Jeb Bush Floats Insane Idea To Replace Obamacare With Apple Watches

jeb bush apple watch

There is a new leader in the Republican race to the bottom. Jeb Bush floated the idea that Obamacare can be repealed and replaced with an Apple Watch.


After delivering the standard Republican mumbo jumbo about moving to “a patient-centered system” a.k.a. you’re on your own. Bush suggested that smartphones can replace affordable health insurance, “On this device in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my healthcare in ways that five years ago were not even possible. I’ll have the ability, someone will, you know, because of my blood sugar, … someone will send me a signal it’ll come here, I’ll get a double beep saying ‘you just ate a butterscotch sundae or something like that. You went way over the top. You’re a diabetic, you can’t do that—whatever, we’ll be able to guide our own healthcare decisions in a way that will make us healthy. Ultimately, we have to get to a health system, away from a disease system.”

The problem with Bush’s plan is that the app can’t provide health care. In fact, what is missing in Bush’s health care idea is health care. An app and a smartphone can’t save a person from the crippling debt caused by a serious illness. An app isn’t a substitute for a law that lowers the cost of health insurance, covers more people, and gives them access to free preventive medical care.

An Apple Watch can’t hide the fact that under Jeb Bush fewer Americans will have health insurance. If the diabetic in Jeb Bush’s example needed medical care, they would be screwed.

Republicans have floated some bogus ideas in their desperate attempts to fool people into believing that they have an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, but Jeb Bush’s idea is one of the worst. Why do people have to choose between an Apple Watch and affordable health insurance? Why can’t people have apps that work with their affordable health insurance?

Bush set up a false choice, but what was most telling was that during his remarks he had to tell the audience to applaud when he mentioned repealing Obamacare. Even Republicans aren’t buying the Obamacare repeal rallying cry anymore.

An Apple Watch isn’t a replacement for health insurance in the same way that Jeb Bush isn’t a replacement for an intelligent president.

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  1. But don’t you have to have a doctor which insurance pays so the app could work?

    Maybe Jeb thinks it would be like a Star Trek tri-corder and it will automatically diagnose your ailment.

  2. The word ignoramus in the dictionary should be replaced with the word Bush; as in don’t be a bush; keep your mouth shut and no one will notice.

  3. On this device- in five years…

    Pie in the sky predictions. Like how Armageddon will come about because we’ve raised the minimum wage, or Straight Marriages will end because of Gay Marriages, or Tornadoes are caused by Democrats getting to vote…

  4. you’re missing the beauty of the real plan… an Apple on everyone’s arm linked to the cloud with an active GPS chip is better than the NSA blanket listening to everyone’s phone calls… they know where you are and what you’re doing at all times…

    just because one is paranoid doesn’t mean the bastards aren’t after you…

  5. Hey! Where’s the George Stephanopoulos $75,000 Clinton Foundation story? It’s gotta be around here somewhere…

  6. The apps in the new phones are great to remind one individual with diabetes to follow the plan, but first:
    1. There has to be testing
    2. A diagnosis of the disease
    3. Then, a prescription the plan

    And, if you have acute appendicitis…
    Sorry, there is no substitute for a real doctor for hands on exam…

    This child was left behind

  7. I’m not sure I would; apparently it has caused serious brain damage. ;)

    Wow, when I typed “apparently” I missed a key and my autocorrect changed it to “Apple poo really.” Swear to God. That’s almost as funny as Jeb thinking people would actually go for this.

  8. Remember when W put his foot in his mouth just about everytime he opened it? Jeb and W are more alike than anyone thought. What is wrong with having a smart president? We have one now and that is a good thing.

  9. OK Jeb said that but he was joking, right? Tell me he was trying to be funny because if he wasn’t, OMG!!!

  10. Kinda reminds me of Obama’s promise of bringing transparancy to America.
    [Off-point quatsch]


    MARCO RUBIO OPPOSES OBAMACARE– MEANWHILE HIS PLAN COVERS 80 WHOLE PEOPLE Here’s the problem, Rubio. Your healthcare plan has cost Florida $2.4 million dollars since your legislation was passed in 2008. And, you only have 80 signups? This has been such an embarrassment for Rubio that he doesn’t even talk about “Rubiocare” in public anymore
    It makes sense that he doesn’t talk about it right now. The notion of promoting coverage in a way that does not enable people to get one of the significant benefits of the Affordable Care Act …is really harmful and would cause millions of people to be far worse off than they are today.

  12. “poor ol George Bush, he can’t help himself he was born with a SILVER FOOT in his mouth” –Ann Richards 1988 DNC

  13. The FAKE and LYING network?

    The Lies That Will Kill America
    “Fox News is its ministry of misinformation, the fake jewel of the News Corp. crown, a 24/7 purveyor of flimflam and the occasional selective truth.”

    France’s Daily Show Caught Fox News in a Lie About Muslim “No-Go Zones”

    The Cult Of Fox News: New Study Affirms Blind Devotion To Cable’s Church Of Disinformation
    While Conservatives have only four sources that they trust more than 50% of the time, liberals express trust for nine different sources at that rate: NPR (72%), PBS (71%), BBC (69%), New York Times (62%), CNN (56%), NBC (56%), MSNBC (52%), ABC (52%), and CBS (51%).

  14. I get messages every day telling me that MacDonald’s is killing me as well as Coca Cola, Potato Chips and Krispy Kreme Donuts. I would feel much better if I could get those messages on a wrist watch. I think Jeb is off the rails. And he is still the smarter brother.

  15. Mama Bush must’ve dropped both Jed and Dumya on their heads at a young age and caused mental damage

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  16. I did not think he would be as dumb as Dubya
    I guess they breed them that way in Texas
    or wherever he calls home.

  17. Why is it the Con-Koch-servants continuously utter out of their arses?!?

    Koch ALEC diet all eaten up by Republican Party (digestive system)and make whatever they touch, speak about and advocate for STINK LIKE _ _ _ t!?!

    American Electorate has a lot of SPRING CLEANING UP TO DO on our National Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches (2016). The stench of Ayn Rand in our current Congressional majority is an emergency grassroots American Electorate order to be swept(voted)out of Congress.

    American Middle Class Society has been diet too long!!!

  18. Jeb is hoping the watch comes with an app to help him answer …

    “If you knew then what we know now, would you have invaded Iraq?”

  19. Heck! Those phones use a lot of power and can’t be relied upon. And then there are the microwaves they generate which will cause all the wrist cancers, if one wears them 24/7. I have a better idea.

    Let’s repeal ObamaCare and replace it with DOS. Or Windows 3.1. Surely the engineers can write simple code programs that can monitor whether we wake up every day and turn our 8086 computes on or not. And if not, it means that we have expired. Just think of all the health care dollars that will be saved so we can pay more to the ailing Hedge Find Managers and Oil Companies, bless their hearts, assuming they have one.

    My plan, for sure, is as good as Jeb’s.

  20. Be sure that you’re ready for the Angry Bird flu season. Charge your battery and schedule an appointment to get your Call of Duty headshots early.

  21. Barbara seems to have instilled a sense of entitlement to all her spawn. Every one of them has enriched themselves at taxpayer expense in some way. They have no sense of shame, either. Jeb is as dumb as Georgie. He should quit now, go ahead and start painting. Why is it that the repub. party is so overcrowded with these clowns? Are there no intelligent people in the gop? Wait, to answer that, look at the leaders they have in office. The people who have obstructed EVERYTHING President Obama has tried to do to help the working class. To be a true republivan, you have to leave any rational thoughts behind.

  22. So he wants the name changed from Obamcare to Bushcare. No one said that Obamacare can’t stand a few tweets. Stop the repealing BS and let’s see whether we can improve Obamacare, it’s here to stay. If it makes the white republicans feel better, then let Romney take credit for it, this way you can say it’s a white thing.

  23. @Moongrim, I don’t know how old you are but I actually remember when the GOP was a legitimate political party!! this sham of a so called political party is nauseating! the GOP are broken up into FACTIONS, the BILLIONAIRES- the CORPERATIONS- the RACIST – the truly MENTALLY ILL- and the southerners who can’t get over the CIVIL WAR! jeb bush is a JOKE! every time he opens up his mouth he just reminds EVERYBODY why we HATED bush jr. the bush brothers are “DUMB & DUMBER” on steroids!

  24. I remember such too. An Eisenhower Republican was a Republican worth her weight in gold. But as you point out, the Halcyon Days of the Republican Party,

    are over.

  25. What is wrong with these people? Does he really think that would work in lieu of healthcare. These people are insane.

  26. What is wrong?
    What is- is that they’ve decided that America ‘needs’ to get rid of Obamacare- as their corporate masters told them to.

    Now they’re just attempting (like they always do) to justify and rationalize their behaviors to something approaching legitimacy.

  27. president Dwight Eisenhower was not only a successful WW11 american general but a DAMN good president PERIOD!! in todays terms he’d be a LIBERAL and of course the GOP and it’s tin foil hat racist wing (THE TEA PARTY) screwballs would HATED him to death, @Moongrim, lets understand something, the GOP is no longer the party of LINCOLN! the party of Eisenhower! $HIT! they aren’t even the party of REAGAN!! that DRUG DEALING , ARMS TRADER!! the MEDIA, the politicians since 1980 has destroyed this country with far RIGHT GARBAGE! they FOOLISHLY “TRY” to RE-WRITE HISTORY to trick the most IGNORANT among us! and unfortunately, it’s been fairly successful!

  28. Something definately ocurred in the womb when Babsie was carrying these two or all her kids Smart is certainly not a definition of the Bush clan, no wonder they choose to go the corrupt way. Chromosomes that form brain cells got screwed up maybe? How dumb can one be and yet get so far?
    As someone in the Chinese Government said of GW, China is run my meritocracy and GW Bush would never have made it to the top.
    Yeah, they have a corrupt system but so does the US. Americans who follow these eejits off the cliff should be ashamed of themselves. US is no longer a Country any other Nation can look up to.

  29. Dear America,

    You are now beginning to see what it is that Floridians (residents as well as employees of the state stationed outside Florida) saw when Jebbie was governor.

    Eight years of his “I know better than you” (think Terri Schiavo situation), most of which to this day are negatively impacting vast majorities of state residents, since successive governors are just continuing many of the Jebbie policies.

    Someone who doesn’t want to see this again.

  30. The GOP recommendation to health care.

    See a “duck dynasty” type doctor once a year, drink 2-3 six-packs of beer a day, mellow out with your choice of smoke, carry you side arm with you at all times, than at night say your prayer you learned at 2 yrs.old…Now I lay me down to sleep… You will only need FAUX SNOOZE to tell you anything else you ever need to know.

  31. Jeb abused his power and unconstitutionally controlled the life of Terri Schaivo from his chair as governor of Florida.

    He is obessed with privatization. The iPhone vs medical insurance postulation is more of the same incompetence on GOP steroids.

  32. I’m beginning to think his family kicked him to the curb. His thundering incompetence has to be an embarrassment for the entire family!

  33. hey guys. tell el jebe i’m ordering some Mexican takeout- what does he want- but tell him we can’t wait a week for him to decide.

  34. Disturbing. What scares me though is his expectation that a watch will know everything you are doing and not only be able to report it but comment on it.

  35. Kinda Luke Skywalkerish, Problem is these guys don’t have a Bacta Tank to put him in or. Tau Tau to fish him out of!
    This guy is making me think about a Doomsday Prepper! This guy gets elected and the world is gonna end!

  36. Only a super rich white man could say something so crazy and get away with it. Who the he** can even afford an Apple watch??
    He seems like he’s in a fog of confusion and not at all connected to reality. I think we need mental health tests for all presidential candidates this time around. Maybe his watch can do that for him.

  37. You Are So Right knight4444! If I were a Repuk. I would tell every one of them TEA BIGOTS to STOP calling yourselves Reps. Also, I can’t help all these ignorant ass REDNECKS in Ga. I fight EVERY SINGLE DAY with these ignorant bastards. Try being an Old Hippy Progressive Liberal down here in Red Dirt- Red Neck Georgia. Smoke another and laugh at em.

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