Study: Thirty-five Years of Conservative Policies Contributed to Violence In Baltimore

For those who observe, report, and comment on how America’s dysfunctional politicians impact government and society, it was evident that before too long conservatives would come out swinging and lay blame for the social dysfunction, police brutality against people of color, and the subsequent violent response in Baltimore at the feet of liberals. Obviously, out-of-control police brutality and deliberate contrivance created the violent response in Baltimore;  that is another article. However, after Speaker of the House John Boehner blamedbad schools” and “fifty years of liberal policies” for police violence against inner-city Americans suffering  thirty years of anti-government conservative rule, it is necessary to expose Republican lies.

Following closely on Boehner’s heels, Ayn Rand devotee Paul Ryan weighed in on the reason for violence in Baltimore and used it to continue his push to eliminate federal anti-poverty programs. He claims government is preventing hard-working Americans earning poverty wages from achieving the American dream and joining the Koch brothers and Mitt Romney in the one-percenters’ club. The problem with the Republicans’ argument and lies, and there are many, is that statistics continue to prove that conservative anti-government policies over the past thirty-five years have driven income inequality and degraded society and are every bit as responsible for the events in Baltimore as out-of-control police violence against African Americans.

Over the past few years, there have been a preponderance of reports and studies revealing that America is near the bottom of industrialized countries in every category except military spending. It does not matter if it is infrastructure, wages, children living in poverty, the vanishing middle class, or the overall health and welfare of Americans, this pathetic extremely wealthy nation is lagging behind every industrial nation on Earth. Now, according to a recent report on America’s overall health by the National Research Council (NRC) and the Institute of Medicine (IM); “On nearly all indicators of mortality, survival and life expectancy, the United States ranks at or near the bottom among high-income countries

.” This is particularly astonishing because America was once the world leader before conservative policies began destroying America.

The report reveals that it is just not that America is near the bottom of industrialized nations in nearly every category, but how “stunningly fast the United States has lost ground” when it was a world leader just thirty-five years ago.  Americans old enough to remember will realize that what changed was Ronald Reagan and Republicans convincing Americans that government was their mortal enemy and that cutting it down to size to give the richest Americans the nation’s wealth was the godly path to prosperity. As the NRC and IM report reveal, this nation’s decline began thirty five years ago when Republicans declared war on the federal government and imposed their trickle down scam on America.

A sampling of the report’s findings are that thirty-five years ago, infants born in America had a mortality rate equal to Germany; now American babies die at twice the rate of those in Germany. Also, thirty-five years ago, America was 13th in life expectancy for girls among the 34 recognized industrial societies; today America is 29th out of the same 34 countries. The percentage of American children living in “dire poverty” is second (and climbing) among industrialized nations, and the incarceration rate is three times what it was thirty-five years ago; it is five times that of all other wealthy democracies. Economic researchers at the University of Chicago, MIT, and the University of Southern California conducted exhaustive research to discover why American children are dying at “a rate exponentially higher” than their European counterpart and concluded that like every other category of America’s decline;  it is due to “staggering rates of income disparity stemming directly from the 1980’s  Era of Ronald Reagan and the beginning of the resurgence of the conservative movement

.” Boehner is a liar and he knows he is lying and pushing conservative failures as the solution to violence in Baltimore.

According to a New York Times article reporting on America’s decline, it is conservative policies “over the last four decades that are responsible for the unique failure of government to stop the stagnation of the middle class, increasing poverty, and the precipitous decline in our collective health.” It is not, as some conservative economists are wont to claim, globalization and technological advances that damaged American society, wreaked havoc on the middle class, halted investment in infrastructure and education; it was conservative ideology eliminating government and everything it entails in providing support for Americans.

For thirty-five years and continuing, conservatives (Republicans) pushed the idea that America is a welfare state, assistance to the working poor destroys productivity, and social programs like Social Security and Medicare are destroying the concept of what it means to be  American; something Paul Ryan preaches constantly. Despite being responsible for over three decades of decline, Republicans still claim that unfettering big business of tax liability and regulations, while eliminating social programs including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and abolishing anti-poverty programs will allow America to regain its world stature and create monumental wealth for all Americans.

Republicans are running in 2016 on the promise that growing already bloated corporate profits, slashing government programs, eliminating regulations, and cutting taxes for the rich will improve all Americans’ lives. It is Reagan’s promise that has sent the one-time world leader to the bottom and still, John Boehner claims the police-incited violence enraging poor Baltimore residents is due to fifty years of liberal policies.

The most offensive claim by Boehner is his attack on education; particularly since he created the Bush “No Child Left Behind” abomination to hasten the demise of public schools by defunding them into oblivion. Plus, Boehner benefitted from the same education system conservatives want to destroy and one where educators did not have to deal with the severe economic inequities plaguing and adversely affecting a very large segment of the population. His solution is making the system less-equitable by issuing coupons under the guise of “school choice


There are many reasons for the violence in Baltimore, and like Ferguson, it is certainly due to unprovoked police violence against people of color. However, it is also because Americans are angry that for the past thirty-five years they have suffered under conservative economic policies that inordinately affect hard-working Americans; especially those in inner cities and people of color. Boehner and Republicans can claim liberal policies are responsible for Americans’ problems, including violence in Baltimore, but report after study after comprehensive research specifically point to Reagan-era anti-government economics and the resurgence of the conservative movement; and they can back up the research with empirical data. The only reasonable conclusion is that as usual, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Republicans in general are liars who share responsibility for the violence in Baltimore with out-of-control police.


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  • Fact:
    Two in three Baltimore children
    are born to unmarried women.

    Until this changes,
    public policies are irrelevant.

    • Thank you for that wonderful example of binary thinking.

      You have provided what must be a fix for a systemic failure that is rooted in hundreds of years of racist policy in only one sentence.

      Next up - The rise of radical Wahhabism in the post-imperial Middle-East.

      1. Solution must be 25 words or less.
      2. No mention of glass parking lot allowed.

    • @derrick, let me help you out bubby, the old saying is, ''$HIT ALWAYS runs downhill'' so before YOU hop your yourself on the internet talking YOUR FUX NEWS talking points! try using your brain and ask yourself why did RONALD WILSON REAGAN turn into a DRUG DEALER! and a ARMS DEALER also! and little ollie north was a PIMP!! it was called IRAN CONTRA @derrick, guess FUX NEWS didn't school you up on those FACTS.

    • Fact: Two in three Baltimore children have eaten strawberry jam.

      Until this changes, public policy is irrelevant

    • Five out of six Africans brought to America came from Female headed tribes! Stop trying to put men where they shouldn't be, Pay women fairly and you will see a metropolis rise, or is your real fear women rulers!

  • Baltimore has been run by liberal Democrats for decades. Schools, police, mayors, councilmen. All but two governors have been Democrats for 50 years!
    At least they recognize things are screwed up.

    • And who represents all the industrial big boys who have pulled out and took all the jobs with them. Then these greedy millionaires turn around and sale the products they had made, in another country with slave labor, back to us, but we don't have any money because the jobs are leaving. Republican hypocrisy and bigotry never ceases to amaze!

    • Hail Eris!

      Sure, Jimmy, mayors, city councils and governors can always get around federal economic policies with ease. Is the sky pink or orange, on your world?

      You never thought you'd laugh at the old pie-in-the-face gag again, but that was before they could accelerate pie to the speed of light.

      • Obama has gotten everything he has wanted for 6 years. How's that working for urban areas, black unemployment, and a crappy economy.? And please don't try to say he inherited a mess. The Great Recession ended 3/09. And his 60 days in office did not end the recession.

        • Well, if you were paying attention to what goes on in the real world and not in your Fox News created bubble, you would know that it was a mess left behind by Dumbass the First and his cronies.

          That mess has been building for 35 years and we are now seeing the true repercussions of their thought process. I was born right at the beginning of Reagan's hey day (1983) and had no idea that his views would one day lead to our downfall. Now, I've learned that this has become a problem that needs to be fixed now or else we're going to end up like you: Brainwashed into thinking that the right wing's solutions are the right way even though the people are taking it in the ass day in and day out.

          You want to be that way? Fine... just don't come crying to me or any fellow liberals when that bubble bursts in your face.

  • 35 years of Republicans determined to destroy all that America achieved. And then blame what they can onto the Democrats- despite every bit of evidence to the contrary.

    Single mothers often do better with the kids, than a mother enslaved to a harsh conservative husband.

    After all- Remember Dennis Rader.

    • The first liberals must have been the Revolutionary Loyalists who wanted to remain under British rule. Guess they like the taxes, regulation, and government control. Liberals-wrong for 250 years !!

      • Jimmyk, you seem to not realize how important government is in your daily life. Without government, who would collect our taxes, keep our environment safe and fund fixing our infrastructure. It's people who want government less involved and those who want to get rid of certain parts of the government like the IRS,EPA, department of education are wrong. Reagan and his ideology of less government intervention is better is driving the republican party and their failures are still known to this day. But I don't think I need to tell you that. His economy as well as Bush's economies all ended in record deficits.

        • Zachary, I appreciate your civil response. Some of your friends on this site should be so civil.
          Sure, some gov. is absolutely vital. However, when it gets too large you can have economic malaise as it takes too much of the budget and Gov. overreach like excessive regulation hurt business and, thus, job creation is hurt.
          The debt under Obama has exploded with over 8 Trillion added-this is disastrous and almost half the debt in our country's existence.

      • Last time I checked, Reagan, Bush Senior and George W. Bush were responsible for increasing the deficit. Reagan was first, then Bush senior doubled and W. Bush tripled it. I heard no one complaining about the debt being in the trillions under Bush, only under Obama. At least Obama has actually reversed some of what these republicans have done.

  • @jimmyk, SERIOUSLY?? everytime I hold my nose and read one of your post, it just proves how sad and pathetic YOU truly are, EVERYTIME I read your post, I visualize a OLD WHITE republican male that watches FUX NEWS and actually believes that nonsense!!! take a FU#KING BREAK!! your pathetic party of old white men brought as WATERGATE!! IRAN CONTRA! THE ILLEGAL INVASION and RAPE of IRAQ!! and I could go on and on AND ON!! your party since NIXON has been a CRIME organization!! reagan and north should have gone to PRISON!! bush jr, cheney, rice, rumsfeld should be in front of a international court for the world to see!! so spare us your BULL$HILL FUX NEWS talking points!!

    • Watergate? That's laughable compared to Obama's scandals-Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS against an entire political party, etc. By the way-Obama was opposed going into IRAQ, but almost all the other top Dems were for the Iraq War.(Remember 9/11 genius) Can't deny what is on tape. Things get a little rough and Pussy Dems wet their pants, cry and deny. The electorate has had enough of liberalism and that's why they voted them OUT !!!

      • Let me remind you republicans have had much worse scandals. Benghazi, they were found of no wrong doing for the 7th time. Also Bush and Reagan had more people die in similar attacks, Bush 60 and Reagan 149 but zero outrage. As for Fast and Furious, happened under the Bush administration and they tried to blame holder, but again no wrong doing. As for the IRS, it went after both parties, the idea of it selectively targeting republicans was disproven. As for voting for the Iraq War, hardly anyone voted against the war, because we had just suffered the worst terrorist attack on American soil, and they were going off the information given to us by the current president at the time Bush. However, at lot of their reasonings for the war were lies and disproven. Seems like republicans have failed in these areas.

      • @jimmyk, I don't know what your deal is but you're NOT worth debating, YOU seem like a delusional bitter OLD FART who's salvation is jumping on the internet and showing the world why you're a lonely shut in! seek professional help and develop a hobby because politics appears to be FAR above YOUR comprehension, now be gone VARLET!

        • Haven't called anybody a varlet since I left the South Florida Renaissance Guild and the Royal Chessmen ("If I were thee, varlet, I'd be trembling in thy boots!")

      • So you think Pres. Obama's pseudo-scandals are worse than Nixon's? Well, let's take a cold, hard look at the FACTS:

        Nixon Administration

        Nixon resigned prior to certain impeachment and pardoned by Ford before he could be charged.
        VP Agnew convicted
        AG Mitchell convicted
        AG Kleindienst convicted
        Campaign official Magruder convicted
        Aid to AG Mitchell Larue convicted
        Chief of staff Haldeman convicted
        Presidential counsel Ehrlichman convicted
        Aid to Ehrlichman Krogh convicted
        Presidential counsel Dean convicted
        Deputy assistant to President Chapin convicted
        President's personal attorney Kalmbach convicted
        Special counsel to the President Colson convicted
        Campaign official Porter convicted
        Watergate burglars and conspirators Liddy, Hunt, McCord, Gonzalez, Barker, Martinez, and Sturgis ALL convicted

        Obama administration officials indicted:

        FACTS ... they have such a LIBERAL bias!

  • "WHY" are "we" (you and me) the citizens and residents of the U.S.A. (right now, as we "speak") "still" allowing these crooks and thieves too continue operating and controlling "OUR" U.S. Govt.??? WHY??? Lets all let these crooks and thieves and their "elite" 1% masters know (damn well) that we are being made "aware" of what they are doing to us. And "Justice" will be "Served" (in due time). Rest "assured" of that! In my opinion. The GOP and their cronies are actually "slowly" killing us all off for their elite 1% masters...

    • We need too "ask" all of these "Main Stream" Media "News" outfits "Why" they aren't letting "us" (the "public") know the real "Truth" about all of our U.S. Govt. "officials" corrupt practices...

  • In State after state where Reaganomics and Libertarian policies have been put into effect, we have seen those states fail, period.

    Republicans absolutely refuse to see what is happening in states where Democratic policies are working, that their economies are rising, wages are going up, more people have decent health care, more jobs being created,they are generating enough revenue to cover their debts.

    Republicans can see their own handiwork causing the downfall of states like Wisconsin, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey and more. Yet they continue to spout the same old dogma. They KNOW Bush's economic policies damn near cause a massive worldwide recession.

    Proving that: ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’. attributed to John Heywood, 1546. And that is the Republicans.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • Patricia, Nice narrative but incorrect. Generally, red states have faster growing economies, lower unemployment, and less debt per capita. There are examples of poor economies on both sides, but on average red states fair better on those stats.
      The financial crisis was caused by excessive leverage and poor mortgage lending practices required by things like the Community Reinvestment Act started by Carter and put on steroids by Clinton. Bush did not stop it, but warned Congress many times about the risks. I would encourage to read ALL about the Act.

  • TIME FOR A POLITICAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE BILLIONAIRE CLASS. We are rioting against the Republicans for refusing to tax the 4000 multimillionaires, 572 billionaires that pay no Federal Taxes. We are rioting against the Republicans for refusing to close the $3 trillion a year corporate tax breaks that do not make jobs or make the economy better. We are rioting against the Republicans because they are refusing to do what 90% of Americans want to tax the rich and close the loopholes. Make The Federal Reserve rain money on us like they did the banks, $40,000 per every man, women, and child. Get President Obama to make a coin valued in a monthly amount for every adult over 18. It would only take $175.3 billion to bring 45 million people in the United States up to the poverty line compared to the trillions given away to the 1%. Time to save America and Americans.

  • Instead of focusing on what has caused the problem they would rather focus on the problem and lay blame.

    Let's not talk about the defunding of educational programs. Defunding of after school programs, lack of mentoring programs, lack of creating a police community relationship rather than a police combat militarized zone policy.

    PAL (Police Athletic League) rec centers were closed - lack of funding. Police mentoring programs closed down - lack of funding and change of focus to finding criminals instead of stopping the making of criminals and developing relationships with the community you are patrolling.

    If the people knew the police personnel and that they knew them - most young people would not be running from the police. Besides the police officer would know where they lived and could talk to the parent(s). Yes, according to right-wing mentality it is better to shoot first and then apologize afterwards.

  • If the Repubs want to go back to the 50's then they need to up the minimum wage so that a single parent working 40 hours per week can provide a comfortable living for a family of 4. Parents need to work no more than 40 hours per day and be home to nourish and teach their children. People need jobs that treat them with respect. If we want everyone to work, then the jobs must be provided and where the people live, not out in the boondocks with no transportation. Something has to be done to stop cities and states from poaching jobs by offering them huge incentives that the taxpayers are paying insane amounts of money per job gained.
    As a taxpayer, I am tired of carrying the tax burden for companies that wont pay their employees decent wages. Living at or below poverty level and trying to scrape by each day is exhausting and leads to depression and anger. Is there any of us who wouldnt be angry by being treated like slaves?

  • So, the government has gotten increasingly bigger over the last 35 years under both Democratic and Republican administrations and you are blaming small government policies, that never happened, for the sewer of crime, poverty, and violence in a locality dominated by liberal policies. This isn't just a gross conceptual error about correlation/causation, it's just pure self delusion.

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