Netanyahu Confidante Threatens to Nuke Iran and Slaughter Arab Civilians

Yaalon Netanyahu

Over the course of the past two years, Americans should have noticed the very close similarity between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and neo-con Republicans. After lobbying for legislation to derail the United Nations P5+1 negotiations with Iran to provoke war, and then use racial animus and fearmongering to win re-election as prime minister, it is glaringly evident that Republicans and Netanyahu are only separated by nationality.

After winning re-election as prime minister, all that was left for Netanyahu was to create a coalition government many hoped would be less combative towards Muslims; that did not happen. If anything, based on Netanyahu’s government and Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon’s boasts this week, it appears Israel has no intention of scaling back war plans.

First, Netanyahu formed a government by working out a deal amounting to a coalition of far-right ideologues (Likud Party) aligned with hardline religious parties including United Torah Judaism, Shas, Kulanu, and the Jewish Home parties. The Israeli government coalition as agreed to on Wednesday was called a “national failure” by opposition leader Isaac Herzog. If by national failure Herzog meant a warmongering and human rights violating coalition waging war on the United Nations Human Rights Commission, he certainly understated the horrors awaiting Palestinians and Arabs in and around Israel. As an aside, before any Israeli sympathizer claims this column is anti-Semitic, know that the author is a Semite and is anti-any warmongers intent on massacring innocent civilians regardless of their religious or national affiliation.

This week it became abundantly clear why Republicans warmongers love Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s conservative ideologues and hardline religious groups running the government. Most  Americans comprehend that Benjamin Netanyahu loves waging war on Muslims nearly as much as Republicans, but according to Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon, Israel loves attacking entire civilian neighborhoods  with the express intent of “hurting civilians; including kids during ‘future’ assaults on Gaza and Lebanon.”

Yaalon was the featured speaker at a conference in Jerusalem bemoaning the United Nation’s Human Rights Commission and European nations’ charges of Israeli war crimes against Palestinian civilians. He leveled a clear threat against Arabs in the region and boasted that after “we went through a very long deep discussion about bombing entire civilian neighborhoods,” and “since we did it in the Gaza Strip, we are going to do it in the future.”

Yaalon also issued an express threat against the Islamic Republic of Iran including suggesting Israel’s intent to use a nuclear bomb. During a question and answer period on bombing Iran and how Israel will draw America into a war with the Islamic nation, he said that “when we don’t have the answer by surgical operations, Israel might take certain steps such as the Americans did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, causing the fatalities of 200,000.” This is the kind of warmongering that incites Republicans to wet their knickers and celebrate like drunken frat boys, and why they are so intent on derailing the United Nations P5+1 negotiations with Iran; causing the fatalities of 200,000 innocent Muslim civilians.

The Israeli defense minister’s pledge to kill innocent civilians in “the next assault” on Gaza and Lebanon is not a new threat. He promised the exact same war atrocities to United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in 2013 when he pledged that Israel would bomb the entire Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiya despite the fact it was a densely populated urban area. True to his word, the Israeli attack known as the Shujaiya massacre was considered among the most brutal examples of Israeli war crimes during last summer’s vicious attacks on the Gaza Strip because criminals killed two teenagers.

Besides pledging to massacre innocent civilians, Yaalon also promised to begin an Israeli war on the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission and world courts after Israelis killed 2,257 mostly innocent Palestinians, including 563 children, during its 51-day assault last year. Yaalon is very angry because he faces being arrested for suspected war crimes under universal jurisdiction law in many European countries. Because they have thus far never been challenged for killing innocent civilians, Israelis have already had about enough of human rights’ groups and world courts around the world calling attention to their record of war crimes. Israelis are particularly fed up with a global movement to hold them accountable for killing civilians known as boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS).

Always portraying everything in war parlance, and persecution against Israel, Yaalon casts the world’s grassroots BDS movement and human rights’ courts as another military front in the continuing war against Israel. Yaalon said that Israel’s enemies are using “delegitimization, BDS and lawfare as weapons in the war against Israel.” Israel’s enemies are any people, human rights groups, courts, or nations that oppose Israelis massacring innocent civilians and they are not going to take it any longer. Yaalon even complained bitterly that he was unable to freely visit European countries because of the possibility he could be arrested for suspected war crimes under universal jurisdiction law; universal law he considers warfare against Israel. He also warned Israeli soldiers they would have to forego ever traveling abroad because they would be killing innocent Arab civilians.

To combat opposition to Israelis killing innocent civilians, including the United Nations, a group of Israeli lawyers known as Shurat HaDin is attempting to use courts around the world to defend Israeli war crimes and attack human rights’ groups simultaneously. Shurat HaDin is alleged to have close ties to Israel’s “deadly overseas spy agency and acts as a proxy group for the Mossad.”

Justifying Israeli attacks on civilians was a primary theme of the Jerusalem conference Yaalon convened, including lining up speaker after speaker reinterpreting international human rights laws as allowing Israel to legally kill Palestinian and other Arab civilians. In that sense, conservative Israelis are no different than the American religious right movement or armed militias reinterpreting the U.S. Constitution to allow religious tyranny against Americans and threats of armed revolution against the government.

Israelis may rue the day they turned out to vote for Netanyahu and his more ideologically conservative government than they already had in place because they chose a path to war. Netanyahu is expected to retain Moshe Yaalon as defense minister, and with a coalition of ultra-right wing conservatives and hardline religious groups running the government it is doubtless Israel will ramp up its warmongering against Arabs around the region. Now that it appears Republican warmongers cannot derail the U.N. P5+1 negotiations with Iran, coupled with the Israeli defense minister’s claim it is considering using a nuclear bomb on Iran as well as massacring innocent Arab civilians, the prospect for peace in the Middle East is looking very remote indeed; which is what Netanyahu and Republicans lusted for all along.

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  1. Maybe its time to impose sanctions on Israel and lift them on Iran.

    If its any doubt we now know who the warmongers and a threat to peace is. And it aint Iran

  2. I said it before but once again, Israel is the most dangerous nation on earth. they are hell bent on paying the world back for what happen to them in WW2. They are the ones who will use the bomb on a nation who hasn’t attacked another country in 120 years. The republicans in this country will drag us right into it and we will be standing alone with Russia, china, Germany most of the European, South America and even Canada against us because we will be and already are the new tyrants in history. Unless america opens their eyes and break the fog of corporate news and kick these fools out of Washington this country is thru.

  3. If this is true- then it’s time for Obama to let Israel know that if they act preemptively against Iran, then they’ll be standing alone for the aftermath.

    Even with the number of Palestinian rocket attacks, this is unjustifiable- Bu$h like.

  4. This is very sobering. I wouldn’t say I saw it coming two years ago, but anyone could see the drastic changes in the past year or so. I kind of chalked it off to his election stunts and didn’t give it much pause.

    Evoking Fat Man and Little Boy is a game changer. This is huge and the implications are humongous.


  5. Iran should “stand their ground” against oppressive tyrants like Netanyahu.

    I’d like a listing of neocons and their stock worth in defense contracting companies like Halliburton. There has to be profit-making somewhere for these guys to want continuous war…profits forever.

  6. Jeb’s Pac is on schedule to make 100 million in the next few weeks – on top of his campaign and the GOP war chest which is also always a staggering number.

    And GW is advising Jeb on Israel according to the WaPo piece about the Manhattan meeting of huge donors this week.

    We can joke about it. But connect the freaking dots of the GOP Bibi invitation and well, this ain’t no time to call these guys the clown car. They are looking to get the last laugh and it will be lots of blood on the ground. I’ve seen this movie several times before. I know how it ends.

    Stop them, we must, stop them.

  7. bebe, we were thinking the same thing at the same time. Halliburton, Brown, Root and Kellogg at your service. And Boeing, and Lockheed.

    The winds of war are whispering already. Feck. and Chit.

  8. We need too “tell” Israel F/U!!! Go straight to “Hell” and then ask your phoney, bullshit, “GOD” (in the sky) too protect your truly “INSANE” and truly “EVIL” Asses!!! BECAUSE THE U.S.A. SHOULD “NOT” AND WILL “NOT” PROTECT AND SUPPORT YOUR “EVIL” ACTIONS AGAINST HUMANITY AND WORLD PEACE!!! In my opinion. GO TO HELL ISRAEL and then “RELY” ON YOUR “GODS” LOVE FOR “YOU” HIS “CHOSEN PEOPLE”. Israel is a disgrace too “civilized” society.

  9. Standing with Isreal WILL have us standing alone. The thumpers in the religious right should be happy though. This could be getting them their rapture sooner then anyone anticipated. We should wash our hands of these murdering leeches! I don’t feel any responsibility to have their backs with the blood of my children.

  10. The nuke threat is bullshit. It would be Israeli suicide. Israel may have a lot of military power, but not enough to overcome the combined forces of every Muslim nation in the world, and that would be the result of using a nuke – anywhere.

    But continued killings of their neighbors won’t stop until the U.S. stops backing their military. As Israel continues to isolate itself from the world community, it makes it easier for the U.S. to justify stopping the support it has given for way too long.

  11. The pattern of change of temperature is alarming. It certainly has heated up and it isn’t all rhetoric.

    The conference itself is interesting. Pastry breakfast, bomb and genocide plan. Lunch, total wasteland plan. Dinner, meet the war lords – US professorial types and war mongers filled with utter hatred and revenge.


  12. John, you are not differentiating between factions. All “muslims” are not allies.

    Iran (Shi’a) is the enemy to some of them and the region is rife with civil war throughout history. Some of them would cheer Israel for getting rid of Iran.

  13. Yaalon is the guy who said, during the last political campaign, that Arab Israelis who did not “love Israel” should have their heads cut off. Talk about wanting to provoke violence! Of course Israel’s Arab population is routinely victimized by Israel’s version of apartheid, receiving less water than their Jewish neighbors and paying more for it, among other things. Why the Israelis voted to keep these people in power is beyond me; it’s a little like Americans voting more GOP thugs to Congress in 2014. Both the Israelis and our fellow citizens should be better informed politically and vote with their brains and hearts, not their prejudices and fears.

  14. I’ve always thought of Israel as little more than a festering boil, which sooner of later would become ripe enough to simply prick with a pin and squeeze out the pus to make it go away.

    Now we find it’s become malignant and should be removed surgically before it metastasizes into something too large to control and begins to contaminate the U.S. Congress even more than it already has.

  15. You sound exactly like the zealots on the other side of the arguement. You are calling for the extermination of the jewish state. Now where have I heard that before?

    I find your statement offensive.

  16. To the person who gave me a thumbs down, and to the 14 people who gave John thumbs up, you can agree with his “all muslims” remark but it is wrong.

    Did Saudi Arabia offer Israel its air space many times to use if they need to attack Iran?

    If you think Sunni and Shia are the same then you go right ahead and give me thumbs down for this too but it is true throughout their ancient history and fact.

  17. The american government and people have stood beside Isreal since WW2. The atrocities inflicted on the Jewish people shouldn’t be allowed to happen again. That being said, Isreal is every bit as much today the persecuter as they are the persecuted. You are not furthering your cause by being the mean girl of the middle east, or by trying to intimidate the people who have had your back for seventy years!

  18. The real nuclear threat in the Middle East is Israel. It’s time to take a hard look at their policies toward their neighbors, occupied territories, and adjust our foreign policy.

  19. How about Israeli statements? Talking nukes and dragging us in it with them? I was pro-Israel – up until now. No longer.

    If they want to do to others what the Nazis did to them, it will be on their own.

  20. I said both sides sould like zealots.

    Read it again. He sounds like them.

    Hate goes both ways. Not the answer.

    There was a peace treaty signed beween Bibi and Palestinians, not long ago in 2012. I held my breath and prayed it would hold and it did. I always side with peace and understanding and diplomacy. Perhaps Kerry can soothe the call for war. It is the agreement with Iran and the discussions with diplomacy to Israel where my desires are.

    I find the republicans can only stir up war and they are certainly looking to start that machine up if Jeb gets in.

    War is not the answer, ever. No nukes.

  21. I don’t think so. As I remember nut-a yahoo was against the Oslo accords to the point he whipped up one follower to assassinate PM Rabin. To this day his widow blame that war criminal

  22. My edit button isn’t working. I meant a ceasefire which is a form of peace treaty.

    There was a very bad outbreak of violence and it was escalating to fever pitch with much death on both sides. Then at midnight it stopped. I didn’t mean formal “oslo accord” type treaty.

  23. You nuke anybody and you go it alone without America. Fight your own wars and leave us out of them.

  24. Israel has conveniently forgotten the mandate of YHWH to …”Welcome the stranger, as you were once strangers.”… Instead they kill, bomb innocent civilians and, instead, they have been treating Muslims the same way they have been treated in past centuries.

    Israel is dead wrong! The dysfunctional GOP and dysfunctional Congress, must keep their nose out of international affairs and mind their own business during these negotiations with Iran! If not we will be in a WWIII.

    Also, we need to stop funding Israel – period!

    Israel – was GIVEN Palestinian land so they could establish their State in the early 20th Century! Instead of peace there is constant bombing of civilians.

    I’m willing to believe that if America didn’t fund Israel, Israel would be hard pressed to be an annoyance in the area as they are.

    We need to spend the money in the USA for our own people and stop the freebe to Israel – NOW before too late!

    They (and the GOP) don’t want peace!

  25. After about 8 years of posting on Raw Story, I posted something similar to this article, just my thoughts on how warmongering Netanyahu is.

    Not a single thing I said could be construed as anti-Semitic but Raw Story banned me anyway.

    It is impossible to discuss how evil the Israeli Government is on 99% of the webs sites because you will be banned by any and every person who supports them.

    Can’t tell you how disappointed in Raw Story I am. What a joke.

  26. Did you guys notice how they are “hiding” Netanyahu’s (huge) “herpes-sore” on his mouth by a using “distant” and “angled” photo shot?

  27. You know his stress level must be off the charts, he’s had that bad boy on his lip for at least a month now. Thats what he gets for being a lying sack of crap.

  28. Hail Eris!

    The atrocities inflicted on the Jews in the Holocaust should never be inflicted again, period. Not on anyone. But they have been, repeatedly…

    You don’t have to be an expert to be right.

  29. “If we don’t end war, war will end us.”
    by H. G. Wells

    You can’t say civilization don’t advance… in every war they kill you in a new way.
    Will Rogers

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    Please help us to unify beyond our political and religious inherited thoughts for the perpetuation of peace and solidarity. Only Military operation against brutal religious and political violence, campaigns with separate visions, conversation only for suggestions, or the political and religious demonstration, are not enough at all, to prevent the massacres by terrorism and war.

    Please sign and share this petition to out to combat pervasive evil perceptions that condone the basis of terrorism and war.

  30. There will devastating consequences for Zionists if they attack Iran. I am offended by that Zionist Nazi Netanyahu’s statements, to hell with him and Yaalon.

  31. Iran will stand their ground, especially considering they have military alliances with Russia and China. I don’t know why we continue our alliance with that warmongering ghetto state of Israel…the Zionist certainly are not worth the trouble of maintaining an alliance.

  32. Spot on BeBe. Put Former VP Cheney & family at the top of the American defense contractors, who flourish when Halliburton gets “fat” government contracts.

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