Fact Bomb Obliterates Republicans: Obamacare Helps 137 Million Americans Save Money


New data released today blew the Republican anti-Obamacare argument to smithereens as 137 million Americans are saving money due to the ACA’s free preventative services.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services:

Nationwide, about 137 million individuals, including 55 million women and 28 million children, have private health insurance that covers recommended preventive services without cost sharing, according to a new ASPE Data Point from the Department of Health and Human Services. Under the Affordable Care Act, most health plans are required to provide coverage for recommended preventive health care services without copays. Increased access to preventive services can reduce and prevent costly chronic diseases and help Americans live healthier lives. These services include but are not limited to:

* Blood pressure screening * Well-baby and well-child visits
* Obesity screening and counseling * Flu vaccination and other immunizations
* Well-woman visits * Tobacco cessation interventions
* Domestic violence screening and counseling * Vision screening for children
* Breastfeeding support and supplies * HIV screening
* FDA-approved contraceptive methods * Depression screening

The data released today are broken down by state, age, gender, and race and ethnicity. Of the about 137 million individuals with access to recommended preventive services without cost sharing:

28.5 million are children, who have access to free preventive service coverage for flu vaccinations and other immunizations, vision screening, and well-baby and well-child visits.

55.6 million are women, who have access to free preventive services such as well-women visits, breastfeeding support and supplies, and recommended cancer screenings.

53.5 million are men, who have access to annual wellness visits, blood pressure screening, and cancer screenings.
And an estimated 15 million are Black, 17 million are Latino, and 8 million are Asian-Americans who have access to recommended preventive services without cost sharing.

It is well known that the ACA is helping people save money by lowering the cost of health insurance, but individuals and families are saving money out of pocket when they go to the doctor because basic preventative services are free. This important aspect of the law not only saves money, it also saves lives.

Republicans are looking to do financial harm to millions of men, women, and families across the country by repealing the ACA. The reality is that even people who haven’t bought policies through the exchange are saving money. The ACA is a law that is benefitting all insured Americans, no matter how they get their coverage.

The GOP is being obliterated by facts. As the data is rolling in, the Republican arguments against Obamacare are being washed away. Democrats should be begging Republicans to argue that they want to take money out people’s pockets by repealing the ACA.

The ACA is a weapon that Democrats can and should use to their advantage in 2016.

15 Replies to “Fact Bomb Obliterates Republicans: Obamacare Helps 137 Million Americans Save Money”

  1. It’s amazing what happens when Democrats actually care about REAL Families instead of the just the rich ones like Republicans do…

    Family Values- taking care of REAL Families.

  2. Since health care turned into an industry (and on steroids), the care did not improve, it just became super expensive and a gold mine for hospitals and providers, who could charge whatever they wanted with little oversight.

    The providers are still making good money, and so are the hopitals, now the drug makes need to come into reasonable costs.

    People should not need to sell theri home to pay for a bout with cancer. Thank you Obamacare!

  3. THIS, while 30,000 – 40,000 have DIED IN RED STATES because every republican flat out refused to give their WHITE CONSTITUENTS a healthcare plan that will help them by a BLACK MAN. Isn’t that right GOP? You are the scum of the earth. You belong in SYRIA IRAQ ANYWHERE BUT HERE. You are the biggest MUTINOUS TRAITORS OBSTRUCTIONISTS we have ever witnessed in America. Dubai Japan China have all passed us up on rail trains. We look like the GHETTOS compared to them. And that’s because YOUR BASE your uninformed MINDLESS BASE DOES NOT CARE IF YOU DESTROY THIS COUNTTRY and our way of living. As they cry “we want our country back”! Which one? the one GOP took from you? Becuause NO ONE not PBO has taken anything from you morons. These RWers have children elders. But will let them die and not say a word to their GOP to give them HEALTHCARE. So while the world heals PEOPLE IN RED STATES WILL DIE from no health care. WOW just fricken WOW what these people are will to do for GOP.

  4. 137 million Americans are saving money thanks to Obamacare, or as the Republicans call it, ‘a complete disaster’

  5. 137 millions? Nah, those cases will be obliterated by the 3 cases (all GOP related people) who will say they lost their doctor…

  6. Some dems supported it big time. Bill Clinton was out stumping for it and then gave major wide spread information sessions. Obama then called him “the secretary of ‘splainin stuff” because he got the message clear to peoples minds that this was going to be fantastic when the kinks are out.

  7. How is that possible, if the same number of people without insurance before OBC still don’t have insurance? So lets assume the number is right? Who is paying for there insurance?

  8. One would think that old maxim of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure would be one of the first principals in their playbook but Nooo! It seems to be die fast and families bury your dead because health care is only for the rich. I have two words for them and it’s not Merry Xmas.

  9. The ACA is here to stay. If the republicans would focus on job development, equal pay, stay out of women virginas, lets fix our broken highways, bridges and tunnels, our fuked up airports, and our rail system, think where this country would be. Just do the job your voters expect you to do.

  10. First of all dumbass its their not there. Second who pays for their insurance? The same people who pay for employer plans that would mean us dumbass

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