32% Of Republican Voters Think The U.S. Government Is Trying To Take Over Texas


A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on May 13th finds that 32 percent of national Republican voters and 50 percent of Republicans who identify with the Tea Party believe that “the government is trying to take over Texas”. The national survey of 685 likely Republican primary voters suggests that the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory, which claims the U.S. military is conducting military exercises as a precursor to invading Texas, is being taken seriously by a significant portion of the GOP electorate.

The belief that the government might invade Texas is especially strong with Republican voters who back a Texas Republican for president. 76 percent of Republicans who support former Texas Governor Rick Perry for president buy into the conspiracy theory. 56 percent of Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s supporters also believe the government is planning to take over the Lone Star State. By contrast, less than 1 in 5 Jeb Bush supporters thinks the Jade Helm 15 training exercises are a prelude to invasion.

To be fair, 40 percent of Republican voters do not think the government is planning a takeover of Texas and 28 percent are “not sure”, despite the fact that many GOP politicians, including Senator Ted Cruz, have entertained the conspiracy theory, giving it a veneer of legitimacy.

Cruz’s stance has made him popular with Tea Party Republicans. 79 percent view him favorably compared to just 13 percent of Tea Party Republicans who hold an unfavorable opinion of him. However, with Republicans who don’t identify as members of the Tea Party, Cruz has just a 38-34 favorable rating.

The Jade Helm conspiracy theory exposes the conflict within the Republican base between the establishment wing and the Tea Party insurgency still brewing within the party. While most GOP voters distrust President Obama, there is a difference between Republicans who have concerns about his leadership, and those who think he is literally plotting to impose a martial law dictatorship in the state of Texas.

Republicans vying for the party’s presidential nomination will have to decide which wing of the party they plan to represent. Common sense suggests any candidate who wants to win a general election should steer clear of the right-wing conspiracy wing of the party. However, the strength of the conspiracy wing within the GOP primary voting base suggests that a common sense candidate may not make it to the general election.

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  1. Wow! They really are that stupid. It just boggles the mind. And when the ‘invasion’ doesn’t happen, these same idiots will claim it’s because the conspiracy was exposed. I mourn for our country if Faux and conspiracy sites have this much influence.

  2. this is why the rest of the world continues to laugh at America. these rightwing idiots have done so much damage to this country here at home and on the world stage. please make it stop. is it 2016 yet?

  3. There is less and less difference between the various wings of the GOP. One can only differentiate them by where their craziness is most evident, but they are all crazy.

  4. being the sicko commie socialist union thug i am, i would rather go to war against these anti everything i stand for cowjerkoffs in tx, than anywhere else. we are in a neo confederate cold civil war, arent we? only austin is worth a damn, and it should be walled off like berlin, and we’ll just air drop to our comrades…

    no really, without tx, we would be light years ahead in the commonwealth that the usa was supposed to be…


  5. And from the OH NOES not that again file:

    A Bushism already –

    “Rewriting history is hypothetical.”
    Former Governor Jeb Bush

  6. Desperation is setting in, none of the “huge conspiracy theories” have panned out, what if the crazies realize they’ve been taken by scammers selling them guns, ammo, gold/silver, bugout bags(hilarious). They found their niche of suckers. Oh no, nothing happened!

  7. They make ’em bigger and STUPIDER in the one-brain cell state

    Texas ranks
    #1 in illiteracy
    #46 in education

    Just think of all the federal $$$$ flowing into those military bases, so they’d have a vaey hard time functioning without the BLUE states paying their way

    Yee Haw!!!

  8. We could try giving TexASS away, but nobody will want it. The only solution is let them go on their own, close all military bases, and government facilities, including the Johnson Space Center and build a 30′ thick 40′ high border wall around them to keep them out.

  9. That poll has many pages of data and scrolling through it all, I think it said among the Tea Party identifiers it is 50% o them who believe the government is going to round them up.

    Seriously. I have never been there and now never want to go.

  10. ROFLMAO:

    In 2012, author Mark Vogl also said that Texas “won’t even have to fight back” and that U.S. forces will “get tired and go home.”

  11. When I flew into Austin, it did feel like going into West Berlin which I did before the wall came down.

    If we get rid of Texas, the rest of the states would enjoy a much higher average IQ and we’d enjoy more federal $$$.

    They’re a MOOCHER state.

  12. This is why a goper doesn’t stand a chance in hell of winning a national election. 30%? Yup, it’s the same 30% that will vote for the devil as long as he has an R behind his name. Thank goodness for the 60% with some semblance of sanity.

  13. I sympathize with the sane Texans. I know that these fringe lunatics are embarrassing the hell out of them. I sympathize because, I too, live with a hell of a lot of nuts who can’t see past the smoke of Gays, God and Guns! Let’s not paint the entire state of Texas as nuts. There are some good people there who know they are surrounded by idiots. They also have good food and killer blues!

  14. That has been the South from before the Civil War, it is just as steeped in ignorance as it always has been.

  15. I think the Tea Party is having some fun with those pollsters. Tea partiers have a great sense of humor.

    Ever lied to a pollster and hung up and laughed? Don’t hurt none…

  16. I live in Texas and when I read that the army was going to lock up the crazies in the abandoned Wal-Mart I got really excited. Sorry to hear it is just a conspirancy theory!

  17. Robert, no. I answer honestly. I think you are just trying to distance yourself from your people. Embrace them, they are yours, they’ve told you Bill was a bad president, my wallet disagrees. They told you they have no morals. Palin’s clan with their “limosine hummer” and drunken brawl vs Chelsea and Marc with Charlotte. You don’t think they believe it, they sure as hell do. Those people have signs that say GOD HATES and fill in the blank. We are talking about Texas, Bush and Perry country. Oil men with too much money and no care for anything but more money.

  18. Time to close all the military bases in Texas. Let some other states reap the economic benefits the bases provide to the towns next to them.

  19. Sssshhhhh! Don’t let this get out – but Preziedent Obamie is gonna use the Ahmy women to invade Texas. Figures that’s all he needs – a bunch of women whos angry that Texas healthcare has a bunch of white men telling em what kind of care they can git – specially, their women parts. SSSSHHHH! Keep this under your hat. [WINK]

  20. Now watch some right-wing noodle head pick up what I just wrote and spread that as fact. Shesh!

  21. You don’t think they believe it, they sure as hell do.
    Quite possible.

    And according to a National Geographic poll, 77% of the population believes in the stealth capabilities of aliens and believes there are signs they’ve visited earth… and 55% of Americans think government agents show up and threaten people into silence when a UFO sighting is reported. (Wow!) Now I’ve planted sunflowers outside in a pattern that spells *STUFF IT*, so that UFO’s – or the black helicopters – can find me more easily….and I haven’t spotted any of these little critters or automatons yet…so I’m not a believer ….but if I disappear someday you’ll know why.

    I have a better poll question for Americans.

    “Which would you trust more…. the U.S. government …. or an elevator ride with Ray Rice ?”

    There’s a broader policy question that arises from Jade Helm 15 that everyone is overlooking. Too bad we’re not getting past the ad hominem to the principle.

  22. so PERRY gets 1% of Voters and 76% of those think we are invading Texas……LOL They probably also think they talk to GAWD.. personally every day..

  23. It is so disturbing that we cannot fix Stupid. Don’t these imbeciles know that Texas already is part of the United States? Someone needs to tell them. Personally, I think we should remove all government installations and bases and all companies remove whatever business they want to out of Texas and then kick Texas out of the Union. It would be so much cheaper for the rest of us and those installations to move them to smarter states. Come hurricane season, tornado season, etc., they can take care of their own problems. We don’t need those idiots.


  24. We’ve been trying for years to fix stupid. How? By Mandatory Seat Belt Laws, and Mandatory Helmet Laws, along with Speed Limits, Drunk Driving Laws, and such.
    (All of which drive imbeciles to ‘show up’ the government by going against those laws).

    Alas, it’s not enough. Perhaps a ‘Limit-on-how-much-volatile-gun-powder-stored-in-the-privacy-of-your-laundry-room’ law is needed?

  25. Well Charlie When the economy crashes and your up a creek without a paddle then you might wake up and see what is going on. I honestly hope it does not but all indicators show it must and then your going to see what some of the people are talking about. The govt. knows that most people have there head in there ass and don’t know what is going to happen until it does , thats exactly what they want. Keep a open mind, just like the great depression and the housing crash nobody ever thought that could happen either.

  26. At this point I WISH the government WOULD invade Texas… if only someone could figure out how to lop it off and give it a shove into the ocean. They could finally have their Libertarian seasteading island, there to canabalize one another without interference from us bleeding heart liberals.

    Shut up. I can dream.

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