Republicans Crushed As Obamacare Transforms Into A Winning Issue For Democrats


A new poll shows Republican hate sowing the seeds of future failure as Obamacare is a winning national issue for Democrats.

Three findings within the AP/GfK poll are devastating for Republicans:

Fifty-six percent said the court should keep the subsidies without restriction while 39 percent said the financial aid should be limited to residents of states that set up their own health insurance markets.


The poll found that a bare majority, 51 percent, wants Congress to amend the law to make it clear that people are entitled to help regardless of what their state leaders do.

But 44 percent prefer that Congress leave the law as is and let states decide whether they want to create insurance exchanges that would allow their residents to receive subsidies.


The poll found 27 percent of Americans support the law while 38 percent oppose it, and 34 percent say they neither support nor oppose it.

These statistics present an impossible problem for Republicans. By a nearly two to one margin, the those polled either support the law or don’t have an opinion either way. The level of opposition to the law has shrunk to the same level as the percentage of self-identified Republicans and conservatives in polls. This means that the opposition to the ACA is shrinking, but firmly located within the Republican Party.

The fact that a seventeen point majority want the subsidies to continue without restriction, while 69% of Republicans want the subsidies to go away means that Republicans are guaranteed to pay a heavy political price no matter what they do. Republicans are being crushed beneath the weight of their ginned up hatred for the ACA.

Obamacare is now a winning issue for Democrats. The more Republicans that nationally discuss repealing the law, the stronger the Democratic position becomes. Democrats could have a huge victory in 2016 because Republican voters are forcing to their candidates to stick to repealing the health care law.

The ACA turned into a winning issue because people like having health insurance. Republicans are sowing the seeds for future Democratic victories by continuing to fight battles that they’ve already lost.

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  1. Great news. Now let’s see some Democratic candidates grow a spine and make this a positive issue in 2016. Let’s not forget those Democrats who shied away from this issue in 2014 and lost their elections. Any Democrat in my district had better sing the praises and support our President’s healcare law, or he/she will certainly be heard from me. It’s time for Democrats to stick together and collectively make this a top issue in 2016.

  2. I think the reason dummycrats don’t press their advantages with policy is because they don’t want to be labeled as hippy liberals. The republican party has already declared war and if we don’t fight fire with fire then all is lost for the common people

  3. Hard to believe the Rs actually think giving people better health care is a wedge issue which they must repeal and stop at all cost.

    Seems like it would be something everyone could agree on easily, no?

  4. Congressional Democrats and Liberals were all against ObamaCare and refused to promote it although President Obama believed in it.

    Now, with almost 20 million more Americans insured and having access to good health care – and ObamaCare proving to be as good as President Obama said it would – they have been proven wrong and President Obama has been proven right about the benefits of the PPACA.

    So also, Democrats and Liberals need to support President Obama’s judgment on the TPP and TPA. He’s more than earned that trust. But for some reason, he’s not getting it. Makes me wonder if they aren’t being paid to stop President Obama from trying to renegotiate provisions in NAFTA and CAFTA (which has been pretty profitable for big corporations) through the TPP that would give workers around the world rights they haven’t had before, and environmental protections some teeth to prosecute violators. Hm…

  5. I have been following his take on TPP and he makes god argument in its favor. Others that I have read is all scaremongering and comparing it to NAFTA. Now if people and Politian’s are against it then what is your answer to level the playing field? I have one answer that no one is talking about. Tax the dog shit out of companies that of shore jobs or in Wall Mart case who import goods. And I don’t want to hear prices would go up because that’s tired. Companies will not raise prices that would upset their market share

  6. I too have been following the arguements at that site. The 3 part study of it and the other articles on it are very good.

    I’m withholding my final decision until the 60 day viewing of it. The unions are knee-jerk against but do not know what is in it. Same with environmentalists, it just might have protections that raise their normal standards to our standards. etc.

  7. There is nothing — and I mean NOTHING — that is more personal and more critical to a person than access to affordable healthcare. If congresscritters would, for once, look outside their borders, they would see that any efforts to destabilize or otherwise make significant changes to universal healthcare in countries that have it (like mine, for example) are met with a public outcry so loud as to make lawmakers cringe in fear.
    The GOP were so incredibly stupid about the ACA. But then, why should that issue be any different????

  8. Sadly a lot of republican supporters don’t want the health care law to stay around because they feel they are paying minorities. They think why should my tax dollars go to support someone who is on the gov tit.

  9. It bothers me when polls lump together all that dislike Obamacare. Many progressives dislike Obamacare because it doesn’t include a public option (Medicare for All). In this poll, those progressives are lumped in with conservatives that don’t like Obamacare for whatever reason, including racism.

    That being said, I hope Democrats will promote the Affordable Care Act and run on it, not away from it.

  10. My sister lost her job. She has a chronic health condition that requires regular care by specialists, and she takes many medications, one of which is over $200 without insurance.

    She now has ObamaCare(s).

    Though she is out of work and struggling to find a full time job, she at least has the peace of mind knowing that she can get the care and medication she needs and it would not have happened without this law.

  11. Paws, I have the same situation as your sister, except I am self-employed and work from home, due to my medical condition. That is the only way I can work, is from home.

    ACA is a Godsend. We are just 2 examples of it meaning the difference between quality of life, and/or life and death. Wish your sister well.

  12. People who don’t want healthcare are either stupid or have never been hurt or sick. I just had a test and it cost $7,000! My total obligation was $188. Unless you’ve ever needed to go to a Dr., you have no idea how expensive it is. Wake up and get a clue.

  13. Exactly, if people have never needed healthcare, they are clueless.

    I do work in the medical field, and before ACA there were patients with diabetes who actually went without their insulin, b/c they had no insurance; same with other chronic illnesses that require ongoing meds. Then what happens is the person ends up in the hospital and their care ends up costing thousands or tens of thousands. Why? All b/c they had no insurance to help offset costs for meds. If they couldn’t pay their hospital bill which was usually the case, the cost gets spread over everybody else’s premiums, etc.

    In a country such as ours, you would THINK that healthcare, education, and not being homeless would be givens. But, they are not. We have to fight to have the most basic of human needs, including water in some places.

    There is no excuse whatsoever for denying anyone healthcare. If President Obama had not fought tooth and nail for ACA, we would not have it.

  14. The Democrats do not need to make it an issue , the GOP clown bus is stumbling over the issue without any pushing from the Dems

  15. Before I get ripped, I’m a liberal.

    “The poll found 27 percent of Americans support the law while 38 percent oppose it, and 34 percent say they neither support nor oppose it.”

    So, this shows that 72% still oppose the law or have no opinion. While 61% favor the law or oppose it. Therefore this:

    “These statistics present an impossible problem for Republicans. By a nearly two to one margin, the those polled either support the law or don’t have an opinion either way.”

    is blatantly misleading. More oppose it than support it. PERIOD. Stop twisting things to make it look different than it really is. I expect this from Fox News.

  16. Hey, Mister “Liberal”…you’re misinterpreting your cherry-picked part of the poll.

    The 34% that “neither support nor oppose” ObamaCare still shows that they DON’T oppose it, and the 34% should be added to the 27% who are for it. PERIOD.

    That 34% group is likely made up of Far-Left Purists who are the “single-payer or bust!” crowd.

    In their own silly purist way, they can’t bring themselves to support the PPACA because it’s not the rainbow-farting unicorn they demanded, but the last thing they want is to do away with it. So they are added to the support side – although as reluctant supporters, and that brings the total to 61% in favor of ObamaCare.

  17. Well The Redubs lost the last two Elections and lost the Obamacare Issue too. They lost the Supreme Court Ruling on trying to Repeal it and now are Totally Lost. They will loose to Hillary and be Whining for Years to come. GOP is going to be a Dinosaur soon. The Youth in America are on the Dems side and that is good. Once the old white folks die out and the Southerners become the minority it is over for them. Only someone totally ignorant would vote GOP. Think Rush… Enough said. Whip em Hillary!!

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