Jeb Bush Breaks Campaign Finance Laws By Admitting That He’s Running For President


jeb bush running for president

Jeb Bush’s admission that he is running for president while heading up a superPAC means that Bush is breaking the law, and the federal government must immediately investigate his illegal fundraising operation.



Bush said, “I’m running for president in 2016, and the focus is going to be about how we, if I run, how do you create high sustained economic growth.”

Jeb Bush didn’t just let the cat out of the bag. He broke the law. Jeb Bush is listed as the founder of the superPAC Right to Rise. Candidate Bush can not legally be involved or coordinating with any superPACs. The second that Jeb Bush admitted that he was running for president, he was in violation of the law.

However, as Reuters reported, Bush’s entire fundraising structure appears to be an illegal operation that is violating the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002, “Under a little-noted provision of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, if a candidate or officeholder or their proxies is directly or indirectly involved in “establishing, financing, maintaining or controlling” an outside entity, like an individual-candidate super PAC, it is illegal for the super PAC to receive or spend contributions that exceed the limit on contributions to a federal PAC of $5,000 per donor per year.”

On the surface, this appears to be silly. Jeb Bush is running for president. Everybody knows that Jeb Bush is running for president. Bush has done everything but declare his candidacy. The reality is that Jeb Bush is running an illegal fundraising operation the scope of which has never been seen in American politics before.

The mainstream media is too afraid to say it, but Bush’s statement that he is running for president was more than a slip of the tongue. It was an admission of illegal activity.

IF the American people want their representative democracy back, they must call on the FEC to immediately investigate the fundraising activites of Jeb Bush.

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  1. Anyone surprised raise your hand.

    Good thing we don’t have a functional FEC who was asked to check this out months ago.

  2. Wait. I just listened to that and he said I’m running in 2016 but then he said “if I run” and he could easily explain it away and say he plans to run sometime in 2016 and there is no conflict.

    They are deadlocked.

    Of course he’s running. But you know how rules are with some people.

  3. republicans are constantly committing felonies. No one get’s prosecuted. in a couple of days, this will be completely forgotten.

  4. He hasn’t declared he’s running, and the literal quote out of his mouth was, ” I’m running for president in 2016…” This is 2015. Legally, you’ve got nothing.

    Having said that, if the progressives can hound him out of the race before he even starts, go for it. No conservative wants Jeb Bush anywhere near the White House.

  5. Hillary has 3 pacs coming out this week. One is Priorities USA (obama’s pac)

    Two is Correct the Record which will be a not-for-profit after it reorganizes, (Brock)

    Three is Ready Pac blue nation and Carville among others, I forget who but that was Ready for Hillary and is now a pac

    She is allowed to be in touch with correct the record under whatever organizing they will use but not the other two, I believe.

    She isn’t stupid. She will play by the rules as she is wont to do anyway, even when they aren’t looking.

    Jeb is slime. He always looks creepy to me, greasy and puffy and dumb.

  6. We don’t have to hound him out the race that would be your crazy Uncle Ned from Iowa
    Jeb Bush is attending a RedState gathering in August instead of participating in the Iowa Straw Poll, which is causing some consternation among Iowa Republicans, reports Jennifer Jacobs:

    In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann told the [Des Moines] Register: “We hope Governor Bush rethinks his decision and realizes that grass-roots will only grow in Iowa if he waters them. The RedState Gathering is a four-day event, and other candidates have already indicated that they will be attending both. We don’t buy this excuse and neither will Iowans.”

  7. The Iowa straw poll is the biggest Pay-to-Play scam going. The candidates pay 40K or more for a tent rental and a microphone and they have to katow to all powerful, who gives a crap, Iowa.

    They won’t vote for him and their vote don’t count anyway. They often don’t pick the winner. He isn’t going to get far there with his panderings to other states.

    Last time they didn’t declare a winner then they got it wrong then it was – count the vote hanging chad time… cheaters.

  8. The link above is to CBS but it was covered all over in March and frequently in major news sources since, about the watchdog groups filing against him and the others and yes, everybody knowing he is cheating.

    He is a Bush. That’s what they do.

    Diebold. Chads. I’ve had a few elections stolen from me after my candidate deserved to win. It sucks. And they are sure as rain going to do it again and again.

    Volunteer to be at the polls and WATCH them like hawks.

  9. This just made my day
    College Student to Jeb Bush: “Your Brother Created ISIS”
    Mr. Bush, the former governor of Florida, had just concluded a town-hall-style meeting when Ms. (Ivy) Ziedrich demanded to be heard. “Governor Bush,” she shouted as audience members asked him for his autograph. “Would you take a student question?”
    Mr. Bush whirled around and looked at Ms. Ziedrich, who identified herself as a political science major and a college Democrat at the University of Nevada.

    She had heard Mr. Bush argue, a few moments before, that America’s retreat from the Middle East under President Obama had contributed to the growing power of the Islamic State. She told the former governor that he was wrong, and made the case that blame lay with the decision by the administration of his brother George W. Bush to disband the Iraqi Army.

    “It was when 30,000 individuals who were part of the Iraqi military were forced out — they had no employment, they had no income, and they were left with access to all of the same arms and weapons,” Ms. Ziedrich said.

    She added: “Your brother created ISIS.”

  10. Lol..thanks for sharing that. THIS is a perfect example of why the GOP does not like education! This young woman just proved old Jeb wrong.

    Kudos to her!

  11. Great kid.

    The only people fooled by his lies are the people who do not yet know how to google and who watch FOX.

    The other day Greta Van Sustern was blaming obama for not clearing jade helm up and trying to calm Texas voters. He is supposed to tell them Fox is lying to them, according to her and he is telling them the truth. I am sure they will believe him after they were told he is a muslim socialist kenyan out to destroy them with his usurpation of the army – by FOX!

  12. And in other campaign news………
    Carly Fiorina stiffed staffers on her last campaign. For four years.

    For more than four years, [Carly Fiorina] was a deadbeat and didn’t pay the bills she owed for her Senate campaign. She only settled these outstanding debts just before she jumped into the 2016 race.
    Until late last year, Fiorina was close to $500,000 in debt from her 2010 run, nearly all of it in unpaid compensation to campaign staffers and outside consultants, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

    This is from the business genius that ran Hewlett Packard into the ground

  13. This is getting old. It’s been what, an hour or so, but Jeb Bush is once again feeling the need to clarify his stance on the Iraq War. By God he’s going to keep doing this until he finds a way to make everybody happy.

    Reporter: “What’s the way forward in Iraq, sir?”
    Bush: “I think we need to re-engage, and do it in a more forceful way than—the president is very reluctant for whatever reason to make a clear commitment that we should have kept, you know, 5,000, 10,000 troops there. There’s been success since we reengaged.”

  14. Jeb must be taking lessons from his brother. I still see the farce of “mission accomplished.” Dad used to say,”if you can’t sing, shut up.”


    Bush Crime Family = Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) subject to prosecution under the RICO Act for persistent political fixing at the highest levels of United States electoral politics. The sources of Bush’s campaign funding and expenditures should be subject to Asset Forfeiture the same way it would be for a Drug Dealer given his operation’s persistently running afoul of the election laws in this country.

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