Democrats Go On The Attack and Exploit The Republican Divide On Obamacare


Democrats are seizing the opportunity that is being presented by the combination of the increasing popularity of Obamacare and a Republican party that is paralyzed by years of its own ACA rhetoric.

According to The Hill:

Democrats are chiding Republican leaders in Congress as standing in the way of improvements to ObamaCare that enjoy bipartisan support.

More than a half-dozen proposed changes to the law boast approval from at least some Democrats, including legislation to repeal a controversial cost-cutting board for Medicare, which gained its 218th cosponsor this week.

Democrats are looking to take advantage of a deepening divide within the Republican Party about what to do with President Obama’s healthcare law during his final two years in office, particularly as they await a key ObamaCare decision from the Supreme Court.

As recent polling has revealed that the Affordable Care Act is becoming a strength for Democrats nationally, Republicans are coming apart at the seams on the one issue that the used to be able to agree on. The problem for Republicans is that their lack of common sense when it comes to Obamacare is catching up to them.

Democrats have long understood the idea that people want affordable health insurance. Republicans have spent years trying to convince the uninsured that they don’t want health insurance. This is an argument that was never going to work, and the success of the ACA is trapping Republicans into a corner that they have painted themselves into.

Congressional Democrats are now on the offensive, as Republicans are afraid to touch even popular ACA legislation with bipartisan support. Democrats are masters of exploiting divides within the Republican Party. President Obama has spent much of time in office successfully expanding the cracks and fractures within the opposition.

Republicans once thought that their Obamacare opposition would deliver them the White House. Instead, it might cost them their total control of Congress.

13 Replies to “Democrats Go On The Attack and Exploit The Republican Divide On Obamacare”

  1. I saw something about Rove telling the Republicans to stop discussing ACA because it wasn’t smart to run against it. They should put it off till after the general.

    Right. It sucks but don’t say it because it doesn’t and hold off till later to start saying it sucks again if you want to get elected. Total sense. For a republican.

    Hillary pushed UHC famously, in 1993, and again in 2007 – total UHC not watered down.
    The Republicans are going to freak when she starts blasting them with UHC, as she always does and always has.

    They are toast. Burnt toast.

  2. what’s most telling is that as the spouses of the Republican candidates running for President leave their jobs, hello TC, the candidates now admit they have to sign up for insurance under the ACA…

  3. “The problem for Republicans is that their lack of common sense when it comes to Obamacare is catching up to them.”

    Nothing more need be stated

  4. You’re always going to have the Ted Cruz’s who won’t get the message and will still run on repeal. I’m stocking up on popcorn. The next year and a half is going to be interesting.

  5. Why should Rove and the rest of his repug maggots fret
    over the ACA’s growing popularity when they have the
    SCOTUS willing to gut it for them?

  6. I think the Redums know exactly what they are doing and how much it was helping “The People”, but it wasn’t an idea that helped their corporate leash holders, so all they could do was fight against it. You know you truly don’t care for your country when you see something that is helping The People, and yet, you still fight it to appease the corporations and Koch-roaches.

  7. The sight of a self-confessed Tea Bagger, saying he’ll support Democrats from here on- due to the ACA…

    Says a great deal to me.

    And it’s about Danged time that Democrats start exploiting the advantage Obama handed to them on a silver platter.

  8. Republicans trot out the same tired talking points to oppose any progressive legislation from parental leave to the ACA, to increases in the minimum wage, to carbon taxes. Increased regulations & government mandates will hurt the economy & result in job losses they say time & time again in spite of evidence to the contrary.

  9. Dems don’t talk enough about all the good they and POTUS have done for ‘The People’… They need to start in preparation for 2016.

  10. But they will trot out the doom and gloom from the CBO to make their point! The Trouble is the CBO has no numbers behind their predictions! Don’t tell that to Robert, he starts foaming at the mouth!

  11. I just noticed a glaring fact in this thread. There are no “no way” thumbs at all as of now and it has been up a while.

    They will now that I said it… but they are avoiding any discussions about healthcare and climate change. Two things they do NOTHING about and both are popular dem standards.

    Their non existent immigration policy too.

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