Bernie Sanders Celebrates Victory By Promising A Long Battle To Defeat TPP

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) celebrated his victory on TPP today by promising a very long battle against the controversial trade agreement.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

The Senate vote today was an important first victory in what will be a long battle.

A major reason for the decline of the American middle class and the increase in wealth and income inequality in the United State is our trade policies – NAFTA, CAFTA and Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China. This agreement would follow in the footsteps of those free trade agreements which have forced American workers to compete against desperate and low-wage workers around the world – including workers in Vietnam where the minimum wage is 56-cents an hour.

Trade agreements should not just work for corporate America, Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry. They have got to benefit the working families of our country.

We must defeat fast track and develop a new policy on trade. Today was a good step forward, but much more needs to be done.

The last thing that Wall Street and the multinational corporations wanted to hear was that this victory has only made the opposition to the TPP stronger. The vote was not a one-off protest vote. The movement against this secret trade agreement is only going to get stronger.

There is one question that supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership can’t answer. If this agreement is such a great deal for American workers, why can’t the American people read it?

Bernie Sanders staked out his position as an early opponent of TPP. The provisions on protection for workers and currency manipulation must be included in the final Senate bill. The left is not going to be satisfied with slowing down this bill for a month.

American workers have been burned too many times in the past by trade agreements; the left has dug in and TPP supporters better get ready for what could be a very long fight.

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  1. Go, Bernie!

    I just got an “e-mail,” from President Obama, indicating that he understands my skepticism about the TPA and TPP.

    No, he doesn’t.

    I referred him to you, Senator Sanders.

  2. i worked for the obama show in 07. i thought he would be this century’s t. roosevelt… i knew he wasn’t a hard lefty but i thought he was not going to be gop lite… the first thing he did was install the same crook banksters, geithner, and summers to oversee their own crimes. and as we know not one bankster saw an indictment. even the aca wasn’t fought hard enough, and we have a health ins. cabal still in charge and reaping billions. now the tpp. spearheaded by commerce sec. penny pritzker who was obama’s financial show runner in election 1, and was his main foray into the billionaire chicago cabal. its all a shell game to these 1%. if the tpp was so great, why cant we see it…

    #sanders2016 bernie has a total worth of about $350k! he wont be bought.

  3. One thing that has never explain to me is this. I get it we cant compete against low wage earners in other countries but what is their plan to bring those jobs back to America and pay a fair wage t the workers here?

    I have yet to hear one. Are we suppose to withdraw from the global economy?

  4. fight on Bernie, hold the presidents feet to the fire! Make him take the secrecy away and let the American people read the deal!

  5. So you would understand investor-state dispute settlement and the other technical aspects of it. You people kill me with this let the American people read when have of you idiots couldn’t point your own country out on a map

  6. That is the light we should be looking at trade with: public policy. So far, through the public policy of trade, we have only addressed the rights of corporations, and the TPP would become the first – and trendsetting – agreement to not simply recognize the rights of workers (including to collectively bargain and to a minimum wage) and communities (to live in a safe environment) but to make those rights an integral and enforceable part of the deal. In fact, with the TPP, those rights would take precedence over corporate rights.

  7. let me answer this with a couple of questions of my own. how have the trade deals already in place lessened our trade deficit? are we all supposed to work in retail selling each other things we can no longer afford, because all our living wage jobs fled to third world countries? what is the benefit to the average American worker of any of these trade deals?

    until somebody can show me some facts detailing how nafta, et al, have improved my standard of living, I will oppose any trade agreement.

  8. If we keep treating modern-day industry and commerce as a zero-sum game, the situation isn’t going to change. If we combine that with a heavy dose of modern-day xenophobia, we end up facilitating a race to the bottom, and deserve the consequences.

  9. Prez Obama’s past agenda has been just the opposite of the TPT thing he keeps dangling in front of the Republicans like a carrot ahead of a jackass. I’m not convinced that there’s not more to this than meets the eye. The suspense is keeping in a pickle. This one move by Prez Obama has me saying to myself, is he for real? Or setting another unpleasant surprise for the money changers. Just sayin’.

  10. Sure! Lets ditch TPP and keep NAFTA. Of course NATFA is the brain child of Bill Clinton & Robert Reich. I wish I understood the “logic” of that thinking.

    In addition, from what I’ve read Elizabeth Warren (aside from moving the goal posts) is more against President Obama having any “fast track” authority than actually being against TPP. She calls it secret, but has access to it.

    Someone explain just how is a treaty or trade agreement suppose to be negotiated with 11 other countries if each country knows exactly what the other countries are going to propose? If the public sees this before it’s finalized, so will every country on the planet. Of course, the public will see this 60 days BEFORE the President could sign it. But I guess it’s like ACA, which had been online for months but still was “shoved” down the throats of people.

    Also, why are these Senate Democrats not concerned with T-TIP. Maybe because it’s European.

  11. What bills have Bernie sponsored and had passed since being in the Senate.

    He talks about TPP being secret, yet he has access to read the draft before it’s finalized. So he wants to let everybody read all of it and pick over it until it’s totally useless. He and emos (just like DADT, ACA, Dodd-Frank) can’t trust PBO enough to allow him and the 11 other countries come up with a deal that the Congress can either vote UP or DOWN. They don’t trust THIS President. I don’t care what he does or how many people he helps, they still can’t trust him. Of course, if were Hillary….

  12. There is one question that supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership can’t answer. If this agreement is such a great deal for American workers, why can’t the American people read it?

    I’ll play. First off, can the author of this piece (clearly a Bernie Sanders supporter) tell me which large trade agreements have been made public to the American people when they were being negotiated?

    Second…the vast majority of Americans don’t even know the names of their State and U.S. representatives, but somehow the author believes they’re able to understand complex trade deal provisions and international law? Wow.

    Now I ask the author…why do you hold President Obama accountable for the trade deals made by Clinton/Robert Reich and G.W. Bush, and why does President Obama have to do what his White predecessors have never had to?

  13. Considering the U.S. has only 5% of the world’s population trading with the world might be a good idea. Do you trust a trade bill backed by President Obama or a possible future Republican president?

  14. Some of them aren’t Bernie supporters, some of them are pretend revolutionaries who are republicans trying to divide and stir up the crap so we fight like they do.

    The odds, according to STATISTICS of Bernie getting out of the gate are 1 in 100. KOS did stats the other day and put Bernie as a footnote because he isn’t even on the charts statistically 1%

    Nobody is terrified of Bernie, not Wall Street for sure, but not even obama who he is attacking right now – for publicity.

    An interesting read on the democrats meaningless trade fairytale revolt:

    Big Brother is watching.

  15. Robert isn’t moderated and I am, for using statistics and wide spread conclusions on the “Bernie is TERRIFYING Wall Street” thread. Nobody else thinks that. It is not true statistically even let alone common sense.

    The article Jason linked to said they were not very worried. He came up with they are running in fear from that and I said it was not accuate and provided stats and loads of wide spread sources back me up.

    But now I am moderated. For my opinion. Are you sure this is a “liberal” site, I do not know any liberals who do not believe in speaking truth to power.

  16. This is why I love history

    The American Experiment and the Role of Community Organizing and Expanded Trade

    Conservatives champion the laissez-faire, or hands-off, model of political economy, arguing that the private sector and its vaunted “Invisible Hand” provides all the guidance necessary to deliver the benefits of free market capitalism. Conservatives deride activist government policies as meddlesome intervention and Big Government interference, but such practices have a proud history in the American experiment in democracy.

    And in actuality, the American system has long utilized an activist approach to creating opportunities for more widespread prosperity, and this approach has taken many forms:
    Read More

  17. The TPP was defeated in the Senate by Republicans who know better, but hate Obama so much they would rather hurt the USA than give Obama a victory, and by Democratic Senators who are really ignorant and don’t know any better. Chinese money may have has something to do with it since they were not in the TPP and did not like it.

    Protectionism is the progressivism of fools. Gandhi was a great statesman but a horrible economist. Just as the ignorant in the USA argue that American workers who earn $15 per hour should not have to compete with Chinese workers who make $2 per hour, Gandhi thought that Indian workers should not have to compete with American and European workers who have the benefit of modern machines. As a result India adopted protectionism. In 1947 the per capita income of India was similar to countries such a South Korea. By 1977 the per capita income and standard of living in South Korea was ten times that of India.

  18. Many of those who ridicule climate change deniers correctly point out that 99% of all PhD meteorologists agree that carbon dioxide is associated with rising global temperatures. However free-trade opponents do not consider the fact that that 99% of all PhD economists agree that free-trade and the TPP in particular will greatly benefit America and raise standards of living .

    The TPP was defeated in the Senate by Republicans who know better, but hate Obama so much they would rather hurt the USA than give Obama a victory, and by Democratic Senators who are really ignorant and don’t know any better. Chinese money may have has something to do with it since they were not in the TPP and did not like it.

    “… It is the compounding effect of shift away from taxes on capital income such as dividends each year as the rich get proverbially richer which is the prime generator of inequality…”

  19. One thing I’ve learned in life: That a ‘one-time’ special offer that I ABSOLUTELY have to take advantage of RIGHT NOW or else lose out…

    has been, more often than not, been an invitation for me to grab my ankles.

  20. I believe that these opponents of TPP who don’t do their research but are more than happy to take rhetoric as truth look that far ahead.

    And yet these same people want President Obama to do an unprecedented act by making every single draft of the negotiations public. If they don’t have the wherewithal to understand that rhetoric isn’t fact, how on Earth do they expect to understand complex trade deals and international law?

  21. Trade protection turned England from a backwater state with raw wool as its chief export into a major developed state that produced fine clothing and other textile products from wool. He accomplished this by severely restricting the export of wool from England with high export tariffs and restricting the import of finished woolen products with high import tariffs. King Henry learned this from the Dutch. They copied the Romans. And the Romans got it from the Greeks three thousand years ago. Even the very phrase “free trade” was introduced by Henry VII as something that England should encourage other countries to do while it maintained protectionism.–bring-my-job-home

  22. MSM lies again and some Dems bought it hook, line and sinker.

    This procedural vote for the trade deal that was voted down yesterday is a primer class in how the GOP’s propaganda arm, otherwise known as the MSM (left, right and center) operates to propogate an anti-PBO narrative. They know damn well that the Dems voted en mass to defeat the measure because two provisions involving African-trade and currency manipulation were excluded by Mitch McConnell. They know that these measures have nothing to do with the Warrenites complaints, and they know that once these two issues are resolved there is enough Dem support to pass the fast track authority bill. They know that the Warrenites do not have the numbers to stop the trade deal. But instead of just relaying these rather simple FACTS, the MSM decided to purposefully confuse the public by calling this a “stinging rebuke” of PBO and furthered a “Dems in disarray” narrative that is the MSM’s specialty.

  23. Just left TPV and they have a very interesting theory in the comments. Basically the comment is that the republicans, the MSM and with the help of some dummycrats and EMOS are trying to destroy President Obamas legacy.

    After this I tend to believe it

  24. Here’s the “small print” associated with some of the Obama administration’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) “talking points.”

    “It needs to be negotiated secretly and ‘fast tracked’ to provide flexibility”: If you knew what I was doing, you’d want to burn down the White House.
    “We need this deal to counter China’s influence in the region”: “We” means “we the corporations,” not “we the people”.
    “we will gain millions of jobs directly involved with exports”: In baseball terms: jobs gained-6, Jobs lost-17.
    “95% of consumers live outside our borders”: The majority of these “consumers” live in abject poverty; they can’t afford to buy a Tootsie Roll. But they will excel at doing Americans’ jobs at $0.75 an hour or less, or as virtual slaves.
    “American jobs will be protected*:” Except if that job can be given to a worker in a third world country.
    “We have a positive trade ba…

  25. sorry, but since the start of the “free trade era” in 1980 (the last year the USA had a positive trade balance), the standard of living for 99% of Americans has not increased…..…/Screen%20Shot%202013-03-08…

  26. sorry, but since the start of the “free trade era” in 1980 (the last year the USA had a positive trade balance), the standard of living for 99% of Americans has not increased…..…/Screen%20Shot%202013-03-08…

  27. Another TPP theory was left at the bottom of the “TPP suffers” thread by a guy naned Steve. That was the opposite and basically said that “obama dems” voted on purpose against it as a ruse to convince the Rs to come back with agreement on the amendments and negotiate.

    I read several informative pieces on it and the main players to stop the votes were Reid, S. Brown, C. Schumer and Durbin who all said all week leading up to it that they weren’t going to support it. But those 4 did the work, wrote the amendments, provisions, studies, and whipped the votes against.

    The “public faces” were Warren and Bernie. They spoke about it but the other 4 lead the charge. So now this guy Steve comes along and drops another story, it is the “obama dems” who orchestrated it.

    The weird thing for many was Earnest with the mentioning of “procedural snafu” 10 times in the hour long briefing. What was that about. Something is a foot.

  28. more thoughts on Bernie and the TPP and Warren and grandstanding. Obama said what he said about her and took her down publically, so clearly there is some real snub going on there.

    It wasn’t the group Steve mentioned – the Wyden quote he mentioned is very interesting and I checked it, he did say that.

    McConnel is already caving on issues, I think I read he would agree to two of them but not the 4 of them.

    So there are the warren sanders public face group. The real working group who did the writing and whipping. The “obama dems who kept it quiet group but who lead from within without grandstanding.

    They all voted against it, save one. So why is it WARREN, BERNIE all over.

    I have no dog in this, I don’t care if fast track passes or not and I don’t know what is in the actual bill yet to know if it is good or not but with the amendments it just might please them all.

    Lots of swiss cheese logic to mull over…


  29. I agreed with you 100% until you got to the last bit.

    Hillary would be fighting twice as hard to get her ideas accepted, and as Astaire said – doing it backwards and in high heels.

    She has never been President, yet. Why the gratutious attack? She had nothing to do with this, she left the senate in 2008 and has been in non-political positions since then.

    Leave her out of it until she sees it and weighs in on it. Which will not be until after it comes up for viewing of private citizens, which is what she is.

  30. Lance, the TPP was not defeated. The actual bill is not what they voted on the other day. ALL the DEMOCRATS voted against the bill that was voted on, the fast track, because they are holding out for the amendment provisions they want added to the actual bill which will not come to a vote until sometime in the future.

  31. Why so defensive about Hillary? The inference is clearly (or at least to me) that many Clintonites in Congress will be more agreeable to her than they’ve been with President Obama. There are many who wanted Clinton over President Obama and make no bones about it.

  32. In reply to Sabreen60 (@QueenMerytAmon):

    Why so sensitive about Hillary?
    I wanted Hillary the first time around, but got Obama instead. Fine, he’s proven himself.

    7 years of listening to Obama Derangement Syndrome made me sensitive. Because now it’s morphing into Hillary Derangement Syndrome.

    And we’ll be hearing it through both of her Presidential Terms.

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