House Republicans Pass Measure To Prevent DREAMers From Serving In The Military


On Thursday, the U.S. House voted 221-202 to block a measure that would have permitted the Pentagon to consider allowing young immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, but who were granted temporary legal status by President Obama’s immigration executive order, to enlist in the military. Although the provision to let DREAMers serve in the military had the support of several Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee, it floundered on the House floor with 221 Republicans voting to block considering DREAMers for military service. 20 House Republicans joined 182 Democrats in supporting allowing DREAMers to serve in the military.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) spearheaded the opposition to DREAMers in the military. He argued:

This Congress should support and represent Americans by voting to stop military service opportunities from being taken from struggling American families in order to give them to illegal aliens.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) countered that the Republican Party was caving to hardliners on immigration, stating:

But no matter how many times Republican Leaders have appeased the hardliners on the fringes of their right flank — to disastrous consequence — they have chosen to capitulate one more time and ruled last night that amendments to strip the bill of these reasonable studies will be go forward.

It is another glaring example of why the Republicans – from their Presidential nominee all the way down to their local government candidates — are in very, very deep trouble when it comes to the immigration issue.

One amendment simply asked the Secretary of Defense to study the impact of letting immigrants who grew up for years in the United States, who have passed a criminal background check and who have a legal work permit  — it asked the Secretary of Defense to study whether including them in military recruitment would help diversify our military.

The second did not call for any action, but simply stated that it is the “Sense of Congress” that the Secretary review whether recipients of deferred action for childhood arrivals be allowed to serve in the military.

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also weighed in. Hillary for America’s national political director Amanda Renteria spoke on behalf of Hillary Clinton, stating:

If these courageous young men and women want to serve, they should be honored and celebrated, not discriminated against.

According to the Immigration Policy Center, over 100,000 foreign-born people were serving in the U.S. military in 2009. Approximately 12,000 of them had not entered the country legally.

Immigrants who arrived illegally as children, but who are willing to serve in the U.S. military, should be granted the opportunity to defend the country they call home.  Many arrived here through no fault of their own, and they have become productive and patriotic citizens. Giving them the opportunity to serve the country they love is common sense politics.  Unfortunately, the GOP has become too staunchly anti-immigrant to adopt common sense policies. The Republicans need to set aside their prejudices and permit these young men and women to serve in the military.

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  1. where did the like/dislike buttons disappear to again?

    can Congress start an investigation to blame this on Obama? are Hillary’s State Dept emails covering this up?

  2. Unbelievable. Just when you think these Republicans can’t get any lower, and you think they have finally reached the bottom of the barrel, they come up with more shit like this. I hope to hell every dreamer sees them for what they are…totally anti-immigration, and freaking fools. Should any Hispanic vote for a Republican after this move, they should hang their heads in shame. I’m pissed and fed up with Republicans beyond words.

  3. What is with the gopers? “Gee, let’s see if we can lose another 2 or 3 million Latino votes in the 2016 election.”

    It doesn’t make sense. By all means, let the undocumented join the military. Then, we won’t have to take care of them as returning veterans and can save our little white bread children from the nastiness of potential wars. We don’t take care of our vets anyway…

    Come on gopers! THINK! You just voted against your own bigotry agenda.

  4. Jealousy.

    The Republican Retards are jealous of those who truly love this country enough to actual serve it in the military…because such kind of service is anathema to them.

    Chickenhawks decrying and disabling their betters.

    Bound to win a few Hispanic votes, eh?

  5. Dam the GOP can’t do anything good. All they do is say we are against abortions and gays, see we are righteous not like those goddess heathens on the left. I do hope that every last one of them has to experience the same hell they create someday.

  6. “This Congress should support and represent Americans by voting to stop military service opportunities from being taken from struggling American families in order to give them to illegal aliens.”

    Oh, dear, we can’t let these people join the military, that would be taking jobs away from Americans.

    Once again we have these foreigners coming here to take away employment meant for Americans, trying to take the food right out of our citizens mouths and the clothing off their backs.

    First it was lawn maintenance, then it was chicken plucking, now the military. Where will it end?


    Had to put that there just in case there were those that don’t recognise sarcasm.

  7. Another way the TP/GOP is trying to kill America.

    The GOP is good for nothing. Historically, they have never legislated anything for the benefit of America.

    IMHO, they are anti-Americans — enemies of the State.

  8. John “Where are the jobs” Boehner and his fellow Republicans have no common sense at all. It is unlikely that Dreamers will be deported so why not let them work? The military will give them an opportunity for work if they would like to pursue this. Nuts!

  9. Ever wonder why they’re called, “illegal” aliens? Perhaps it’s because they are law breakers. They aren’t legal Americans. I know this is VERY complex for some but they are NOT U.S. citizens. Thus, they should NOT be allowed to represent the U.S. in the military. Case dismissed … next case.

  10. The Dreamer’s status as legal is only temporary because of Obama’s executive order. That Order is under some legal dispute. Illegal aliens should not join the military until their status is made clear.

  11. Obvious response to the need for more
    “cannon fodder”, boots on ground…that
    is presently lacking….once enlisted
    they will do anything to keep from being deported…..and most likely will
    be organized in racially coherent units easily directed for gain…

  12. I’m from latino descent and I don’t care what country you come from if you are here ILLEGALLY GO BACK TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY!!

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