Bernie Sanders’ Koch Killing Movement Grows To $4 Million Raised and 100,000 Contributors

Bernie sanders cnn state of the union

On CNN’s State Of The Union, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced that his presidential campaign against corporate greed, the attempted Koch hostile takeover of the government, and income inequality has now raised over $4 million from 100,000 contributors.


Sanders was asked if he really had a pathway to victory.

Sen. Sanders answered:

I think there is more discontent with establishment politics, with the greed of corporate America than many people perceive. I think we have a good shot. I am not going to deny for one moment that I go into this race an underdog. Hillary Clinton will have a lot more money than we have. But let me say this, even in terms of money, we’ve been in this race for a couple of weeks, and we’ve raised over $4 million, because people are sending on average, not a million dollars, not ten thousand dollars. Forty-three dollars per contributor to We have now 100,000 contributions.

Sen. Sanders promised to hold a civil debate with former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, but he openly questioned whether the media would give them coverage if they focused on issues instead of tearing each other apart.

Bernie Sanders is not running a vanity campaign. Unlike many of those who are running for the Republican nomination, his candidacy is not a stunt that is being done for personal financial gain and publicity. Sanders is running because there is no other candidate that is expressing hardcore liberal positions.

Hillary Clinton has done a great job of getting in touch with where the majority of Democrats are on several key issues. Despite the grumbling from both media and Democratic circles, Hillary Clinton has run a really good early campaign, but Democrats deserve to have their choice of candidates for the party’s nomination.

At one level, Sanders is offering voters another option. As one looks deeper, it is clear that Sen. Sanders is effectively tapping a deep well of discontent among voters. Voters are outraged about the Citizens United enabled billionaire takeover of the federal government. People are feeling and seeing the impact of income inequality in their daily lives. The ladder of economic advancement has been taken away from most Americans.

The media is focused on Sanders versus Clinton, but the real people who should be worried about the success of the Bernie Sanders campaign are the Koch brothers and other billionaires. What Sanders has launched is a populist Koch killing campaign, and forces are mobilizing behind the Senator from Vermont to take their country back from the billionaire class.

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  1. Everybody on this post: You do realize there are plenty of Democrat billionaires ready and able to throw their wealth to electing Democrats? George Soros is a blameless holy creature but the Koch Bros. are the devil. As always, try to remember that both red/blue have their sugar daddies…

  2. Robert, George Soros votes and spends against his own self interest. The Conservative billionaires spend and vote to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Big difference!

  3. The stupid boogyman Soros. I don’t know how many times that I have to post his contributions to democrats to show that its minuscule to the kochs and Adlelsons of the world before you dumbasses realize there is no comparison.

  4. I love Bernie, but Hillary Clinton will be the Deocratic nominee. Will he liven up the debates? Yes, and that is a good thing. I am not crazy about Mrs. Clinton but electing one of the Republicans would ruin the country…they have no soul.

  5. Sen. Sanders knows he will not win the primary; however, I believe his role is to
    1. Push Hillary to the left.
    2. To publicize what the Koch’s stand for and how it affects the 99%. Sen. Sanders is being as vocal as he can to EDUCATE people on the peril this country faces from Koch damage.

    He is putting it out there, the rest is up to us, the voters.

  6. 4 million and 100,000 supporters is fantastic – for a Vermont Senate race. Not for POTUS.

    Hillary does have more money. She also has more of everything else that counts. Qualifications, her base, her previous national campaign, democratic party endorsements (104 last I looked), built up over a lifetime of supporting the same things Sanders has but she also did it in NY, in the White House with Bill, in Arkansas, and around the world. He did it in… VERMONT, rural as can be and no people.

    The debates will make clear the difference – when it comes to Foreign Policy, something at her core for her entire life, it will be stunningly clear who knows what is what and who has the gravitas around the world.

    I didn’t know till the other day about gun control and Bernie. I adamantly side with Gifford’s and Brady and find his record as horrifying as that of the NRA itself.

    Btw, Vox was critical of his statements regarding TPP – mistaken dubious claims and just not re…

  7. #1 –

    keep pushing her bernie, that woman just was lost on the tough issues till you showed her the way last week.

    I don’t know what she did without you.

    WTG BERNIE, teach that woman.

  8. I found out what my computer problem is with this site. It is my settings for Advertisments not working out right with the MS update from yesterday.

    I am fine with sites with static ads but the ones with flashy things causes my cursor to move to those ads not this box. When I type it jumps up to ads for some weird reason. It didn’t do that till last night.

    And it is due to the update from MS but it is something ad related. The AT&T one changes my cursor without me doing anything, for example.

    I am still working on it… frustrating.

  9. Sue,
    Self interest is not merely financial self interest. Both the Koch’s and Soros also contribute based on their moral and ideological self interest.
    The Koch’s have spent many years and many millions setting up non-profit (tax free) organizations and think tanks to further their ideological beliefs and today’s repub party has moved to their way of thinking. They oppose Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. They are opposed to campaign finance laws and the Federal Election Commission. They oppose public education and minimum wage laws.
    In contrast, Soros’ foundation supports democracy and human rights. This is from the foundation’s web site: “A government accountable to its citizens is one of the cornerstones of an open society—helping to ensure fairness, economic equality, and civic participation. The Open Society Foundations work with governments and businesses to advance transparency, rule of law, and good governance around the world.”

  10. Keep pushing her Warren. Warren may have been a republican for 50 years but she can teach that newbie Hillary a thing or two.

    What did Hillary know before Warren came on the scene last year? Nothing.

    I hope all this pushing is not near a train tracks area. IT can get dangerous pushing, tacking dragging pulling people near trains.

  11. Oh wait… I was typing this as you posted.

    Warren’s speech on Saturday in Cal to Dems was a sign she is rapidly losing any relevance or credibility. She should cut the rhetoric out instead of being stuck on stupid. By insisting to make it public when that was long ago concluded it will be, is dumb. To argue corps should not be involved with trade deals is dumber. O’Malley and Webb agree with Liz. (LOL, YAY!) Open to congress now, open to public before the vote. So what has her point been? Warren Sanders “pandering demagoguery” is evident.

    Obama took his gloves off and called her a politician whose statements do not stand the test of fact and scrutiny.

    Hillary can mop the floor with all of them.

    Watch for it.

  12. Folks, the attempt to compare Soros or Buffet or, especially, Gates to ANY Republican or (like Kochs) radical right zillionaires is ludicrous. Name one right-wing multi-millionaire whose donations have, in any significant part, gone to any purpose that wasn’t related to advancing their own, or their company’s, wealth and economic power.

  13. Now would some of these light weights like Warren and Sanders finish pushing Hillary already. She is just waiting for them to do so. You know, people like brand new nobody that Hillary and Bill gave a job to then he came along and isn’t quite sure about their creds… because he is looking to see if somebody will butter his bread with more jam.

    It is early but they are already missing the point and the boat.

    Hillary says: Ta ta. Eat dust.

  14. Because of the desperation (not yet recognized, sadly, by enough Americans) of the economic takeover of our politic and nationwide economic oppression created through more than 40 years of planning–beginning with the John Birch Society and continuing through its offspring ALEC–we are more or less at the end of the long dream of American equality of opportunity. Even our school systems including world-renowned universities–try to notice–are being remodeled to serve corporate purposes and suppress efforts at intellectual independence and change away from corporate control. [Check the defunding of the incredible University of Wisconsin, and others, and shattering into unfunded trade schools that must sell their services or die.] Unless Sanders succeeds in starting a movement, and unless many others follow, your children’s America will not much resemble yours.

  15. Elle said not about self interest then said this: they are opposed to campaign finance laws and the Federal Election Commission. They oppose public education and minimum wage laws.

    That is the epitome of their self serving interest not ideology the rest is pretty self serving too for their $.

  16. Robert –

    Nice to see you are up on the rights talking points, however, this is about the 1% left and right.

  17. This is bizarre. So, you love Hillary, but at the same time you want Bernie and Elizabeth(Rin: did I get that right?) to push her positions to the left? You don’t like Hillary’s positions? I’m tempted to ask: Do you even know her positions? She’s the “Big Name”; we just have to get her mind right…

    Hey Rin: Jennifer Warren was an actress who was kinda hot. My mistake.

  18. Robert, do you watch Big Bang Theory?

    bob that is what they call sarcasm.

    I lived in NYC for 47 years, it is a fairly common trait.

    It was sorta like when Hillary told the press to look under their seats for her disclosure agreement… you know, that she was warming up to them and making nice.

  19. Yeah, the confusion between a hot actress from ages ago and a political comment last week is easy to understand. Sometimes we just have names pop into our heads from decades ago…

    that too is sarcasm.

    Hillary is not going to be pushed, dragged, shoved, or anything else left or right by anybody. She is her own person. And that is NOT sarcasm.

  20. Oh no, not at all. Hillary will beat her democratic challengers by doing what she’s doing now: ignoring them. Ok.

    Meanwhile the Republican nominees will be fighting for every vote tooth and nail. It will be bloody, but when its done you will have a battle-hardened nominee ready to debate Hillary at every turn. She is not (never has) been comfortable with that. I believe most Americans will not vote for her just because she has a uterus. I might be wrong. We did vote for a president because of his skin color.

  21. What will they debate? Jade Helm coming to steal your bodily fluids? How we will cede our national interest to the likud party? Lets not fund infrastructure because only dirty hippies care about it?

    Please tell me what republicans stand for?

  22. They excel at many things. Own foot shooting, foot in mouth, many answers for every question, utter confusion, deer in the headlights look, bluffing, bringing up unrelated history, swinging at fluff balls and missing, sweating, trying to look the part in an empty suit.

    I say they’d screw up the Jade Helm question, in fact, several of them have already.

  23. My wife who does not follow politics when I told her about Jade Helm didn’t believe me when I told her about the stupid till I showed her. I wonder how many people don’t realize the idiocy that is the republican party

  24. DJ, they are so bad it is surprising me how low things have sunk. None of them deserve the jobs they have now, let alone to represent us to the world.

    I have always has politics in my blood since I was very young – very involved, marching on Washington when I was a mere child – with my parents. And my husband of 27 years never got into it either, and just nodded when I volunteered and ranted.

  25. The Koch brothers realized early on their money could buy them anything and everything including Supreme Court Justices. Justices Scalia and Thomas are both intimately involved with Koch industries, if fact the Koch backed Citizen United ran the “Who will Judge the Judge” ad campaign that led to Clarence Thomas’s confirmation. Yet neither Thomas nor Scalia recused themselves from the Citzens United case. AND They have alredy bought governers ,,,,and now they want to by the president,,,,,,

  26. Bernie already has 4 million in his Senate fund and now 4 million in his POTUS fund.

    I said that was fantastic for a Vermont Senate run and it is, but average cost for a Large State Senate run is $10.5 million.

    8 million in his coffer is short by a billion for POTUS.

    With financing on the R side of the fence he will need to face realistic things like the cost of one TV ad in prime time NATIONALLY…Not on Vermont farmers information radio stations.

    Where I lived in Vermont (briefly)was 4 miles from Killington. We got one TV station and it ran Andy Griffith reruns and cows.

  27. Terrifies Wall Street and kills the Koch family. His super hero cape is on order.

    When he releases his statement on the environment, a long time Vermont issue they excel at, I fully expect Bernie will heal the planet.

    The first tweet sent out by Podesta said climate will be a top focus of her upcoming platform. I have no doubt – Bill and Al were instrumental in progress we made nationally. Carter was helpful too.

    Does he plan on working across the aisle to do these things?

    According to his supporters comments on how he will gain his ideas in real life – he will “give em hell” “terrify them” and “kill” them. And he will make trade deal negotiation and fast track (staples of national presidential politics around the globe for decades) come to a stop.

    Will he kill them with those assault rifles he supports? It won’t be done by writing letters. In fact it won’t be done period.

    Bernie “revolution” Sanders is revolting against Obama, Clinton and the main stream de…

  28. Getting in to your own teacher bailiwick, I got some homework for you. Educate yourself & then STOP w/ that lame canard that Soros is like the Koch brothers:

    First, some historical background comparing both:

    Then on to why it’s LAME for right-wingers to keep mendaciously claiming that Soros spends like the Koch brothers.

    … OR “Show Me the Money!”

    Facts … they have such a LIBERAL bias

  29. Okay all you folks who like to point out that the Dems have rich folks too. It’s the issues they support that counts. So don’t let some lame brain repub think that just because there are rich Dems it’s a wash. No it’s not. It’s the issues!!!!!!!!

  30. Climatologist Dr. Ball, It is an honor to have you here. Please visit more often. We appreciate your knowledge!

  31. Great! I, too have contributed to Bernie Sanders’ campaign with a pledge. I met Bernie when he came to Brewer Maine about thirteen years ago. I was quite impressed with his honesty, love for our country, knowledge of issues, his active participation in Congress, justice and his caring for “we the people.”

    In my years of involvement in activism, a politician such as Bernie is rare.

    Bernie is a statesman! Rare indeed in today’s political arena.

  32. So are you saying that every president prior to Obama was voted for because of his skin colour and every president prior to Clinton was voted for because of the lack of a uterus?

  33. Carly Fiona will not get my vote. Ben Carson will not get my vote. And it’s not because of skin color or uterus or the lack thereof.

    It’s because they’re incompetent.

    I chose to vote for a competent candidate: Obama.
    And I will vote for Hillary, for the same reason.

  34. The interesting part about Republicans/Tea Baggers: When someone is doing a parody of them, most folks can’t tell any difference.

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