Tehran Tom Cotton’s Tactics on Iran Deal Are Backfiring on Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz



You might be angry with Senator Ted Cotton (R-AR), author of the 47 traitors letter that was sent to leadership in Iran in an effort to derail President Obama’s nuclear talks.

But Cotton must love his country a little bit, because his aggression on the Iran bill is set to backfire not only on the issues he was pushing for, but also set to scuttle amendments put forth by two Republican presidential hopefuls who could have really used the ad copy, establishment favorite Senator Marco Rubio (R-FLA) and troll of both sides of the aisle for his own enrichment, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).


Writing that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is set to wrap this deal up and move on Monday, Burgess Everett at Politico revealed, “Republican leaders are preparing to clamp down on Sen. Tom Cotton’s efforts to derail a bipartisan compromise on legislation giving Congress review power over a nuclear deal with Iran, clearing the way for it to be passed this week.”

Everett broke it down:

Before Cotton made his move, Corker and Cardin had been working with party leaders to deal with demands for votes on some hot-button provisions. When Cotton jammed his and Rubio’s amendments into the voting queue, those delicate talks ended abruptly.

With support from Democrats, the Senate GOP will get its opportunity to disapprove of any nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States. The popular congressional review bill allows Congress to disapprove of lifting legislative sanctions and requires regular reports on Iran’s compliance with the deal.

Back in March, Republicans were openly worried that Cotton’s treasonous letter would backfire on them. A general even accused Cotton and the other 46 senators who signed his letter of being ” mutinous”. General Eaton said “I would use the word mutinous. I do not believe these senators were trying to sell out America. I do believe they defied the chain of command in what could be construed as an illegal act.”

Well, at least the Senatorial thugs weren’t looting. I mean, it’s only world peace. No biggie. Much worse to steal a TV.

Cotton made yet another foolish move last Thursday when he pushed to try to force a vote on his amendment, which if history is any indication (see North Korea and then President G.W.Bush) would have killed the nuclear talks all together. Not only is Cotton’s move is set to backfire on Rubio’s amendment to force Iran to recognize Israel’s statehood, which could have been a notch in his foreign policy belt, and killing Cruz’s amendment that any nuclear deal be approved by Congress (this amendment should have been a clue to Cotton re: the Constitution), but he also managed to alienate the Democrats who were on board to sabotage the President’s nuclear talks.

Cotton is the Senator who humiliated himself by getting both the Constitution and geography wrong in the same interview when he revealed that he didn’t know that Tehran was the Capital of Iran, after he committed a grievous error in authoring the 47 traitors letter to Iran.

Who doesn’t love a bull in the china shop when it comes to nuclear deals?

The Republicans are being trolled by one of their own, again. And he apparently remains clueless. Everett reported:

After he forced his and Rubio’s issues, Cotton sat at a party lunch among many of his Republican colleagues as they learned they may have lost their chance to get votes on their amendments.

“I think that he understands now the full impact of what has occurred,” Corker said of Cotton.

Lesson learned. Okay. Oh, wait…

Caroline Rabbitt, a spokeswoman for Cotton, said the Arkansas freshman was simply using his parliamentary tactics to fight for a “stronger bill.” And she said Cotton hasn’t admitted defeat in seeking votes on his and Rubio’s proposals.

Live by the Republican mantra of never say you’re sorry or wrong, die by the same.

Cotton’s tactics served to force some wayward Democrats back to their side of the aisle and kill a needed win for Rubio, as well as Cruz, though let’s face it, hardly anyone in the Republican Party is rooting for Ted Cruz. But best of all, Cotton’s arrogance and cluelessness are set to backfire on the amendments that would have killed the nuclear deal.

26 Replies to “Tehran Tom Cotton’s Tactics on Iran Deal Are Backfiring on Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz”

  1. Effing rube idiot. He has NO business anywhere NEAR the Senate. Thank your Koch benefactors for this one, Rethugs. Somebody needs to reign him in, doncha’ think? How does Karma feel? Where is your “leadership”? Letting this little junior Senaturd run rampant is not only hurting and making fools of Republicans, it is hurting our Foreign Policy. Send this joke back to Arkansas or shut him the hell up.

  2. Aren’t the people of Arkansas so proud they elected Cotton to the Senate? They had a reasonable Senator and decided to choose a moron instead and not just any moron, but a traitorous one.

  3. First Cruz, now Cotton. Whatever happened to the idea that new senators minded their manners, listened and learned, and earned their way up to committee assignments and leadership positions by proving that they could be a team player, sponsor competent legislation, and display other useful skills?

    These two ignorant, unaccomplished, knuckle-headed nincompoops strutted into the Senate with their narcissism, arrogance, and complete inability to work with others on display for all to see.

    They are either too stupid or too arrogant to listen to people on either side of the aisle who actually know how governing works.

    That these two gibbering, buffoonish, traitorous blowhards are allowed to throw their tantrums all over the senate and be followed by others is a great failure of republican leadership.

  4. I realize Mitch McConnell really does’t lead the rethugs in his caucus, but he must have had a majority who voted him to be leader. Seems to me he’s the one being led. A teacher or a parent knows, you have to take naughty children to task for bad, and especially dangerous behavior. Mitch needs to grow some and find a way to shut these idiots down before the damage they do is irreparable.

  5. Where are the grown-up representatives?

    And why are they not doing their jobs?

    They are busy!!
    I see… they are having lunch with their corporation-handlers & getting their fair share for their pockets…

    Much more important than the job they were sent to do…

  6. Why all of the sudden,after years of precedence, does congress want a say so? They didn’t try to do this when GWB,Clinton,Reagan when they were president. why do this bill when Obama is president? We can get a deal done with Iran that would help end Irans want for nukes or we can support a bill in Congress that will put all that at risk. Likely killing any chance of a deal.
    Me personally, I support Obama on getting this deal done. I’m not interested in the status quo sanctions that don’t work.

  7. Seems like anything COTTON touches—-crumples up like a wad of paper being thrown into the wastebasket.

  8. How do you know? The final agreement hasn’t even been written up yet. As far as I know there are still some things being discussed.

  9. Congress can review the agreement all they want. They can even suggest changes. But they CANNOT stop the the President from signing it, nor does the President have to make ANY changes demanded by congress.

    Cotton is proving just how arrogant he is to presume that he can derail the talks, or the agreement. All he does is show the nation and the countries we deal with, just how dysfunctional congress really is.

    So go ahead Mr. Cotton, play your silly games and pretend that others are playing along with you. In the end the President will do what is best for our country and the European countries. (NOT saying the same about TPP, I’m with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on that one.)

  10. If at the end it changes nothing and Obama can still do the deal then why go through the trouble? it seems to me that this bill is nothing more then a bunch of grandstanding meant to undermine the president.

  11. They are going through the trouble because they wanted to scuttle the deal by any means possible, Bibi told them to, dontchya’ know. Git ur dunn GOP!

  12. He can’t shut these clowns down because first of all, they are from very safe districts, and they get loads of contributions form some very wealthy individuals to make sure they get as little as possible done until they can hopefully by the Presidency, and that my friends, would be a very bad day for America.

  13. well guess what rosco? you rooting for cotton means you are rooting against your own goddamn country and your fellow citizens. you are a classless degenerate who does not deserve to be an American. f*ck you buddy!!! you are garbage and I promise you the GOP is in for an epic ass whooping come November 2016. its people like you who motivate libs and dems. thanks. please proceed and keep up your anti-American bullsh*t. you rightwing idiots are finished in 2016.

  14. I’m neither a Christian nor a sinner. My self judgement has always been how I live my life and how I treat people. We are as human beings, at the top of the food chain, makes us just like other mammals, we reproduce like them. You don’t see animals persecuting each other over whose in charge of others. Why would you run for Congress, all the while that you will do this or that. Yes, I’m going there, call me what you want. Republicans are phony. They lie to the public, and more than likely to their wives and children. All in the name of…Christianity. the Supreme Gods say that abortion is legal under the constitution. Why the fuck do we have approximately 435 Gynecologist Christians in congress? They’re not Christians, they’re exactly like us, Ok I’ll get simple for some of the confused liberty or death Republican affiliated voters. These are human beings, just like you & me, they shit behind a pair of shoes like the rest of us and they sometimes even wash their hands. Sometimes….

  15. Maybe if Cotton had been around during the Reagan years, there never would have been the whole illegal sale of arms to Iran!!!

  16. I skipped this post yesterday, read it now. My first reaction?
    What the hell is this man doing in the Senate when he does not even know his geography of the world? Or, didn’t he learn it at all?
    Or perhaps his home school Teacher didn’t know it either?
    The Senate was at one time the place where intelligent, thoughtful, people of inspiration worked. Apparently not so today.. examples: Cruz, Bonehead, way too many to name. Mostly, on the rethug side of the aisle.

  17. Wouldn’t that be an easy way to dispose of this Senator Or any other Senator who is so dumb. Wad him up, crumple him and throw him in the trash? Brush hands off and walk away.

  18. Where are Tealiban Tom’s parents and why are they letting him run around without adult supervision? He’s acting up again and it’s way past his nap time.

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