Hillary Clinton Says She’ll Only Appoint SCOTUS Justices Who Will Overturn Citizens United


At a meeting with financial supporters on Thursday, Hillary Clinton vowed to put forth Supreme Court nominees that were committed to overturning the 2010 Citizens United ruling. Hillary Clinton’s decision to make opposing the Citizens United ruling a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees follows a similar pledge made by her Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders.

On Sunday, during an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation”, Sanders stated:

If elected president, I will have a litmus test in terms of my nominee to be a Supreme Court justice. And that nominee will say that we are all going to overturn this disastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United because that decision is undermining American democracy. I do not believe that billionaires should be able to buy politicians.

Clinton echoed those sentiments on Thursday, according to anonymous attendees at a Clinton-held event in Brooklyn. One of the attendees stated:

She said she is going to do everything she can. She was very firm about this – that this Supreme Court [Citzens United] decision is just a disaster.

With Clinton and Sanders both insisting that they would only appoint Supreme Court nominees who oppose the Citizens United ruling, the Democratic Party has signaled its intent to fight to reduce the influence of big money in American politics.

While more reform is needed than simply repealing the Citizens United ruling, overturning that decision is one positive step towards reigning in the power of billionaires and multi-millionaires to wield unprecedented power over the American political process.

Bernie Sanders entry into the race has brought the role of money into the forefront of the debate, and it appears that Hillary Clinton is taking his message seriously as she has tacked in the same direction as Sanders on the issue of overturning Citizens United. Reducing the role of money in politics is a theme that resonates with ordinary voters across the political spectrum. Democrats are taking note, and arguing for reform. They are also working to ensure that if America elects a Democrat in 2016, the president will be committed to choosing Supreme Court appointees that also want to curb the power of big money in U.S. politics.

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  1. Bernie Sanders entry into the race has brought the role of money into the forefront of the debate, and it appears that Hillary Clinton is taking his message seriously as she has tacked in the same direction as Sanders on the issue of overturning Citizens United

    do you know the history of Citizens United Not Timid? It was called C.U.N.T. and was formed to attack her.

    She is for overturning them. The woman who fought these things her whole life is tacking for Bernie.

    Drag that woman left Bernie. Little lady don’t know without you telling her.


  2. I get the feeling there is only relevance in anything she stands for, has done, or the enormous amount of history in her massive accomplishments are only going to be carried here if it involves Bernie.

    Or her stand on wombs.

    She really has some deeper value than just a person who has to live up to the false idols around here.

  3. No matter who is the Democratic nominee is they will appoint judges that are not vetted by the Reich wing feudalists society which beginning with the Powell memo can start giving power back to the people

  4. I said that last week when the other Bernie is going to do that thread was up.

    It is pretty strange for me being among the few percent of dem voters who do not support her.

    She has 74% in the whole US population of favorability, I am more likely to find people in the grocery store to agree with me than on a liberal board, which has zero support, and apparently that much knowledge, about her.

    Her qualifications are better than any other person to ever run. She paid her dues. She gets no respect here at all.

    Wow. Obama will be out there for her. So will all the rest of them. She earned it.

  5. It is two hours long. I just watched the first – forever it seems, five minutes, he is still talking about his personal schedule and wine country. When do I get to the point where I find out how evil Hillary is and he explains some left wing conspiracy theory?

    The right and left have wings that are not quite suited for anything but flying way off the right course of reality.

  6. She sure did earn it. And by god if she or ANY other Democrat doesn’t win, we can all kiss our collective asses GOODBYE!!!! The 4th reich will do everything they can to tear down and destroy all that has been gained since 1935.

  7. Ok, he just got to the point of his speech. “I am a critic of capitalism.”

    I looked into it long ago. Not for me.

    Well then, la ti da, what to do…

  8. Harry Reid about Bernie joining:

    “That is healthy. Right now we have Hillary Clinton. And that’s it. There’s not another Barack Obama out there. There are no all-stars out there. She has a clear field, and I’m glad she does.” “I am not a big fan of primaries, I don’t think they help, especially when you’re someone as noted as Hillary.” REID

  9. Are you saying Hillary is a good leader because she is going to apply Bernie’s idea of SCOTUS nominates wanting to overturn Citizens United, just like the article above says?

  10. There’s never been a smidgen of doubt in my mind that she’d do this. Her husband, as centrist/center-right as he was, still appointed Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer – two of the most liberal justices on this SCOTUS today.

  11. The group CITIZENS UNITED was formed for the sole purpose of attacking HILLARY.

    That is common knowledge for anyone who knows about the Citizens United history.

    I used to go to their website, before the SCOTUS decision to see the utter crap they were spewing about her and others. It made Schweizer look like a boyscout.

    C.U.N.T formed for attacking her. They chose that name for her so it would spell what it does. They are filth. Utter filth to chose that name. Their name was changed to CU but it was NOT TIMID for the first few years and women had to see that all the time in their spewing videos and press releases.

    Citizens United Not Timid is Republican sexist filth origin of the Citizens United SCOTUS comapany. The reason it was horrific was because of how horrible they were, and for what it would do to financing.

  12. Can I also remind people of what happened in 2008 campaign? Hillary and Obama chose not to participate in public campaign financing.

    There is no way to not do so if your opponent is raising beau coup bucks.

    50 state campaigns for president requires a billion, sadly.

    She said she was for reform all along. Not a “light bulb” moment.

    The ironic part about it is that the Republicans right now are mocking her and their talking points today are to attack her at their sites for wanting to take down the company they formed to attack her.

    They are blaming her. So are the left wing dems for just following Bernie, you know like wimmens do. We just go by what the boys tell us.

  13. If I was writing a little column about it, I would have checked what Hillary has actually said about the subject in the past. It isn’t like she wasn’t around and it isn’t like the company you are talking about was formed to take down Bernie.

    It was formed. to. take. her. down. Sole purpose as I said last week and over and over here. Look it up, someone must be discussing it today somewhere on the web.

  14. Here is Mother Jones:


    “Speaking of the history books, Stephanie in her article continues a disservice that is very common. Roger Stone’s organization the Bopp represented is not called Citizens United, it’s called Citizens United Not Timid. That vile acronym needs to highlighted in every mention of this vile organization & decision lest the history be whitewashed as it is made.”

  15. Wow, Rin…AMAZING.
    GOP’s Evil-Minded Like This.

    We have never had a Candidate with HRC’s experience/savvy/combat-ready strength.
    Armed with a former President as a-right-hand-man…Hillary’s got TREMENDOUS-POWER!

    HRC scares the hell out of the Top Brass GOP!
    (Those Ruby Slippers Hillary’s wearing must be very, very Powerful!)

  16. They are saying her office is in the lily white streets of brooklyn and the video is full of white people.

    Loretta Lynch has her office across the street from Hillary. They forgot to mention that.

    Most of us do not buy propaganda from the left or right. Lies in the headlines, corrections on page 42 in a blurb.

    These “spewers” have never been to bklyn.

  17. Here is Hillary in the 70s when women were told to sit down and shut up and stand by your man and do not work or be a person.

    She diplomatically told the whole state of Arkansas to stuff it if you don’t like it.


    You have not come a long way baby, you were there before the whole lot of them.

    She fought the fight when the whole world was against her and she still is. Funny that this site doesn’t see it.

  18. Go look again now at their logo that at first glance looks like an envelope.

    It is a crotch. Just like their name.

    She is just a vagina. Same story, 37 years after she sat for that interview.

  19. The buzzfeed video on top of that site is only 4 minutes long. The one on the bottom, where she defends being a PROGRESSIVE is 27 minutes and is on the bottom if you scroll down.

    She had me back then, 37 years ago she was ready to be POTUS, but maybe in my lifetime there will be someone of her caliber.

    She is one of a kind awesome.

    Watch the 31 minutes, she talks about the issues she is still discussing today, and she is still not known.

    The wife of the Arkansas Gov made national news due to her use of her own damn name.

  20. Citizens United put our system of democracy up for
    auction and has become political cancer. Let’s support
    Bernie and Hillary in their efforts to kill it before more
    harm is done.

  21. If the Reichwing stoop this low to attack a Democrat, every American left of the center should rally around her and support her because it means that they know she’s a real threat to corporatism and plutocracy.

    These are the signs We the People should be looking for.

    Thanks for this heads-up, Rin. As always, your posts are informative and eye-opening.

  22. No that’s because biliary the beast feels billionaires should only be allowed to buy her under the table and under bed.

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