White Religious Conservatives Feel Persecuted But They’re Not the Ones Found Hanging from Trees

mike huckabee
It seems we’re surrounded by idiots. I’m sure you have had that same sensation in certain situations, the feeling that, “Everyone else is an idiot!”

I mean, it’s great that conservative blogger Michelle Malkin recognizes that Mike Huckabee is “a lying crapweasel,” but this is only because she doesn’t think he is conservative enough. And isn’t this really just a case of one crapweasel calling out another crapweasel?

And Richard Cohen may be right when he writes in an op-ed for The Washington Post that “Rush Limbaugh is the dumbest man in America.” I am certain he would find many who agree. I might put forward other candidates, but I don’t know how hard I would argue the point.

George F. Will, who has his own way with words, wrote of Huckabee that, “There Is One Word For Huckabee’s Stances: Appalling.” And I agree. But why does it have to be George F. Will who makes this observation? Why don’t Democrats use terms like “appalling” when referencing their Republican counterparts? It has the virtue of being accurate.

We should say “appalling” more. And apologize less.

Republicans, and their policies both – Huckabee being only the tip of the iceberg – ARE appalling. Ted Cruz is appalling. Rick Santorum is appalling. Rand Paul is appalling. Ben Carson is appalling. Marco Rubio is appalling. I cannot think of one of them that is not. Any one of them would gladly run for president of the Confederate States of America.

America is as racist as can be and this fact becomes daily more evident, and when Michelle Obama dares point to what is an irrefutable fact, she is subject to a conservative freakout that provides ample proof that she is right. How is it that they don’t see this? How does the mainstream media not see this? YOU see it, right? I see it.

Glenn Beck, who is pretty sure he is going to be murdered in his bed (the question is, “when, already?”) because “Anyone that people would rally around and follow, they were killed — day one,” despite the fact that nobody would rally around him, says white religious conservatives are the real victims, not black people like Michelle Obama:

“The religious that are mocked on a daily basis and belittled. Yeah, we’ve never felt that. We don’t know what it’s like.”

Right. And when was the last time we found a white religious conservative hanging from a tree?

And, well…you say appallingly stupid things, Glenn. Michelle Obama only has to be black. You can keep your tongue behind your teeth. She can’t change her skin color.

Even your own George F. Will is calling Huckabee “appalling” after all. But believe it or not, Beck – the guy who claims Republicans are “today’s civil rights leaders” while they busily take away everybody’s civil rights – is actually accusing the First Lady of dragging us back to the Civil Rights Era:

“We are not the country of Martin Luther King’s time anymore. We are being dragged back to those days.”

Arguably, we never left. MLK would still be a busy man today were he alive. Because Republicans. It is not white religious conservatives being kicked in the face by black men that trouble our nation’s streets.

Michelle Obama, it is safe to say, as a result of pointing to a racism that is clearly still endemic in this country, has been called everything but white.

As Cohen pointed out, “This is hardly the first time Michelle Obama has come under attack from white critics who infer — think about it — that she has no right being black.”

That was the deranged and semi-official white people conclusion of Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity on Monday:

Beck (and Coulter and Hannity) has surely seen all the black folks in Ferguson and Baltimore and elsewhere, actually taking Billy clubs to the head, and worse. But he worries that he and his fellow “new civil rights leaders” will be taking Billy clubs to the head.

Hello. There are people already taking Billy clubs to the head, and they’re not white bread like you, Glenn.

And then we have Carrol Mitchem, who is the chairman of the Lincoln County, North Carolina, board of commissioners, who shows he doesn’t understand the concept of “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” when he says religious minorities don’t get to pray at government meetings:

“A Muslim? He comes in here to say a prayer, I’m going to tell him to leave. I have no use for (those) people. They don’t need to be here praying to Allah or whoever the hell they pray to. I’m not going to listen to (a) Muslim pray.”

Oh those nasty people who think they have the same rights you do, just because the Constitution says so. How dare they!

This is why Thomas Jefferson said of his Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, “the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mahometan, the Hindoo and infidel of every denomination” were meant to be included in “the mantle of its protection.”

It was from people like Mitchem – and Huckabee and Beck and Coulter and Hannity – that the Constitution was meant to protect us, from the tyranny of the majority who trample the rights of the minority, a phenomenon the Founding Fathers watched with horror after our defeat of Great Britain.

So if you feel like you are surrounded by idiots (And maybe Malkin’s “crapweasels” is the better term here) it is because you are. We are.

We few. We sane, rational few.

45 Replies to “White Religious Conservatives Feel Persecuted But They’re Not the Ones Found Hanging from Trees”

  1. When I was quite young, I remember reading a novel called “The 27th Day”. What stands out is that life on Earth was saved when someone reconfigured a potential weapon of universal destruction so that it killed only all the mean people on the planet.

    Fifty-nine years later, I’m still waiting.

  2. Denouncing them for their bs and persecuting them are two VERY different things!

    But the victimization is used to ensure unity within their ranks…

  3. Yes, in their minds these Christian Social Conservatives are being persecuted for not being able to deny civil rights and show disdain, hatred and bigotry to other people. The people that look different, act different, pray different and don’t agree with them.

    Yes, calling them out on their bigotry and prejudice to them is being persecuted.

  4. I read another article this morning that Christians are down 7% since 2007. Geez, I wonder why. Biggest drop is among the young. I guess they see the hypocrisy the older folks seem to miss.

  5. Here is Beck’s nightly prayer (he claims) as reasoning that he’s going to be murdered. In reality, he sounds just like Jim Jones preparing his cult followers for his “White Night drills” (probably copped the prayer off an old Jones’ recording since Glenda’s histrionics bare no originality).

    “Beck said. “— this is what I pray every night: ‘I don’t know how to do this, Lord. I don’t know what you want. I don’t know — I don’t know what you want.’ I can’t wake up anyone. Oh, if I had the voice of an angel. I can’t wake anybody else up. They’ve smeared me. I’ve helped them smear me. I don’t have any credibility. Nobody is listening. I can tell you what’s coming. I’ve told you every step of the way. I know what’s coming next.” [Right Wing Watch 5/10/15].

  6. Don’t you think you should at least wait to hear the autopsy results [Snipped]
    [Off-point quatsch]

  7. Oct 2012 – Strange Fruit of Delaware: 2012 Lynchings
    Posted on October 1st, 2012

    Mississippi Hanging Death Raises Lynching Specter

    Now A Lynching? 17-Year Old Black Teen Found Hanging From Child’s Swing Set In NC Mobile Park (VIDEO)

    You need to stop your white privilege nonsense from writing checks your ass cant cash

  8. Not one Christian in Today’s America- has been:

    A) Had a burning religious symbol placed on their lawn.
    B) Been afraid to go to church for being a christian.
    C) Prevented from worshipping their god.
    D) Killed for being a christian.
    E) Denied employment for being a christian.
    F) Shot at for being a christian.
    G) Imprisoned for being a christian.

    But somehow, they still feel that they are the only one being persecuted in America.


    Not being allowed to discriminate or persecute someone else- is not persecution.

  9. Ahh…list well taken, but, isn’t that what they are actually trying so hard to accomplish?


    Because they, the Shmuckabee brand christians, haven’t any of the above listed atrocities to their name. And therefore, they have little to no real street creds with others who have.

    That is why they are so very laughable, yet deranged, which makes them dangerous.

  10. The Huckabee Christians are fearful and awaiting the rapture to solve all of their problems. Keeping the masses in line and taking their money they can ill afford, by preaching eternal damnation to them has always been the message of the radical fractions of religion. Protestant, Catholic and Islam, etc.

    You need to look no further than the way they treat the Pope of Rome when he teaches love for all mankind. Love is not in their vocabulary only greed and power. This does not sound Christ like to me.

  11. Hail Eris!

    So try turning it into an opera. That way, someone might get some entertainment value out of it…As it is, white Xian conservative whines are kind of vinegary.

    I’m not the messiah, I’m a very naughty boy.

  12. The more they whine on about being persecuted, the more ridiculous they look. They show their hypocrisy to the world and wonder why people are laughing at them. Revealing that you are an idiot or a bigot in public and then being called on it is NOT persecution.

  13. Jinmichigan- No the Christlike Christians are still here, they just do not identify with the new brand of xtains.

    Remember the the ones who scream the loudest fear-mongering gets the attention of the the uninformed.

  14. Yeah, and it’s okay for Jewish people to talk about the Holocaust all the live long day without anyone telling them they just imagined racism, or telling them to shut up about their experiences as a persecuted people.

    I just want to know what it would take for the Black race to obtain total equality in America and around the world?

    After being stolen from their lands, chained and enslaved, forced into labor and building up America without benefit of personal gain or rewards, forced to nurse white babies with black breasts, forced rapes, kidnapping black children from their parents and on and on.

    After all that, and many more atrocities and inhumane treatment Blacks have endured, what will it take for some White people to stop the hate?

    I think about Rodney King’s honest, childlike question all the time.

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

    Yes, we could if it weren’t for some people.

  15. 41,000 “Christian” denominations!! Now, who has the problem with unity? Northern Ireland is still building some impressive concrete walls to block out their “Christian” brothers. Hate is the common denominator that fuels these Christian people.

  16. That sounds like a really cool weapon.

    My question is, whose standard do we use to decide who is mean? I think it is mean to call Glenn Beck appalling, whereas the author has a differing opinion.

  17. “But the victimization is used to ensure unity within their ranks”

    A tactic Obama has used very effectively. Whenever someone challenges him on his ability to do the job of President, his defense has been that those critical of him are just racist.

  18. Lets “now” make all of these “religious” control freaks “feel” that they are being extremely “persecuted”!!! Starting out by “taxing” (persecuting) all of these “religious”, bullshit, con-artist, (organizations) straight into their very own deepest pits of burning hell!!! And “if” that doesn’t make them “all” feel like they are (then) actually being “persecuted”; I’m sure that we can easily adjust our “persecution-policies”. Just for them. In my opinion.

  19. You actually asked a very good question, “…what it would take for the Black race to obtain total equality in America and around the world?”

    You would think having a black man in the White House would be indicative of equality, apparently not. So what is the standard? What has to happen before we can announce equality has been achieved?

  20. So apparently it has been determined that I won’t be the one deciding who is mean. Yet you didn’t answer who it should be.

  21. I am a Christian, and I value my right to worship as I choose. I also understand that there are other religions being worshiped in this country. That is the melting pot of our great country. To each his or her own. Religion, however should be kept in its proper place, in our lives and places of worship, not in our state capitals or the federal government. I wish all these so called Christians on the right, would open their eyes and see that this country was founded on keeping church and state separate. No one religion should ever be forced on anyone of another religion. These Right wing dingalings, have done soooo much damage to the world’s perception of Christians, that it will take decades to over come it. The right needs to learn the Constitution of this great country and sit down and shut up!

  22. You and I will have differ opinions about Obama and how well he has done his job. Regardless of the issues the typical response to his critics has been that they are racist. There is no substantial argument refuting the criticism, but merely a charge of racism. This attitude is one that implies that anything Obama does is above reproach, so the only retort possible to the criticism is a charge that the critic is a racist.

    It is much like the author of this article in which much space is given to calling conservatives idiots, stupid, or appalling, but giving no effort to explaining what it is that makes them idiots, stupid, or appalling. That is unless merely having a differing opinion makes them so.

  23. So 52 straight months of job creation the most in US history is a bad thing? Proving affordable health care is the work of the devil? Try telling another of your Reich wing brethren that: Meet South Carolina’s Luis Lang, the latest victim of Obama Derangement Syndrome endemic to red states. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/health-care/health-care-challenge-blog/article20696283.html

    I know this got your draws tied in a knot. Unemployment has dropped from 10.1% in October of 2009 to 6.1% and projected to reach 5.4% by summer of 2015.

    The Federal budget deficit is shrinking. It’s been reduced by two-thirds since 2009.

    The $1.4 trillion federal budget deficit that Obama inherited in 2009 was in a large part due to the high rate of unemployment. When millions of people were put out of work in 2008 and 2009, it resulted in far less income taxes and less economic activity to generate federal revenue. As ten million people have been put back to work, there have been billions more tax dollars generated. As a result, the deficit has been shrinking each year. The 2014 deficit is projected to be around $500 billion, the smallest deficit since 2007 and roughly 1/3 of what it was in 2009. Bad President Obama


  24. Stop gunning down black men would be a start. Stop restricting our right to vote that would help. Stop demonizing us with your racist attitudes concerning welfare since whites receive the most. And to top it off put the rest your condensing racist thoughts that since a black man was elected America is no longer a racist society.

  25. Persecuted perhaps not. Attacked yes. Have you not read what most say on this site about Christians?
    Completely Oblivious !!

  26. I believe I know what you are referring to when you speak of gunning down black men, I have no idea what you are making reference to when you say that black members of our society have been restricted in their right to vote. I am aware of the Black Panthers intimidating voters in a recent election, but as I recall they were intimidating white voters, not black. They were even backed by the United States Attorney General.

    I am not sure how you believe blacks have been demonized concerning welfare.

    The point of my post was to ask the question, how will we know that equality has been achieved? Is there a objective measure, or do we just have to wait for the aggrieved parties to tell us the goal has been reached?

  27. See you need to get out of the fox bullshit and do some research. The black panthers intimidating voters? I guess holding a door open for some old lady is scary Fox News obsessed with lone Black Panther
    Fox News has featured several segments today on Jerry Jackson, who was charged in 2008 for voter intimidation, although the charges against him were later dropped. Jackson was spotted outside a Philadelphia polling place Tuesday morning, and Fox News confirmed Jackson is a designated poll watcher.

    Election officials in 27 states, most of them Republicans, have launched a program that threatens a massive purge of voters from the rolls. Millions, especially black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters, are at risk. Already, tens of thousands have been removed in at least one battleground state, and the numbers are expected to climb, according to a six-month-long, nationwide investigation by Al Jazeera America.

    At the heart of this voter-roll scrub is the Interstate Crosscheck program, which has generated a master list of nearly 7 million names. Officials say that these names represent legions of fraudsters who are not only registered but have actually voted in two or more states in the same election — a felony punishable by 2 to 10 years in prison.

    You got to me on meth!! Reagan welfare queen, John Fund Thinks Demonizing Welfare Recipients Will Be A ‘Great Polarizing Issue’ For Republicans http://crooksandliars.com/heather/john-fund-thinks-demonizing-welfare-recipi
    The Return of the Welfare Queen

    Republicans are launching a class war with racial undertones—and hurting the poor whites they’ll need to win in 2014. http://www.nationaljournal.com/magazine/the-return-of-the-welfare-queen-20131212
    Please tell me you are not this ignorant. Please!!!

  28. Thank you, DJ.

    Bill, exactly what DJ said.

    Not that anything I added to what djchefron said would change your mind anyway.

  29. Oh man…Mr “Bill” pulled you right off course, right off topic…

    I suggest that as soon as he starts the off-topic script, reply “OFF TOPIC” and warn other commenters so that he may be properly “shunned”.

    Then, when “Mr Bill” returns with another screen name after being publicly called out, call him out again, as he has no shame nor humility.

  30. As I was taking out trash all day, I wasn’t even aware of you until now.

    The weapon had been designed by aliens. When properly configured, it detected neurological and electrochemical traits associated with cruelty, malice, rage, and a lust to domineer, and it blew out the connections.

  31. Herein is the problem. Racists have spent so much time calling Obama, persons of color, non Christians,women, Latinos, less than equal, that they forget that that classism is a form of racism and are shocked when they are exposed as racists!
    They are more appalled when the rest of us single them out from other members of their own! That is called a bias and usually comes from experience!
    Be a racist and quit whining! Most folks know you are!

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