Obstructionist Hypocrite Mitch McConnell Throws A Tantrum After Democrats Block TPP


After Senate Democrats successfully blocked the TPP from advancing, Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor to throw a hypocritical tantrum where he lectured Democrats that blocking bills was not the answer.


After Senate Democrats blocked the trade bill from advancing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said:

What we just saw here is pretty shocking. There are always limits to what can be accomplished when the American people choose divided government. But it doesn’t mean Washington shouldn’t work toward bipartisan solutions that make sense for our country. Trade offers a perfect opportunity to do just that.


The Senate has historically been the place where our country debates and considers big issues. This is an issue worthy of our consideration. It doesn’t mean we can predetermine outcomes. It doesn’t mean we can even guarantee the successful passage of legislation once we proceed to debate it.

But blocking the Senate from even debating such an important issue is not the answer.

Senators who do so are choosing to stand with special interests and against the American jobs that knocking down more unfair trade barriers could support.

This the same Mitch McConnell who as Minority Leader in 2012, blocked his own debt ceiling bill. The Mitch McConnell, who is decrying obstruction as Majority Leader, openly, and gleefully shunned bipartisanship since President Obama took office.

How did McConnell explain his years of obstruction?

He blamed Democrats for everything.

Majority Leader McConnell’s desperation is growing by leaps and bounds. McConnell needs to pass a major piece of legislation. The vote to advance the trade bill demonstrated that the Kentucky Republican can’t govern. Democrats blocked the bill from advancing because the Majority Leader continues to insist on playing by his own rules.

The bottom line is that McConnell is not only an obstructionist hypocrite. He is also quickly becoming a failed Majority Leader.

Jason Easley
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