Obstructionist Hypocrite Mitch McConnell Throws A Tantrum After Democrats Block TPP


After Senate Democrats successfully blocked the TPP from advancing, Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor to throw a hypocritical tantrum where he lectured Democrats that blocking bills was not the answer.


After Senate Democrats blocked the trade bill from advancing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said:

What we just saw here is pretty shocking. There are always limits to what can be accomplished when the American people choose divided government. But it doesn’t mean Washington shouldn’t work toward bipartisan solutions that make sense for our country. Trade offers a perfect opportunity to do just that.


The Senate has historically been the place where our country debates and considers big issues. This is an issue worthy of our consideration. It doesn’t mean we can predetermine outcomes. It doesn’t mean we can even guarantee the successful passage of legislation once we proceed to debate it.

But blocking the Senate from even debating such an important issue is not the answer.

Senators who do so are choosing to stand with special interests and against the American jobs that knocking down more unfair trade barriers could support.

This the same Mitch McConnell who as Minority Leader in 2012, blocked his own debt ceiling bill. The Mitch McConnell, who is decrying obstruction as Majority Leader, openly, and gleefully shunned bipartisanship since President Obama took office.

How did McConnell explain his years of obstruction?

He blamed Democrats for everything.

Majority Leader McConnell’s desperation is growing by leaps and bounds. McConnell needs to pass a major piece of legislation. The vote to advance the trade bill demonstrated that the Kentucky Republican can’t govern. Democrats blocked the bill from advancing because the Majority Leader continues to insist on playing by his own rules.

The bottom line is that McConnell is not only an obstructionist hypocrite. He is also quickly becoming a failed Majority Leader.

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  1. Pinhead Mitch had Boehner’s example as Speaker of the House to learn how to master the the art of non-governance in a divided government…

    ~the Padwan has learned his lessons well and is now the master~

    now serving the dual Emperors… the Koch Bros

  2. I’m confused…didn’t McConnell deliberately start do this immediately after Obama was elected?

    If so, lets give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he has Alzheimers like Reagan did.

  3. What was that you said Bitch, about being able to deliver? I think you and the other 46 asswipes who sent the letter to Iran, already planted that seed in the minds of many! Go choke on it.

  4. This puzzles the heck out of me. Isn’t this Obama’s trade deal? Didn’t fellow Democrats block and defeat it? Isn’t that the story? What does anything Mitch says matter in the slightest.
    For what it’s worth, I am happy it failed.

  5. Why? Do you have a single solid fact to support your opposition? Most GOP hate it because of the labor and environmental protections, the rights taken BACK after the debacle of NAFTA.

    Now we have zip and have to live with NAFTA for years to come. And oh yes – you might want to READ the first version that no one would advance either – S.1900 at Thomas.loc.gov Pretty good bill from what I’ve read OF it as opposed to the fearmongering ABOUT it.

  6. Church lady, you’re telling me that this TTP thing would have replaced NAFTA? That is news to me. North American Free Trade Alliance I thought was mainly us and Mexico and maybe Central America. Everything about TTP is about China, and Vietnam. I didn’t think this trade agreement would have erased NAFTA.

  7. I haven’t made up my mind yet on this bill, but I have to say seeing that lying sack of neck jello bluster, makes me quite happy.

  8. Hail Eris!

    Every participant in NAFTA (including Canada) is part of the TPP, so the TPP would effectively nullify NAFTA. My concern about the TPP is that Harper wants it, and that man should only get removed from the PMO. Nothing else that he wants.

    Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

  9. If the Republicans were for it, it couldn’t be good for America. The one time they sided with Obama and it had to be this lipstick covered pig of legislation.

  10. First, the democrats blocked the bill because of procedural not the bill itself. Democrats wanted to add the 2 other bills (crack down on currency manipulation and trade preference for Sub-Sahara) with the 2 bills McConnell wanted to vote on.
    It’s not just the repubs who being hypocrites. Dems aka Sherrod Brown talking bout “PBO was disrepect to Warren by using her first name.”
    F**ked seriously? https://twitter.com/samsteinhp/status/598211702224728064
    Thanks to the obama diary for breaking down the BS from the msm and dems/repubs who playing politics and making this personnal. And not about the trade bill itself. And good for PBO and his administration for staying neutral and letting senate work it out. Thanks to politicus for just stated facts something we rarely see these days. No matter what side your readers stand on the issue.

  11. Its scary when McConnell has been obstructing for son long, this is new to me now. He is actually throwing rocks in a glass house when he does not get his way. So he is tasting victory on this TPP, there has to be a catch for him and his cronies in business. That is all it is. they are bought by the corporations lol

  12. NAFTA is a much bigger stain on Bill Clinton’s legacy than the one on Monica Lewinsky’s dress. TPP is NAFTA on steroids! If it passes it will totally obliterate anything positive that Barack Obama hopes to claim for his own legacy.
    Right now, all I want is to know what’s in it before it advances or, for sure, before it’s finalized. Don’t you? Do you trust the corporate folks to look out for your best interests? I don’t! We elected people to do that but they’ve ceded that authority to their corporate masters. Now, our elected representatives can’t even read it except in a classified room in the Whitehouse basement ….. and they can’t even keep any notes or talk about it.

  13. Every piece of Prez Obama’s agenda has been positive for America and a good learning experience for Bitch. I can’t help but wonder, what royal screwin’ has Prez Obama laid out for the roaches in this bait legislation for uncle pruneface? This type of thing is exstasy to these suckers. He’s got me guessing on this one.

  14. If I knew nothing else about this trade deal(and I know plenty), I would know that it is truly a bad deal simply because McConnell says it will help the middle class… and we all know that what Mitch says, the opposite applies.

  15. “I have been able to go to a special, secured room. I can’t take any electronic devices, no computer, no iPhone. I can’t even walk out with paper notes. I can go and read about the agreement but I cannot come out in public and talk about any of the specifics. The press can’t see it; the public can’t see it.”-Elizabeth Warren

  16. Mitch seems to think that his insanity and hypocrisy has gone un-noticed.
    We know who you are Mitch, we know who you represent, we know who you’re against and we know that you can’t govern. The fact that you agree with the president on this bill is more than reason enough to block it…..

  17. The TPP was defeated in the Senate by Republicans who know better, but hate Obama so much they would rather hurt the USA than give Obama a victory, and by Democratic Senators who are really ignorant and don’t know any better. Chinese money may have has something to do with it since they were not in the TPP and did not like it.

    Protectionism is the progressivism of fools. Gandhi was a great statesman but a horrible economist. Just as the ignorant in the USA argue that American workers who earn $15 per hour should not have to compete with Chinese workers who make $2 per hour, Gandhi thought that Indian workers should not have to compete with American and European workers who have the benefit of modern machines. As a result India adopted protectionism. In 1947 the per capita income of India was similar to countries such a South Korea. By 1977 the per capita income and standard of living in South Korea was ten times that of India.

  18. Republicans attempt double-cross: Wyden says forget about it
    Here’s email I received this evening from Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon). Wyden made a real effort to salvage something from the TPP by changing the ‘fast-track’ procedures. He thought he had a deal, which surprised me, because I have said all along that the Republicans can pull this off on their own – considering the money-media power of the Republican National Committee.

    I did think that Senator Wyden had valid points to make and what he was trying to do made some sense. But today’s GOP has no principles and no honor: their only value is money, nothing else.
    Read More

  19. I watched his speech on c-span. All can say if Mitch is mad I’m GLAD. Pay backs a B***h. Mitch.

    However I’m sorry for all the terror on our Country they have all bestowed on all of us to bow-down to the MONEY GODS.

    I also saw a Rep. John Duncan R- Tenn, state that he felt our problem for infrastructure failures was BIG GOV. fault for the high cost of repairs and improvement. No it is these CONTRACTOR CO. doing shoddy work for low bids and less over-site. Think about how after the Great depression, how Hoover dam was built by unemployed citizen were put back to work by GOVERNMENT.

  20. churchlady, you did not read the bill. It is still not open to the public. They did not vote on TPP yet. They only voted on TPA and they will vote on it again after changes.

  21. When NAFTA was formed there were labor and environmental protections as well. The way it was approved was by separating the main body of the bill and the provisions – which is what they are doing again, it seems.

    It must be in the body of the laws to make it enforcable. NAFTA had all the right stuff in it but unfortunately, it was not written to enforce the separate provisions against foreign countries.

  22. KARMA!

    Orgasm – That moment when you actually get to witness Karma kicking the ass of the person who invoked it

  23. That sounds so dramatic. It isn’t. It is the way all deals are conducted when the details need to be worked on without leaking. The ACA was private, all classified reports, you’d think she’d be used to it.

    Competition between countries causes the need for details of each part of the deal to be hidden from the others.

    It has been explained elsewhere.

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