Scott Walker Humiliates Himself By Getting Basic American History Wrong

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his non-campaign campaign team continue to find new ways to embarrass themselves. Today’s lesson in failure got a fact of basic American history wrong.

Team Walker tweeted:

The problem with Walker’s tweet was that they were off by 97 years. The first settlers did arrive in May of 1607, but 2015 minus 1607 is 408, not 505. With this kind of math is no wonder that Scott Walker has driven the Wisconsin economy straight into the ground. Team Walker later corrected their math error by calling it a Twitter typo.

Blaming their bad math skills on a typo without admitting that they did anything wrong is typical of the Republican mantra that mistakes are never to be admitted.

Gov. Walker has been dodging and hiding out from the national media for months after a series of high-profile gaffes put the brakes on his early presidential campaign momentum. Walker has seen his lead slip in Iowa and New Hampshire turn into a free for all. Scott Walker is the preferred candidate of the Koch brothers, but he has quickly developed a reputation for opening his mouth and inserting his foot.

Walker has shown himself to be equally inept at foreign and domestic policy, and the gaffe that drove him underground was his comparison of ISIS to a computer virus.

Scott Walker can’t handle doing interviews with the media, and tweeting is a real problem. The man who thought that he could ride to the White House by comparing labor unions to ISIS is looking more and more like Sarah Palin with each passing day.

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