Fox News Responds To Being Called Out By Obama With Even More Racism

Fox News responded to being called out by President Obama by suggesting that poverty would be solved if African-Americans would stop being lazy and go get jobs.

Yesterday, while participating in a roundtable about poverty, President Obama called out Fox News for spreading lies about the poor.

President Obama said, “I mean, I have to say that if you watch Fox News on a regular basis, it is a constant menu — they will find folks who make me mad. I don’t know where they find them. They’re like, I don’t want to work, I just want a free Obama phone — or whatever. And that becomes an entire narrative — right? — that gets worked up. And very rarely do you hear an interview of a waitress — which is much more typical — who’s raising a couple of kids and is doing everything right but still can’t pay the bills.”


Fox News responded by doubling down on racism and falsehoods about poverty.

Video via Media Matters:

Fox News’s Stuart Varney blamed President Obama’s policies for poverty. Varney said, “I think the president is spinning the failure of his own policies, and I think he is blaming us, and I think we are an honest messenger.Look at food stamps for a second. We’ve been asking why is that after six years of so-called recovery there’s still twelve million more people on food stamps today than when the president took office. Surely, that’s the failure of the president’s policies. What about Obama phones? Why is it that we’re giving away thirteen million phones after six years of recovery. Why are we doing that?”

Varney then trotted out the favored Republican attack of accusing President Obama of creating a culture of dependency.

The “Obama phones” program was not created by President Obama. “Obama phones” came from the administration of George W. Bush

, via a private company created with grants during the Clinton presidency. The statutory authority for the program dates back to FDR and Woodrow Wilson. In other words, there is no such thing as an Obama phone.

By the way, the majority of food stamp recipients are white. Red states also use the most food stamps.

Steve Doocy added, “The speech yesterday was all about poverty. If you don’t want to be poor, usually, you wind up with a job. , that is the answer, but if you look at the black unemployment rate, it’s staggering.”

In 2014, the United States government estimated that 10.6 million workers were poor. These people have jobs, most of the time more than one, yet they are still poor. The simplistic conservative answer to poverty is based on the assumptions that poor people are lazy, and that jobs pay enough to lift workers out of poverty. Doocy took it a step beyond by trying to link the African-American unemployment rate to a willingness to get a job.

Fox News was doing all of the spinning. They were trying to cover up the fact that their audience is more likely to receive government benefits than African-Americans. The propaganda spewed by Doocy and Varney was not only racist and classist. It was also 100% factually incorrect.


People aren’t poor because they are lazy, but blaming others while slumming in the worst stereotypes is the Fox News way.


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    • A few weeks ago, the story of a company named Gravity Payments was all over the news and internet about the CEO Dan Price raising the minimum wage of his employees to $70,000.

      Videos showing a whole lot of extremely grateful employees deeply disturbed me.

      Because out of all those very happy employees, I never saw one Black person's face in any of the videos about the company and Mr. Dan Price.

      Maybe I missed something.

  • And the standard mantra from those who have never had to work for a living, who have never had to go those who have-:Get a Job!

    ORLY? Perhaps we should've stopped exporting them all.

    • You touched on my biggest pet peeve sir, exporting American jobs, and this practice continues unabated. Now with so many things made overseas, so many American companies cannot compete with those that do. It sounds impossible but this can be stopped.

      • Not to mention that many Americans cannot compete with the vastly underpaid 'illegal immigrants', because we would demand at the very least a minimum wage.

        Now does everyone understand why Republicans HATE Immigration reform?

        • The minimum wage is actually the starvation wage. Hence the need for foodstamps.
          But remember: Faux Snooze only averages about a million viewers. Its reach is actually miniscule, so it's up to pols like Sanders, Clinton and all the other Dems with any kind of soapbox to hammer home the fact that minimum wages MUST be raised. The economics are with them -- the more money the currently poor have to spend, the more it circulates in the economy, the more stuff gets sold, the more businesses earn.
          It's so damn simple, really!

      • I'm willing to bet they can compete against the overseas companies. I wonder just how much profit goes into the CEO's pocket that could go towards living wages? It's an old, old theme. Big business hates labor. Always has, always will. BTW, labor is people.

  • One would expect nothing more of the fake news talking
    heads on an entertainment for bigots show. And we're
    supposed to be surprised?

  • I wouldn't have expected anything less from those at Fox "News". They will never take credit for the hate and lies they spew on a daily basis. They are a big part of what is wrong in America today. Unfortunately, you will always have some people who believe that Professional wrestling and the so-called "news" that Fox "News" spews out as real.

  • Food stamps? While it is true that the majority are whites, hello whites that is what known as a dog whistle blame blacks, the problem is most people on food stamps work The Majority Of Food Stamp Recipients Are Now Working-Age Americans

    Pay a living wage but that would mean cutting welfare for the corporations that doofus and friends ball wash all the time.

    Stuart Varney? Take your ass back your where you came from. Watch: A Billionaire Brilliantly Schools a FOXNews Host on Taxes
    That’s the last time conservative FOX News host Stuart Varney is going to invite self-made billionaire Nick Hanauer on to his show.

    In this clip, the truth-wielding billionaire passionately dispels every one of the conservative host’s rehearsed Republican talking points with truth, facts, and reality, even teaching him a lesson about American values and what it means to invest in your country.

    • That fox guy is a complete Idiot....and they won't shut their damn pie hole long enough for any one else to say anything.What are they afraid of ???? HHHMMM

  • someone should explain to these people that correlation does not prove causation...

    people don't have jobs so they want to be poor isn't proof of anything...

    its just two events occurring together... if washing your car actually caused it to rain then we'd be washing cars 24/7 in California... the mind remembers two things in concurrence but doesn't remember all the other times you washed the car and it didn't rain...

  • The folks at FOX News do realize that over the 6 years all their hatred of the president, race baiting, and bashing the poor is on tape right?

    • I don't think they believed anyone would bother to check! I'm impressed at their level of gall; how they lie and deny regularly and with ease.

      Must be a job requirement.

      • I'm more surprised they get so many viewers to believe their lies...Then again I'm also surprised people still watch Jerry Springer.

      • Hail Eris!

        Remember, FOX owns the movie rights to the FF (or else that new FF movie would be set in the MCU, which it won't be, sadly), so that re-casting of Johnny Storm as a black kid is partly about giving F'N some cover, as well as getting the black audience in to pay to see a FOX movie. I'm thinking it's going to backfire, badly, because the black fans of the FF (and they're out there) are likely to be turned off by the blatant pandering (since they know perfectly well that the Human Torch is a white kid, who's fully enjoyed the attendant privilege, without realising just how privileged he is, on top of the privilege generally enjoyed by superheroes), while the non-fans have other movies to see. Ant-Man, for one.;-{P}

        Full explanation of current Marvel movie rights:

        Money often costs too much.

  • I just can't understand why it is impossible for them to understand that most of our poor work and work hard for very little money. What we need are middle income jobs but our manufacturing jobs are gone, our government jobs have been slashed and Republicans refuse to invest in our might mean making corporations and rich folks cough up some of that money they have hoarded in off shore banks where it isn't circulating through the economy.

    • Ijust can’t understand why it is impossible for them to understand that most of our poor work and work hard for very little money.
      Because it's the easy (lazy)way out of having to face that their own Conservative Mindset- is a lie. They tell themselves that they've worked hard to create their riches (that their parents got by screwing over the working class) by being born into the right family.

      If they faced reality- they'd might be required to give up their privilege.

    • kbeth - it's not that they don't understand, it's just that they don't gave a damn, my dear.

      They have an agenda to privatize and dismantle every government program under the sun. All they're doing now is marketing to imbeciles who are eagerly lining up to buy into what they're selling simply because they put a Jesus sticker on it. They call it "Biblical Capitalism" - Google it.

  • Do they ever consider all the folks on Social Security. Including Fox Faux News parents and grandparents. All people on Food Stamps are not black people or people in low poverty. There are people on fixed incomes, disability, and Mental Health that are probably the majority. They have cut an spun the hell out of Social Security, Mental Health and Social Security disability. We all know you cant live off that alone. So, you have alot of elderly people receiving food assistance because their monies go mostly to medication and daily living expenses. Why don't I ever hear about this.

    • Mitt Romney let the gop agenda slip in '12 - remember 47% takers? He included us disabled on ss, disabled vets, seniors that have paid in all their lives,even their own parents. They want to turn America into an elitist-run, deregulated mess. The Koch congress is only interested in legislating based on the wants of the big money feeding them tidbits to fight over.

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