Despite 1.6 Billion Dollar Budget Hole, Louisiana Is Still Subsidizing Duck Dynasty


Louisiana’s state budget is in shambles under Republican Governor Bobby Jindal. The Governor’s dogmatic anti-tax ideology, coupled with dropping oil prices, has put Louisiana 1.6 billion dollars in the red. The state has become an economic basket case, and Governor Jindal’s approval rating has plummeted to just 27 percent, according to a March 2015 Triumph Campaigns poll.

Despite the state’s economic woes, however, Governor Jindal has made no plans to cut millions of dollars in subsidies to the Duck Dynasty TV show. Louisiana has the nation’s most generous entertainment tax credit program, which doles out generous sums to subsidize filming, including funds for filming the show Duck Dynasty.

Feeding Time Productions LLC, the producer of Duck Dynasty, is seeking 11 million dollars in new tax credits for the next four years to subsidize costs for filming the show. Since Governor Jindal has proposed no changes to the entertainment tax credit program, that funding is likely to be approved.

Although Louisiana only recovered 23 cents in revenue for every entertainment credit dollar it approved of in 2013 and 2014, Jindal wants to preserve the status quo. He regards removing entertainment subsidies as tantamount to a tax hike. Since Jindal fancies himself an anti-tax Governor, removing tax credits is simply unthinkable, no matter how grave the state’s budget situation becomes.

Ironically, Phil Robertson, the bearded right-wing Christian patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan, has been a sharp critic of welfare, even as his show has collected generous handouts from Louisiana’s state government. Apparently welfare that helps the poor is bad policy, but corporate welfare that is doled out to the already wealthy, is just fine with him.

Even some Republicans are beginning to criticize Jindal’s handling of the state’s finances as well as questioning Louisiana’s corporate welfare handouts during a time of economic crisis. Baton Rouge Republican blogger Scott McKay, for example, argues against Jindal’s potential presidential candidacy by noting:

If you are looking for a Republican nominee for 2016, he’s a bad choice. Republicans are supposed to balance budgets. The budget has never really been one of Bobby’s things.

Quite frankly the same criticism could be applied to several other Republican candidates angling to become President. Many of them are reflexively anti-tax. They are also hypocritically opposed to welfare that benefits the poor while lavishing government favor on the well-to-do.

Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana is drowning in debt. Yet, Jindal still hasn’t decided to let Duck Dynasty float without the assistance of government tax credits. It’s time for Jindal to let Duck Dynasty sink or swim on its own, so that he can fix the state’s budget, and work to help the other 4.6 million Louisiana residents who aren’t part of a lucrative reality TV show.

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  1. Well, you know where Jindal’s priorities lie…

    Help the poor? Help the Middle Class? Screw them!

    Help Duck Dynasty stay in Louisiana? Sure, let me make sure that you get all that money that was supposed to go to the schools, but screw them! They care about the poor and the poor must suffer because Duck Dynasty dammit!

  2. A report came out this week stated that most long beards contained more fecal matter than a toilet.
    Looking at that photo, I would have to concur.

  3. Look, you dipshits. Film production generates JOBS. It brings all kinds of work to those states that offer incentives to film companies to shoot there. It comes back in spades to local economies. It benefits all the local vendors who do everything from equipment rentals to catering.

    NOW, as much as I hate to see any kind of subsidies going to promote “Dumbfuck Dynasty”, you are barking up the wrong tree on this issue. Let it go.

  4. How does this play well anywhere?

    Old asswipe Phil must like having Jindal’s head up his ass. Hell, he is making Bobby boy pay for it.

  5. Duck Hunting. That’s what the damned fool show is supposed to be about. Wetlands Conservation up the ying-yang, $11,000,000.00 of Welfare per season, plus whatever $$$ the Federal Government laid out to insure that areas that ducks like to reproduce in- is preserved.

    All so these Micro-cephalic Ingrates can whine about the evils of Liberalism.

    Gotta love that Gravy-train.

  6. Although Louisiana only recovered 23 cents in revenue for every entertainment credit dollar it approved of in 2013 and 2014,

    Speak for yourself- rectum. 77 cents on the dollar lost? No wonder America’s Credit Rating goes south whenever Republicans run the Government.

  7. It generates jobs, but in Louisiana they are losing 77 cents on every dollar they spend for the program.

    Also, while it might still be useful to keep some parts of the program in place, a profitable show like Duck Dynasty is perfectly capable of operating without the tax credits.

    But the GOP would much rather continue to throw money at those who have it than to people trying to break into the business. That’s how they operate. Comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.

  8. The Duck Dynasty incentive report shows just 66 people work on the show each season. That’s a cost-per-job of $166,000 each for an industry where the average wage is in the $50,000 range. Louisiana could have created triple the jobs handing out the money itself.

  9. 11 million in tax credits, sounds like a subsidy, if you ask me. (I thought they hated subsidies, I guess only those that go to the poor or blacks.) Bearded hypocrites.

  10. If you don’t offer incentives, you don’t get the business. It just goes elsewhere. Canada began to offer incentives in the early 90’s (“The X files”) went there to shoot because of it. Other production flocked there, and really hurt the film industry in SoCal. So would you rather have 23% of every dollar or 100% of nothing? If you are talking a series or movie, it’s not chump change. The incentives in my state have a expiration date. Every few years the legislature votes to continue them or not, and at what rate. The bigger point is film production provides work and income way beyond the shoot. As much as the concept of “trickle down” is a bad GOP joke, film production really does. Local equipment vendors, restaurants, security, hotels, all benefit, which helps balance things out. You need to consider that, instead of throwing out numbers without understanding the whole picture.

  11. “average wage is 50K”. Emphasis on “average”. If age 20-something production assistants (grunts) trying to break into a tough freelance business were making 50K a year, everyone would want to do it. PA’s are making a flat 150.00-200.00 a day for 16 hour days. You’re averaging that against a director’s daily pay which could be 5 figures?

  12. For those of us who are not blessed with your mental astuteness, could you do the math for us and explain how this handout generates more income vs, say, putting local people to work on infrastructure. As an obvious expert (showing how mad you are at ‘dip shits’ for not seeing how this is plainly good), please show us the math of the money lost due to tax credit and incentives vs alternative plans for the same amount of money.

  13. To be fair, and everyone here knows I am a Liberal. There is also Swamp People and a couple more fishing shows in Louisiana that also gets their share of Jindal’s welfare. I know using Phil excites our base, but be real on how many shows they are filming down there, that gives a better understanding of the State’s funds being wasted.

  14. You know, I’ve never gotten into a pissing match in a comments thread. I respectfully submit that some of you know what the hell you are talking about. Let’s say you were shopping for a car. Would you not look for the best deal for it? And if you were a dealer, wouldn’t you rather sell that car, even if you weren’t making full price for it? Or are you going to let that buyer go elsewhere and make squat?

  15. I feel sorry for the few people with a clue in LA. Unfortunately, the majority must have voted Jindal in. I’d consider moving if I lived there.

  16. Duck Dynasty is a hot button issue with progressives, but could we not have a debate without the “dipshits” and “rectums” being thrown around? Most of us are progressives here whether we’re Democrats or Independents like me. Let’s not act like regressives.

  17. @largo, listen dude, if you wanna debate a point or two that’s cool but when you stoop to calling people names, YOU already LOST the debate! BTW using your twisted logic, as long as it brings in dollars, who cares about what the FILM or television show is about ? WOW! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’re a caucasian hetrosexual, RIGHT? so in your world, D.D. doesn’t hit home with YOU! DUDE grow up, I hoping you’re some teenager who just stumbled onto this site, do better young man!

  18. Ahhh … so you’re going w/ the solution to the age-old classic business conundrum:

    It costs you 10 cents to produce a pencil, and yet you sell it for only 5 cents.

    So how are you going to make a profit?


  19. Largo…or more appropriate, Dipshit! Yes that may be true in most productions BUT this joke of a show has lost sponsors and is losing viewership and that is what it’s good money after bad. And furthermore DIPSHIT! if the money was spent on infrastructure and SCHOOLS especially SCHOOLS then we would have less DIPSHITS watching this show and commenting like YOU! The money spent on infrastructure would produce WAY more jobs and actually be BENEFICIAL to Louisiana than these trash!!

  20. Let us call it what it really is: Welfare. Welfare to sponsor a hate filled loon.

    Whatever happened to: “The Invisible Hand of the Free Market” that you Conservatives like to claim is imperative to a healthy economy?

    Strange is it not, how many other TV shows can get by JUST FINE without said welfare?

  21. Point taken on the name calling, and apologies to all who hit a nerve that made me go there. I grew up in the business, starting as a PA working for my Dad in my early teens, to production coordinating and producing as an adult. I would humbly submit you didn’t hesitate to return fire, so check yourselves, too. Here’s the deal: I hate Duck Dynasty, Sarah Palin’s TV drivel, etc. as much as anyone. The gate does swing both ways, and as someone mentioned up thread, good TV and film is subsidized, too. I wholeheartedly agree more of our tax dollars should be going to education, health care, rebuilding our infrastructure. I’ve made this point several times: You can attract production, which stimulates all attendant business in the local economies where the shooting happens, and get whatever percentage of the dollars coming to the state (23 cents in this case, a percentage that is negotiated on a regular basis) or let that business go elsewhere, and make ZERO. Have a nice day….sheesh

  22. Except you missed the part where it said “Louisiana only recovered 23 cents in revenue for every entertainment credit dollar it approved of in 2013 and 2014” – so it’s not a loss to “let that business go elsewhere, and make ZERO.” Because they’re making LESS than ZERO.

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