Big Win For South Carolina Teachers As Stephen Colbert Funds $800K Worth Of Grant Requests


Political comedian Stephen Colbert announced Thursday that he plans to fulfill every existing grant request made by South Carolina public school teachers on The surprise announcement was made by Colbert, a South Carolina native, during a live video feed to Alexander Elementary School in Greenville. Colbert was joined by Damon Qualls, a teacher at the school, when he made the announcement over video from New York City.

Colbert is partnering with Share Fair Nation and ScanSource to funnel 800,000 dollars to almost 1,000 projects in over 375 South Carolina schools. In Alexander Elementary School, where 100 percent of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, nearly 4,000 dollars in grant money will be allocated for items like educational books, bulletin boards, pencils and new carpeting, as well as for a trampoline and a treadmill for sensory therapy. Other schools in the state will receive a range of materials including iPads, DVD publishers, laptop computers, digital cameras, and physical education equipment.

A Center on Budget and Policy Priorities study found that South Carolina was one of seven states that had cut per-pupil spending by more than 15 percent between 2008 and 2014. Not coincidentally, all seven of those education budget slashing states were under Republican control during most of that time period. Joining South Carolina in savagely cutting education spending between 2008 and 2014, were fellow Republican run states Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

Fortunately, for South Carolina educators, comedian Stephen Colbert has stepped in to pick up the slack where the GOP-controlled state government has failed. Shamefully, GOP politicians across the country have placed tax cuts for the wealthy above educating children, on their list of priorities. Ironically, it takes the generosity of a high-income liberal comedian to rescue South Carolina’s public schools from the state’s education slashing Republican-controlled legislature.

Stephen Colbert should be commended for stepping up on behalf of South Carolina teachers, to fund important grants that enhance the quality of education for the state’s public school children. Funding educational grants is one way to invest in creating a better future for the state of South Carolina and the nation.

Republican politicians continue to focus on tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else, including children. Fortunately, individuals like Stephen Colbert are doing their part to help America’s underfunded public schools. Now if only our political leaders had as much common sense and compassion as a liberal comedian, we might be able to reorient our budget priorities and actually build a better future for the nation.

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  1. I still don’t understand who is stupid enough to vote republicon for any office. Put a gun to your crotch and pull the trigger and just get it over with.

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Stephen Cobert. You are what is exceptional about America and it’s a breath of fresh air. You are more Christian than any Republican or any religious right pundit who says the poor are lazy and deserve nothing. You have a heart sir.

    I hope more rich people do what you have done since we can’t depend on our government since most Republicans in government want to drown it, but provide no back up or even alternative ideas except giving the rich more millions on the backs of everyone else.

    Thanks Stephen, for always, thinking outside the box.

  3. Brain, we have one guy that attempted that type of ultimate sacrifice aboard an airliner a short while ago. He didn’t use a firearm, just the fire part and it was a total disaster to say the least. He now has no use for a urinal, and has been sentenced to life. Using women’s toilet facilities. Just saying..[wink]

  4. So it takes a MAN who made it a career to pretend to be a Conservative- to actually act like a ‘real’ christian?

  5. Stephen Colbert should be commended for this and the Republican Governor should be ashamed. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t seem to have any compassion and therefore feel no shame in their shameful actions.

  6. I actually do give what I’m able, but would love to do on a large scale able to benefit so many in need. I like to sponsor local city classrooms with school supplies- you can actually provide so much that is greatly appreciated.

  7. LOVE. LOVE your comment pattiepea, now IF ONLY more rich would do the same, just maybe our country would begin to live up to what we all believe it should be.
    was about to post a similar comment.
    HINT to the Koch’s….

  8. I’m sure GOP (Fox news) will find a way to spin this into a negative report. The GOP (Fox News) are desperate to condemn anyone who may challenge their failures.

    North Carolina continues to drag education into the ditch. If the rich have anything to say about funding in NC it will be at the expense of public education to support the private schools.

  9. Mr Colbert is indeed a wonderful man.

    The proper method would be to fund the grants through taxes.

    Plenty of money for drones and hellfire missiles, but God forbid we fund our schools.

  10. Not only that, JAG, but these R politicians who live in Bizarro World will take this as a win, since they expect churchs and other supposed “charitable” organizations to pick up their slack, and cut even more out of the education budget next time, figuring that some philanthropist will step forward again – so in a sense, Colbert is enabling these assholes – ouch, the irony, it burns……

  11. My wife was a volunteer for many years with the local school system so we know several teachers. We know that many teachers buy school supplies for their students using their work earnings because their student’s parents won’t.
    Every school levy on the ballot is always rejected. It sure is sorry to see the dumbing down of America.
    Ohio’s governor is Republican, the state legislature is Republican dominated and my Congressman is Republican. Woe is me.

  12. The levy proposed by the Cleveland Hts. Ohio Board Of Ed. recently put forth a levy which failed, May, 5th. IMO because they have in the past, squandered monies for the schools.

    Thanks, Steven. What a mensch

  13. This was a failure that further enables rethuglican action.
    now they can say that the budget cuts did not hurt because the magic of the “market” stepped up and filled the gap.
    Now when they propose any new cuts they can point to this action to show how their oppenents are wrong.
    Colbert just gave a campaign contribution of $800K to the Soutn Carolina Rethuglican party.
    Colbert decided to subsidize rethuglican budget cuts.

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