server exclusively for government email and hire a guard to stand outside the place the server was located for security?

    Let’s say Jeb Bush becomes president, and he appoints Scott Walker for Secretary of State. Are you ok with him using a private server? And hiring assistants who also use a private server? Then when an investigation takes place and FOIA requests for those government emails are requested legally, Mr. Walker sends back what he’s decided to send back, and deleting and wiper that server clean of all the emails he’s decided were of a personal nature using a key-word search?

    All that would pass your smell test?

  19. Dennis, you said her home computer was hacked. It wasn’t.

    At the time she used her own server and own email address it was allowed. PERIOD.

    They are saying going forward, from today, it isn’t a good idea. It still is not illegal. PERIOD.

    Funny you mention how I’d feel about Rs doing that. Do you know that Bush’s entire administration did that? There are no Powell emails to go over – he didn’t hand them over, (Hillary did hand over all work related ones) and they never investigated themselves.

    They brought us to war, a long dark endless war, and then deleted all their records.

    I just hope there never is another President Bush and please do not make me even think about Walker for SoS, he can’t even run his own state let alone State Dept.

    Go away.

  20. Rin,

    Hillary voted for that war. Was a very vocal proponent of it. In 2007 she flat out told people that if they didn’t like her vote, there were other candidates to choose from, but she wasn’t apologizing for it or renouncing it. She’s the one candidate in this race who voted for it, yet you’re voting for her.

    It shows just how fake your outrage is regarding that war. Either that or you’ll soon have blood on your hands, too.

  21. 1) She did not vote FOR WAR.

    2) She never said that in 2007.

    3)I know her record.

    4)You lie.

    5)Go away troll and FU for your hideous remark about my peaceful hands.

    This thread is closed to me. I am done feeding this troll.

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