Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Will Debate Six Times During The 2016 Primary


Democratic voters have gone from wondering if there will be any debates to learning that they will be treated to six debates between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic primary. The Democratic debates will occur Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina. The location of the other two debates has not been determined yet.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “Our debate schedule will not only give Democratic voters multiple opportunities to size up the candidates for the nomination side-by-side, but will give all Americans a chance to see a unified Democratic vision of economic opportunity and progress — no matter whom our nominee may be.”

Hillary Clinton tweeted her excitement about the debates:

Republicans will 9-12 primary debates, but with dozens of candidates potentially running for their party’s nomination, it is questionable whether any of the candidates will be able to stand out.

Let’s be honest, it became much easier for the Democratic Party to schedule debates after Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy. The DNC was going to have a difficult time with putting together a compelling debate schedule if the candidates were Hillary Clinton and a bunch of people that no one has ever heard of.

Democratic voters are going to get a chance to see their candidates discuss the issues face to face. The worst fear of many Democrats was that former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton would have no opposition. What is taking shape on the Democratic side is far from a coronation.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and anyone else who enters the Democratic field are going to give primary voters a real choice. While Republicans are beating each other to a pulp, Democrats will be refining their message for November.

It all could not have worked out better for Democrats as they head into 2016.

18 Replies to “Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Will Debate Six Times During The 2016 Primary”

  1. Treated? Treated to six debates? I wouldn’t attend any of those live; the CO2 levels will rise to dangerous levels…

  2. I love to watch Hillary debate. In my home town, NYC, I watched her vie for the Senate and of course the wonky issue driven person she is won her the hearts of many NYers and she was elected twice. Then in the primaries against the boys and nobody can say she did not hold her own and then some. She does her homework. Her websites always have tons of written material, very detailed, on her decades of views on any given subject and although with the times, she changed on some things, (we all do as we age and as times change) but she is still the same person who fought with Bill for George McGovern’s campaign way back when we were all young idealists. Glad Bernie and Hillary will discuss things. They will surely agree on more things than they disagree on.

  3. I’m looking forward to the intellegent democratic debates, rather than the repub clown one trying to out-stupid each other.

    2016 Republican Voting Check List: We hate Muslims – We hate Blacks – We hate Hispanics – We hate LBGT’s – We hate the poor – We hate the Government – We hate Healthcare – We hate Science – We hate Education – Women are a “Lesser Cut Of Meat” – We hate the environment – We hate social security – We hate medicare – We hate veterans – We hate Americans
    Check Yep, we’re ready.

  4. AndyCA: You forgot “We hate Bill and Hillary”. That’s already been the focus of much of their pre-campaign rhetoric.

  5. No problem of your attending – you wouldn’t be able to locate the studio.

    Hell, you’re so dumb you couldn’t find your way through a maze – even if the rats led the way!

  6. You nailed it Andy.
    The GOP hates Americans! Funny thing is that a parent of mine is a die hard republican, he thinks his dividends will go down by taxing big corp. Right or not he’s not thinking of his grandchildren. Sure he can pass along a small inheritance but at what cost, the US becoming an oligarchy? Bad idea.
    We’ve got to change peoples minds!!! Education is the key!!!

  7. I am looking forward to the debates. Clinton oligarchy VS Sanders moonbats. It’ll be more fun than a barrel of monkeys watching those two try to out Alinsky each other. Who will Darth Soros choose?

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