Friday Fox Follies – Oh, Those Obamas!


Friday Fox Follies was sure this week’s column would be a slam dunk after Michelle Obama’s forceful speech on race at Tuskegee University, aka Speechifying While Black™. But then her husband had to open his big mouth: Obama Swipes at Fox: Pushing Narrative That Poor People Are ‘Leeches’. No biggie. Add a few words here and there and — voila! — an All Obama!!! All The Time!!! column. However, that plan was dashed as Conservatives Quickly Try to Turn Stephanopoulos into the ‘Next Brian Williams.’

Let’s get right to this week’s Folio of Fox Freakouts.

FOX vs FLOTUS: Michelle Obama Gives The Blistering Speech On Racism That White America Needs To Hear and Michelle Obama Had a Strong Message About Racism in America in This Commencement Speech are just two of the positive reviews of an honest speech about the long-term effects of racism, coming from a formidable woman. WaPo cited it in Five of the best 2013 commencement speeches (so far) while one site cites 3 Majorly Inspiring Moments From Michelle Obama’s Commencement Speech.

Yet, like clockwork the crazy Right-Wing Media Accuse “Angry” Michelle Obama Of “Race Baiting” In Tuskegee Commencement Address, while the sane Media Call Out Rush Limbaugh For Racially Charged Attacks On Michelle Obama. The insane media, as always, includes Bill O’Reilly: Rush Limbaugh Is “Persuasive,” “Doesn’t Do A Lot Of Personal Attacks Anymore.”  Or, what about Fox’s McGlowan: Michelle Obama Owes Success To ‘Affirmative Action’? Even washed up Ann Coulter Rips Michelle Obama on Race: Haven’t We Done ‘Enough’ to Make Up for Slavery?

In the real world This Is the Perfect Response to Fox’s Racist Theory About Michelle Obama’s Time at Princeton because Wickham: What Michelle Obama really said. As usual the sanest, and funniest, response is when Larry Wilmore Ridicules Fox News’ Coverage Of Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee Commencement Address.


It’s not the first time Fox has attacked Michelle Obama for being inspirational, nor will it be the last.

FOX vs POTUS: Fox + feces + fan as President Obama Calls Out Fox News For Slanted Poverty Coverage. The insane pushback and false equivalencies came almost immediately:

Gutfeld: Obama Attacks Fox Because He’s
‘Scared’ We’ll Expose His Bad Policies

Krauthammer: Obama’s Either Cynical
or Delusional to Keep Attacking Fox

Hannity And Co. Attack Obama’s Christianity –
For Advocating On Behalf Of The Poor

Krauthammer: Only Two Reasons For
Obama’s Fox News Slam – And Neither Is Good

Bret Baier On Obama Fox News Dig: ‘He
Does Seem To Have Us On His Mind A Lot’

Megyn Kelly, Rosen Pile on Obama for Fox
Swipe: ‘Beneath the Dignity of the Office’

O’Reilly: Easier for Obama to ‘Demonize’
Fox Than to Address Real Poverty Issues

O’Reilly Lashes Out At Media Matters And NY Times
Columnist For Highlighting His Anti-Poor Rhetoric

Once again the Not Insane media turned the Fox “News” narrative on its crazy corporate head:

“The Rich Suffered More”: The
Worst Of Fox News’ Poor-Shaming

Fox Anchor Forgot These Three
Government Programs Reduced Poverty

Fox News Is Angry That Obama
Knows What’s on Fox News

Did Fox’s Rosen And Kelly Just Admit Fox News
Is Biased While Hitting Back At Obama’s Criticism?

Some of the best analysis came from Politfact‘s Jon Greenberg in Fox News, Barack Obama and their ‘lazy’ back-and-forth:

One final note. At the Georgetown event, Obama said, “I think we can all stipulate that the best antipoverty program is a job.” This didn’t get much attention on Fox News. Instead, Varney speculated that food and phone assistance was actually a political ploy to win elections.

Everyone expects this response from idiot Rush Limbaugh: “I Can Assure You” Fox News Does Not Shame The Poor, but what’s the excuse when Morning Joe Scarborough Defends Fox from Obama: When Have They Ever Called the Poor Lazy?

And, as always, the Comedy Channel gets the last word because Jon Stewart destroys Fox News scrooge Varney: ‘How f*cking removed from reality’ are you?


Knowing that he’s safe, because Stewart’s retiring in a month, Neil Cavuto Fires Back at Stewart: Fox News Doesn’t ‘Hate the Poor’.

FOX vs CLINTONS: Then yesterday we learned from Fox’s Kurtz: Controversy ‘Threatens to Undo’ Stephanopoulos’ Entire Career, a story that has been touted almost every half hour since the news broke because it’s the new Hillary Clinton Benghazi story.

However, FFF has no stomach to point out how insane it is for Fox “News,” which has been in the tank for the GOP since Day One — Fair and Balanced has always been an empty slogan — screaming about an anchor who donated money to a  global initiative to make a better world. It’s not like we didn’t already know that George Stephanopoulos once worked as a political operative for President Bill Clinton. But, what’s the Fox “News” excuse?


White, Like Me — Andrea Tantaros Edition

Fox’s Tantaros: ‘Where Are The
Organizations In Defense Of White Men?’

Fox’s Tantaros: “The Last Acceptable Form Of
Discrimination In This Country Is Against White Men”

Fox News host makes controversial racial
remarks in defense of white men

Fox Host Jokingly Compares Amtrak
Crash To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Isn’t she just an awful person?

FOX BYTES: Hannity Guest Gavin McInnes To Tamara Holder: You Would Be Much Happier At Home With A Husband And Children!Fox’s Kelly And Stirewalt Defend Republican Cuts To Amtrak – By Attacking DemocratsEric Bolling: Catholicism Makes Me AwesomeFox Blurs Famous Picasso Painting Because BoobiesFox’s Bolling on Geller: Stop Worrying About ‘Offending Muslims’ • ‘Totally Inappropriate’: O’Reilly, Kelly Blast Marilyn Mosby for Attending Prince ConcertFox’s Tucker Carlson Suggests Solution For ISIS Terror Threat: “Be Real About Immigration”Fox Host Downplays Need For Title IX Protections Because Female Athletes Are “Better At Fundraisers”Fox News Excuses Mike Huckabee’s Sham Product Endorsements: Reagan Did It, TooHow Fox News Viewers Ended Up On Mike Huckabee’s Campaign Email ListAt Police Memorial, Fox Analyst Claims Deadly Ambush Due To “War On Cops” That “Begins With The Government”Fox’s Bolling: “Questioning Cops And Their Tactics Is Emboldening Bad Guys”Fox & Friends interrupts breaking Amtrak news to ask lawyers how to make money off crashFox’s Eric Bolling Supports Free Speech to Mock Islam but Not to Criticize Police

Headly Westerfield runs the Not Now Silly Newsroom and predicts the Fox “News” Headlines Du Jour in his spare time.

7 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Oh, Those Obamas!”

  1. I have seldom seen a more riotous bunch of mutual masturbaters like Pox News.

    Tossing off more fiction than can be swallowed in a Conservative Circle-J, truly these fools can choke the bishop better than any monkey spanker alive.

    And yet- they’ll die before admitting it’s hooey.
    Conservatives- Swallow a Camel and choke on a gnat.

  2. Every generation has it’s champions of evil. Himmler and
    Goebbels have been replaced by Ailes and Murdoch.
    And the beat goes on.

  3. The “takers”, “moochers”, “spongers”, “leechers”, and “entitlement receivers” of the government, are NOT those on Food Stamps, but those who stash their money out of the country, i.e., Cayman Islands, to avoid paying taxes!

  4. Don’t forget the corporate subsidies for big oil, pharmacy, et al and all those failed planes that suck down billions and trillions for arms dealers.

  5. All subsidies that enrich the 1%. Thats why they hate people on food stamps – they’re taking a “piece of their pie”

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