Not Even New Jersey Republicans Want Chris Christie To Be President

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A Monmouth University Poll Conducted from May 1-3  of 500 New Jersey adults found that Chris Christie is exceedingly unpopular in his home state even with Republicans. A majority of New Jersey GOP voters said Chris Christie did not have the right temperament to be president. 54 percent of Republicans also expressed the opinion that Governor Christie was more concerned with his own political future than he was with governing the state.

The survey also found that New Jersey Republicans, by a 44 to 30 percent margin, felt that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would make a better president than Chris Christie. Just three months ago, New Jersey Republican voters favored Christie over Walker by a 51 to 30 margin. However, Christie’s stock has plummeted in the Garden State, marred by the “Bridgegate” scandal and his mismanagement of the state.

New Jersey Republicans have grown tired of Chris Christie, but Independents and Democrats loathe him even more. Two-thirds of New Jersey residents think their Governor lacks the temperament to be president.

Furthermore, in a head to head match-up with Democrat Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie would lose his state in a landslide. In a hypothetical contest between the two, Hillary Clinton clobbers the New Jersey Governor by a 53-30 spread.

With no base of support within his own party, Chris Christie’s presidential hopes are doomed. He is not even competitive on his home turf. The New Jersey Governor was once billed the “moderate” Republican candidate who could rescue the party from the politically suicidal Tea Party faction. That ship has sailed. Now the Governor, who has taken increasingly right-wing stances on the issues, even as his hopes of securing the GOP nomination have evaporated, is just another unpopular figure in a Republican field chock full of them.

Chris Christie is no longer a viable candidate for president. If he enters the race, he is destined to fail miserably in his home state, and in every other state he runs in. In all likelihood, his political career is on its last leg. A politician who has alienated as many voters as Governor Christie has is a politician who has squandered his political future.

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  1. They want him to fix the NJ Division of Taxation.

    The sterling state division that he’d fucked up having them implement some ‘defective software’ that the Taxation and OIT people probably did not sign off on, since is most likely failed during tests with 2013 & 2012 tax data.

    Instead, Christie blames this software for delaying tens of thousands of tax returns… which really turns out to BE MOST ALL OF THEM!

    Christe: ADMIT IT.


  2. Yeah Christie sucks, but it won’t stop him from jumping in ( and tipping over) the GOP clown car. Oris it now a bus?

  3. Now be fair, he wasn’t even indicted yet. He is still a contender. Just because he can’t get his own constituents to vote for him doesn’t mean he can’t beat the other 20 republican candidates and then beat Hillary nationally in the general. And the dish ran away with the spoon.

  4. Even though everything in this post is accurate in regard to Christie, he’s not giving up. According to NJdotcom, he plans to make several appearances in NH, hoping that if he wins the GOP primary in NH, his campaign will “catch fire.” Even if he wins in NH, it doesn’t mean he will win in many other states. Journalists in NJ are calling NH Christie’s “make or break” primary. I think they’re being kind. I also think Christie is badly burnt toast.

    I have no objection to the GOP/TPers making Christie their 2016 nominee because I know 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will never be his residence after Jan. 20, 2017.

  5. I read NJdotcom almost everyday, so I know and you know, RP, that NJ has been in Christie’s rear window for more than three years now. NJ is just a pit stop for him at this point. His travels began with raising money for the RGA, then, they morphed into him traveling to lay the groundwork for his presidential campaign. He has been an unmitigated disaster for NJ, and he knows it, but getting him to admit it is not going to happen. He’ll keep pretending that the multiple credit downgrades don’t matter, his violating the law in rescinding his promise to add more money to the state pension fund doesn’t matter, his mishandling of the Sandy Funds doesn’t matter, etc, etc. His plan is to lie about his record through his teeth, use his bullying and dismissive manner to silence his detractors and blame his failures on everyone except himself.

  6. Christie should take his own advise to hecklers: SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! That schtick works only in New Jersey. Anywhere else would raise resentment and cold shoulders, not to mention some boos.
    So, dear Leader (of New Jersey anyway) the time has come for you to read the writing on the wall, or read the tea leaves….You being President is inconceivable and not attainable.

  7. Christie had his shot in 2012, he passed. Turns out, he should have jumped on it. Why he thought he would still be at the top, four years later, of the stinking pile of refuse that is the GOP presidential candidates is a mystery. And a very bad miscalculation. He’s never gonna’ be on top of the pile again. Awwwww, that’s a shame.

  8. Christie has about $1 Million in prior campaign debt.

    If he runs, it will probably be to get OPM (Other People’s Money) to pay off that debt he saddled himself with.

    Gee, it’s a shame he can’t slice off a piece of NJ Taxpayer money to bail him out.

  9. Another cautionary tale. This is what happens when you pull the lever for a republican candidate. Everybody knows this, so why do they keep doing it? Self-loathing? [WINK]

  10. Former Detroit Emergency Manager Orr billed Atlantic City nearly $1,000/hour for emergency management consulting

    Kevyn Orr, the former Detroit emergency manager who was hired by Gov. Christie to advice on Atlantic City’s fiscal crisis, billed the state at a rate of $950 per hour for his work, according to documents released by the state Attorney General’s office late Wednesday.

  11. Most of the gop contenders would not want the job as president. They are in it to raise money, that is all. Huckerbee ran last time, and his relatives were paid over $400,000 for their “work” on his campaign.Imagine hhow much ol’ Huck kept for himself? $carah Payme is still raising money through her Pac, and supporting her entire out of work family. Santorum has to know he does not stand a chance, with his religious proclamations. SHOW ME THE MONEY is their motto. The Democratic candidates who run are serious, they want the job to do some good for the country.

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