Republicans Spit On Women’s Constitutionally Protected Freedom By Passing Abortion Ban Bill

Paul Ryan, John Boehner
The Republican series on how to incentivize rape while claiming they don’t have a war on women continues. The House of Representatives has voted 242-184 to pass a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The votes split along party lines with just four Republicans voting against it, one voting present, and four Democrats voting for it.

Like the “At least he doesn’t beat you” mantra, Republicans are selling their new way to incentivize rape with this heady qualification from Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), “This has a much less punitive substance to it. It’s important that when we look at the care of women who are in crisis, that we make sure they’re totally taken care of.”

Less punitive! Thanks, Republicans. But wait, by “take care of”, Republicans mean making things harder for rape victims and putting women’s health at risk. After all, this is the redo from the January debacle wherein Republicans tried to deny abortion to rape victims unless they had filed charges with law enforcement.

The new bill, put forth by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), makes it ever so slightly easier than the old bill on rape and incest victims. Republicans apparently feel that rape and incest victims need extra obstacles before being able to access their Constitutionally-protected right to privacy and liberty over their own bodies.

Furthermore, as Congresswomen Julia Brownely pointed out on the floor as she tried to protect women from Republican showboating, the GOP bill puts women at risk as written because it does not protect the long term health of the mother:

“My amendment would ensure that nothing in the bill would prevent a woman from terminating a pregnancy after 20 weeks if her health were at risk. Only 1.1 percent of abortions performed in the United States occur after the 20 week mark. These rare procedures are often the most medically difficult and dangerous cases, where women – and many of whom want to be parents – are faced with impossible decisions. As it is written, H.R. 36 would force a doctor to wait until a condition becomes life-threatening before performing an abortion. It shows no concern for the long-term health of the mother, her future ability to bear children, or her right to make her own medical decisions. It ignores that there are very real – and serious – reasons why a woman may need an abortion later in pregnancy.”

It’s kind of hard to argue that you are pro-life when your bill would actually serve to render some women infertile, if not kill them. Unless Republicans are arguing that women are not people.

So, the new bill is less on the side of rapists than the previous bill, but this is not saying much coming from the party that is making a habit of trying to pass legislation that will incentivize rape.

Although, and here’s the odd thing, under Trent’s new bill, a minor seeking an abortion still needs to have law enforcement contacted. So if a girl is raped by her father and seeks an abortion, she will have no choice but to have law enforcement involved, which will severely diminish the number of girls who seek an abortion after being raped.

This seems like it would disincentivize rape, but according to statistics, it would do the opposite. Rape is a drastically underreported crime with an average of 68% of assaults in the last five years not even being reported, with only 2% of rapists ever serving a day in prison for rape.

Given that 73% of rape victims know their assailant, fewer girls will come forward to request the medical help that they are entitled to under Trent’s bill, out of fear of reprisal. And of course, Republicans tried in 2013 to give rapists the power to stop their victim from having an abortion, in just another bizarre episode in a series of Republican attempts to incentivize rape.

Who can forget the Republican attempts to “redefine” rape, so as to make the women sound guilty or their attempt to turn rape and incest victims into criminal exhibits, thus denying them the right to an abortion by criminalizing the ending of a pregnancy?

The “new” bill, which is a lot like these old bills in that it restricts freedom and liberty for women and girls while further exploring the Republican love affair with a fetus that ends abruptly at birth, also seeks to ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and requires women to receive medical care or counseling at least 48 hours before an abortion, but prohibits both services from being performed by her regular ob/gyn.

Handy, eh?

Of course, the Senate will most likely be the speed bump, but what this bill represents is important. It is not only yet another shot at the Supreme Court’s ruling that a woman is legally entitled to an abortion until the fetus is viable, but is is also part of an ongoing series in the Republican war on women. This series is the part where they incentivize rape and punish women and girls who are raped.

If that’s not war, what is?

41 Replies to “Republicans Spit On Women’s Constitutionally Protected Freedom By Passing Abortion Ban Bill”

  1. It wont make it out of the Senate and while they spit on a women right to chose in the end it don’t mean a thing.

    Hopefully though women are paying attention. You are nothing more than chattel to the Reich

  2. What we have here ladies & gentlemen, are the GOP’s abundance of OBGYN’s in congress. What about everyday people? This has nothing, wait a second, this has nothing to do with why you were elected. The people need jobs embiciles. Jobs!

  3. Yeah, I’m with you guys; this is bad law. I always thought Roe v Wade got it about right.

    1) The first trimester it’s nobody’s business but the woman.

    2) The third trimester the fetus is viable. Gotta carry to term.

    3) That awkward 18-22 week window could be decided state by state.

    This was the perfect compromise because it pissed EVERYBODY off.

  4. Rep Franks-R from Arizona is on cspan lecturing on this bill. He sounds like a preacher. Funny how the reich wing want control over a woman’s uterus. Bring back the 50’s when thousands of woman died from self induced abortions. He’s using emotional words like: pain capable babies instead of fetus, babies instead of a fertilized egg….I only wish they passed bills that would help all people of color, religion, and the poor! Why…..they hate women, people of color, anyone who is not Christian, and the poor!

  5. They are going to lose, so let them keep pretending they are men and understand pregnancy, rape, incest, abortion, menses, gyn exams… and all the rest a woman can weigh in on and a doctor or legal person can weigh in on. But those neanderthal shut that whole thing down men, should stick their noses elsewhere and leave it alone.

    Amazingly, that poll today came out with Hillary evenly divided among males and females. Some of the candidates had far more men etc. but not the woman. Now why is it that men and women both approve of her the same?

    It is because women don’t vote with their vaginas they vote with their brains.

  6. “It’s kind of hard to argue that you are pro-life when your bill would actually serve to render some women infertile, if not kill them.”

    Don’t be silly. Of course they are pious and holy and only concerned for the voters, um, I mean wimmens.

  7. In 10 yrs. you will see a WHOLE lot of men saying “I WANT MY WIFE’S RIGHTS TO BIRTH CONTROL/ABORTION BACK”

    My wife can not work for extra income anymore, she’s to busy with all the children we have, and now she is only going to sleep with me if she wants to make a baby. (sarc)

  8. When a Congressperson’s daughter is raped and impregnated, things will change. Any volunteers?

  9. They dont care about jobs, the Koch congress is there to infringe on womens rights to “put them back in their place”. They have also been bought into office to de-regulate environmental protections inorder to pollute our country.

  10. I wonder if John Boehner made kissy-face puckers when he gaveled this one … these people are all disgustingly voyeuristic and they have no shame, make no pretense about their prurient obsessions.

  11. You may be right about this not making it through the Senate – but in the meantime, how many hours, how much money have these faux legislators wasted with this kind of prurient law-making. Hey, if you’re a pervert and you know it, just run for the US House of Representatives (or any state legislature) and get your kicks while you pull down all that tax payer financed benefits and that golden parachute pension … Egad, America is a wonderful country …

  12. The original compromise in Roe vs. Wade was done because you can only evenly divide 39 weeks of pregnancy, measured from Last Menstrual Period(LMP), by either 13 or 3. Three was easier than thirteen, and it fit in with the standard medical trimester system for pregnancy. If they had been scientific about it, the Supreme Court would have split it into a 26 week period and a 13 week period. Even back then it was known that serious fetal viability only occurred after the end of the 26 week of pregnancy measured from LMP.

  13. It does not have to be that extreme. The younger generation may have a better understanding about women than the parents who are Representatives do today. As time passes some of these Republicans may be voted out of office. Eventually there many be enough voted out of office that bills such as this one do not make it out of committee.

  14. I really cannot believe they are totally ignoring the problem to be begin with rape. Who made these people holier then thou. Keep the Roe v Wade that women fought for that right. Like someone earlier posted.. it has to happen to one of their family members for them to see the light!! Wake up Republicans!!

  15. I think that might be exactly what we all said in the late 60s. In fact we were insisting our generation would be instrumental in causing the same things we are fighting today to become things of the past.

    Has it been 50 years wasted? No.

    One step forward, two back. March on.

    If you stop they win. And teach your children well, as CSNY said.

  16. Statistically many of the congress critters have been raped or have had their family members raped. They see the same world we do but to keep their powerful jobs they have to be hypocrites and live their personal lives one way and cast votes the other.

    If they didn’t push for vagina laws the far right religious nuts – and there are lots of them – wouldn’t vote.

    Suggesting rape be committed is not cool.

  17. Republicans get abortions. They are gay. They are raped. They are on food stamps. They sign up for obamacare. They go to public schools. They work at minimum wage jobs. But then they watch Fox and forget who they are -regular people with real life experiences. And then they vote for the Koch brothers who are he’ll bent in keeping themselves rolling in the dough.

    Some are rich but many are poor and do not vote in their own best interest.

  18. The “Constitutionally Protected” part is what drives ME nuts – this should be settled law by now: WOMEN ARE CITIZENS
    Fetuses are NOT. And there is no way for them to become citizens, OTHER THAN BIRTH.

    How these Unconstitutional limits on a legal abortion, can be the only thing Republicans in this Congress deign to legislate, is completely beyond me – they should all be publicly horsewhipped, for wasting the country’s time, energy, and MONEY, on such veto-prone legislation. The President will never sign this, even if the Senate proves itself determined to agree that women are State-owned incubators.

    If we’re going to ‘ban’ anything, it ought to be any and every discussion which even HINTS at ending women’s sexual and reproductive agency, in Congress.

  19. Oh, they’ve got a jobs plan, alright…it involves creating the Uterus Inspection Bureau, the Women’s Purity Committee, and the Pregnancy Incarceration Centers they plan to build nationwide.

    They’ll be hiring lots and lots of folks to go door to door, inspecting maxi pads for possible spontaneous abortions; more folks to determine whether or not the girls in every household have entered menarche, and folks to shoot little chips into your daughter’s forearm, which monitor her for pregnancy, and report to the government if she conceives without authorization. And of course CPCs will need millions of new employees, and those pregnant Jezebels who don’t register with one immediately, will steadily increase the numbers of wardens and guards necessary for keeping them incarcerated until they deliver.

    Don’t forget the millions of folks who’ll be employed by adoption agencies, to perpetuate the human trafficking industry.

    Oh, they’ve got a DANDY jobs plan in the works, you b…

  20. Rick Perry’s Refusal to Expand Texas’ Medicaid Program Could Result In Thousands of Deaths
    Lack of insurance will certainly mean more deaths. How many more? Approximately 9,000 a year, according to Dr. Howard Brody, director of the Institute for Medical Humanities at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Brody calculated that figure by extrapolating from a recent Harvard University study published in The New England Journal of Medicine that found that states that expanded Medicaid saw a 6.1 percent reduction in the death rate among adults below 65 who qualified for the program. In a recent op-ed in the Galveston Daily News Brody wrote, “This means that we can predict, with reasonable confidence, if we fail to expand Medicaid . . . 9,000 Texans will die each year for the next several years as a result.”

    So which one is the greater evil and while you are thinking about please provide the link I ask you for yesterday

  21. Boy did you get that right…Gosnell is absolutely the poster child for the Reich-wing Pro-ILLEGAL-Aborts.

    They want all abortion to be as dangerous for a woman as it is for her fetus, and nothing less than total compliance with their “Two choices: Gestate or Die” policy, will satisfy them.

    It’s just icing on their fascism cake, that gestation is 14 TIMES MORE DEADLY for women, than a safe, legal, early-term abortion.

    Republicans: The party of two deaths for the price of one.

  22. Billy, nothing will change – the pro-illegal-abort politicians whose daughters (or wives, sisters, mothers, cousins, etc.) get unwillingly pregnant, will just nod and smile, and write a check for an airplane ticket to Canada, and the legal abortion she’ll obtain there.

    As always, abortion restrictions only affect women without the means to avoid them.

  23. The population explotion and the demand for goods will continue until it is NOT sustainable.
    The people have to eat and have basic needs provided, with out those things there is turmoil.
    Females having children that can not be provided for is only asking for more trouble.
    Every child deserves to be born to someone who wants/loves/ & can care for him/her.

  24. I keep a copy of the Constitution on my desk & in my desktop on the ‘puter. I looked again & failed to see any part of it that protected women’s right (?) to murder their own kids. Just because you say it,doesn’t make it so.

  25. So you are FOR murdering blacks and black females through abortion, but letting anybody come into the US illegally. Makes perfect sense !

  26. So, Mr. High and mighty Moloney, because Women’s rights are not mentioned in the Constitution, their rights should not be considered? They should always live under the heavy hand of some male? should go around bowing and being under control by some male? Calling them Master?
    You are an a–
    I have no Master!!!! except my God which by the way will never be a living male….
    My deceased Husband tried, never succeeded.

  27. I am for a women’s right to choose,however killing a baby at five months is really awful. At five months the baby is borderline viable. Also at five months a child can feel pain.if a women wants an abortion she should do this in the first three months unless the life of the mother is at risk.

  28. You ever see a five-month fetus? You ever see a fetal monster? Just an illustrated Dorland’s Medical Dictionary can creep you out about the latter in terms even you can understand.

  29. What you just said does not deserve a response. I imagine many are shaking their head in amazement at such a statement.

  30. When speaking of people like the Koch’s, people with billions, I wonder how much is enough? When do they finally think, I have achieved the state of being a BILLIONAIRE, I can now stop! and maybe do some good for a change?

  31. Its like selling crack. No matter how much you sell, how many goods you acquire its never enough. You always see when they get caught and you say damn, you made millions and you was still in the game why? Because its the game.

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