Democrats Go On Offense, Tell Millennials Republicans Are Not On Your Side


Democrats are on the offense and will be holding Republicans accountable for their votes on the GOP budget with an aggressive “Republican Accountability Project: Diplomas Not Debt!” campaign.

In a conference call held Thursday with reporters, Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), said that the DCCC will go after Republicans, reminding millennials that Republicans want to them “to walk off the stage with debt, not a diploma.”

Congressman Luján charged that Democrats will be informing students, “Republicans are not on your side.” He added, “House Republicans have prioritized tax breaks for special interests over funding for federal student grants and other programs.” Luján said if people need proof, just look at the budget Republicans just passed and that nearly all House Republicans voted for. It is “an assault on college affordability” and Pell Grants are in jeopardy.

This isn’t just talk. A DCCC aide informed me that Democrats are going to stalk (my word) Republicans with their budget votes over the next month. As Republicans who voted for the GOP budget speak at high school and college graduations in their districts, the DCCC will use paid and earned media to ensure that students and families are aware that those Republicans voted to make college less affordable. Democrats will target students where they are, with ads in campus newspapers and even on Pandora.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), Chair of the Future Forum, said, “Not a single Republican is going to tell the truth about what they are doing regarding debt for students.” Swalwell elaborated that much of the student loan debt is federal debt, which means that Congress is in position to do something about the problem — specifically Congress could offer programs to refinance the debt or discharge it in bankruptcy.

“I’m very passionate about this issue. I still have about $100,000 student loan debt,” the Democratic Congressman said, explaining that he knows how “it affects every single decision” people make, and it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA), a Member of the Future Forum, said, “Young voters expect real answers for what is a national crisis.” Moulton explained that the Republicans cut federal student loan funding when Congress should be working to make college more affordable, not less.

“It’s become a moral question, it’s not right to be saddled with debt,” Moulton argued, adding that it’s also an economic problem, as graduates saddled with debt aren’t starting new business, or putting money into the economy.

What’s all of the fuss about and is it just partisan griping? After all, when confronted with reality, Congressman David Young (R-MI)’s office said he “voted to sustain Pell Grants for the next 10 years.” That’s one way of putting it, if you believe that eliminating mandatory funding for Pell Grants is a vote to “sustain” them.

The disturbing truth is that the Republican budget is an assault on student loan programs and efforts to make college more affordable. These cuts are made in direct service to tax cuts to the wealthy and top 2%.

The Republican budget eliminates mandatory funding for Pell Grants, which means the House gets to vote on whether or not they want to fund Pell Grants. Based on what Republicans tried to do with Social Security Disability, this means the grants would exist, they just wouldn’t fund them. Hence, yes they voted to “sustain” them — they just won’t be funding them. LOL, “sustain”.

The Republican budget also eliminates or, as they say, “allows to expire”, additional changes made to two important programs, including “Pay As You Earn” and Income-Based Repayment. This gets tricky, which is why Republicans get away with it. They are not doing away with the program itself. They are tweaking the math. These are income driven repayment programs that do things like allowing the person to pay based on 10% of their discretionary income instead of basing it on the previous figure of 15% of their income. Republicans are going back to the previous figure. “Sustaining.” LOL.

The Republican budget also cuts the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

The reason so few people are aware of what is happening surrounding an issue that will greatly impact their lives is that Republicans like to avoid discussing issues. They would rather discuss conspiracies (see the relentless redoing of Benghazi investigations and Clinton Cash), because it helps them avoid policy discussions.

Democrats aren’t going to take it without a fight. They are on the warpath and will focus on what they call the “One Term Wonders” – a group of the 17 most vulnerable Republican freshmen, determined to hold Republicans accountable for their budget.

10 Replies to “Democrats Go On Offense, Tell Millennials Republicans Are Not On Your Side”

  1. It’s very telling that Republicans act in secrecy to destroy everything that made/makes America great, and then turn around and claim that they’re ‘supporting it’.

    both sides of the mouth, Republican Doublespeak.

  2. Our problem is that we concede districts to republicans. I live in a red district in OK, and let me tell you the people are hurting but they say why should I vote or vote Dem.

    I understand because when you don’t fight for every vote then you will get none.

    We need to fight them everywhere. Paraphrasing Churchill: We shall fight them in orange county, we shall fight them in Ohio, we shall fight them in west Texas. No matter where they are we shall fight them everywhere.

    I say stop with the TV ads. All they do is enrich the networks. Use that money to get people registered. Hell, the money you spend for an ad in a major market you can take that same money and get thousands their papers to be able to vote.

    Just my 2 cents

  3. Too bad it has taken so much damage to so many for a few Democrats to finally grow a spine–this should have been happening for a long, long time. And, efforts need to start now to make a massive Republican exodus occur in the House and Senate plus in the state houses.

  4. Conservatism = Hypocrisy

    BP pollutes Gulf of Mexico, and Republicans apologize to BP about it having to face fines.

    John Diehl (Missouri House Speaker) wants family values and denies gays rights- get caught sexting a teen he’s been boinking behind his wife’s back. Where is Clinton-esque outrage from Conservatives?

    Republicans fighting Minimum wage increases- yet complains about high costs of food stamps and SNAP.

    Republicans- fighting any college tuition interest rate plan change to a lower level.

    Republicans-Benghazi, need I say more?

    Republicans- Birth Certificate- but Ted Cruz?

    I could fill out a hundred commentary blocks with Republican Hypocrisy

    A hundred blocks, and not one Republican would admit it existed.×1709387

  5. To McCain, Flake, and the representatives from AZ please read what it is in the AZ Constitution:

    “Public education has long been recognized as the crucial component for ensuring our economic and civic structure in the state of Arizona.

    John Goodwin, the first governor of the Arizona Territory, stated definitively that “self-government and universal education are inseparable. The one can be exercised only as the other is enjoyed.”

    As early as 1864 he called on the territory legislature to establish free public K-12 and university education, noting that “The first duty of the legislators of a free state is to make, as far as lies within their power, education as free to all its citizens as the air they breathe.”

    We just had another tuition hike, help your constituents!

  6. If Democrats had actually evinced a spine in this century, we would be looking at a whole other planet. If they had actually evinced either spine or loyalty since 1/20/2009, we would at least be looking at a much better country. Where is the grit — and where necessary, gutter meanness — of a Truman or an LBJ? Are they afraid of winding up where the Kennedys are?

  7. Here is another issue that dems can use in red states with a growing Latino population

    The House voted Thursday to strip language from the Defense funding bill that would have directed the Pentagon to consider making Dreamers who qualified for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program eligible for military service.
    The amendment to remove the language, offered by Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, was adopted 221-202 without a single Democratic vote. The original language of the National Defense Authorization Act, which included the Dreamer provision for military service, had been approved by the GOP-controlled House Armed Services Committee 33-30 with the help of six Republicans.

    Rep. Steve “cantaloupe” King, speaking from his parallel universe, claimed once again that no one can “quote any anti-immigrant statements from anyone over on this side.”

  8. judy, you’re absolutely right. What just astounds me — the complete recklessness of the GOP and how blatantly they vote to destroy everything that might be good for the vast majority of Americans.

    It’s going to take decades to repair the damage done by the Cheney Administration for those 8 years, and even since then, the GOPers have not only continued the damage, they have doubled-down on it!

  9. Reynardine, your’s is the best comment EVER! I would like your permission to use it on FB and other sites.

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