Former Aides To President Obama Help Bernie Sanders Raise $3 Million in Four Days

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With no super PACs or corporate dollars, Sen. Bernie Sanders has raised $3 million in four days with the help of some former aides to President Obama.
Huffington Post reported:

With the help of a crew of former aides to President Barack Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) campaign has raised $3 million in four days for his presidential campaign — a dramatic indication that he won’t be confined simply to a long-shot role in the Democratic primary.

Sanders, who is running for president as a Democrat, announced on Wednesday that he has retained the services of the firm Revolution Messaging to run digital ads and online fundraising. The staffers with the firm who will be working on Sanders’ campaign include Revolution Messaging’s founder, Scott Goodstein, who ran the 2008 Obama campaign’s social media and mobile programs; Arun Chaudhary, who was the first official White House videographer; Shauna Daly, who served as deputy research director on Obama’s 2008 campaign; and Walker Hamilton, who was a lead programmer for that campaign.

“Like a lot of Obama supporters, we were looking for a candidate with a track record of doing the right thing — even if it meant taking on Wall Street billionaires and other powerful interests. A candidate who could inspire a movement,” said Goodstein. “Bernie Sanders is that candidate.”

The fact that Sen. Sanders has attracted the support of people who worked for then-candidate Obama in 2008 is not surprising. There have been many books and stories written about the fact that some former Clinton and Obama staffers can’t let the 2008 race for the Democratic nomination go.

In a broader context, the hiring of experienced and previously successful staff adds to the legitimacy of the Sanders campaign. Bernie Sanders is raising more money and drawing more early support than the mainstream press ever thought he could. Sanders will still be outgunned by Hillary Clinton, but he is quickly amassing the kind of resources that will allow him to stay in the campaign and deliver his message beyond Iowa and New Hampshire.

While the media keeps eyeballing Republican candidates that will never be, there is a legitimate popular movement building behind Bernie Sanders.

20 Replies to “Former Aides To President Obama Help Bernie Sanders Raise $3 Million in Four Days”

  1. Alrighty, you say so.

    Hillary’s staff is full of obama people, dozens of them in top positions… just as Obama’s White House was full of Bill Clinton staff and Hillary’s. The dems are in one or the other group. Obama isn’t going to side with Bernie. Or Hillary.

    sheesh. They are mostly one big happy family. If you are looking for divisive politics and bringing up 07, the Hillary people have a whole lot to say and so do the obama people… but let’s not go there.

    How about we put our most likely to win candidate out there and beat the republicans and keep WH control for the next 8 years?

    That person will be Hillary.

    Politico is often gossipy and Byers is often wrong but this analysis matches the polls which are out of this world support for HER.

  2. Well why not a Clinton/Sanders ticket?

    The best of both worlds.

    Wall Street would be mighty incentivized to insure that the Presidency would not drop into Sanders’ lap.

  3. From the Byers piece above:

    “Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second: This is Hillary Clinton’s election to lose.

    On Nov. 8, 2016, Clinton will start — start — with a minimum 247 of the 270 electoral votes she needs to win. If you give her Colorado and Virginia — which many political strategists would, given the Hispanic population in one and the rising influence of the northern-centered population in the other — she’ll start with 269. That means Clinton doesn’t need Ohio or Florida. She just needs one small state like Iowa, Nevada or New Hampshire to put her over the edge. And because she’s got a boatload of money and no viable primary challenger, she’ll have plenty of time and resources to lock up at least one of those states.”

  4. That decision will be made, depending on what happens, sometime in about a year from now.

    I have heard the left yelling:

    Sanders/Warren/De Blasio

    And I just shake my head and wonder what the hell they are thinking and why they cannot bring themselves to support a work horse like my girl.

  5. Note in that piece it says she needs Hispanics? In the WaPo/ABC poll a month ago (way before her future immigration platform was released the other day) she had 71% of Hispanic voters. What does she have now, after that speech? 100% give or take a few percent?

  6. Here is the Hillary for America known staffing so far, and it will grow as more states are added, this is preliminary but suiting a race for POTUS. Page word search for Obama is 73 times mentioned due to his staff working for her.

    Hupo can spin those two staff working for Bernie any way they want, but I get the idea they weren’t invited to be on the big dawg team.

  7. Since you’re running a one person Hillary campaign on this site, please explain to me her policy positions and why I should vote for as a Progressive ?

  8. Jag, she didn’t put that part up on her website yet because she is in the “listening stage” but her comments, and the “climate change” etc. tweets from Podesta, have been laying out her platform. But she has a very long record and other sites have lots on it as well as her record in the Senate and at State. And then there are her books and the books about her. Pretty much anybody who has followed politics knows from 07 alone what she stands for. If they ignore the bullshit thrown at her, that is.

    Correct the Record

    on the issues:

  9. Sanders is the real deal. Just for the audacity to crowdfund rather than going cap in hand to wall street, he’s already got my vote, never mind that he’s been far more consistent and outspoken on inequality, money in politics, and climate change.

  10. I don’t think this is about Hillary Clinton. It is about Senator Sanders and his success in fundraising. No need to defend Hillary Clinton due to this blog, nor to berate the writer for writing it. I think a second viable candidate will be very healthy for the Democrats primary. I already know who I’d vote for, but unfortunately in Pennsylvania, a registered Independent cannot vote in a Democratic nor a Republican primary.

  11. Apologies to Jason.


    It wasn’t meant to be a stab at Jason. ‘He has written many posts I enjoy. It also isn’t going to stop anyone from posting what they want to about Bernie’s fundraising.

    HuffPo, to me, is 90% entertainment and gossip, unfounded speculation, misinformation and a small bit of news that is worth reading. The comments there are often Republican trolls dividing and conquering and in general creating chaos.

  12. The fact is we need more than Clinton out there. No matter if her or Sanders — they need practice stumping, debating, to push each other to stump what they’re running on, etc — before the general. Leaving it to a one person stumping show and you don’t get out of your comfort zone which leads to mistakes.

  13. Rin, you mention her books. Use your brain — she pretty much sucked at the answers to the questions on her ‘book tour’ being pretty much softball questions — as she should have been already prepped to answer — she wrote the flipping book. She can’t run a one candidate campaign or it will be ongoing mistakes.

    I’ve donated to Sanders – to keep him going as we do need more than 1 candidate as I said in my previous post. Bernie will pull her a more left and when she is asked about something he has said, she’ll be forced to answer – not on her schedule – OURS. We’re the voters & I don’t wait for things when it’s convenient to her — I want to know.

    Look at the GOP — they’re pushing some further right as they did Mitty, so far right that they’ll come around & appear on our left (round Earth!). For GOP they’ll just fall off (flat Earthers!)

  14. yada, yada, yada..
    there are still many, many months to go.

    And the ones who will win, will be the add companies, the tv station, the information spinner, the stabbing for hire, the mud & word slingers.

    The politicians are what they are…

  15. You caught me. I worked on McGovern’s campaign, Clinton/Gore x 2, Gore, Hillary for senate x2, pres too, and all the not so hot candidates. I went to see them speak, marched against the Vietnam War and for civil rights, I have knocked on doors for decades as a raging liberal from NYC, but fine, obviously you are too smart for me.

    That is why I am pushing Hillary, the clear front runner and most powerful candidate and why I said, God forbid anything happens to her, that I would vote for Bernie.

    Great catch there. I give up. I must be a republican. That’s why I have visciously attacked them, I just hate myself, I guess.

    Brilliant deductions Andy. Now forgive me while I laugh at you. I have been calling myself a leftie for decades, and guess what? I used democrat too. I am from NYC, it is our lingo, dude.

  16. Wow, I just noticed you called me CONSERVATIVE.

    Conservative trolls do not provide information about frontrunners. They support the underdog to stir up trouble and split the ticket.

    DUH, You must be the conservative troll!!!

    Attacking Hillary by attacking me. Good for you, Andy. Provide real info on how great Hillary is and get called a troll, real nice.

  17. I have no idea what you are talking about. Her book tour was carried on the blogs I participate in and there was nothing about questions she could not answer. She is always sharp and instantaneous and specific when talking on any subject, famously so.

    And her book was wonky as hell, as always. She is someone I have admired and followed for decades and you might want to get to know her better.

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