Boehner and McConnell Balance Their Budget on the Backs of the American People

The House did it, then the Senate did it, killing a budget that attacks the American people. As pointed out here yesterday, 27 million Americans lose their health insurance if Congress gets its way. The rich, of course, get to keep theirs.

What is interesting is the way in which House Speaker John Boehner chose to present this dubious accomplishment. Taking to Facebook, he posted,


As you can see, being Boehner, he chose anything but an honest approach.

In a statement yesterday, Boehner claimed:

In seven years, President Obama has never proposed a budget that balances. For a span of four years, Senate Democrats didn’t pass a budget at all. Now, four months into the new Congress, Republican majorities in the House and Senate worked together to pass the first joint 10-year balanced budget in 14 years. This is a big win for the American people, and a fulfillment of our promise to govern responsibly and return the annual appropriations process to regular order. Workers and families deserve a federal government that spends within its means and treats Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars with respect.

Well, at least the treats the non-taxed dollars of the rich with respect.

Mitch McConnell did some crowing of his own on Facebook:


We should all fall down on our knees and cry out, “We’re not worthy!” as we bow toward the great one, right?

What’s funny about all this crowing is that thanks to Obama and the Democrats, we have had 51 consecutive months of job growth, and added 9.4 million jobs to the economy. And he wants to give us 1.2 million over TEN YEARS?

Boehner and McConnell are living in an alternate universe.

Here’s the problem. Funny doesn’t get the job done. We need serious effort, not unintentional comedy from Republicans.

For the record, McConnell isn’t making Republicans all that happy either. The Daily Caller has complained that McConnell plans to add billions to the deficit in a separate bill, making the balanced budget no more than sleight of hand. Bernie Sanders agrees. He has already exposed a laundry lit of budget gimmicks:

  • Using the Overseas Contingency Operations fund, which falls outside of the budget caps to significantly increase defense spending;
  • Masking the true consequences of their policies under the guise of ‘unallocated’ cuts and ‘government-wide’ savings;
  • Only achieving their goal of ‘balance’ by using made-up ‘dynamic’ numbers; and
  • Dismantling health care reform, but keeping the savings and revenues that support it.

However, there are more serious problems with this budget than simple dishonesty. As Nancy Pelosi has pointed out, what she calls “the GOP’s “Work Harder for Less” budget”:

  • slashes programs for K-12 education
  • cuts Pell Grants that help low-income students attend college
  • repeals the Affordable Care Act
  • cuts investments in infrastructure and innovation

“And let’s not forget,” she says, “the GOP budget does all of those things while empowering special interests and paving the way for huge tax breaks for millionaires.”

America of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. Pelosi reminds us that “This budget makes it harder to buy a home, pay for college, or save for a secure retirement. Put simply: the GOP budget is a DISASTER for hardworking families, while millionaires and billionaires make out like bandits.”

Don’t you love these two clowns telling us how great an opportunity we have standing before us being peons for the rich and serfs for the corporations?

The GOP’s American dream is not OUR American dream. It is not the American dream that has attracted millions to these shores. Immigrants today, like our immigrant ancestors, want something more than the chance to be a form of sustenance for the 1 Percent.

If the Republicans want to throw away all their gains in 2016, they are going about it the right way.

18 Replies to “Boehner and McConnell Balance Their Budget on the Backs of the American People”

  1. They’re acting too damned brazen…like they don’t even think they *have* to get real votes to stay in power.

  2. Are they really hoping we will all wake up dumb as boxes of rocks one morning and celebrate this? ROTSA RUCK!

  3. That is also my biggest concern. How can they seem to insult almost every group there is in America, and still win elections. I was, and am still, against having voting machines that don’t produce a paper trail, there is no way to tell if they have been rigged. I have seen the stories where machines have been found to be “malfunctioning” and were fixed. I don’t believe those were accidents, I think someone just got caught and passed it off as a mistake. I do not trust Republicans one little bit, they have no morals and will do anything to win.

  4. Their brazen because of they really believe the election is in the bag for the thugs.
    Has any one read the book Family of Secrets? All I can say is: read it!! This book reveals and tells how the thugs and the Bushes along with others have run, hid and manipulated this country for well over fifty years.

  5. I believe the Republicans thought they ‘fixed’ the election process in 2012 (remember when Ham Rove insisted that Romney had won Ohio); however, it is quite hard to hide over 5 million votes.

    Just like the other presidential elections, all need to get out and vote because if we do not America will become Somalia because the Republicans will do nothing and have done nothing for average Americans – no jobs, no healthy air, no food, no nice neighborhoods, no infrastructure, no schools, no health care – Republicans stand for only misery for most.

  6. Ultra-wealthy Americans made a major investment in the Republican Party during the 2010 and 2014 mid-term elections, and hundreds of millions of additional dollars were invested in Republican candidates in the 2012 presidential and congressional campaigns. The GOP has been simply carrying out the job for which they have been duly paid.

    And as the wealthiest Americans get even wealthier while the poorest families get financially kicked in the head, Republican legislators pat themselves on the back and declare:
    “Mission accomplished!”

  7. I wonder if any Redumicans have ever read a book on world history…not a book one of their cooks has written and tried to pass off as “history” but a real book about world history. There are shining examples of the masses becoming frustrated and realizing their wealthy leaders have betrayed and robbed them. Have the rich ever heard of the Guillotine? There is a massive class of people in this country that have had it with the right and the corruption!

  8. They are going to eat their own and make a bloody pile of mess before long. It is always fun to watch them self-destruct too.

    Jeb is polling 7th in Iowa. He has the big money support and TPTB want him.

    Iowa just loves Walker and he’s in 1st place. He is also a joke and when the rest of the country gets to know him they will be less than enthused.

    Isn’t that hysterical?

  9. Budget? Don’t make me laugh. This is nothing more than reheated leftover Ryan gruel fed to the American people on a paper plate. Pat yourself on the back Republicans because your base is too stupid to know any better. Suckers!

  10. It’s funny how balanced budgets & deficits only matter when Democrats are in the white house. How nice of the GOP to consider adding 1.2 million jobs to the millions of jobs the Obama administration has already added, no thanks to the GOP.

    The government is not the enemy. It only becomes dysfunctional when the GOP slashes its funding. Throughout my life I’ve taken advantage of government programs & have given back tenfold of the small amount I’ve received. I can’t imagine how I’d have felt if I’d been told I was a taker when I received a Pell Grant as a college student.

    People just want a fair chance to earn a living & support their families & to be treated with respect. Why is this so hard for the GOP to understand; why is this thought of as a threat?

    The GOP has about as much depth & understanding as a piece of paper.

  11. Cut everything that would help the middle/lower/poor, raise those taxes, send more jobs overseas, increase the military budget so there can be money, money for unwarranted wars, give everything to the rich, because they so need it, and get a bunch of dumb f**ks to keep voting stupid. Hmmmm what’s left. Oh yeah make a throne for the new king, and buy a lot of stock in lip balm makers. Yep, we done good.

  12. As an aside, when doling out funds and payments. How about paying SS back all the moneys stolen from the fund? Oops. I miss-spoke, the money ”borrowed’ Wish we could borrow money without ever having to pay it back

  13. I’ve come to believe that all the States that are totally controlled by republicans deliberately “fix it” so that republican votes are the only votes counted. When the control is easy to manipulate there is no problem for the manipulators. Who is there available to tattle when their government is totally controlled? Look at the states of Ohio and Florida in the past. If republicans are determined to gain the presidency it’s for sure they have plans to attempt stealing it.

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