Scott Walker Humiliates Himself By Getting Basic American History Wrong

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his non-campaign campaign team continue to find new ways to embarrass themselves. Today’s lesson in failure got a fact of basic American history wrong.

Team Walker tweeted:

The problem with Walker’s tweet was that they were off by 97 years. The first settlers did arrive in May of 1607, but 2015 minus 1607 is 408, not 505. With this kind of math is no wonder that Scott Walker has driven the Wisconsin economy straight into the ground. Team Walker later corrected their math error by calling it a Twitter typo.

Blaming their bad math skills on a typo without admitting that they did anything wrong is typical of the Republican mantra that mistakes are never to be admitted.

Gov. Walker has been dodging and hiding out from the national media for months after a series of high-profile gaffes put the brakes on his early presidential campaign momentum. Walker has seen his lead slip in Iowa and New Hampshire turn into a free for all. Scott Walker is the preferred candidate of the Koch brothers, but he has quickly developed a reputation for opening his mouth and inserting his foot.

Walker has shown himself to be equally inept at foreign and domestic policy, and the gaffe that drove him underground was his comparison of ISIS to a computer virus.

Scott Walker can’t handle doing interviews with the media, and tweeting is a real problem. The man who thought that he could ride to the White House by comparing labor unions to ISIS is looking more and more like Sarah Palin with each passing day.

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  1. Well.

    This ‘math error’ certainly does explain a lot of Republican Budget Spending- doesn’t it?

    Perhaps this American History was covered in the class he didn’t attend when he dropped out of college?

  2. The GOP, in a disastrous ideological corner Chait: Yesterday, [CNN’s] Chris Moody asked several Republican presidential candidates one of the most revealing questions of the presidential campaign so far: Who is the greatest president alive today? Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump all named Ronald Reagan, notwithstanding the fact that Reagan, at least according to the liberal media, is no longer alive. – See more at:

  3. But of course he’s Alive!!!

    Saint Ronnie (peace be unto HIM) is alive and well in Heaven where was taken upon the back of an Angel after he finished his second term!

  4. “The Republican mantra that mistakes are never to be admitted…” Boy howdy, is that ever true. When was the last time you ever heard a republican politician confess that they were flat out wrong about something? They simply can’t do it, because that would mean they might have been wrong about other things and then where would they be? The GOP is a lot like religion: neither institution will admit that they could ever be wrong about anything, because then their house of cards would begin to crumble.

  5. DJ, they heard the question wrong, or whatever excuse it was that Jeb gave for saying he (and Hillary!) would have invaded Iraq, too.

    That’s the ticket. We thought you said dead or alive…


    Did you see this from Media Matters?

    “In a May 11 article published in the NRA’s magazine and on its lobbying website, the gun group wrote, “Whether or not she understands the Second Amendment, Hillary Clinton disdains and distrusts that freedom,” and claimed Clinton “wants control over every aspect of your right to keep and bear arms — so she can deny it at will.”

  6. This guy actually sat down, opened his computer, and spent time writing a post about a math error done by the intern who runs Scott Walker’s twitter account.

  7. This women actually sat down came back online and didn’t provide the link she was asked for earlier

  8. They are just numbers, people.

    Numbers have no more reality than anything else in the Reichwing world…..

  9. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has observed Erica in ‘action’.

    I am reminded of Dan Quayle’s “Mr. Potatoe-head” moment. Wherein Dan Quayle didn’t know the correct spelling of potato, because his cue card was misspelled.

    I guess we cannot trust Scott Walker to know when things are incorrect eh?

  10. She’s comin for our guns ma. Time to get ready and stock up for the militia, it says so right here in our monthly NRA magazine.

  11. That is because he thinks education is not important and is cutting all the programs. A perfect example of what happens when you are ignorant, and you want to run for president?

  12. Without Koch campaign funding this buffoon would just be another presidential wannabe who knows he hasn’t a
    ghost of a chance on election day. The roaches don’t care if he’s poor at math just as long as he does their
    bidding when they buy the oval office. We can’t let that
    wet dream of theirs cum true.

  13. Yes!
    There were Native people in this continent, and there was large group of people named the MEXICA, that learned to speak Spanish as early as 1539.

    They had been and still continue to cultivate the land in the Southwest as they had done for centuries before that.

    This country has been Brown since the beginning (it may blow his 2 neurons!)

  14. I actually am disgusted with myself for saying this, but I almost agree with Erica on this.
    1) This hardly constitutes what one could reasonably call humiliation.
    2) In the greater scheme of things, it is irrelevant.
    3) And here is where I am sure Erica would disagree with me, it might be fun for us to make fun of the neanderthals of the GOP, but it does nothing in terms of defeating them when it comes to election time.

    Walker is plenty dangerous, whether we want to believe so or not, and sometimes, by spending a lot of time making fun of him or the others, we may tend to overlook that fact, thinking nobody would vote for such an idiot.

    But ther are plenty of people who will and with enough money backing him, he can win other votes as well.

    Forget things like this, or even that he didn’t graduate college (a mark of honor with the GOP base). Go after his policies. There is enough there to use.

  15. Japa, you are right. Surprisingly he is polling very high, he is pretty much in first place. And this in all seriousness, is going to be grueling till the bitter end. It always is a fight to the death.

    And although he is a joke to us, he is not to the voters on the lunatic side of the fence.

  16. Walker is an equal opportunity employer. He hires the mentally challenged and just the plain stupid, cause heck the Koch’s did it for him…….or maybe they just bought him.

  17. So he missed it by 97 years. 98 percent of the population have no idea of the date unless its your major in college and even then they would miss it. So trivial it should be a trivia quiz.
    Hell, Maxine Waters had no idea when the Revolution War was. Or where Mars is.
    Who cares?

  18. Hell, Maxine Waters had no idea when the Revolution War was. Or where Mars is.

  19. Behind those slow eyes is an even slower brain; supported by the slow minded people who voted for him; wake up wisconsin.

  20. Ahh yes. Before making a statement its this thing called a calculator or you can use your finger and toes

  21. Why would he spout off dates if he didn’t know them in the first place? Was he attempting to brag about the bounds of his ignorance? Wise people know when to keep their mouths shut. The ignorant do not. I’m probably misquoting a bit but, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”.

  22. I didn’t mean it as crackers as in the southern ancestor cowboy types.

    I meant it as mentally cracked up crazyfolk.

    No offense to southerners or crazy people intended.

  23. When you’re criticizing people for stupid you shouldn’t start your sentences: “With this kind of math is no wonder that…”

  24. I would expect this from Cruz and Republicans from states that don’t believe in Science and Math and think math is Satan’s witch craft but I didn’t know those Republicans were also in Wisconsin…And this guy thinks he can manage a budget??

  25. Russ Feingold is in for 2016 Senate race
    Feingold made his announcement in a video that was provided in advance to The Huffington Post. In it, he cites issues near and dear to his heart, like taking on corporations and big money in politics, as his justification for running.
    “People tell me all the time that our politics and Washington are broken. And that multi-millionaires, billionaires and big corporations are calling the shots,” Feingold says in the video. “They especially say this about the U.S. Senate, and it’s hard not to agree. But what are we going to do? Get rid of the Senate?

    “Actually, no one I’ve listened to says we should throw in the towel and give up—and I don’t think that either,” he adds. “Instead, let’s fight together for change. That means helping to bring back to the U.S. Senate strong independence, bipartisanship and honesty.”

  26. What a pathetic response, Dean. Apparently you like our elected officials to be stupid. Explains the red states.

  27. When I listened to W I didnt think Americans would vote for such and idiot. Well I was wrong and I agree that Walker is a moron, a dangerous moron and a KochRoach. Beware.

  28. The majority of Americans did not vote for bush. He was installed in a Judicial coup with the aid of his brother Jeb and then Sec of State Katherine Harris

  29. You’re happy now troll? Now tell us what has Walker done for Wisconsin lately and in your infantile mind why he should be President

  30. When you’re criticizing people for stupid you shouldn’t start your sentences: “

    The person who wrote that ain’t running for President.

  31. djchefron – Well, I guess they all misunderstoodermerated the question. Just like Jeb Bush is trying to claim he misunderstood the question from Faux News about invading Iraq knowing what we know now.

    I think Reagan is the answer to the question “What president was best able to tell “A LIE” that allowed him to avoid all responsibility?

    I forget how many times Reagan replied “I don’t recall.” when answering questions about the Iran-Contra Affair.

  32. And that’s the problem. I have no problem in calling people dumbasses. I wish our so call media would do the same, but they wont “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair.

  33. Dad was right “If you can’t sing, shut up.”
    Jeb is in trouble with the Feds over campaign funds.

    Maybe it’s 2 down 8 clowns to go/

  34. Not so much a history error, it’s the basic math error that would worry me when he is the one making changes to the budget.

  35. Wow, is this all you have on Walker? A typo? Any major political issues, or are you just running your mouths again? Also you forgot to criticize his bald spot. That makes him a bad president too, right?

  36. No. If your dumbass would do some research then you would know how he is destroying his state. But being a dumbass you don’t want to know the truth

  37. I live in Wisconsin so I know first hand what he has done for our economy. The billions of dollars of debt he faced in this state when he was elected has been replaced by a surplus. Look it up shitbrain.

  38. Key word: projected. That means what the JS thinks will happen (whatever they want, really) Who would trust them anyway? They published a thirty paragraph article on Walker’s bald spot, and criticized him because of it. That’s called grasping at straws. And if Walker’s math needs work, then your grammar needs more. “You wasn’t any Marine” Really? That’s third grade grammar. So who’s stupid. You aren’t worth arguing with because you won’t use reason. And by the way Moongrin, there is no such thing as a goddamn ex-Marine.

  39. Yes there are ex-marines.

    They’re the ones who got themselves a less than honorable discharge.

    Et Tu?

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