Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t: There’s No Such Thing As A Smart Bush


Bill Maher took down Jeb Bush and the myth that he is the smart one, by pointing out that after Bush’s recent campaign stumbles, there’s no such thing as a smart Bush.


During his monologue, Maher said:

We learned something this week. There’s actually no such thing as a smart Bush. They kept saying that he was the smart one. No, no. I think only a Bush could answer a yes or no question two different ways, and be wrong both times. I mean it wasn’t that hard. He was asked knowing what we know now, would you have invaded Iraq? And he had a different answer every day.

First it was damn right I would. Absolutely. F**king great idea, and the next day it was sorry what? I misheard, or I misinterpreted, and the next day it was, well, that’s hypothetical. I can’t answer. When did a politician ever answer a hypothetical question? And then finally it was, okay, my brother’s a giant f**k up. Are you happy? Every day a different answer, which is how he got his nickname, the undecider. All of this was on Fox News where the anchors are ordered to prelike you.

I’ll tell you. I think the Bush family has actually been in decline since the patriarch Prescott Bush. He was Jeb and George’s grandfather. The first President Bush’s father. He was a good guy. He was a senator for Connecticut, a moderate. One of the first big advocates for Planned Parenthood. If only he’d practiced what he preached.

The media storyline was that Jeb Bush was supposed to ride in and save the Republican Party by setting up a 2016 matchup of political heavyweights with Hillary Clinton. The reality is that Jeb Bush is nowhere near the campaigner that his brother was and is not even as good as his father was on the stump. Ideas like replacing Obamacare with Apple Watch prove that Jeb’s trying to fit in with the crazy crowd.
The Bush family is like a copy of a copy. Each presidential candidate from the Bushs is worse that the one that came before it. The media is still hanging on to the idea that Jeb is the smart one, when the truth is that even if Bush is smart, he has realized that he can never win the Republican nomination by saying smart things.

The path to the Republican nomination is paved with stupidity. A candidate has to be or play dumb to win the Republican nomination. This simple fact is why there can be no smart Bush candidates.

Jeb’s brother is responsible for forever changing the Republican Party with his natural lack of intellectual curiosity, and his insistence on being guided by belief.

Today’s Republican Party looks more like George W. Bush than it does Ronald Reagan.

The media won’t admit it, but there is no such thing as a smart Bush. In part, because the Republican Party won’t allow it.

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  1. I agree with Bill probably 90% of the time but lets be honest, GOP politicians have to be complete IGNORANT morons! because that’s what their base consists off! frightened, ANGRY, petty, selfish, WHITE privileged numb skulls! The USA always tries to FOOLISHLY flaunt this notion it’s exceptional, it’s god’s gift to the world, NO! this country was founded because ENGLAND pushed the colonist too FAR! the USA was BUILT on butchering american INDIANS! this country was BUILT on putting human beings in BONDAGE!, SLAVERY built this country! and if that wasn’t enough! WOMEN were treated as property! BTW for ANY of you who think those things are long forgotten about? NOPE! the GOP is doing it’s damnest to return the USA back to it’s UGLY roots! difference is? most of these GOPers (THE POOR GOPers) are going to be put into BONDAGE! just like the BLACKS were put into SLAVERY! have fun YOU republican TROLLS! because your GOP overlords don’t really care that you’ve a caucasian!

  2. BTW that a GOOD look at mitch mcconnell for example, doesn’t he have the look of what MANY plantation owners looked like during the SLAVE trade?? mcconnell just looks like he’d enjoy whipping someone of a daily basis, which leads ME to believe, WHY didn’t mcconnell EVER find an american woman to marry?? WHY did a powerful RICH person decide to get a mail order bride?? I’m NOT putting down the mail order bride system! I’m just stating a FACT, Many MALES go that route because MOST american women won’t put up with that kinda self important, ARROGANT, caucasian male type, that’s just the TRUTH

  3. Actually, all anyone needs to do in order to reach the conclusion that Jeb Bush is not smart either is to read or hear his words. All Bill Maher does is to confirm what is easily discernible.

  4. I’m just telling the truth my friend. MANY powerful males FLY overseas to find the love of their life! and trust and believe, these males aren’t looking for a liberated, independent , STRONG women, their NOT spending 10’s of THOUSANDS of dollars for a woman that speaks her mind, that’s why you hardly EVER see a BLACK woman with a caucasian male, do the math. oh BOY! am I gonna catch HELL for THIS post?! LOL

  5. Thanks for bring Bill Maher!
    We need to laugh…it keeps Democrats going.
    All they do is piss/moan and cry!

  6. Yes! You people have at it. Kick Jeb to the curb. Best thing you could do for the Republicans. The conservatives thank you.

  7. We’re not kicking Jeb to the curb – he landed in the gutter all by his own doing (or maybe undoing).

    And who’s going to replace your once shining hope in Jeb from that Repubican bench that’s a mile wide and an inch deep?

    Seriously, Jeb was your best (but still dismal) hope. You got nothing now!

  8. Paul Krugman – New York Times Blog


    Blinkers and Lies

    Jeb Bush definitely did us a favor: in his attempts to avoid talking about the past, he ended up bringing back a discussion people have been trying to avoid. And they are, of course, still trying to avoid it — they want to make this just about the horserace, or about the hypothetical of “if you knew what we know now”.
    Read More

  9. If your country thinks the repubes or corrupt-clinton, are the solution,……..continue living in your septic tank.Bernie Sanders is the only choice to get your heads above the sewage and get your country on the straight and narrow!!! True-data U.S.

  10. Sorry I’m not talking about jeb or his family.I won’t waste time on discussing the crooked ‘ tards of Texas ‘ or Magic ‘mitt’ underwear-boy either. Good luck ‘merica! Uncle Bernie all day way!!!!!!!!

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