Americans Flock To Bernie As Sanders Announces 175,000 Volunteers For Presidential Bid

Bernie sanders 175,000 volunteers

Not only is Sen. Bernie Sanders raising millions of dollars, but he announced that he has over 175,000 volunteers pledged to work for his presidential campaign.


Sanders made the announcement on The Rachel Maddow Show, “I had the feeling, Rachel that there was a strong undercurrent of support, and when we announced on Thursday, we sent out an email on website We got 35,000 responses in terms of contributions, and 100,000 people indicated on the first day alone that they wanted to sign up and work on the campaign, and those numbers have gone up in the last few days. I feel really good about that.”

Maddow asked, “You have 100,000 people who have pledged to volunteer on the campaign already?”

Sanders answered, “No, actually, we have 175,000.”

Later, Sen. Sanders added, “I think the main thing is Rachel, is that we have a message that is resonating all across this country. And that is, the income and wealth inequality in this country is grotesque. Ninety-nine percent of all new income goes to the top one percent. The top one-tenth of one percent owns as much wealth as the bottom ninety percent, and meanwhile, the middle-class in this country continues to disappear. I think people want a candidate who is prepared to take on the billionaire class and say you know what, this country belongs to all of us, and not to a handful of billionaire families.”

Within the mainstream press, there was an immediate dismissal of Sen. Sanders as a legitimate candidate, but Bernie Sanders is legit. The American people are putting the Senator from Vermont in a position to mount a credible challenge to former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. The more money and volunteers that the Sanders campaign can gather, the longer he will be able to stay in the race.

Bernie Sanders’s candidacy is going to allow Democrats to discuss the issues that matter most to them. Even if Sanders remains a long shot to win the Democratic nomination, his candidacy has been and will continue to be beneficial to both the left and the Democratic Party.

Unlike the long shot pretenders that have been entering into the Republican race, Bernie Sanders has real popular support. Sanders supporters have already raised millions of dollars, and now they are springing into action to help their candidate.

26 Replies to “Americans Flock To Bernie As Sanders Announces 175,000 Volunteers For Presidential Bid”

  1. Why not?
    Let’s go for it, there is still time to resucitate the democracy before it goes into life support.
    Bernie, give them hell!

  2. I caught some of that interview before I had to leave for work this morning. I think Bernie can give Hillary a run for the nomination and even if he loses the nomination, he’s brought income inequality into the spotlight where the Republicans can’t bury it under non-existent scandals about Mrs. Clinton. If Hillary Clinton does win the nomination, I would hope Senator Sanders is at the top of the list to be her VP.

  3. THE reason I donated to political campaign for the first time.
    THE reason I will come to vote this upcoming election!

  4. i love sen sanders. hes been a beacon with thom hartmann on radio for about 10 years. every friday. hes the real deal. but that being said, this country will NOT elect a jewish guy for prez. no way, no how. you think the good xtians of the usa, hate that black guy in their wh? wait till they think a ‘jew’ ‘socialist’ could be prez…


  5. I hope he holds her feet to the fire. I hope he forces her to give her view on voter suppression, TPS fast track, Renewable energy credits, The pipeline, climate change, citizens united and on and on. He’s not out of this folks, all Hillary has to do is dodge and evade questions that he won’t and he can take the nomination right out from under her. But either of them will then have to face the repub dirty deed squad and all their dirty tricks. We haven’t had 1 primary, nobody has voted yet and Nov 2016 is 18 months away. The big prize (seats on the supreme court) await the victor. If the Dems win the white and the repubs keep the senate any vacancies will sit unfilled until 2019 at least. 4 appointments by 2024 and control until 2060 or later. Eyes on the prize people, WE HAVEN”T WON ANYTHING YET !!!

  6. When Hillary Wins ShoKatsuga, I’ll donate to a one way ticket (first class) to the country of your choice.

    You’ll just have to renounce your citizenship first.

    No joke.

  7. Bernie is our only hope to restore the country. Hillary will happily continue the business as usual politics that destroyed the middle class and saw this sorry state of affairs come to be. She just wants to be President to be President, and she’ll say anything, and take money and orders from anyone with a billion dollar checkbook to do it. Bernie wants to be President to help the little guy, and unlike Obama, he’s got a record of never wavering from that. Bernie or bust!

  8. With Hilary’s views on open borders and TPP there will be no need to go anywhere.
    This country will be Somalia.

  9. I thought people like you would like Somalia. Minimal government, oppressed wimmins, and you can shoot whoever you want.

  10. 2020 is a presidential election AND the same blood red southern states that had senate elections will again hold senate elections.
    2020 is a census year and reapportionment (or gerrymandering) will be done on the state level by either repub or dem state governments based on the 2020 elections. 2016 presidential and many state offices, 2018 mid-term congressional and many state offices, 2020 presidential and many state offices followed by reapportionment that will determine who votes where until 2030. The next 3 major elections will echo down the ages forever. By 2020 we’ll know if our democracy lives or it finally and permanently evolves into a richtocracy. 2016 starts the process and I want you to know, WE DEMS HAVEN’T WON ANYTHING YET!!

  11. Didn’t people say the same thing about Obama?

    “No way could a black man win the presidency.”

  12. I would like to volunteer for Bernies campaign. I hope someone contacts me. My location is St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Randydance at

  13. I’d like to make a suggestion:

    If you’re willing to volunteer for Bernie, great! But also, help him in another way:

    If your state is having Congressional elections, or state legislature (or gubenatorial election), volunteer for whatever progressive candidate (Green or Democrat or Independent) may be running—if there isn’t one, try to urge someone good to run. If that fails, at least volunteer for a Democrat who may well have to back Bernie up, and/or to support his policies at state level, should he win.

    Bernie’s terrific, but he can’t do it all alone! He needs the support of people who will side with him in Congress, and in the state governments—work to get them elected, too!

  14. Point is, Sho, we all need to be voting all the time. If Democrats who stayed home and bestirred their asses to vote their interests, we wouldn’t be living in a nation dominated by bought prostitutes. Bernie has a 30 year record of true populism. Barack Obama turned out to be a used-car salesman. Hillary is another corporatist who’ll say whatever she needs to say. Bernie Sanders, and a Congress that will support him, may be our last chance to reclaim democracy from oligarchy. So yes, get out and vote, and keep voting, even if it’s only against the Whorehouse on the Potomac.

  15. Barack Obama turned out to be a used-car salesman
    Are you on drugs?

  16. I agree. One of the many doubts I have about Obama is why he did not work harder to support progressive candidates, especially in off year elections. It was almost as if he wanted a hostile congress to excuse the huge gap between his rhetoric and his action.

  17. I don’t understand all of you who want a “progressive” President. They are socialists. Socialism does not work. Eventually, the country will run out of money and places/people to borrow money from. Obama has already borrowed and spent an ungodly amount of money. Why put another socialist in office ? I just don’t get it. I’m not saying who to put in, whether it be a true Democrat or Republican.Just not someone who is so far to the left. It is , however, nice to see that most of you can see through Hillary’s lies and deception. She is a true fraud and is worse than Obama ever was/is.

  18. Another dumbass. It seems that European countries that have some socialism is still around and have a higher standard of living than the US

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