Scott Walker Wrecks Wisconsin And Proves That Tax Cuts For The Rich Don’t Work

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Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) promised Wisconsinites that he could jump start the economy with tax cuts for big business, even though this Republican economic model was partially responsible for the recession from which the state — and indeed the nation — was suffering.

Just days ago, the Republican Governor trolled President Obama, claiming the country needed Walker’s “pro-growth economic policies”.

Enter crazy Republican math, stage right. Things are not adding up for Walker’s budget.

When the first troubling revenue numbers came out, Walker and Wisconsin Republicans, who make up the legislative majority, said oh, they will be revised. Well, that time has come and guess what, no new revenue is coming from the Reagan trickle down skies to save them.

A new memo from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) broke down the crazy math and wishful but dashed hopes of Wisconsin Republicans that the revenue to cover their tax cuts for big business would just magically appear (a charge made by Wisconsin Democrats, but with which logic concurs).

Bob Lang, Director of the nonpartisan LFB, revealed in a memo issued May 6th that Wisconsin will see no additional revenue growth in the next two years and indeed, any additional revenue in the current fiscal year will likely be offset by reduced growth in 2015-16 and 2016-17. Any adjustments would be offset by the fact that “recent forecasts of the U.S. economy have been downgraded from the January forecast.”

In other words, the national economy isn’t going to save Walker from his bad math and the fact that within the region (and actually nationally), his state is performing poorly. In fact, the state’s GDP growth and personal income growth have trailed the national rate. Republicans have tried to blame Democrats for the economic failure of their policies by saying they were in charge “for many years”, but PolitiFact threw water on that false notion.

Lang killed the trickle down dream with, “On balance, we believe that the current estimates for the three year period are still reasonable and should not be adjusted.”

This means that Gov. Walker’s budget is officially a real mess.

Jessie Opoien, writing for the Capital Times in an article entitled “Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo: No new revenue growth for Wisconsin,” explained:

That means no adjustments will be made to the agency’s January estimates, and lawmakers will have no additional revenue to work with as they work through revisions to Gov. Scott Walker’s two-year budget.
Republican lawmakers had hoped to use new revenue growth to cover a proposed $127 million cut to K-12 public schools and to lessen a $300 million cut to the University of Wisconsin System.

So logically at this point, sane people who can add would be thinking maybe we won’t roll out our additional tax cuts to manufacturing and farm businesses that started in 2011, especially because it turns out that the tax credits are going to cost “at least $275 million in additional lost tax collections over the next biennium, or more than double what was originally estimated.”

So, let’s see: Less revenue than expected, so Republicans figure why not take away even more revenue with tax credits that are going to cost twice as much as estimated. These tax cuts were sold as being “job-creating.” Reality disagrees.

Job-creating tax cuts. This was the big promise. It is the big promise. Republicans sell this to Americans who believe in hard, honest work and in rewarding success. It appeals to the idea of giving something to get something. But this bad math doesn’t work. Any reasonable person can see that tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs and do create deficits, but there are also studies that prove it. In fact, long term studies show that Republican governors are associated with lower growth rates.

A little recap of Walker’s disastrous experiment in servile compliance to the Koch brothers: “In 2013 he took take Wisconsin to 49th in the nation, leading in economic contraction with negative numbers — Wisconsin was second to last with an index of -.74%. Forbes named Walker’s Wisconsin one of the worst states for business in 2012.

Walker promised trickle down and common sense and it all sounded so great. Midwesterners understand the value of hard work, so when Walker told them it was their fault, and they must tighten their belts even more, many agreed.

Wisconsin Republicans can’t draft behind the big truck of the U.S. economy. They’re going to have to make Republican math work on their own. No doubt this will mean more cuts to the needy and more sneaky tax increases on the people.

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  1. Well, this is a great record to run on Scotty. What else you got? Union busting? Maybe the low info voters in Wisconsin bought into you but the country sure as hell will not.

  2. You can roll a turd in powdered sugar,but it’s still a turd Scott. The comparison can be used for both you and your budget. A good number in your party will still buy some I suspect.

  3. They want to let Walker and Christie do for the country what they are doing to their own states.

    The GOP was recently all excited about the “Governor candidates” with experience in day to day government. Well, not so much these Govs.

  4. …and they also think the solution is to put people with business experience in office. Like Carly Fiorina?

  5. Or an evangelical like Cruz, huckleberry, carson or Jindal? Take your pick out of that clown group.

  6. And yet Bush sits in 6th place in Iowa. Not far enough right for the tighty whities in the corn.

  7. That woman is trying out for the “Sarah Palin token VP female” award. She thinks she can become VP because that will prop up the ticket for the male GOP candidate. Look how having any old woman on the ticket helped him… wait.

    It is the quality of the candidate, not how high the heels are. And the leading (by miles) dem candidate just happens to be very undeniably qualified and vetted to the hilt.

    And she sucked at HP too and was fired. Some qualifications. Personally, I cannot watch her, she irks me and if that is a common reaction then she will be history soon.

  8. Walker will simply say that the tax cuts were NOT big enough…

    Thing is: Walker promised big business AND the people of Wisconsin. The former got what they were promised, but the latter…not so much.

    Walker will explain that 1) he can’t please everyone, and 2) anyone with a .500 batting average in baseball is considered exceptional!

  9. But but but … we need more irl James Bond villains (to donate to the Clinton Foundation. I mean come on, only a half billion in the last five years. Honestly.)

  10. Real Clear poltics has Bush in 7th place in Iowa. He might be ahead nationwide among the GOP candidates so far (not by much) but he’s going to not do so well in all the first state elections. He’s going to speak in Nevada to Tea Party people and they do not like Jeb. He will have to beg for support.

  11. Expect the inevitable: We just need to give the Tax Cuts MOAR TIME…


    Damn Reality! Full Speed Ahead!

  12. I have a one billion dollar reserve note from the bank of Zimbabwe, hanging on my wall.

    Would you care to reassess that statement of yours Mr. DJchefron?

  13. When it comes to trickle-down economics, it seems that GOP/TPers are hooked on stupid. Numerous economic studies prove that t-de doesn’t work, but it’s all they know. Walker, Jindal, and Brownback have driven their economies into the toilet, but they’re still fighting for more tax cuts. Gov Dayton D-Minnesota) has significantly improved MN’s economy while WI lags behind the nation in income, employment, and economic growth. These pols are willing to cut healthcare, education, and social welfare programs to be able to give corporations larger subsidies and the already-wealthy bigger tax cuts. Their philosophy seems to be that the poor and the middle class should subsidize the lifestyles of the rich. Ryan and GOP/TPers are trying to do the same thing in Congress that Walker and other GOP/TPers are doing in the states.I shudder to think what would happen if Romney were in the WH because he’d sign every POS a republican Congress would send to him.

  14. Republicans are absolutely MALICIOUS!
    History will tell that story one day!

    “Republican lawmakers in Washington and around the country have been focused on blocking Mr. Obama’s agenda and denigrating him personally since the day he took office in 2009. But even against that backdrop, and even by the dismal standards of political discourse today, the tone of the current attacks is disturbing. So is their evident intent — to undermine not just Mr. Obama’s policies, but his very legitimacy as president”.

    “A New Phase in Anti-Obama Attacks”

  15. Wow this article really missconstrued every thing in itself. Fifth paragraph, memo clearly all revenue projections will increase. The poor national economy will down grade any projected revenue increases. What happened to this wonderful economic recovery we’re having? Can’t the author get it right? Which is it? Poor economy makes wisconsin projections wrong or what a wonderful job the Dems have done with the economy. Please libs get your poop in a group.

  16. Pandar 5:42

    Yes, Scott Walker CAN be recalled again, but they cannot begin collecting petitions until November 15. There are plans to do this, though no one associated with the democratic party will acknowledge it (and run from it). But remember, they ran from the recall drive that was started in November of 2011 too.

    Scott Walker has too much coordinated propaganda behind him — he will be a player in 2016. The fun of another recall will be to make his presidential campaign awkward, but the don’t expect the media to give it much attention (here in Wisconsin or outside of the state). Best bet is that the media continues to puff him up as an 800 pound gorilla that is unstoppable and he will pull a Palin and bail on Wisconsin, resigning before there can be a recall election, so that he can be a full-time candidate for the White House.

    There will be a recall drive once Walker has his year in, November 2015.

  17. Trickle down economics only kinda worked when interest rates were up to 18%, and capital gains taxes were 28%.

    Now, as Wisconsin shows, it just concentrates the wealth of the 1%. With the added aspect of degrading areas such as education, policing, and the social safety net.

  18. She looks like she forgot to eat, then when she makes a statement, it has to be so very precise. I can’t tell if she is talking down to the general public, or she’s having trouble putting a sentance together, due to the anorexia.

  19. If you say so but riddle me this, who always vote against their own self interest for no other reason than hatred for their fellow man?

  20. Poor Scotty,

    He hasn’t taken an economics course, and so doesn’t know that “trickle-down” has been a failure in application for decades.

    In the words of Upton Sinclair, whom he never read also, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

    Beam him up now!

  21. Yeah Boo Boo but, Rev Walker has a lot of weasels to vote for him, even though weasels are not supposed to vote. They’re not registered weasels but, that’s what voter fraud is. To us sane pilgrims.

  22. As a fifth-generation Wisconsinite proud of my state’s progressive, good-government traditions, I am sickened by what Scott Walker and his cronies have done to our state and its people. He and they have made me and many others embarrassed and ashamed to say we are from Wisconsin.

    Seemingly realizing that the day would come when Wisconsin voters would finally start seeing through them, Walker and his political playmates have shrewdly made it as difficult as they can for future Wisconsin governors and lawmakers, and most of all voters, to repair the damage. For starters, their gerrymandering of our state’s legislative districts has stacked the deck until at least 2021. Shameful — and scary.

    As the article details, Walker is an arrogant, out-of-touch ass, one who makes many of us in Wisconsin wonder what our fellow citizens somehow see in him and his party. He might as well make our state motto “Backward.” It’s long past time we take back our state and its proud record of “Forwa…

  23. Republicans are both malicious and crazy. Republicans are constantly criticizing Democrats as Socialists, or Liberal, and relating these two definitions as Communist. There have been a few good Republicans such as President Eisenhower who was criticized by many Republicans for supporting Unions and Social Security including his own brother, Edgar. His brother was a real crazy who belonged to the John Birch Society. Edgar thought the working class was dumb, and did not have a right to a say in politics. Only elites have that right—the very wealthy, the billionaires. This is the position of most Republicans today. They are riding the Rush Limbaugh train of self appointed elite Fascists bent on removing “we the people” from the equation of the American Dream, and the Constitution. Don’t forget, up until the beginning of World War II, many Republicans were NAZI sympathizers like Prescott Bush, George W’s Grandfather. They admired the militarized, corporate elitist rule of Nazi German…

  24. I’m sorry dj. I agree with a lot of your posts, but that one was very racist. I’m white. Does that make me a Republican? No! Does that mean I’m stupid? No! Your remark was very offensive.

  25. You mean the Clinton Foundation that has helped 485.000.000 million people around the world. Nate? That Foundation!
    give me an example of any republican that can say the same. Quote from Dr Dean.

  26. @patricia, I’m a black man and damn proud but lets be HONEST! black america got a strong jolt of reality when OBAMA got elected, MANY of us thought race relations were getting better, just do discover that it was pretty much an illusion! I’ve seen in my lifetime, race relations go from RED HOT HATE ”LYNCHINGS to THE SOUTH BANNING INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE!” to the 90’s to 2006 it was covert racism! now it’s ALL bets off! the racist have taken over the GOP! and they’re NOT shy! and black americans are SICK of this $HIT!! I can’t speak for @DJ but he’s probably frustrated like MANY black people are! I’m MAD as hell! america, is going backwards and I’m ASHAMED and ALL good people are ashamed also.

  27. @Rick, we’re ALL brother and sisters on this site, I’ve posted some things here that if anyone wanted to slant my meaning could be considered BIGOTED but lets not lose sight, the GOP is a racist party and lets be HONEST! most caucasians gravitate to the GOP BECAUSE it’s so LILY white! I guarantee you if black people were purposing economic policy like the GOP does, NO caucasian would buy it for a SECOND! it’s NOT what the GOP is SELLING that attracts MOST caucasians, it’s about tribalism! it’s about feeling comfortable with people who look like you! See the democratic party during this PRO SLAVE period (1800’s to 1960″ was the WHITE MAN’s party of choice, the GOP 1865 to about 1968” was ANTI SLAVERY PRO civil rights, YES black people were republicans but that ENDED starting in the 1960’s! now look at TODAYS GOP! it’s 89% caucasian, WHY? I just stated WHY.

  28. Patricia, I’m white & I agree with Knight4444 & DJ 100%. Anyone with the slightest pretense to being a caring, thinking, decent human being feels the same.

  29. We’re dealing with almost the EXACT same thing in Louisiana right now! Our legislature is staring down the barrel of a $1.9 Billion dollar deficit caused by Bobby Jindal’s implementation of the Koch brother’s dogma. Jindal also stripped our healthcare system, K-12 education, and has all but destroyed our higher education system.

    PLEASE compare these two failed Republican experiments that have all but fiscally destroyed their respective states. Especially since BOTH of these Governors are now trying to run for President on their own failed economic policies that mirror EXACTLY what the Republicans are trying to implement nationwide!

  30. I feel so sorry for the people of Wisconsin who are aware of this awful man’s actions and the repercussions thereof.
    I hate to think you are locked into this for years.
    I sthere anything to be done to mitigate some of the damage? Can you Dems swamp them?

  31. Oh I agree, that Republicans are evil. But where do you get off claiming that all white folks are stupid because of the Wisconsonites?

  32. If there is no such thing as “whites’ then how are the non-existent ‘whites’ supposed to benefit?

    There are no such thing as Fairies, but apparently that doesn’t stop them from stealing babies…

  33. 7 OUT OF 10 white Americans who will be voting republican makes less than 100k a year.
    Voters make decisions based on a number of factors. Not all of them are economic or financial. The White Right and the Republican Party are able to advance their agenda because many members of the white public believe that they are punishing black and brown people when in fact they are also hurting themselves. The psychological wages of Whiteness often damage the economic interests of White America as a whole. This is an old story in America.

  34. I have, and you are just as dense as he is.

    If Blackness is so damnably wonderful, then why is Zimbabwe (and so many other Black run countries) so freaking worse off than Wisconsin?

  35. That’s 7 out of 10 white Americans who will be voting for Republicans. There have always been folks who have voted strictly along party lines.

    That STILL doesn’t make all white folks stupid.
    When you get 10 out of 10 white folks voting Republican- then you will be correct.

    Am I supposed to conclude that ex-Congressman Adam West is representative of ALL Black Americans?

  36. Reading is fundamental the author is not saying that at all but you are too stupid to even get what he is saying but I understand you don’t want the truth or cant handle it

  37. Your ad hominem attacks take away nothing from the fact of your own hypocrisy concerning the notion that ALL White people can be judged by the actions of a few Wisconsonite voters.

  38. Okay not all white people just the 95% who vote against their self interest. Did I fix it for you?

  39. And the beat goes on
    It’s hard to govern effectively when you’re crazy, and that’s the most basic way of understanding why the Republican-led Congress is simply incapable of funding the federal highway system. Follow the link if you want a more granular understanding of the problem and how it might all shake out in the near term.

    Tell me again who wants roads but vote for people who wont fund them?

  40. Hail Eris!

    The thing to do, Patricia, when someone says something “insensitive” about people of one’s own white “race,” is *just take it*. You know, the way black people had to *just take it*, from the 18th century until the civil rights movement got going.

    It’s not like we actually have to put up with being marginalised, if we refuse to take it, but then we’re letting our white privilege run away with itself, too. Our white privilege gives us the option to respond however we please to DJ, and as for myself, I have to cop to having been on a racist path, when I was 12 (over thirty years ago), so it’s not like I could never have fit the description he gave. Racism has been a family legacy, on my father’s side, with just one single aunt going against the grain and marrying a black man (much to the displeasure of several of her family members (this was back in the mid-’60’s, BTW)) — from Texas, incidentally.

    There’s a word… I’m looking for it… it’s big!

  41. Obviously written by someone with zero economic analysis ability or critical thinking skills.

    Business leaders have moved from a less than 10% to over 90% since Walker has taken over in regards to if the State is moving in the right direction.

  42. Citing the $300 million cut to the UW system without context is journalistic malpractice.

    Failure to include: The $300 million is over two years and represents about 2% of the overall UW budget which is full of fat that needs to be cut.

  43. @Moongrim, that would be Allen West, not Adam. There is nothing that is human that compares to that wacko, no matter the color. Being from Kentucky, and being white, once your outside Louisville, or Lexington, the stupid runs pretty deep in rural whites. That doesn’t make all white people stupid, but they seem to prefer to get their information from our bigoted lying gop. Thats voting against their best intrests, incredibly stupid.

  44. I really hate what Walker has done to WI. I lived in that state for 30 years of my life. There are good people there…I really don’t know how he fooled them OR how he continues to fool them. It’s really a shame.

  45. Then by that same ‘logic’ we should be concerned about all of the black nimrods who voted for Allen West.

  46. Yes we should be concern for misguided people but 10% of blacks voting for republicans is not even a drop in the bucket of idiocy

  47. Look reading is fundamental I said 95% of white people vote republican against their own self interest are stupid and malicious. Now I may not have gotten far in math but 95% does not equal 100%/ If you cant understand that then fuk it

  48. BTW if you ever read any of my post on black republicans you would know that I say harsher things about them then I ever said about white people so now you can STFU on this topic

  49. ‘You Can Just Say It’: What White America Can Learn From South Africa’s Blunt Race Talk

    In South Africa, race dances unafraid in the public square. It exists without the kind of stigma that tints and tilts conversations in the United States, when we talk about the latest Ferguson or Baltimore. South Africa’s past—drawn painfully in the colors of its people—allows little room for evasiveness. Everyone knows what’s happened; it’s too obvious too ignore. So instead of shutting their eyes to race, people look it straight on, and just talk.

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