Hillary Scandals Flop As Clinton Extends Her Lead Over All Republican Candidates

A new NBC News poll reveals that the Republican attempts to stop Hillary Clinton have failed as the Democratic frontrunner leads every Republican presidential candidate.

According to NBC News:

In the new NBC/WSJ poll, Clinton’s favorable/unfavorable rating stands at 42 positive, 42 negative (even) – down from 44 percent positive, 36 percent negative in March (+8).

Still, that break-even rating exceeds the fav/unfav scores for Republicans Marco Rubio (22 percent positive, 23 percent negative), Scott Walker (15 percent positive, 17 percent negative), Rand Paul (23 percent positive, 28 percent negative) and Jeb Bush (23 percent positive, 36 percent negative).


And looking ahead to the general election, Clinton leads Bush, the former Florida governor, by six points (49 percent to 43 percent); Rubio, the Florida senator, by another six points (49 percent to 43 percent); and Walker, the Wisconsin governor by 10 (50 percent to 40 percent).

The Republican presidential candidate in the poll who comes closest to Clinton is Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., 47 percent to 43 percent.

Republicans have thrown almost everything that they have at former Sec. of State Clinton in an attempt to derail her presidential campaign before it gets up to full speed. The Benghazi conspiracy theory has gone nowhere. The “scandal” over Hillary Clinton’s emails has done virtually nothing, and the attempts to attack The Clinton Foundation have come up empty.

The problem that Republicans refuse to confront is that elections represent a choice, and Hillary Clinton remains the favored candidate when she is matched up with any of the 2016 Republican hopefuls. Clinton remains more popular than any of her potential Republican opponents because what the Republican Party stands for is very unpopular. Hillary Clinton remains the strongest candidate in either party.

Clinton’s favorability ratings have been dinged by the combination of the Democratic frontrunner’s low-key campaign rollout combined with the barrage of ginned up Republican scandals that the media has been pushing as 2016 election news. Republicans have a serious problem because none of their candidates are popular. Clinton’s opponents have thrown everything they’ve got at her, and the result was nothing but failure.

President Obama’s approval rating is increasing, and Hillary Clinton is still rolling along. 2016 is already showing hints of looking like 2012. If this trend continues, Democrats may have a lot to look forward to in 2016.

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