Bernie Sanders Is Terrifying Wall Street By Pushing Hillary Clinton To The Left


Wall Street is openly worrying that Bernie Sanders is pushing Hillary Clinton to the left by calling for the biggest banks in America to be broken up.

The Hill reported:

Wall Street is worried that Sen. Bernie Sanders’s vigorous calls for banking industry reform will pull Hillary Clinton to the left, as the two presidential candidates battle for the 2016 Democratic nomination.


Despite the vocal opposition from the business community, Sanders’s ability to activate progressive outside groups could mean he may be able to move Clinton to the left — even if, as conventional wisdom says, he poses no real threat to the former secretary of State’s eventual nomination.

Wall Street should be worried. Former Sec. of State Clinton has already adopted the positions held by a majority in her party on issues like immigration, Citizens United, and gay marriage. Wall Street’s persistent suggestions that Sen. Sanders’s new bill that would break up the big banks does not scare them sound more like they are trying to talk themselves down off of the ledge.

Before Sanders entered the race, Clinton was already moving left, but the difference is that she now has an opponent that will hold her accountable if she tries to run a centrist general election-style campaign during the Democratic primary.

Bernie Sanders is having a large impact on the race for the Democratic nomination. The Senator from Vermont is shaping the debate. He has shown that he is not afraid to up the ante by taking solidly liberal policy positions.

Bernie Sanders is the embodiment, but what Wall Street should really be worried about is the movement within the Democratic Party to the left. It isn’t just Bernie Sanders who is pulling Hillary Clinton to the left. The Democratic Party has moved left. Even if Sanders were not in the race, Clinton would still be moving left.

Bernie Sanders has been a game changer, but the wave he is riding is being powered by millions and millions of individuals whose daily economic pain remind them of the Wall Street caused Great Recession.

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  1. Paul Krugman stated in his most recent column that Dodd Frank is working and is causing the large banks to disinvest – in other words to break up their holdings.

    All the things Bernie is calling for are already happening. It’s not dramatic, it’s systematic. Substance prevails even if theater is wanting.

  2. Be it happening or not, the fact remains that the Banks will fight being broken up tooth and nail.

    Thus Sanders is needed, to help insure that the breakup of the banks movement- keeps going forward till it has been done.

  3. That article says he poses no threat, what “terrifying” do you mean?

    “no chance of passing”

    “The prospects of it becoming law are nil,” said one banking lobbyist, who described Sanders’s legislations as “shrill, bombastic and misaligned.”

    “I fully expect Senator Sanders’s third attempt to break up banks to have the same impact as the previous two: zero,”

  4. And another thing…

    Wall Street yawns at this crap. Are you suggesting Wall Street will go with market crashing Rs instead of the boons they have had under Dems? They aren’t suicidal and are motivated by robust economy provided by Bill Clinton and Obama.

    They will yawn and back her, just like they did for Senate, and for Obama.

    The “warrensandersdeblasio” group are not being taken very seriously by anybody because much of what they say is just wrong or as obama said, self-promotional.

    And they are not moving Hillary anywhere. She was there already, totally!

  5. Persistent and wrong sums it up.

    From the link to Cillizza, who is often critical of her:

    “One of the most persistent tropes of the 2016 election is that some large number of liberals are deeply dissatisfied with the centrist approach to politics long championed by Hillary Rodham Clinton and, as a result, are actively engaged in a search for a more progressive alternative.

    Persistent — and wrong. The truth is that scant evidence exists in any poll to suggest that Clinton is anything short of beloved (or, at the very least, be-liked) by the party’s liberal base.”

  6. Yes, absoloutely the banks will go with economy crashing R’s rather than the dems.

    Maybe once upon a time the banks might have gone with reasonable candidates but the current golden parachute climate of corporate rapists will go with the party that prioritizes legalizing rape and killing children over the party of progressives or even the party of business.

    Most of these bankers got rich by screwing people and lying not by being good at their jobs. So yes they’ll probably back a Cruz or a Bush.

  7. Agreed. Sanders and Warren should keep pushing it in the Senate and push for small bills, as they are, even if they won’t make much ground today – they might someday.

    Dodd Frank is working.

    Bernie has 1% nationwide support, (see Kos odds 5/10/15) he has tremendous support in Vermont though and will be admired for his courage fighting the system. I applaud his efforts.

  8. but

    what about everyone screaming Hillary is corporate and a wall street shill?

    What about the wide-spread idea that Obama had more Goldman Sachs as his administration than the bank breakers?

    There are many sides to every story. Bottom line, Wall Street does love their numbers today, not so much when Bush left office.

    After 47 years there, I kinda know what they like.

  9. here’s a few of dozens like this. I didn’t read every word, and likely don’t agree with them knee-jerk but do know the idea.

    Every side has a story and the bottom line, by very far, of all the candidates she’s the one who will be best for the country and for our economy and those republican big wigs will hold their noses and vote for her. They are “rolling out the red carpet” as one of the articles said.

  10. GOOD!!! The Robber Barons of the 21st Century need to be nervous… they are about to loose their gravy train at the government pig sty trough…
    sorry Banker Boys….

  11. I don’t think even Bernie has any dreams he can win the nomination, but his role is to force Hillary to the left and he deserves our thanks and financial support for this reason alone.

  12. I linked to STATISTICS above about Hillary always being the 11th most liberal senator in history.

    obama was 23, biden was 33rd. sanders is #1

    How left is she already? VERY. Always.

    Go look at her record. She’s got the “I am a liberal tattoo on her heart” when she worked for McGovern in 1972.

    and she was that way, when Warren, their one issue darling, was a republican for 50 years!

    Yet her move0n campaign manager keep saying Will Hillary start to follow in Warrens life long fight.

    Her draft warren campaign manager was shocked to find out that she just became a democrat and just started in politics! I do not follow idiots or sheep who have no idea what they are talking about. And that includeds St. Elizabeth, or Revolution leader Sanders. What a joke.

    I cannot wait for the debates.

  13. Bernie forcing Hillary to do anything is humorous alone. But forcing her to the left is preposterous.

    Forcing Hillary is kinda sexist, donchathink.

    Poor little lady is lost, Bernie will show her the way…. oh please. She is a leader.

  14. And I only bring it up because they are freaking out about Obama standing up to Warren and calling his remarks sexist.

    If Obama can be called sexist by the far left for discussing EW being wrong, then it is ok for me to pull the sex card when Hillary is told she has to be dragged left.

  15. Always tread with caution at that paper, as we have found time and again.

    National and local are two different beasts, of course. And it says right on top that the party has one strong candidate nationally – the cheese stands alone. Coattails matter and hers are wide.

    Jeb, Rubio, Walker vs Hillary. Everything else is noise. The three stooges!!!

    Agree she is a pragmatist. Agree Van Holland suggesting restructuring SS was apostasy, and if any dem candidate does that they should be put out to pasture.

    In the bobble head box it says Bernie will inject UHC into the debate. So HRC doing so in 1993 and 2007 wasn’t injecting? She needs Bernie to tell her what to do and how to think? LOL, they do not know her.

    Hillary has been more than kind to all the people in the party coming up (for many many decades) and has supported every single ladder kicker out there when they were nobodies. No good deed…

  16. I hate how Hillary proxies in the media keep using Jeb as an excuse, ie , “but Jeb deleted emails.”

  17. Nate, Who gives a rat’s ass? She’s gonna be your president. She did nothing wrong.

    PERIOD. Debunked long ago.

  18. We need Bernie’s voice to speak up for the middle class. Support his runfor POTUS!! Check his website for mailing address for YOUR donation. I sent mine in the day after he announced.

  19. Good Wall Street needs to be terrified.

    Wall Street needs to get its priorities straight. The Exchange is for providing financing to business, not to get rich playing the process and not producing anything. Wall Street being afraid of an US Socialist is misplacing their concern, They should be afraid of the Folks that are destroying US Capitalists.

    Adam Smith is rolling in his grave.

  20. Here we go again. There are two parties that most people support: Democrats and TEAlibans.

    There is no reasonable reason for the TEAliban to throw so many Americans off of health care is simply disgusting and racist.

    Yes…racist. President Obama is, he cannot leave office without the TEAliban castrating his most important piece of legislation. The TEAliban are an embarrassment to thinking people.

    We are being destroyed from within by the most greedy people in our history. We need another Teddy Roosevelt to tackle the plutocrats of today. He managed to destroy some of the big trusts without any Constitutional authority–he simply carried a bigger stick than the greedy bunch with whom he had to deal.

    Our present government hasn’t the courage to even try to reign in the people, the TEAliban, who are going to turn this country into a fascist state within the next 20 years or less.

  21. I’m also very excited for the debates. Do you happen to know when they are and which youtube channels I should subscribe to? I’m not American and do not have cable tv….

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