Jeb Bush Flip-Flops And Finally Decides That The Iraq War Was A Bad Idea

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After three days of fumbling his answers on whether he would have supported the Iraq War knowing what we know now, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush tried to offer new “clarity” on his position Thursday. At an event in Tempe, Arizona, Jeb Bush stated:

Knowing what we know now, I would not have engaged. I would not have gone into Iraq.

That position contrasts starkly with his statement on Monday when he argued that he would have invaded Iraq even knowing what we now know. Since then, Bush has altered his position several times, trying to quell the storm surrounding his Monday remarks. In the course of four days, he has espoused five different positions on the Iraq War, leaving pundits and potential voters bewildered.

On Thursday, Bush finally relented and joined others in the GOP field in admitting that the Iraq War was a mistake. While Jeb Bush has struggled mightily with the question, other Republican hopefuls have aligned themselves against the Iraq invasion.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, for example, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday:

I think it’s a really important question, and I don’t think it’s just hypothetical. I think even at the time invading Iraq was a mistake.

Although Rand Paul was not in the Senate at the time of the Iraq War vote, his father Ron Paul was one of six House Republicans to vote against the Iraq War resolution. 126 House Democrats also voted no.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ohio Governor John Kasich have also made clear statements that they would not have authorized the use of force in Iraq, at least based on what we know now, which is, that the claims that Iraq had amassed weapons of mass destruction were based on false intelligence.

While Kasich and Christie are regarded as moderates in the GOP field, even conservative firebrand Ted Cruz candidly admitted that the Iraq War was a huge mistake. When FOX News’ Megyn Kelly asked him if he would have supported the 2003 Iraq invasion based on what we know now. Cruz flatly stated “of course not.” Cruz went on to argue:

The entire predicate of the war against Iraq was the intelligence that showed they had weapons of mass destruction and that there was a real risk that they might use them…We now know that intelligence was false.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also backtracked from previous statements supporting the Iraq War, by arguing that with the benefit of hindsight he would have opposed the war if he had known it was authorized because of false intelligence. Astonishingly, with Jeb Bush’s capitulation on supporting his brother’s decision to authorize war with Iraq, the GOP field has essentially abandoned President George W. Bush’s most significant foreign policy decision

Jeb Bush has modified his position on the Iraq invasion so many times in the course of four days, that it is difficult to regard anything he says as being sincere. Although Jeb entered the race promising to be “his own man”, he has found it very difficult to extricate himself from his brother’s shadow. In addition, by constantly changing his position, and then finally mimicking the stance of fellow Republicans in the GOP field, Bush appears to be more a follower than a leader. The disastrous Iraq War wasn’t damaging enough in 2004 to cost George W. Bush a second term in the White House. However, it may very well cost his brother Jeb a first term.

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  1. Just like every other republican Jeb is unfit to hold the office of President of the United States of America.

  2. And there are more on the way. Several other potential candidates realized it is a good time to get in the Republican race for president because they are finding old rich men to give them lots of money if they run.

    There are so many old republicans who do not know what to do with all their money that they will give it to the likes of Pataki if he tells the rich old people that he can defeat Hillary.

    The GOP is having trouble finding an arena to hold all their candidates at once.

    Final proof that quality beats quantity.

  3. oh W wont be happy that his own brothers is against his Iraq invasion…….Jeb you have some explaining to do.

  4. The more answers then the more confused the voters and nobody will know how he stands. Those Rs will just make up their own answers anyway and think Jeb agreed with their opinion, which is let’s not talk about war, that is in the past.

    They fall for it everytime.

  5. Yes, Jeb, and you got schooled by that Pol Sci major who rightly pointed out that W is responsible for ISIS. Your brother left a stable Iraq? You must be using his coke.

  6. Jeb –

    Time to put on your WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelet …

    And take OFF your WW”W”D (What Would “Dubya” Do) one.

  7. The Christie version of the Dean Scream.

    Is there a video of this? I NEED to see it.

    “I’m going to say this to Chris Christie,” “You can’t win in Nevada, and you’re not going to win in South Carolina, and you’re not going to win in New Hampshire, and you’re not going to win anywhere else, and you’re going to be right back here in the state of New Jersey, and you’re going to be out of a job! ”

    And then came the scream: “YEAH!!!”

  8. I think he tried to backtrack on his statement by saying that Iraq was better off. After how many Iraqis died, how many homes were destroyed, how much looting was done? And what about the chaos there now? All of this was down to Georgie and Dick. Jeb is simply another GOP schmuck who hasn’t a clue about anything.

  9. Oy! The stupid just burns with him

    Jeb Bush, saying he wants to dump Obamacare, says health apps on his Apple Watch are a better option #fox10phoenix

    “On this device in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my healthcare in ways that five years ago were not even possible,” Bush told his audience. “I’ll have the ability, someone will, you know, because of my blood sugar, … someone will send me a signal it’ll come here, I’ll get a double beep saying ‘you just ate a butterscotch sundae or something like that. You went way over the top. You’re a diabetic, you can’t do that — whatever, we’ll be able to guide our own healthcare decisions in a way that will make us healthy. Ultimately, we have to get to a health system, away from a disease system.”

  10. The pack of GOP candidates is stuck in the mud and nobody is breaking out at all. It is baffling to them since there is nothing they can do to change that at all.

    I read several commentaries that say the GOP is not happy about Walker’s disappearing act. He is such a clueless newbie that he thinks he can not be in the news, not be out there getting support and that hiding from critics is best to do.

    They all say he is attempting to follow the “Hillary strategy” but of course, she is in an entirely different situation.

    She is on top of the hill batting off gnats. He is at the bottom with a bunch of other bottom feeders and only one will make the climb to the top and survive.

    He is not being advised very well.


  11. “We don’t need no ‘surance cause it’s gonna be the mothertruckin Jetsons up in this bitch, like tomorrow!”

    *beats head against desk repeatedly* So! *smack!* Much! *smack!* Stupid! *smack!*

  12. The only person that’s sticking to his guns on the Iraq invasion is: DICK CHENEY! The pusher for invasion. HE thinks it was a good idea. And has no remorse. I wonder if the two head war mongers, McCain and Lindsey are still touting the “Surge” and the Invasion itself? What about Sec. of Defense RUMSFELD? WHAT IS HE SAYING NOW? Hannity?

  13. Sometimes a leader has to change their mind, but his mindless flip-flop cost him with Independents (who can’t countenance a president who would back such a war) and with Republicans (who can’t stand a ‘leader’ who won’t go to war).

    Put flip-flops on his feet, he’s done.

  14. Jeb Bush Gave the Right Answer the First Time

    How can Jeb Bush claim to be his own man when he has eagerly surrounded himself with the architects of the deception that led to the Iraq war? These very deceivers and failures are the men he has shown he will rely on in the future. So, he is his own man, after all. That explains why his first answer to Megyn Kelly’s question was the most honest one. Yes, knowing what we know now, he would still have invaded Iraq and he has the team of dunces to prove it.

    Ambassador Joseph Wilson (USFS, ret.) is the author of The Politics of Truth

  15. …about the only thing Jeb the NeoConArtist EVER answered honestly got him jumped from both directions…well when you’re a signatory of PNAC there’s no pleasin’ anybody for long…even the most Teatardiest of Repubs are gleefully saying “OF COURSE I wouldn’t have gone in!!!”…and on the left is a chorus of “So you’re your own man, eh???”
    Does he have to give the money back if he gets booed off all stages???

  16. Oh the benefits of 20/20 hindsight. Many Liberals no doubt have made many mistakes in the past that they say they wouldn’t have done of they knew what they know now. Hillary voted for it. Hypocrites.

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