Friday Fox Follies – Fissures In The Facade?


Friday Fox Follies shares something with Fox “News” this week. Many battles to fight, not enough time. Today’s topics: Pamela Geller Brings Anti-Islam Message to Cable News — But Will She Change Anyone’s Mind? Hate-mongering Fox News Ranked #1 Total Day Ratings for All Cable During Baltimore Coverage Week. Did Murdoch Media Reach For ’90s Playbook: Criminalize The Clintons (Evidence Optional)? And, the usual gang of idiots.

Lets start with a laugh.

Celebrity Stroll is a heavily edited segment in which Brain Brian Kilmeade takes a walk in New York City. Afraid to be alone with his own thoughts he dragoons someone else to come along, like previous victims UFC president Dana White, and boxer Wladimir Klitschko. We were was going to mention this stupid new segment previously, but glad we waited because this week it was Big Business Blowhard™ Donald Trump.

In case you’re video challenged, they’re walking down one of the busiest sidewalks in NYC — surrounded by phalanx of suited security — when Fox’s Kilmeade Asks Trump about His ‘Natural Relationship with Blue-Collar Workers.’ No, really! Watch:

Hilarity ensued:

“You seem to have this natural relationship with the so-called Blue Collar Workers.” *

Mistaking celebrity recognition with support, Trump answers, “Well, you see it as we’re walking down the street, yannow.”

Kilmeade buys in, “Right. Right.”

“The people that like me the best are the Middle Class and poor people. The rich people hate me.”

“Hahahahahahaha!” adds Kilmeade.

“It’s true.”

“How do you explain that?”

“Because I think they’re jealous. Because they want to be famous,” Trump replied, mistaking why the rich hate him for why the poor love him.

The Internal Fox War: Even though Pamela Geller Is Apparently Too Extreme for Peter King, she has defenders on Fox. To Hannity, Extremist Islamophobe Pamela Geller Is A Free Speech Hero. When Extremist Islamophobe Pamela Geller Likens Herself To Rosa Parks, the host does not laugh in her face. Those Foxy Friends on Fox & Friends Validate Pam Geller’s “Free Speech” While Ignoring Her Anti-Muslim Hate Speech. Making it a two-fer, Fox & Friends Makes Garland, Texas Shooting About Obama And Baltimore.

The Foxy Friends were not the only ones. Fox’s Van Susteren Falsely Claims White House Didn’t Connect Texas Shooting To Terrorism. Because “I Chose My Words Wrong”: Fox’s Van Susteren Issues Correction For False Claim That White House Didn’t Call Texas Shooting Terror. To her credit Greta Stands by Geller Criticism: ‘Mocking an Entire Religion Is Just Wrong.’

Ironically, those defending Geller seem to be those who demanded a jihad against ‘Merkin flag desecration:

Fox’s Kilmeade: “I Hope The FBI Took A Page”
From Pamela Geller After Texas Shooting

Fox Host On Garland Attack: “It’s
Great To Provoke, Provoke, Provoke”

Fox’s The Five Rips Geller Critics (But
Overlooks Their Own Colleagues)

Hannity Provides Platform For Anti-Muslim Pam
Geller And Extremist Anjem Choudary To Debate

Megyn Kelly Goes Off: If We Blame Pamela
Geller’s Group, ‘The Jihadis Are Winning’

Megyn Kelly Passionately Defends Free Speech –
While Stifling Her Own Guest’s Ability To Speak

In disagreement, O’Reilly Tackles Texas Shooting [saying]: ‘Insulting the Entire Muslim World Is Stupid’ and O’Reilly: ‘Jesus Would Not Have Sponsored’ ‘Insulting’ Muhammad Contest. That seemed to shake someone’s White World of Privilege. Calling them ‘Confused and Wrong’: Megyn Kelly Blows Up at O’Reilly, Guest over Muhammad Cartoons. Then Megyn Kelly Indirectly Responds to O’Reilly on Geller: We Don’t Compromise Our Values. How passive/aggressive. Not so passive/aggressive is presidential candidate Huckabee Slams O’Reilly and Greta: ‘You Do Not Blame the Victim of a Crime.

Even Big Business Blowhard™ Donald Trump Calls Pamela Geller ‘An Obnoxious Blowhard’ during his weekly Fox Fone Fun. This as Geraldo Trashes Pamela Geller: ‘Every Time I See Her on TV, I Want to Take a Shower’ and Geraldo: ‘Hatemonger’ Geller Isn’t Doing This for Free Speech. Meanwhile, Juan Williams Confronts Geller: ‘You Are About Self-Promotion!’ Watch:

Pass the popcorn.

HYPOCRISY ALERT: It’s not just flag desecration where Fox “News” shows cognitive dissonance. NewsHounds was right to point out the Hannity Double Standard: Pam Geller Vs. Atheists.

Fun Fox ‘Filliate Follies:

Watch: Fox 2 hopes we have a ‘dry hump day’

Another issue roiling Fox “News” with little disagreement is Baltimore. Fox News ‘Foxsplains’ Baltimore: The Video:

Watch: Fox News Explains causes of Baltimore “riots”:
gay marriage, Barack Obama, Black people, Tattoos

Baltimore blaming didn’t go smoothly. New riots almost broke out when Fox News Reporter Claims to See Baltimore Cop Shoot Man; Police Debunk Story. Consequently, Shep Smith Apologizes for Fox Reporter’s Erroneous ‘Shooting’ Account: ‘We Screwed Up.’ That reporter, Fox’s Mike Tobin, Defends Inaccurate Initial Report on Baltimore Shooting. What’s to defend? Baltimore Councilman to CNN: ‘Irresponsible’ for Fox to Report False Police Shooting.

The rest of Fox’s Baltimore coverage was what you’d expect:

How Geraldo Rivera And Fox News
Botched The Story In Baltimore

Fox News Viewers Go ‘Full Racist’ In
Reaction To Charges Against Police Who
Killed Freddie Gray (SCREENSHOTS)

Fox News Complains About ‘Outrageous’
Baltimore Media Comments (Ignoring Its Own)

Fox’s Black-Attacking Sheriff Calls Arrested
Baltimore Police ‘Political Prisoners’

Watch Megyn Kelly Angrily Defend The Word
‘Thug’ – And Give Donald Rumsfeld A Pass

Fox’s Megyn Kelly Claims DOJ Is Seeking
To Control Baltimore Police Force

Brit Hume Attacks Baltimore State
Attorney For ‘Representing’ Freddie Gray

O’Reilly Imitates Baltimore Protesters, Chinese
People, and James Carville in Stand-Up

And, so it goes.

Fox “News”/Clinton Blood Feud: Just like the Hatfields and McCoys, no one can remember how it started, but it’s been apparent since Fox “News” went on the air in 1996.

Bill O’Reilly’s Crusade For An
FBI Investigation Of The Clintons

O’Reilly Goes on The Five to Continue Calls
for FBI to Investigate Clinton Foundation

Today Eric Bolling suggested an IRS investigation, but O’Reilly said they’re “not an investigative agency at this level.” He declared that the FBI should be “incorruptible” and Director James Comey needs to act on this.

Juan Williams pushed back a bit, arguing, “We have no evidence that they’ve done anything wrong.” O’Reilly said that’s like not investigating a murder because there’s no evidence, but Williams shot back that there has to be a murder in the first place.

Proving why we’ll miss him: Stewart Rips Fox, Megyn Kelly for Hypocrisy on Clinton Money Corruption.

PASSAGES: Fox Contributor Guy Benson Comes Out as a Gay Conservative in New Book

FOX BYTES: Steve Doocy, Tammy Bruce Attack Gay “Thugs” Who “Bully” Christian BakersHeckuva Job, Cavuto: Fox Turns To Ex-FEMA Dir. Michael Brown To Baselessly Attack “Orwellian” FEMA PolicyThe Fox News Candidates Enter The Presidential Race • Fox’s Outnumbered Praises “Home Team” Candidate Mike HuckabeeFox’s Tantaros: Left Doesn’t Like Ben Carson Because “He Never Played The Victim Card, He Worked Really Hard”Anthony Weiner to Imus: You’re ‘Better Off’ Without Fox or Ailes ‘Propaganda Machine’Tucker Carlson’s Site: ‘Sexy’ Baltimore Prosecutor Flashed ‘Crazy Girl Eyes’Anna Kooiman Stokes Fear Of Flag Hating Black YouthFox’s Keith Ablow: “Men Should Be Able To Veto Women’s Abortions”

* Transcript courtesy the Not Now Silly Newsroom.

5 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Fissures In The Facade?”

  1. Pox News reminds me of the time I listened in on a conversation a homeless dude was having with himself.
    He was always right, and everything that had been done to him was the fault of some unidentifiable ‘fascist libs”.

    Then the wind changed and was down wind…

    Only this homeless man, was polite when he asked for spare change.
    Which put him head and shoulders above every freaking Conservatives in the U.s.

  2. The entirety of this cable channel is the yellowest of the yellow propagandatainment production with maximum visceral sensationalist titillation to keep viewers entertained, brainwashed, and tuned in.

  3. You are so correct. Its cult-like. They bow to Murdoch and spew his propaganda for that almighty dollar. They are willing to lie, the women have to degrade themselves – all for the real thing they pray to, $$$$$$$$$. They are no better than Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and David Koresh. Maniacs.

  4. My favorite thing about Fox News is seeing the replies of those who watch them on social media. Man, those individuals are blind and think they’re superior. Just got saw a comment on this article on Facebook and boy one individual wasn’t happy. Anyone who would reply to him they were called liberals and mentality challenged. Later on two others replied and then took things to another level, called them failed abortions that shouldn’t have lived. Man, Fox not only breeds stupidity, but also extreme ignorance, but then again when they have someone like I mentioned defending them, Fox will always attract the crazies. Even those, most statements made are lies, won a case to get the ability to lie, their viewers are the most misinformed and they’re not classified as news by the FCC, but rather Satire. I guess those who watch Fox religiously love their entertainment.

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