The White House Blasts “Desperate” John Boehner and Tells Him To Do His Job


After John Boehner called for both Hillary Clinton and President Obama to do his job for him, a fed up White House blasted the Speaker of the House by calling him desperate, and telling him to do his job.


Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded to Boehner’s call for Hillary Clinton to save the bill for fast tracking TPP by saying:

We saw Republicans including the Speaker of the House in the context of the last election make a really strong case about why Republicans should retain the majority in the House of Representatives so that they could advance their agenda and priorities including trying to advance trade legislation. And now here we are three or four months into the newly strengthened House Republican majority, and you have the Speaker of the House suggesting that he doesn’t just need the help of the current Democratic president to help him get this legislation through his body. He now is suggesting that candidates for president in the other party need to help him do his job. I think in the mind of the president, it’s the responsibility the Speaker of the House to do his job and pull together the votes he needs to advance his agenda.


But ultimately, it seems pretty early for a desperate act like that, to suggest you need a candidate for office from the other party to help you advance your agenda when you’ve got the majority in the House of Representatives.

The White House ran out patience with Boehner years ago. Speaker Boehner has become so inept that the help of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi is no longer enough. Boehner now requires the top two Democrats in the country riding to his rescue in order for the body that he leads to pass anything substantial.

On the Senate side, Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has all but declared war on the bill to give President Obama fast track authority on TPP. Reid is an opponent of the deal, and John Boehner admitted last week that he didn’t have the votes to pass the bill.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest was talking about TPP, but years of White House frustration with Boehner’s inept leadership of the House appears to be boiling over. Fast track for TPP is increasing looking like it is dead, and the two lessons that are being reaffirmed are nothing consequential is going to get through Congress without Democratic support and John Boehner might be the worst Speaker of the House in history.

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  1. I thought it was pretty much a given that Boner was the worst speaker in the houses history. He’s also literally the most colorful. An orangey jaundiced sort of color.

  2. Old Johnnie just wants someone he can blame everything on so his base will be happy..”Look and see what that mean old Dem party forced me to do…..”

  3. Job? Boehner? The two are oil and water. He is where he is because he’d be fired from any other occupation.

  4. I have problems with two of the sentences in the article above:
    (1)”Speaker Boehner has BECOME so inept..”? and
    (2)”John Boehner MIGHT be the worst Speaker of the House in history”?
    John Boehner is competent in four areas: (1) Drinking, (2) Smoking, (3) Accepting bribes; and (4) Following orders.
    Other than those four areas of expertise, he might well be the most worthless human being on the planet.
    It’s not that he’s just an incompetent speaker of the House. It’s that he’s a embarrassment to our country worldwide.
    He should be relegated to his annual appearance in Miami as Grand Master of the Orange Bowl Parade.

  5. Why should any Democrat bail Mr. Boehner out of anything. He’d just stab them in the back immediately afterward. I’m not an expert on trade deals, but haven’t most of our manufacturing been outsourced already? We import most of our stuff from China now. Aren’t they an Asian country? If I were to trust anyone to make a good deal on a trade agreement who wouldn’t be just looking out for big corporations, it would be President Obama ( Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren as well, but they aren’t in a position to negotiate a trade deal). I have mixed feelings on this. I would rather not give Republicans a win, but I, unlike most Republicans would rather put politics aside when it comes to doing what’s right for my country.

  6. I know the above statement sounds contradictory. That’s because it is. I have mixed feelings on the TPP and that is reflected in that statement. I just wanted to convey that I’m viewing it with an open mind and am not allowing politics to interfere with how I develop that opinion.

  7. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been so soundly demonized by M$M, Labor Unions, some Democrats in both the Senate – especially by an ungrateful Elizabeth Warren – and the House, that Americans who haven’t read up on Spandan’s TPP Education Series think it’s the worst thing since the coronation of G.W. Bush in 2000.

    They are WRONG.

    It makes you wonder what the motives are by these detractors – especially Senator Warren – who’re attacking the most worker-friendly president since FDR.

    I have said it again and again…if people work against the TPP then people are in FAVOR of the damaging provisions of NAFTA and CAFTA that the TPP seeks to correct.

    People, it’s time you start reading up just what the TPP is all about. The TPP will help workers all around the world, stop murders of union workers in CAFTA countries, and strengthen environmental provisions so we can begin to combat climate change.

    I.O.W…WAKE THE F___ UP, already!

  8. On the Senate side, Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has all but declared war on the bill to give President Obama fast track authority on TPP.

    Harry Reid’s been a disappointment to me since he voted with Republicans for war in Iraq, gave Bush everything he wanted, and voted for Bankruptcy Reform that’s harmed a LOT of struggling Americans.

    Based on his support of Republican rather than Democratic policy, he’s also ceased being a Democrat long ago.

    When he’s against something, it’s usually beneficial to average Americans.

    Harry Reid, DINO, has proven to be one of the worst Democratic Majority Leaders in my lifetime.

  9. The TPP will:-
    1. Increase the export of Made in America goods.
    2.Maintain Labour Rights.
    3. Give Environmental Protection.
    4. Give Trade Benefits to small businesses.
    Also if the USA joins in the eleven countries they will be in on the creation of a powerful trading block, otherwise China will have the ascendency.

  10. You are going to have to spell it out as people are too lazy to research.
    The TPP is what is needed or Chinese power with eclipse others. The other eleven countries have it right, join the TPP. The President knows what he is doing.

  11. If the TTP hadn’t been kept so secret, and the Congress and PUBLIC had been able to see what was in the Bill, there wouldn’t have been any misunderstandings. I do believe that President Obama is the best we have had in a long time, and that he has fought for the middle class and poor in areas such as jobs, good working environments, etc., But when all you get is snippets of information, much of it misleading, We the People can’t make any calls for or against to our Congressional Representatives.

    As far as that goes, the GOP has been saying they are for it. Since when has the GOP been for anything that is good for anyone other than the rich. That, in itself, made me suspicious about the effect of the TTP.

  12. After reading this, and the article linked by djchefron, I am going to contact my Congressman (who is Republican) and tell him I am for Fast Track. Maybe he will actually do his job for once, and listen to a constituent, instead of listening only to money talking.

  13. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is working to up-end Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to quickly pass fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Reid says he’ll hold up that bill until the Senate first addresses highway funding and PATRIOT Act reauthorization—both of which have deadlines attached to them. Then, Reid says, once those important and time-sensitive issues have been resolved, he’ll be fine with the Senate turning to Trade Promotion Authority (though he opposes that legislation). Republicans are … unhappy with him.

  14. After 20 years of NAFTA,CAFTA,WTO, and having read the leaked text of the TPP, we know this deal is not about raising anyone up except for the global corporate elite. The geopolitical discussions are just distractions. What we’re talking about is not trade-its all about de-regulating 40% of the global economy. Its about extending patents on medications and gouging consumers. Its about giving corporations the power of supranatural nations that allow them to write the rules of investment in foreign nations in order to strip the earth and get cheap labor. It gives them the ability to sue a gov’t to overturn laws that they see as barriers to profit like food-safety, clean water, and labor standards. This is not about jobs for Americans. It will lead to more outsourcing, cheaper wages, and more survival migrations. Vote NO on Fast Track. Let the TPP be openly debated-let Congress doing its Constitutionally mandated jot-regulating trade. Enough is enough.

  15. If women step up and vote in 2016 – the TEA/pseudo-Republicans will lose! If blacks step up and vote in 2016 – the TEA/pseudo-Republicans will lose! If Hispanics step up and vote in 2016 – the TEA/pseudo-Republicans will lose! The TEA party(Republicans no longer exists) will have to defend 24 seats while Democrats will defend 10 seats. Should Hillary win the nomination, she will need a House and Senate to effect changes exacerbated by the past 30 years.

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