Ben Carson Won’t Stop Comparing President Obama To A Psychopath

Ben carson 2016

On a Friday CNBC interview with John Harwood, retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson doubled down by repeating his theme that President Barack Obama reminded him of a psychopath. Harwood asked Carson:

Obama you referred to him as a psychopath. What did you mean by that?

Carson corrected Harwood, replying:

I said he reminds you of a psychopath.

To Carson that is an important clarification. Ben Carson isn’t saying unequivocally that Obama is a psychopath, just that he reminds him of a psychopath, as if that small semantic distinction somehow renders the comparison less inflammatory.

When Harwood asked him to describe what he meant, Carson continued:

Because they [psychopaths] tend to be extremely smooth– charming people who can tell a lie to your face with complete– looks like sincerity, even though they know it’s a lie.

Carson elaborated further by accusing President Obama of lying about the unemployment rate:

Well, I think he knows full well that the unemployment rate is not 5.5%. He knows that. And he knows that people who are not well-informed will swallow it hook, line, and sinker, even though they are sitting there in the city and can’t find a job.

In Carson’s mind, the analysts at the U.S. Labor Department are cooking the books on behalf of a U.S. President who reminds him of a psychopath. The extent of Carson’s delusion is mind-boggling but unsurprising in the current polarized political environment.

Republicans no longer appear content to simply disagree with Democrats on policy. Instead, they seem to find it necessary to demonize President Obama and other Democrats, who are now viewed not as mere political adversaries, but rather as enemies. For this reason, aspiring Republican politicians engage in demonizing rhetoric, hoping to arouse and to capitalize upon the anti-Obama rage of GOP voters.

While such inflammatory rhetoric may play well in Republican primaries, it is likely to alienate the moderate and Independent voters that Republicans need to capture to win a general election. When Americans think of psychopaths, they are reminded of men like Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh or Aurora Theater shooter James Holmes.

Comparing President Obama to a psychopath is not only morally repugnant, but it is also a politically dubious strategy as well.  When Ben Carson draws the comparison, it is not likely to stick because it is so absurd. Even if it does stick, Carson risks the ironic possibility that voters may decide he reminds them more of a psychopath than President Obama does.

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  1. “Because they [psychopaths] tend to be extremely smooth– charming people who can tell a lie to your face with complete– looks like sincerity, even though they know it’s a lie.”

    I dunno.. is it just me or does this sound like the whole Republican presidential field, the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader AND a new entry just today…
    Darrell Issa?

    if we’re doing analysis… I hate to keep saying this but…

    project much, Ben?

  2. Because they [psychopaths] tend to be extremely smooth– charming people who can tell a lie to your face with complete– looks like sincerity, even though they know it’s a lie.
    Damn the house negro described himself. And republicans laugh at his lawn jockey ass because being the resident house negro he can say the things they want to say

  3. One of the many things I dislike about these articles is that the writer takes an opinion from one Republican, (Carson) and then describes that opinion as shared by all Republicans. That doesn’t seem fair. As to the charge: Obama said ” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” He knew that wasn’t true when he said it. It doesn’t make him a psychopath, but it’s the kind of thing psychopaths do. That’s what Carson’s saying.

  4. Psychopath (def.) amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience. So, Ben, tell us how this actual definition fits President Obama and be very specific with your examples. Right. You don’t have any. But your low info followers can’t define racism either, yet they use the word racist all the time to mis-describe any person of color and African descent when that person brings up issues in reference to…wait for it…racism.

  5. Hail Eris!

    Would you really have been happier with, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, unless your doctor decides to be unreasonable, or your insurance company won’t allow it, or your doctor turns out to be a shyster who’s been conning you for decades,” or some such?

    It’s an old, old story. The original story, in fact. I created the universe and they told me I had to be punished. Punished! And all because I had stained the beauty of perfect nothingness with gross matter.

  6. First of all we vote for out interest unlike you who vote for tribalism but your dumbass don’t even realize you are hurting your own because the 1% you so ball wash to no end could give a rats ass about you. Second watch this

  7. Much was made of President Obama’s oft-repeated claim that, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” This was proven to be not entirely true, when some low-cost policies that did not meet minimum coverage standards as defined by the law — for example, not offering maternity care — were taken off the market.

    There are also some cases where switching insurance will mean moving to a plan that your doctor does not accept. However, doctors are also business people, and they make money based on being able to see as many patients as possible. That means that most doctors make great efforts to accept as many insurance plans as possible. So, in most cases, you will be able to keep your doctor.

    I see why you accept this house negro. He makes you feel safe in your stupidity and white supremacy

  8. You vote for your interest. Not the good of all the people. Not the Constitution. Not for America. Just your own interest. Thank you so much for your reply. That explains a lot.

  9. I listed a few Republicans in my response and while do ascribe the sentiments to them I don’t necessarily try to paint all Republicans with that brush…

    on the other hand its hard not to broad stroke a lot of them when they keep returning these elected people to office or give them credence as real candidates for President…

    4 years ago it was Herman Cain who had absolutely no qualifications… this round its Dr Carson and Carly Fiorina.

    they speak… their words are printed or broadcast and they have to live with the consequences…

  10. Ben has been allowed into the Good Ol’ boys club for just a minute (Token) and he feels that he’s gotta besmirch the black President to satisfy his White Base. Ben is playing from the dirty Republican playbook. Keep calling your opponent dirty names, characterize him as vile, lower than rats, even refer to them as Nazi like….that will get the base riled up! Pitiful Ben Carson has resorted to doing all that, and is looking very weak and foolish at the same time. I bet he don’t go to no Black neighborhoods or Black suburbia’s town hall meetings and talk that chit. He is not welcome in some circles…belee dat!

  11. The term “house negro” is a racist insult in case you didn’t know. It tends to undermine any logical points to your argument. Hard to have a reasonable debate with you when my mental image of you is sitting at your computer in your white hood typing from the glow of the cross burning in your back yard…

  12. WTF!!! My interest are healthcare for all. My interest is upholding all of the Constitution and not just the 2nd which you ammosexuals cant even get right. My interest is supporting veterans when they come from wars you chickenshit start but don’t support the VETS. My interest is a quality education for all Americans. My interest is for a just society where you just cant gun down unarmed people. My interest is for people having a living wage instead of taxpayers subsidizing the wal marts with giving people with jobs welfare just so they can survive.

    Your interest, being a dumbass

  13. “As to the charge: Obama said ” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” He knew that wasn’t true when he said it. ”
    I am so tired of this worn out pathetic bullshit.

    What the president said was true. ACA/Obamacare in and of itself was not going to force anyone off of their insurance plans, as long as the insurers providing sub-standard plans chose to do the right thing and upgrade their policies to meet basic coverages at a reasonable price, which some did not.

    The vast majority of people found that a replacement plan on the exchanges had better coverage at the same or lower cost.

    The psychopaths are the profiteering insurance company and their bought and paid for republican legislators, who have tried more than 50 times to take away health insurance from millions of Americans.

  14. He and Carly are fringe candidates trying to get some attention. They don’t represent the conservative mainstream, but they will be allowed to express their views. Republicans are funny like that.

  15. Ok, then the stuff you put in italics is the stuff he should have said. What he said strongly implied something completely different. And he knew it.

  16. The republican mainstream? You mean Tony Perkins, Ted Cruz, David Barton, Author Laffer, Pat Robertson, Paul Ryan, Sam Brownbeck etc etc. You mean the party of loons, that is the republican mainstream. When a conservative like Richard Lugar was run out of the party because he wasn’t crazy enough for you teabaggers you have lost the right to call yourself mainstream

  17. Lugar was 80. Please. See what you think of this from my perspective: Football analogy. Democrats on one 40-yard line, republicans on the opposite 40. Close enough to compromise and get closer to the 50-yard like. That was 50 years ago. Today, Republicans are camped on their 5-yard line and Democrats are camped on their 5-yard line. We’re not close and we can’t compromise. Not your fault. Not my fault. My opinion: Obama thinks compromise is to move the republican position the the democrat’s 20 yard line and call it good.

  18. Ben and Carly are hired attack dogs, that’s all. It’s disrespectful and has Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over it. ReTHUGlicans cannot run and win on their ‘values’ (hint – they don’t have any except kneel to the 1%) so they have a well oiled attack-dog machine. Dirty politics are the worst, and you Robert are an abject LOSER for lending ANY credence to the PILES of MANURE coming out of the GOP on an daily basis !

    Let’s talk about how to move the country FORWARD in a productive manner , rather than ‘enabling’ the ReTHUGlican attacks on Democrats. Haven’t you noticed yet that the GOP has been WRONG about EVERYTHING the past 10 years, and they DO NOT have a plan for the future ?

  19. does MISSION ACCOMPLISHED mean anything to you?

    How about the over 5000 troops in the war of LIES Iraq?

    We’ll be in and out of Iraq in a matter of weeks

    The Iraq war for oil will pay for itself

    where oh where are the WMD’s?

    lie, after lie, after lie

  20. Did you actually post a rebuttal to Ben Carson challenging him to debate your post? And when he didn’t respond you declared yourself the winner? That’s…. amazing. I bet you are the undisputed debate champion of one-sided arguments. Congratulations.

  21. Carly is a corporate shrill who singlehandedly drove HP into the toilet by outsourcing everything, killed the Compaq merger and was FIRED, err forced to quit.

    California has rejected her TWICE because we knew she was pure scum.

    I don’t have a clue what ANY tea bag/repub stance is since they just back president Obama, Hillary and themselves.

    It will be wonderful to watch the civilized democratic debates, instead of the tea bag/repub clown debates to see who can out stupid each other.

  22. He may have been 80 at the time but he still has more sense than any republican

    The Lugar Center focuses on food and energy security, the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and effective bipartisan governance

    Located in Washington, D.C., the Center works with academics, experts, and policymakers in order to create proposals for these 21st century issues. The Center works to highlight these specific topics and their implications, as well as educating the public on them.

    On the other hand we have 47 senators who wrote a letter to Iran telling them we cant be trusted to carry out our commitments. You have the Senate Majority leader the turtle not only telling states to defy epa rules but telling countries don’t trust us on climate agreements.

  23. Carl Rove is no friend to the conservative movement. The conservative plan for the future is a smaller federal government, less dependence of the feds to solve all problems. Free enterprise and capitalism. The progressive plan is a nanny state and eventually socialism.

  24. smiles.. I find that cogent arguments work better than name calling…

    you might still not agree but maybe you’ll consider the other side of the argument…

  25. mistyped, it should read:

    I don’t have a clue what ANY tea bag/repub stance is since they just go after president Obama, Hillary and themselves.

    They have NO new ideas at all, just the same tired ideas that haven’t worked.

  26. The minute you so called conservatives vote to end corporate welfare is when I believe in free enterprise and BTW the United States has been practicing socialism since the Constitution was adopted
    “The Congress shall have Power To…establish Post Offices and post Roads….”

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 7

  27. Over 90% of ACA members DID in fact keep their doctors. In case you haven’t noticed, you also run into this same problem these days with any insurance plan. You never got told that your doctor was “not in the network” or did it just slip your mind?

  28. So what exactly happened to the WMD that the supposedly ‘credible’ intelligence gathering teams claimed that Saddam had?
    As opposed to the 1 billion dollar funded investigation by the U.N. and various American intelligence agents said didn’t exist?

  29. Smaller federal government? State Rights? Sound so familiar. Been watching birth of a nation I see

  30. Well, Ben Carson reminds me of a Psychotic. If you talk to God, you’re religious. If God talks to you, you’re psychotic.

    Bu$h (jr) also claimed that God talked to him.

    We’ve had enough Psychotics in the White House.

  31. I sure hope Ben reads this, because no matter how much rear he kisses he will never be president. Just like all the other fools in the GOP, their strategy is, the more they disrespect President Obama the more votes they are going to get. So Ben do me a favor, shut your lying mouth, go back to your lab and give yourself a lobotomy because you definitely have some mental problems.

  32. There were many reports of Nixon wandering around the White House muttering to the walls and the portraits of past presidents. He was so out of his mind with the protests across the street year round and then later Watergate hearings, that he lost it, big time.

    Reagan too. Alzheimers starting to kick in. And I will never forget his horoscope forecasters advising him and Nancy on best dates to do things and his bizarre star wars speech.

    The loons in the White House – if those walls could talk. Well, if the walls talked a few of them would have talked back…

  33. Robert, that wasn’t the point of the post. If you read it, it defines psychopath. But, oh well. I guess you can answer his question, name something Obama has done that fits the definition of psychopath. As for Racism- the ideology of one race is superior to the other. Isn’t it silly republicans loving calling us racist, but ignoring themselves.

  34. Psychopath was well defined. I had a problem with the method of debate. I do not think Obama is a psychopath. Few people do. I do think he is a socialist who wants America knocked down a peg or two. As for the racism charge, nobody calls the democrats racist. Republicans always get that because we believe all people should win or lose in life based on their merits. The government is not our nanny. Somehow, being willing to treat everyone equally seems racist to some.

  35. ya know… I really dislike the way the arguments are couched at Robert…

    he’s being respectful and has an opinion…

    I’ve said this before… if the only purpose of discussion here is to lockstep everyone’s opinion then it isn’t any better than the Fox News echo chamber…

    it would be better to point out the folly in his opinion by pointing out the crappy situation in Kansas, Wisconsin, Florida and Louisiana where the governors have adhered to the ‘less government, unfettered capitalism’ mantra and how that’s worked for those states…

  36. But didn’t Robert set the tone by calling me racist because I called carson a house negro even though he doesn’t even know the meaning of that word when spoken by blacks?

  37. Wow the dow jones is over 18,000
    Dow Jones Indices: .DJI – May 8 4:37 PM ET

    18,191.11Price increase Price 267.05 (1.49%)/ You want intelligent debate then stop with your lies
    That’s some socialism

    When President Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped to 7,949.09, the lowest inaugural performance for the Dow since its creation

    Read more:

  38. Yes I would say he did. So what exactly is the meaning of “house negro” when spoken by blacks? And how does it differ when not spoken by blacks?

  39. Well there it is. Are you black? Never occurred to me. I don’t know if you are white or black, man or woman, gay or straight. I reply to you on the strength of you arguments. I think “house negro” is racist. The mouth that utters it is not my concern.

  40. His “opinion” is nothing but the continuation of the same old worn out echo. Unless I’ve missed something he brought nothing new that was worthy of discussion. The same old “where’s the birth certificate”, “you can keep your doctor/insurance” and “show me a piece of legislation that Obama actually authored” and they just chanting it no matter what you say in rebuttal. No that’s not an opinion that’s just stupidity. And it doesn’t matter if your white, black or candy striped we are all Negros to the republican party.

  41. OK like Malcolm said there were 2 types of slaves. You had your field negro who took the brunt of abuse and did the work to make the upper class whites rich. If you didn’t know it slavery was what fueled Americas growth
    How the Slave Trade Built America
    The majority of us back then just like now were field Negros. We are at the mercy of the crack of the whip by the dominant white society. Just ask all the unarmed black men and women who was summarily executed by agents of the state. Oh wait you cant because they are dead.

    Now your house negro is something else. Master can do no wrong. He parrots his idiocy about the poor for his masters hand me downs and he performs his minstrel act at his masters bidding regardless of the suffering around them. I guess anything for a paycheck.

    How is it different when non blacks say it? History IMO. When we cant have a honest talk about race because the history of race relations are not taught then you have no right, no wrong word. When a white person use that term then to me it just bring up images of Jim Crow. That is a good boy. That one is just uppity.

    That’s the best I can do There are a lot of more educated people who can break it down for you and would tell you it wasn’t always that poor whites and blacks were always fighting against each other. As a matter of fact since this country was founded blacks and whites worked together for their piece of the pie but like always the elite whites uses white skin privilege to stop all progress.

    In his famous 1892 Georgia speech, Tom Watson made the following appeal for an alliance across lines of race in the interest of shared class struggles:

    “You are made to hate each other because on that hatred is rested the keystone of the arch of financial despotism which enslaves you both. You are deceived and blinded because you do not see how this race antagonism perpetuates a monetary system that beggars you both. The colored tenant is in the same boat as the white tenant, the colored laborer with the white laborer and that the accident of color can make no difference in the interests of farmers, croppers and laborers.”
    Same as it ever was

  42. Sorry, Ben. Nope and nope.

    Psychopaths are sick bass-turds who might maliciously stab a child in the stomach with a HUGE KNIFE after they totally lose it.

    Google it –> ben carson stab

  43. Gotta answer two at once here. The term “house Negro’? Probably refers to a slave who will say what’s necessary to stay in the big house with the owners. Did I pass? Does that have anything to do with 2015?. King Chelios: Did I ever say anything to your point? I am not a blank check. I am me. I have an opinion that I express. Don’t assume anything. I write what I WRITE. Debate me. Don’t insult me.

  44. That’s exactly what your “boy” carson is doing. If he didn’t toe the loony right line he wouldn’t be in the big house now would he?

    For example Colin Powell lifelong republican dared to question the craziness of your party and now you cant find him on a milk carton. The man worked for your god Reagan for Christ sake

  45. Actually, the unemployment rate is 5.4%.

    Still… Ben must be crazy to think that the President can manipulate the unemployment numbers like that. If he had that power, we would see 0.0% every month for the rest of eternity.

    But, unlike Mr. Carson, we live in reality and the reality is that he won’t be elected, let alone get a sniff in the primary.

  46. Robert, your own words calling democrats racist: “Wow, that’s racist! Tell me again why blacks vote for Democrats?” But I thought democrats weren’t called racists. As for Obama being a socialist, kindly present evidence anything done under administration would fall under the term socialist. I Also conservatives are called racists for a few simple reasons, on social media I’ve seen conservatives call for the death of Obama by the hands of ISIS or someone else. Now, do I need to list other examples, or maybe mention that republicans did try making it harder for individuals of color to vote. But, again by your logic, this is treating someone equal. Yeah, no.

  47. Retired U.S. history teacher, here, Robert. It appears to me that your thinking that the term “house negro” is racist can be attributed to gaps in your understanding of American history and to a cultural difference. As djchefron tried to explain, the term “house negro” referred to slaves employed in the master’s house, whereas, “field negroes” were those who worked in agriculture and at other occupations on plantations. History shows that “house negroes” usually had lighter complexions and/or felt themselves to be “better” than “field negroes.” They often perceived one of their main jobs as being that of “supporting” their masters in all things, even if it meant turning against a fellow slave. Both the house and field negro relationships with “master” were based on fear of the master. These terms aren’t racist,they’re descriptive and are used to identify the jobs the enslaved held on plantations in the U.S. and their subsequent effect on the slave social structure.

  48. Ben Carson is a FOOL…why continue to ramble on and on about President Obama…he’s won 2 presidential elections big time …and will not be on the ballot in 2016…Like I said,Ben Carson is a FOOL

  49. Republican politicians are sorry shamelessly resorting to lying propaganda with a motto…”We Will Not Let Fact Checkers Alter Our Campaign!!!” politicians.

    What else you expect to read, hear and see out of the heart of what they are; AGAINST ALL THAT IS GOOD FOR “WE THE PEOPLE…”

    In other words, they are all doing what their puppet master is dictating them to Koch; speak, walk, campaign… no other fresh news for America!?!

  50. This asshole’ has no idea that people are laughing at what a piece of..a beady eyed POS he is. He can’t be from the same hood. He can’t be, he has nothing but contempt for his own people. His ancestors are no doubt a petri dish in the Smithsonian school of rock garbage. At least we know what it’s like to have no pizza, thank goodness. And he has no idea Republicans are laughing at his lantern toting ass.

  51. @Moongrim, C’mon your whiteness is REALLY showing, black people have every right in the world for calling ANY A.A. a “HOUSE NEGRO” when they deny their culture and it struggles. ben carson is a SELLOUT!! not just to black people but anyone with a brain! ben carson is just like clarence thomas, A absent minded NEGRO who conveniently FORGOT his MOTHER was on WELFARE! and how his BUTT BENEFITED from it to get to where he is TODAY! And like ALL republican “HOUSE NEGROS”, he joined a party that would DESTROY ANY social program that helped him and his mother out the GHETTO!! and other minorities! @Moongrim, black people have ENOUGH racism towards us without having the IGNORANT- STRAY dumb MUTT like the carson and thomas running their YAPPERS!!

  52. Carson continued: Because they [psychopaths] tend to be extremely smooth– charming people who can tell a lie to your face with complete– looks like sincerity, even though they know it’s a lie.

    I know it’s called projection but I like my description better: Each & every time a republican/conservative tries to describe a Democrat/Liberal he always…….ALWAYS describes himself.

  53. The old saw of smaller government meme that Robert and quite a few other “Conservatives” like to bring up in their argument and debate for backing the loony right-wing candidates within the GOP is really not a good argument. Neither is the Statement “We are a Federalist Government” as if that end the debate and that explains their small government meme.

    First the definition of Federalism. A system of government in which power is divided between a national (federal) government and various regional governments.-

    However, the Unites States is a Constitutional Government divided between 3 branches – Executive, Legislative & Judicial. Even the States have to follow the Constitution.

  54. Also, the right-wing has a skewed sense of what small government means. It seems small government as it applies only to men in general, but mostly white males of wealth and standing. All others must bend to the will of corporations and currently religious zealots who would like to turn our Government into a Theocracy.

  55. That’s what we missed! If we had gotten that message in 2014, we wouldn’t be in this mess! If everybody understood this about the Republicans be they rich or poor, we would have flocked to the polls and the gun shops at the same time!
    The true lefties of the sixties left their hippie , stoner, friends, took up arms when ballots and non violence didn’t work! They were not just black people, they were whites who saw the right for what it was! I can still hear them saying” the work is not yet done”!

  56. You illustrate my point exactly. My comment about a racist post on this thread was directed at one person; the writer of the remark. I do not assume that person represents every democrat. Likewise, any moron who posts that he wants Obama dead does not represent me, conservatives or republicans. He is a criminal. Federal governments takeover of the health care system is a step towards socialism. What Obamacare is doing used to be referred to as “socialized medicine,” I believe every US citizen should present an identification to be allowed to vote. Sorry if that’s hard for some people.

  57. Epic fail! House Negroes had their prominence after Slavery! When Blacks refused to return to the plantations after the Civil war, the Former owners attempted to use the still remaining blacks to shame them into returning! The house negro would attempt to infiltrate meetings of newly freed slaves headed west. He would also rail against the Freed Men’s Bureau! He quietly aided the Klan in their work against” uppity niggers” When it was obvious that Blacks no longer trusted the European version of archeology , The House Negro was used to attempt to discredit them! He may have been light skinned at the plantation. Later, most of them have been darker skinned! One thing should be understood: the racism of the house negro is as dangerous as the typical Klansman! He can be seen lurking behind the asanctions of anyone involved with liberation! Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and others fell victim to this personality! Did I Miss anything? PS Learned History at a Predominately Black school!

  58. You can explain the origin of “house negro” all day long but it doesn’t excuse its usage here. When you call Ben Carson a house negro you are demeaning him, insulting him with a racial term. It insinuates Carson is somehow a traitor to all “his” people, people of color. Not allowed to be an individual with his own ideas, so he’s not really black. I’m sorry guys, it’s still a racist thing to say.

  59. In other words- you’re claiming a privilege based solely upon your skin color?

    You have an ability that no one else can have because they’re not of color?

    Now what is the difference between those two statements- coming from a KKK Grand Wizard, and you folks?

    And down the slippery slope we go…..!

    Knight4444, I ask for clarification and I get ad hominem attacks. Your hypocrisy is showing.

  60. These fact challenged extremists ARE now the Republican mainstream. They weren’t always, but ever since the Tea Party and religious fanatics took over the party, they are now.

    GOP’s own fault. They pandered to the radical fringe for votes, and now they are stuck with them.

  61. Well I guess whoever dropped the NO VOTE on my earlier post will REALLY go crazy over this one, A- I’m sick to death of caucasian republican types that feel a NEED to tell black people, whats racist and what isn’t! If a black people chooses to use the label “HOUSE NEGRO” chances are they know EXACTLY what they’re talking about! listen caucasian republican, enough of this WHITE MAN KNOWS BEST garbage! because the truth be known, republicans BLACK or WHITE, typically are the poorest educated people in CREATION! you republicans vote against YOUR own best interest just because YOU think it will REALLY hurt a non WHITE. from mccarthy to bush jr., the GOP has been robbing us ALL BLIND! YEP, including YOU LILY WHITE fake religious, fake patriotic, A$SCLOWN. look up what LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON said about most caucasians and how they’ll ACCEPT ANYTHING, as long as they THINK they’re a little better off than the average BLACK MAN

  62. So is that going to be the theme of his political campaign? Carson knows very well that if Obama had not won the presidency, he would not have considered running. President Obama’s win has only opened the door to other blacks to realise that a black president is possible. However, I don’t believe that is going to happen again anytime soon, so bash away.

  63. Perhaps it is slightly unfair to lump Ben Carson in with all Republicans. However, until other Republicans finally feel enough shame to publicly distance themselves from Carson’s comments, the whole party is partially responsible for legitimizing his extremist views. As long as all the other Republican candidates silently condone Ben Carson’s and Ted Cruz’s inflammatory rhetoric, the whole party owns the lunacy those two spew. The silence of “reasonable Republicans” speaks volumes.

  64. No its not unfair to say the republicans are a bunch of loons. When Cynthia McKinney climbed aboard the crazy train she was shown the door. They embraced the crazy and the real racist so let them own it

  65. I think Carson is right on the money. The president doesn’t get to just bypass congress and he has a lot.He does whatever he wants. I think the people that don’t see the evil obama is doing are the kool aid drinkers from Johnstown. They want something so bad they can see how much it will cost in the end.

  66. Kinda like the expert scientists who said global warming was real. I think Dr Carson lends an educated black mans view of the president. You can’t really call him a racist.

  67. Ben Carson Is In Danger Of Losing All Respect

    But the good doctor’s foray into Republican presidential politics threatens to become his epitaph, to overshadow — perhaps even to overwhelm — his academic and surgical accomplishments. He will likely be remembered as the GOP’s latest black mascot, a court jester, a minstrel show. He’ll be the Herman Cain of 2016.

  68. Hail Eris!

    Nice dodging of the question, there. I suppose it can be taken as read that you have no answer, because Obama hasn’t overstepped his authority at all. Just as long as you make enough posts to get paid…

    “Oh, right, I forgot, your dick’s full of radiation and… mastectomy coupons.”

  69. Now, this comment about Carson I can find agreement with. He is going to flame out. The Republicans have a whole herd of candidates and over the next year they will be thinning the herd until they find their best choice. In a way, I feel bad for you guys. You have Hillary. There’s no backup really. All your money is on the one horse. If God forbid she gets an illness or has a stroke or something, the Democrats are in a world of hurt.

  70. So you got 19 and counting, sounds like a certain TV show, loony tunes running and you think that is a good thing? Stay thirsty my friend

  71. Well…yeah. I think competition for the office is a good thing. Help with the TV show reference; I don’t get it.

  72. Help with the TV show reference; I don’t get it.
    The Duggers….. Another right wing grifting operation

  73. The charge that PBO has “overstepped his bounds” has been made endlessly by many on the right, but they have yet to prove it. They’ve promised to file two lawsuits against him, and neither of them have gone anywhere. Boehner hasn’t even filed them in the D.C. court yet because he’s lawyer shopping. Some lawyers have already told him that the GOP/TP would lose and some have told him they don’t want to ruin their reputations by representing these stupid lawsuits. People can say many things, but what gives them validity is when they are proven to be true/accurate. The GOP/TP has done a hatchet job on many Americans, and the only reason they’ve been able to do it is because they’ve used a divide and conquer strategy, convincing those who could benefit from the president’s policies that he’s their enemy. Keep believing their BS because they’re using you to funnel wealth upwards and into their pockets. If I were this weak-minded, I’d hate myself. Being one’s own worst enemy sucks.

  74. It never fails to amaze me how little tp/gops know about anything. Their only “knowledge” is to bash each other and all other candidates of the opposite persuasion.

    IMHO, these so=called “conservatives” are NOT! They are authoritarians in disguise … my way or the highway.

    Instead of looking like an ignoramus every time he opens his mouth, Ben Carson should ferne le bouche (shut his mouth)!

  75. Carson is a neuro surgeon which means he probably knows a lot about psychology too.

    I don’t support Carson for President, but he’s right about Obama who also shows strong signs of narcissism and hoplophobia.

  76. I love all the hypocrisy oozing out of these liberal comments.

    One liberal moron wrote: “It never fails to amaze me how little tp/gops know about anything. Their only “knowledge” is to bash each other and all other candidates of the opposite persuasion.”

    Really??? LOL

    Liberals don’t do that?

    Gotta roll your pant legs up when you make a comment like that.

  77. What mentally stable person do u know who would state to millions of Americans many times that ‘You can keep your health plan and your doctor’ under Obamacare???? This man is simply a pathological liar who never apologized for his socialist health plan agenda that is financially crippling millions of American families after losing a plan they liked. You obviously only see color and not the facts.

  78. As a matter of fact, it is the Republicans who have overstepped their bounds! They have committed treason, attempted to void elections, taken the vote from ordinary citizens and attempted to create martial law( I don’t believe this Texan invasion nonsense! ) . If they attempted a suit, their hand would be shown!

  79. As a matter of fact, you might give an example of where we criticized one of the right without proof!

    Cue the crickets!You might want to listen to the TPP debate between two civilized groups before you open your mouth!

  80. Seeing that most of us HAVE KEPT our policies, the question is What type of people would sell junk policies and attempt to force people to keep them!? Talk about pathological liars!
    You folks sold policies that covered nothing! When the new policies arrived and yours were dropped, Wait, are you a lying insurance salesman!?

  81. You forgot the part about” and proved it to be true in spite of the detractors paid by the Oil companies! Flat Earthers are not the folks I ask about I N T E L L L I G E N C E. # jusy sayin

  82. Actually, we do! The Republicans fear him! Progressives confront every right wing policy, theory , and attitude and say” liar” with proof! We’re not the party of compromise! I remember a tea Partier threatining to punch me and me balling up my fist and yelling ” Bring it On! Amazingly, the man backed away and called hysterical! My friends laughed and decided that these guys were cowards! We are not the occupy movement! No , Hillary, expect a civil war!

  83. Oh look, a troll.

    If you don’t like what’s being said on a liberal website, why don’t you go back to a conservative or libertarian echobox?

  84. Just watched Carson with Chris Wallace. He is very naive and/or dense about a number of issues. Like the supreme court, taxes, foreign affairs, social issues.

    Put the phoney arrogance and condescension with the above, and he’s got nothing.

  85. Voting for your own interests. I think what Robert’s saying is that too many people base their voting on “what’s in it for me?”

    Free health care? Free college education? More unemployment? More welfare? Fill in the blank ________.

    This is a dangerous thing because what will happen is candidates will “buy” votes by promising handouts. The poor, lower class, unemployed, HS and college students are easy targets for handouts because they’re the most vulnerable (that’s human nature and most of us have been there). Those that start to rely on government subsidies and assistance will become dependent on the government.

    Candidates and representatives will then realize that by keeping those people dependent on the government will secure their future votes.

    I am not against all forms of assistance because there are those who do need help. But too much generosity will create dependency.

  86. You are so fuking naïve I wouldn’t honor you with the title of dumbass. People should vote for their interest because the 1% who now fund these whores I mean congress have their interest taken care of
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  87. I replied to your comment with respect and in a courteous manner. I’d appreciate it if you would do the same.

    Why is it always about the 1%? Can you point out the naivety in my comment?

    Oh and I do think that’s a great quote by Malcom X. It gives one something to really think about.

  88. Because if we don’t fight for health care, education, clean air and water, investing in our country then who will? See you fall into the trap of if we help our citizens then we will go broke while the 1% is cleaning your clock by getting you to believe this is class warfare. Yet it is class warfare and they are winning. Next time you wonder why your paycheck is not keeping up with the cost of living its not because as you claim freebies given out to people.

    Anyway I really cant go into your question about the 1% because my BULLS are about to slay the Lebron giant so I will be watching the comments and when time allows I will answer your question

  89. My son has a pre-existing condition that prevented him from getting any kind of health insurance until Obamacare came along. What are people like my son supposed to do for insurance? Are you going to foot the bill for him if he gets sick? Or is he supposed to go begging online for help like that hypocrite sheriff who supported cloven bundy?

  90. You think rich people don’t vote for their own interests? They vote for people who will allow them to glom in even more money than they already have. They also try to make laws that will help them get richer, usually to the detriment of the United States, which they claim to love, but which they would sell to the highest bidder.

  91. Obama may be corrupted by the filthy-rich he has always courted as patrons and donors, but he is no psychopath. Ben Carson is a very real filthy-rich lackey, thoroughly corrupt, narcissistic, megalomaniac, fake-Christian Nazi psychopath.

  92. “They also try to make laws that will help them get richer”

    Like Senator Harry Reid and his Las Vegas real estate deal? And on a side note, should Hillary Clinton come clean on how she made $100,000 in one day on the cattle futures?

    I won’t argue that some wealthy also vote for “what’s in it for me?” But the wealthy are more independent and self reliant, not vulnerable like some of the poor may be. They are not exploited or prostituted by the government like the poor can be.

  93. stupidity. why would a person be jealous that they are not the first black president who is running the country into crap….do you do research about obama and who he is, or are you another “zombie” under blackspell riding on his bandwagon in blissfull ignorance to reality?

  94. im honestly interested in hearing your resoning behind this commentary, i dont trust any of these ppl, if i am wrong about carson, i will be happily so, but as of now, i do not trust, but do you have any insight as to why you made the comment you did, i am genuinely interested in understanding your reasoning.

  95. “you fall into the trap of if we help our citizens then we will go broke”

    That’s not a trap but common sense. We can not sustain the outlandish spending habits our government has gotten into the last 25 years. And not only in freebies (nearly all government) but that is one area where it can be easy and tempting to exploit certain people to keep their votes.

    Let’s take the housing collapse, for example. The government decided that everyone has a right to own a home and look what happened to those who really couldn’t afford a home but were given loans anyway. People lost their homes, RE investors lost tons of $$, builders went broke……..

    Like it or not there are lazy government teat suckers who’ve become dependent on the government. There are also successful and greedy blood suckers who’ll take any dollar they can get from the government. They put a strain on the gov spending as well as the representatives who want to continue supporting them.

  96. its not debatable Obama is most certainly a psychopath by that definition. If He tells lies and he believes them or doesn’t believe them either way he is lying. “If you want to keep your insurance” was a whopper of a lie, so was “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman”. That was another lie. And Of course “I am a Christian” was a huge whopper tale, especially since he is a Muslim.

  97. You do realize that Rick is a Sociopath!? Let’s go by the psychology 101 definition: He says that Obama is a muslim , yet, rants about his Christian pastor? He repeats the lie about not being able to keep their policies, yet he is surrounded by those who did just that! He wants us to believe his facts, when The least bit of research proves him wrong!
    Dis associative, paranoid, delusional: I do believe we have. Sociopath!

  98. You are naïve or just plain ignorant.
    Question: How much did Congress save taxpayers last year when it cut food stamp benefits for 16 million poor children?
    Answer: Less than the windfall Congress is trying to bestow on a few of the richest American families by ending the federal estate tax. The House has already approved a bill to do this, and the Senate is poised to follow suit.

    To get a sense of just how breathtaking this giveaway is, consider the $30 billion estate of casino magnate — and GOP super-donor — Sheldon Adelson.

    If the repeal goes through, the Adelson family’s savings, when added to what they’ve already avoided through loopholes, could total as much as $12 billion. That’s far more than the $8.6 billion Congress sought to spare taxpayers over a decade by cutting food stamps last year.

  99. djchefron, one has to only look at the screen name to realize this person IS the one with the issues. It all boils down to Envy! They envy we on the left because we are quite simply better people because WE TRY! and we accept responsibility when and IF we are ever wrong.

  100. Wow! channeling Sarah Palin I see there Robert! But perhaps not because Sarah isn’t smart enough to realize how to dodge the subject, you know how to deflect when you have nothing to rebut with so you denigrate the grammar or any little meaningless flaw or mistake to take the attention away from your lack of understanding.

  101. Obama might have the kind of slight narcissism needed to think one is worthy to run for president (like so many other candidates, including Ben Carson), but he certainly doesn’t have narcissistic personality disorder. And no he is not hoplophobic, as anybody who has been struck by a US drone in the past 6 years knows.

  102. The fool thinks he is coming for his guns which he isn’t. I wish they could name one gun control measure that has been enacted

  103. That estate is worth 30 billion and if exempt would cost the gov 12 billion. So that’s a 40% tax rate.

    The article states that family farms and small businesses are not affected. But that would depend on how much is exempt. Right now the first 5 mil is exempt. Last year at this time the administration were proposing to lower the exemption to just 1 mil.

    When it comes to estates, their values are determined by cash and other assets. Of course every estate is different but I doubt the Adelson estate has 12 billion in cash lying around. That would mean they would have to liquidate properties to pay the taxes. As an example, my father passed away last year. He had a 7 digit estate but less than 10% of that was in cash. His estate will be under the federal 5 mill exemption but if it had been dropped to 1 mill, we would be either borrowing a lot of money or selling property to pay the taxes…..continued

  104. I’m against high federal taxes on estates. 40% is ridiculous. In fact I don’t think there should be any federal estate tax because people naturally want to leave something to their children and grandchildren. Also, value of estates are based on market value of properties. No one has control of market values and real estate values historically go up considerably after a generation of ownership. Why should the heirs be punished for that?

    Now if those heirs decide to sell the property, THEN that is taxable income. And very often they do when there are $$$ in their sights.

  105. I think it goes well beyond matters of race. It is also kind of ironic that the person accusing Obama of being a psychopath has taken the stand of one. The feelings of the right go waaay beyond a political dislike and into the realm of personal hatred in a very irrational sense. Obama is not some demon from the pits of hell sent on a personal mission from Satan himself. That is only very slight hyperbole on the remarks being made about a sitting President. When personal enmity overtakes common sense to the degree that purported candidates abuse their base to the point of carefully crafted lies one can only hope that they are seen for what they are before they become a greater threat. He carefully couches his statement, “I didn’t say he is a psychopath. I said he reminds me of a psychopath.” He hasn’t the integrity to make a statement he has to stand behind. Do you want a gutless sidewinder as the leader of your country?

  106. tried but it blanked my reply out. Just that I think its more than race. It is base hatred of Obama for no rational reason. More than mere dislike. And this man who wants to be president hasn’t the guts to say outright that Obama is a psychopath. He knows he’d be guilty of slander and libel as soon as the words leave his mouth. “I didn’t say Obama is a psychopath. I said he acts like a psychopath.” I hope he does as well as the great Herman Caine.

  107. You give Dr. Carson way too much credit. People are simply over impressed that he’s a retired brain surgeon. I give him credit for knowing the difference between his *ass and the medulla oblongata, but it in no way qualifies him to be POTUS.

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