Religious Right Leader Rick Wiles is Fascinated by Obama’s Privates

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Back in 2009, based on something he’d heard on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh went off on one of his (perhaps Oxycontin-induced) flights of fantasy and claimed that President Obama wanted to “mandate circumcision” to prevent the spread of HIV. gave that one a well-deserved “Pants on Fire” rating.

Now Pastor Rick Wiles of Trunews, who was one of those offended by President Obama mocking Michele Bachmann at the White House Correspondents Dinner, has referred to Obama as the “uncircumcised Philistine in the White House.”

Yes. It’s time for foreskingate.

Last week, Mr. Obama’s adoring, obedient, subservient, lapdog news reporters gathered at the White House for the annual Correspondents Dinner. This is the event where Mr. Obama and news reporters gather to applaud each other. During Mr. Obama’s speech, he belittled former congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who recently warned that Mr. Obama’s foolish appeasement of Iran could lead to World War Three. Listen to Mr. Obama mock Michele Bachmann’s dire warning and mock biblical last days prophecies.

I realize most American pastors and evangelists are afraid to denounce the uncircumcised Philistine in the White House, but I’m not afraid of him. I’ll read to Mr. Obama some scriptures from the Holy Bible that he so often mocks. Sennacherib was an evil king just as Barack Obama is an evil president. Sennacherib led the people into sin against God, just as Obama is leading people into sin against God.


I’ll skip right over the part where Wiles and all the others who were offended fail to follow Jesus’ directive and turn the other cheek.

I’ll even ignore the part where Sennacherib was an Assyrian, not a Jewish king. His name means “Sîn has increased the brothers,” but Sin is the moon goddess, not Old Testament-style sin. To the extent Sennacherib may have sinned, I applaud him, because in the Bible, free choice is sin.

HOWEVER, a couple of other questions immediately arise: One, why is Rick Wiles so interested in the president’s junk? And two, if he is uncircumcised, how would Wiles know?

I hope the pastor doesn’t pose a threat to national security by trying to sneak a peek into the White House bathrooms, right before he enters reparative therapy for his interest in another man’s private parts.

I really do think this is one of those instances in which the questioner is telling us far more about himself than he is hoping to expose about the president.

This is not the first time Republicans have shown their fascination for Obama’s presidential package, of course. Back in the same year Limbaugh charged Obama wanted to circumcise everybody, birthers implied Obama himself wasn’t circumcised.

That’s right. Maybe they failed to share notes with Limbaugh, but they somehow got the oh so clever idea that by demanding to see Obama’s junk, they would be able to determine whether or not he is actually an American.

And Christian – see the comments here – because, you know, they don’t get circumcised in Kenya (and apparently only Muslims get circumcised?). Don’t expect any of this to make sense.

Which all just goes to show, if Germans love David Hasselhoff (and they do), white men (and some white women) are way too fascinated by black men’s genitalia and the, um…”apparatus” of white power, so to speak.

I don’t want to suggest some men are underpowered ::cough:: Rick Wiles ::cough::

I don’t even want say the birther crowd is represented by some of the dumbest people on earth, but these people are some of the dumbest people on earth. That includes Rush Limbaugh and Rick Wiles.

Obama has not and did not mock biblical prophecy. He mocked Michele Bachmann. And if Rick Wiles ought to be criticizing anyone it is Michele Bachmann for acting as a false prophet, against which the Bible warns. But then, of course, Wiles would also have to condemn himself as a false prophet.

All this may be moot of course, this whole Foreskingate thing, because if Wiles is right, a big space fireball is going to make us all crispy critters if the Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality.

My last question, and I am almost afraid to ask it is this: Are they going to be that interested in Ted Cruz’s package? After all, he wasn’t born in America either. Do we need to start asking of Ted Cruz, “Do you have the right stuff?”

And no, I really do not want that answered. I both suspect and hope we will not hear any of his opponents say during a debate, “Please proceed, Senator.”

Save it for the ladies, or whoever, Mr. Cruz.

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  1. And if President Obama is uncircumcised, as the good “pastor” claims, how can he be the Muslim that causes conservatives to hyperventilate? Aren’t Muslims circumcised?

    I think the right wing tells so many lies that even they can’t keep them straight.

  2. What is it about these faux Christian religious figures and their interest in men (and boys) genitalia? Says a lot about what they really care about and it is definitely not Christianity.

  3. The term “uncircumcised” was used as a racial and a religious epithet for the non-Jews during the Old Testament (OT) era. In the OT era, male circumcision was a sign of observance to the Torah. President Obama does not observe Mr. Wiles’ brand of Christianity. In Mr. Wiles’ mind, the President is a nonbeliever and uses a term that only the Israelites at the time before Christ and modern biblical scholars would understand.

  4. Sounds like this fool couldn’t bear to leave high school behind. I bet he was the locker room expert on all things penile. The other explanation is envy.

  5. To be a religious right “pastor:

    1. Proclaim otherness and hatred any way possible. It doesn’t have to make sense or be factual. It’s only purpose is to generate fear.

    2. Keep it all dressed in obscurity. Using obscure references makes you look like a learned “expert” and gives you credibility among the unlettered.

    3. Always and ALWAYS present otherness as negative and christianity (choose version here) as superior and the Truth.

    4. Everything said is the will of God.

    5. Rinse and repeat until the listeners are glassy eyed and drooling.

  6. As an un-altered male or as I like to say a 1958 Stock Model Uhl, I have also been called several derisive names. Hell my ex-wife complained about it BUT NEVER about the performance. Her reasons never made on….lick..of sense! I asked her what her favorite type of car was, she replied a convertible…Well Honey! Ya’ got one!! The top rolls down! Now to the article at hand, this is just another feeble minded attempt from another feeble mind to slur the un-slurrable Mr. Obama.

  7. ” Are they going to be that interested in Ted Cruz’s package? ”
    Mr. Haraldsson, I like your writing, I read all your articles, but please don’t ever, ever put “Ted Cruz” and “package” in the same sentence ever again. Please?


  8. Michelle Bachmann wears a tin-foil hat and is second on the list of conspiracy theory nuts to the Paul family, in the GOP. Remember her freaking out about Huma? Even McCain had to give her a reality smack over that crap.

    Her husband ran some type of ‘Gay intervention and cure’ type clinic, so clearly they too are obsessed with sex.

  9. I think many people give Fox Snooze far too much credit for spreading conservative propaganda and paranoia about all manner of things. Fox viewership only averages around 1 million.
    I lay the blame on the thousands of conservative/fundie/evangelical pastors. When folks hear this garbage in church every Sunday and bible study on Wednesday evenings, and sometimes much more often, then they are well and truly brainwashed. They are certainly not disposed to listen to any view other than the “reverend’s”, and would hardly dare discuss his views with their fellow churchgoers. This is where the real evil lies……in the cult of this particular brand of American Christianity (which isn’t Christian by any stretch of the imagination).
    The sad thing is — I don’t see any way of stopping it.

  10. “Save it for the ladies, or whoever, Mr. Cruz.”

    It boggles my mind that someone would think the “ladies” would be interested!

  11. All I can say in OMG. Will this Vile “free speech” of the few to the many never end???

    They sound worse than anything our worst enemies can come up with.

    We seem to be in a race to become the most VILE city on the hill.

  12. I just remembered the sermons Bachmann gave on the campaign trail. She would rant from the pulpit, shaking it and humping it while trying to stir up the crowd with religious politics — so they’d hand over cash to her campaign. Good times…

  13. Rin,she was only feeling the fire of the lord in her loins! As her husband is obviously not capable of doing,….”so full of artless jealousy is guilt that it spills itself in fearing to be spilt” These people need to look inward to their own sordid carnalities and face them head on before they prick anyone else.

  14. Joseph, she gave Rev. Wright a run for his money. She was on fire, surely, somewhere, you could tell by the strange look in her eyes. :-)

  15. They are oddly obsessed with this President’s manhood as with All black men. They know even less abut the female anatomy. I think it says a lot. Pity their poor wives.

  16. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus was asked and responded:

    “53. His disciples said to him, “is circumcision useful or not?”
    He said to them, “If it were useful, their father would produce children already circumcised from their mother. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become profitable in every respect.”

    In the New Testament circumcision is a part of the curse of the law, which according to the apostle Paul, Christians are redeemed from.

  17. David, the Religious Reich will have no truck with the Gnostic Gospels as they convey more of Jesus’s humanity and raise it above divinity. The Gnostic Gospels also relay the REAL importance of women in the early church and in Jesus’s ministry. That to the Christian Reich is blasphemy because it removes the superstition and ultimately control over people.

  18. now genitalia is a political agenda. They are getting sicker and sicker. Next they will be comparing ass holes. Literally and figurativlty!!!!!!

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