Pentagon Debunks Crazy Republican Conspiracy Theory That Obama Is Taking Over Texas



Republicans like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) helped to push a conspiracy theory that President Obama is sending the military in to take over Texas, but the Pentagon has thrown cold water on the GOP’s hysteria.

In a letter, Gov. Abbott directed the Texas State Guard to monitor the military’s training exercise. Ted Cruz said that he sympathized with the conspiracy theorists, “My office has reached out to the Pentagon to inquire about this exercise. We are assured it is a military training exercise. I have no reason to doubt those assurances, but I understand the reason for concern and uncertainty, because when the federal government has not demonstrated itself to be trustworthy in this administration, the natural consequence is that many citizens don’t trust what it is saying.”


After Republicans had given in to the crazy, it was up to the Pentagon to stop the insanity. (via McClatchy DC):

“Operation Jade Helm poses no threat to any American’s civil liberties,” Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, said Monday. “Operation Jade Helm is being conducted by Americans – by, specifically, American special forces personnel.”

“In every case, extensive coordination has been completed with whoever’s responsible for that land,” Warren said. “In the case of private land, we’ve spoken and made detailed coordination with the patriotic Americans who have volunteered their land for the use of this important training.”

Here is a newsflash for conspiracy loving Texas Republicans. President Obama doesn’t have to take over Texas. You are still a part of the United States of America. Barack Obama is your president. He is the guy in charge. Obama isn’t coming to seize your guns, your land, your Dallas Cowboys foam finger.

The Operation Jade Helm conspiracy demonstrates a problem that is not limited to Texas. The Republican Party is driven by conspiracy theories. House Republicans are currently wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on an eighth congressional investigation into Benghazi. Republicans spent millions of dollars investigating the IRS. There was a years long and party wide obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate.

The rest of the country can’t take the Republican Party seriously, much less trust them to govern when they are being guided by baseless conspiracy theories. No matter who wins the party’s nomination, they could be fatally undercut by the strain of crazy that is running rampant through the GOP.

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  1. You left out Rand and Ron. The Paul’s are ground zero for conspiracy and assured Texans they would look into it. They are indoctriated by their TeeVee station so blame Faux. Pander to the RWNJs and win Iowa, repeat every 4 years.

    Even Wal-Mart had to issue a statement to TPM that there were no tunnels under its closed stores. The CHINESE troops (?!?) are going to come out of the tunnels into Wal-Mart stores and live in the closed stores (just like military barracks) while they take over the country – for Obama.

    The sad truth is Wal-mart closed those stores to bust the unions from forming and demanding decent wages and benefits. Walker-Mart.

    Can we increase the education budget? Please.

  2. Charles Pierce wrote a book several years ago which detailed this phenomenon.

    Basically, the premise is that America has always had cranks and crackpots and, for the most part, they were viewed as such.

    But they were always a fringe and never were allowed to get too much traction in the mainstream political thought.

    Now, however, partly due to 24 hour news and social media, not only do these crackpots get to spew their ridiculousness, but it is blasted out there by the media and people who would have ignored them befiore actually pay attention to them now.

    And one political party has decided to embrace the idiocy.

    This does not bode well for the future unless sanity returns to the GOP.

  3. Just when we think that the internet adds to the awareness & education of the masses…

    It is sad to see so many people being led by nose by very bad people with no conscience.

    Yet, those same people choose to stay loyal to their foolish leaders.

    In Texas, we have gone back in time…

  4. Worst part about this is when it does not happen, Senator Cruz, governor Abbott, Chuck Norris and all the rest will claim it is only because they stood up to the government.

  5. It was bad enough that Texans were stupid enough to vote for nutjob Rick Perry multiple times, they then had to vote in even crazier nutjob Abbott. Those two, along with Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert pretty much shows the intelligence level in Texas. I’m sorry for all those intelligent people stuck there. Get out while you can.

  6. Never before have the feds conducted exercise’s in among civilian populations. Never! This doesn’t concern you just a little. I’m sure all you useful idiots believe everything Dear Leader tells you.

  7. Tell those Texans that Hillary is going to give them their guns back that Obama took away from them! Should be a hit with Fox news and other brain dead media outlets.

  8. Why let sanity and facts get in the way? It never fails to amaze me the idiocy of some people. I met a woman who said that the government was trying to control us by putting lithium (sp?)in our water. This was an otherwise normal, well adjusted person I had worked with for years. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I guess they also believe mermaids exist and are probably armed and trying to take over Texas.

  9. Yep. With all RWers, one never admits defeat (although everyone and their uncle knows that you’ve been annihilated).

    Vanity is definitely the RWers’ favorite sin.

  10. I agree but I am unfortunately a former Californian stuck here in Texas at least for a little while longer. Looking for a way to get out of this stupid state.

  11. Republicans’ standard operation procedure is to use fear and intimidation to get what they want: power and money.

    You know who uses these exact same tactics? Terrorists.

  12. I think the Pentagon made a mistake by even acknowledging Abbott’s nonsense. It will only encourage that moron to do something even dumber.

  13. The republicans would of been a party of no importance a long time ago. If “We The People” would recognize that there is no rational and or reasonable explanation for deciding to stay home and not VOTE. The only way to stop this insanity in the USA ALL need to VOTE.

  14. Yes Libfreeordie, they have and do conduct theses exercises among civilians. I live in Harnett Co. North Carolina, right beside Fort Bragg. As you may or may not know Fort Bragg is the largest military base on the east coast. For as long as I can remember they have conducted ” Robin Sage”, which is the exact same thing as Texas. Many times civilians participate also. They DO NOT take you guns or you land. Its not Marshal Law. They need to do these exercises so when the Republicans sent them off to war.

  15. The Texas tea bags need psychological help.

    The tea bag/repubs govern by the 5 G’s
    stoaked with FEAR and IGNORANCE

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  16. Rin, this was the funniest comment I have ever read…are the folks in Texas all really, that stupid? If so why the he– would a nation of intelligent thinking men and women even want to take over Texas. I say, build a fence around the whole State and leave them be.

  17. I guess I must be hallucinating because I remember the Army landing huge cargo choppers in the White Rock Green Belt in the heart of Dallas. Gosh, and I remember it so clearly – my friends and I were right under them on our horses when they were coming in for a landing. They made so much noise it rattled your teeth.

    I’m SURE my friends remember this too!

  18. Since when does any American city resemble any city in the middle east? I can see training in made up settings on military bases. But covertly in among Americans and their towns. Just what are they training for civil unrest? And why would they be concerned about civil unrest if we’re in such wonderful shape as a country.

  19. GSB I am glad it was funny but the freaking weird thing about it is it is exactly what they believe! It is all in an article at TPM. I read it last night. Swear to God, Wal-Mart debunked it in a letter to TPM! In writing!

    The Jade Helm people are talking about Wal-Mart closures conspiracy theories with tunnels and Chinese!!!??? TROOPS living at Wal-Mart. How they started this conspiracy would be an interesting thing to research, but it is unfortunately, true that they do believe it. Amazing. Surreal. SCARY.

    The really scary part is the people who believe this stuff are right now arming themselves with weapons. God help us.

  20. You libfreeordie are completely un educated in any form where it pertains to what our defense forces have done in the past. From 1946- NOW! the Air Force has bombed nearly every population center or strategic location in this nation 24hrs a day. We ARE still here of course but you will most likely blow this bit of factual information off as just “liberal”…..

  21. No, that’s not true….history is repeating itself…..this has happened before and it’s been confirmed by the Pentagon……whack job….

  22. Good Lord, what idiots ! I’m talking about every lib on
    Liberal Idiots !!! lol
    [Nobody likes you, JimmyK]

  23. Look fool, everything you have posted has been debunked. You are the stupid one who needs to pull your head out of your ass

  24. You take the Gold Medal for liberal beliefs. Short list of liberal beliefs:
    [Nobody likes you, JimmyK]
    Give me a big f*cking break assw*pe !

  25. And you take the Platinum Medal for Asshattery!
    A short list of Conservative Actions:
    Helping poor folks get medical care is somehow EVIL.
    “Following the Commands of Corporations” in war.
    Brown-nosing crazy tyrants.
    Conservatives giving liplocks to dictators.
    Somalia is so peaceful due to NO Gun Control.
    Leading from Armchairs.
    Highest rate of job loss by means of Trickle Down- is perfectly fine.
    Overlooking the reality that the Bottom 80% would pay more taxes if they got paid more.
    Giving even more tax breaks to the rich is just fine, but giving a tax break to a working man is evil beyond the pale.

    You’ve had enough breaks in your cranium JimmyK.

  26. jimmykkk, in those 13 words Moongrim was more substantive and concise than anything you have posted. Yes it was sarcastic and not far off when it comes to the potable water sources these days. As we here all know you on the right seem to be under the delusion that you can be as incorrect as you please and we are all suppose to just take it as fact because YOU say so. Where as WE on the left give you the FACTS and you just call them “liberal bias”…Thank you for seeing the truth in that by the way. Because “Liberal Bias” IS the TRUTH.

  27. I say you are a fuking idiot. Troll those wars had to be paid for plus Medicare part d. You are one stupid POS

  28. Any individual can create a blog. Republicans in general aren’t panicking about these military exercises.
    It’s curious democrats don’t address our real problems; debt, deficits, loss of competiveness in the world, real unemployment and underemployment, growing terrorism, etc.

  29. All right, pumpkinhead, unstuff your ears one last time:

    The desert, high desert, mountains, mesas,canyons, and staked plains of our Southwest have been used to duplicate everything from military and agricultural conditions in Central Asia and the Sahel to (no poop) expeditionary conditions on Mars. We are heavily involved militarily in terrain quite similar to this. What are these exercises supposed to be in? A life-sized sandbox? Well, that *is* a life-sized sandbox. Don’t say no. I’ve lived there.

  30. Not to be rude, but WTF?!? Why are you so allergic to facts? More than 60 consecutive months of private sector job growth, (more than 12 million new jobs); the lowest level of federal spending in 60 years; a $1.3 trillion deficit left by W cut by more than 2/3’s; bin laden dead after W shut down the CIA’S bin laden unit 10 yrs ago; a revitalized domestic Auto industry; Stock Market at all-time highs; a large reduction in the number of uninsured, the government’s costs coming in at under projections, and a significant slowdown in the rate of medical care inflation.

    Republicans blocked Veterans bills, cut funding for embassy security a year before Benghazi; cut funding for Meals on Wheels, public education, the V.A.; have yet to introduce a single clean Jobs bill; caused our first-ever credit downgrade in 2011 by holding the Debt Ceiling hostage; the GOP shutdown in October 2013 cost $24 billion; almost 60 attempts by the House GOP to derail the Affordable Care Act cost $55 million…

  31. Want more? $12 trillion of the $17 trillion debt is due to the last 3 republican presidents; we were lied into Iraq; most of the Iraq war costs were off the books; we were told that tax cuts for the “job creators” would create jobs; the great recession of 2008 was under GOP leadership, as was 9/11 and 13 Embassy attacks around the world resulting in 60 deaths.

    There’s more yet quite frankly I’m getting writer’s cramp and dinner awaits. Will you righties PLEASE wake up? You’re being duped, used, lied to and laughed at by the very people you listen to (right wing noise and hate), elect, and support (the corporatists who laugh all the way to the bank, or the Caymans), because you unwittingly do their bidding.

    Willful ignorance is not a virtue!

  32. um—except for all those REFORGER exercises in Europe during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I participated in a few of those myself and we definitely set up camp in many small towns and villages. Troops from Ft. Hood, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Knox and Ft. Sill would fly over and participate—lots of tanks, trucks and parachutes involved.

  33. I suggest you check out the history of the Know-Nothing party. For their time, they were pretty nutty.

    And of course the bill of goods Hitler used to get into power was pretty silly stuff too.

    The Internet may help, but nuts have been running the asylum off and on forever.

  34. That site is a major news site for many years for your misguided people, Jimmy.

    Here are the issues of all the potential R candidates VS Hilz. Easy to not discuss issues, she is right on all of it and they all make me cringe. Make sure you hit “view all” she has a lot of ideas during decades of experience:

  35. Still think it was funny. But what will Walmart do when all their faithful customers are locked up?
    Folks in Texas, think about that.
    As of now, one women of the Walmart clan is classified as among one of the richest billionaires in the world. Do you in Texas really believe the Walton’s want to lose all that cash? I’m sure the rest of the Walton’s also want to be classified as billionaires too, one day, with your help.

  36. As a Canadian, following the Jade Helm conspiracy theory has provided me with hours of entertainment. Was not surprised that Walmart replied with a statement. But when the Pentagon (!) actually issued a statement I started to worry about the mental state of our dear neighbour to the south.

  37. Personally, I can’t wait to lock up all those paranoid right wing conspiracy theorists into those secret FEMA camps the UN has been helping us build in secret! Mwuhahaha!

  38. Never… except for all the other times.

    I don’t blame you for no knowing, you gutless lying teabaggers never seem to have had time for military service.

  39. No, not all of us are stupid. The thing that kills me is the big cities are all pretty much liberal YET a lot of city dwellers don’t vote and all the rural moron conspiracy theorists do and we end up with trolls like Ted Cruz on the national scale and those like that moron in the Governor’s Mansion making our lives hell on a daily basis. I love my state and hate the stranglehold the Republican Party has on our highest-profile members. Texas is HORRIBLY gerrymandered. Thanks, Tom Delay!

  40. No. I live in Texas and no; this is not in fact “what we all believe”. And what a driving force of ignorance to believe that because a few elected suits go gibbering out of the side of their mouths, that all Texans must believe and condone it.

    What I can’t understand and what truly disturbs me, is how prepared and ready people seem to be to believe that we’re all just a bunch of backwood hicks with guns, bibles, ignorance and bigotry. We did not in point of fact get together and collectively decide that we all believe this theory, as well as any other conspiracy theories that our elected officials feel the need to shame us with.

    I don’t agree with our current executive branch of government on a lot of points, but that doesn’t mean that I sit around looking for conspiracies to throw my opposition against.

    Suggestions to build a fence or that we are uneducated may make you feel like a bigger person, but all it really does it illustrate the exact behavior that you angrily …

  41. I’ve always stuck up for sane texans who get caught up in the texas hate blanket and I always will.

    But if you don’t see that large majorities of residents are saying things twice as vile and three times as batshit crazy as any talking suit, then you are choosing to be blind. And if you don’t know why we are so frustrated with you state government and the states large wackadoo population, then you have blinders on and are obviously not online much.

    Your neighbors? They hate us. Every last one of us, for reasons that could only exist in their twisted god, guns and gays fever dreams.

    That’s why you see the vitrol that you do.

  42. Don’t forget “super seeds” that I assume are super because they grow beanstalkes to be used to ascend to Heaven during the busy rapture season.

  43. And what American history don’t teach is the only reason the Anglos revolted for freedom was because they wanted the right to enslaved people of color. Something to think about

  44. The federal government has already instituted martial law in at least a couple of instances recently: Boston bombing, Ferguson and Baltimore riots

    There already is something going on in Texas. There was the Dutch(?) instigator of Mohammed competition shooting in Dallas. Since then, the Lackland AFB in San Antonio has apparently been on lockdown so they can run training exercises.

    There was a massive biker brawl in Waco.

    Oh and we have had the most violent rain (I have seen personally) and 29 tornadoes(?!-oh, nothing wierd about that) in the last two weeks.

  45. What may I ask is in the h20 in Texas? How can educated people be so plain stupid? Or, are the people in Texas just incapable of learning? Do they read? Apparently not they seem to listen only to Fox news. Not a good way to learn anything. Are they so afraid to face school (lernen)? Spelled wrong so maybe the Texas mind can absorb a bit of mind altering information. I do believe Texas needs some altering of the mind. Just got back to read your answer to me Rin.

  46. Texans and the GOP are going to have to either start taking it seriously that climate change is real, or that Obama is the “cause” for the weird weather conditions that Texans have experienced over the last years (drought conditions and then massive flooding/tornadoes). Now with the GOP paranoia, which theory is most likely for them to pick? Of course it is Obama’s fault!!!

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