Bernie Sanders Vows To Only Nominate Supreme Court Justices Who Will Overturn Citizens United

Bernie Sanders on Face The Nation

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) upped the ante in the Democratic primary today by promises to only nominate Supreme Court justices who will overturn Citizens United during an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation.


Bob Schieffer asked Sen. Sanders if he thought that he could beat Hillary Clinton.

Sanders said yes, and added that he will have a litmus test of all Supreme Court nominees:

In terms of the politics of America, as a result of this disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, clearly the billionaires, Koch brothers and others are owning the political process.

They will determine who the candidates are.

And let me say this thing if elected president I will have a litmus test in terms of my nominee to be a Supreme Court justice. And that nominee will say, we are going to overturn this disastrous decision on Citizens United because that decision is undermining American democracy. I do not believe that billionaires should be allowed to buy politicians.

Sanders’s comments are an example of his ability to push the conversation to the left. Hillary Clinton already came out in support of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Bernie Sanders just upped the ante. Clinton will now be expected by voters also to promise to only nominate potential Supreme Court justices who will overturn Citizens United.

The idea that Citizens United could be gone if a Democrat wins the 2016 presidential election is not far fetched. It would only take one conservative justice stepping down to put Citizens United in jeopardy. Justices Kennedy and Scalia were part of the majority on Citizens United, and they will each be over 80 years by the time that the next president is sworn into office.

If the 2016 Democratic nominee won two terms in office, there is very strong likelihood that the Supreme Court majority would flip from conservative to liberal. The Sanders litmus test is an important promise.

It is one thing for Hillary Clinton to voice support for getting rid of Citizens United. Bernie Sanders is challenging her to put action behind those words.

46 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Vows To Only Nominate Supreme Court Justices Who Will Overturn Citizens United”

  1. The nominations for SCOTUS by either Dem candidate would want to overturn Citizen’s United.

    Hillary said last week it will take an Amendment.

    The bill Nelson put out the other day will not go anywhere. He’s of course next to Bernie on the left scale, and with Warren right in the neighborhood too, (Considering she was a republican for 50 years she has come a long way recently… but I digress) but it is going to sit there.

    Bernie, God Bless Him. Seriously. But, ok, he is plan B.

  2. “I do not believe that billionaires should be allowed to buy politicians.” Bernie Sanders.

    Didn’t Hillary spend last week on a West Coast fund-raising trip? She attended events hosted by some the wealthiest Hollywood movers and shakers; some of them billionaires themselves.

    Bernie may be right, but it’s happening on both sides of the aisle. Every time I hear “Koch Bros.” I’d like to hear “George Soros.”

  3. Robert, who is your champion? What candidates are you considering? Where are they getting funds?

    You keep trying that divide and conquer thing. She’s gonna make you ask “which President Clinton do you mean?”

  4. It’s a nice notion there Mr. Sanders. But you’ll have to wait until such time as some of those Retarded Republican Justices retire.

    How about we start investigating Justices who have been violating their office instead?

  5. Not if we send Bernie Sanders to the White House with a Congress that will impeach, and remove from the bench Justices who are bought and paid for by the billionaires such as Roberts, Scalia, Thomas. Alito, and Kennedy.

  6. Funny to hear people still in support of them democrat party.. They are blatantly telling us that they will take action that bypasses the constitution just to push their ideals… Is there not 1 liberal that will speak out? For Godsake the man is a proud socialist and runs on it ! Hitler was a proud socialist btw…

  7. Hillary is not the best choice for the Democrats. Hillary is a republican lite Democratic Leadership Counsel which pushed the Democratic Party hard right. Bernie is the real deal. It’s long past time for the Democrats to move on from the failed ideology of the right-leaning DLC and become Democrats again. Hillary does not offer that. Bernie’s litmus test for supreme court justices is the right thing to do.

  8. John, nice try. Thanks for playing.

    She was the 11th most liberal Senator according to her voting record statistics. I have had to listen to how liberal she is for decades from the Republican Dirty Tricks incorporated people. Now she is too conservative.

    I am laughing, loudly.

    I know all about the DLC and it was a different era and it was Bill – TO GET THINGS DONE – Clinton’s deal not hers.

  9. Really Rin? Prove it. Hillary is not the best person for the job, and on the Democratic side possibly the worst. A former board member of Walmart, and in bed with Wall Street. Grassroots will always beat out big money. But keep on with your republican light rhetoric. I am a life-long Democrat and member of my local Democratic party. All you’re doing is bleating the Hillary rhetoric like the DLC sheeple.

  10. Hillary is a flaming liberal, like me, John.

    Also just look at the bottom of her “on the record” where they have their analysis venn diagram, she is far left for all her stances.

    Left, of Bill, left of Obama, way left of Biden, to the right of Bernie, but everybody is – he is MOST liberal of 100.

    Now who could get things done – most liberal or one who is not as extreme?

  11. Oh John,

    Or is it Robert’s other account?

    Or is this JimmyK,

    or are you three all one?

    Nice try. Why are you insisting you are a democrat and yet bringing up lies from 30 years ago?

  12. Yeah, I gotta go with DJ on this: The Nazi’s called themselves the National Socialist German Workers Party, but what they were doing wasn’t exactly what we think of as socialism today.
    But you hang in there, John. Expect to be called a “dumbass” at least twice a day. These people will hit you right in the cup and then tell you to smile.

  13. ooooh, It’s like the Borg on Star Trek!

    “We are Robert. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”

  14. Robert, John, Jimmy. All one person. You are posting to yourself again and giving yourself thumbs up and us down. Oh it hurts so much, waaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

    In a few weeks it will be Mary, Sue and Betty. Then they will come up with some that sound liberal, like “dem4life” and “bernie is the one!!!”.

  15. Keep on dreaming Rin. Hillary is a poser. She will try to come off as a real liberal to get elected. Bernie is the real deal, and his massive grassroots effort will defeat Hillary in the primaries, and carry him with very long coattails to the White House. And no Rin I am me, and nobody else. Your WAAAAAAAmbulance is on it’s way to come get you.

  16. Robert, I have been posting here for a couple of years. I have always towed the Liberal line, and always will. Pretenders like Rin are as easy to deal with as tea partiers. We all know Hillary will represent the interests of Wall Street over the American people in the same way Obama has. Obama has been an excellent president although his pushing for the TPP, and not going after the Wall Street criminals has been a major stain on his record, and will be a tarnish on his legacy.

  17. I been through this back and forth in 08 with Sec, Clinton and President Obama. It was so heated that Taylor Marsh banned me because she was a Clinton supporter. That being said I know Clinton can effect down ticket candidate that Sen. Sanders cannot. But I have no preference between the two but I will say this. If any trolls try to attack any of the candidates I will bring out my can of whip ass. Other than that I will sit back and enjoy the pros and cons from both sides

  18. Nice to meet you, John. We are on opposite sides of the political spectrum but I agree with most of your post concerning Clinton. (I am NOT an Obama fan.)It seems to me the Democrats have the Republican problem for a change: Two old white people, one too socialist, the other with two much baggage, vs. The huge range of ideas, ethnicities, ages, sexes. representing the Republicans.

  19. I must respectfully disagree with you on the point of down ticket influence. Bernie will be relying on a strictly grassroots campaign. If Berine wins the nomination based solely on the grassroots campaign over Hillary’s corporate donors then his down ticket influence will be huge and unbeatable.

  20. Robert, unless we turn towards socialism the middle class is history in this country. The laissez-faire capitalist paradigm we have been on for the past 35 years is destroying our nation.

  21. Hillary is left when it comes to social issues…. in terms of economics, she is not. She is centrist at best.If the worst I had to worry about were social issues, I wouldn’t be afraid of voting for her. However, as she has NOT come out against the TPP, and has no backbone for fighting against the corporations, I’ll stick with Sanders until he drops out of the race

  22. I just want to say, wouldn’t it be easier to look up Socialism in the dictionary? The definition of the word makes it clear that Hitler was not a Socialist. He also wasn’t a Communist. These words have been misused and misinterpreted. Socialism is a neighbor of Democracy. A neighbor also of a Republic. A nation for the people, run by the people. Republicans have turned away from their roots and now only care about the few, not the many. Socialism would help turn our nation back into a Democracy, WE ALL MATTER! All income types, all races, all sexual orientations, all personal belief systems, all sexes.

  23. Bypassing the Constitution: that is pure conservative territory! Your favorite parts is the 14th 15th and that bill of rights about not establishing a state or national religion! And, the right to privacy, cruel and unusual punishment, A Standing Militia, presidential powers of treaty,( Whoops, you were ok with Bush having that power) Basically it seems that you beef with the constitution has something to do with women, people of color and non Christians.

  24. Hitler was also a Christian.

    He based his atrocities against the Jews on the Roman Church’s treatment of Jews, e.g., Spanish Inquisition, Crusades, etc. (Source: Paul Johnson’s “A History of the Jews.”)

  25. You are wrong. Hitler was not Socialist. By no stretch of the imagination could you equate Hitler’s HATIONAL SOCIALIST or NAZI PARTY with Socialism. Hitler was as far to the right as you can get. He was a FASCIST. You need to study your isms.

  26. Bernie is the real deal. First, he wants an executive order to require companies doing business with the federal government (what large company doesn’t) to have to divulge their political donations. With the Republican controlled congress it is impossible to get an Amendment to overturn Citizens United. While any Dem president would favor such an amendment, Bernie has no ties to the Wall Street crowd, big pharma, insurance, military contractors that Clinton does.
    You can support Bernis Sanders’ campaign by purchasing a shirt (many styles) for just $19 through teespring. Proceeds for the sale will be donated to the campaigh for Bernie Sanders for President.

  27. John said: “Hillary is a republican lite”

    and he wants people to take him seriously.

    What rock have you been living under since she campaigned for McGovern in 72?

  28. Boy, I am glad I came back here to look at the messages.

    John, you called me a pretender? That is funny as hell. Find one thing, anything, I wrote anywhere that isn’t something I believe with the full passion of my convictions – except for humorous banter times.

    The whole thing is Robert sounds like a robot. The rest of us are humans.

    Want to tell us how passionate you are about liberal causes – Please do and if you are espousing them, I will agree with you on them.

    Which one of us is phoney, it isn’t me.

    The Rs are quaking in their boots at the Bernie Machine in all 50 states with its high power ready to go presidential power. Oh, wait, I meant Hillary not
    Bernie Machine…

    Bernie, he’s ok. Great to have him in VT.

  29. Hey Robert my troll, I was busy, with my real life. Guess what? I called you multiple personalities before your borg remark. you responded to me. Dork.

  30. Two Podcasts you must listen to!

    This is from my local San Francisco Radio.
    These Podcasts always disappear quickly so do check them out:

    First Program: Pat Thurston talks about Bernie Sanders as President!
    Next Program: She discusses TTP!
    Two Outstanding Programs you will find absolutely amazing!



    You can skip all the Commercials!

  31. They are not necessarily in for life. Per Article III, Section 1, of the Constitution:
    “The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behaviour, and shall, at stated times, receive for their services, a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.”

  32. Just FYI – Hillary Clinton said the same thing yesterday. It would be her litmus test for any judge she would nominate.

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