Bernie Sanders Turns The Tables On The Republican Plan To Cut Financial Aid For Students


bernie sanders abc this week

In contrast to the Republican plan to cut financial aid and make college more expensive for students, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is set to propose legislation that would give students free tuition at four-year public colleges and universities.

The Republican budget would end mandatory funding for Pell grants, the end of the in-school subsidy on Stafford loans, and the budget would also end income-based student loan repayment programs.


Sen. Sanders is going in the opposite direction.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

We live in a highly competitive global economy and, if our economy is to be strong, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. That will not happen if, every year, hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college, and if millions more leave school deeply in debt.

Countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden and many more are providing free or inexpensive higher education for their young people. They understand how important it is to be investing in their youth. We should be doing the same.

We used to lead the world in the percentage of our people who graduated college. Today we are in 12th place. We used to have great universities tuition free. Today they are unaffordable. I want a more educated workforce. I want everybody to be able to get a higher education regardless of their income.

Republicans are trying to make higher education less affordable. Their goal is to give people one less avenue for economic advancement. Sanders was correct. If the United States hopes to regain its status as the land of opportunity, a key piece to the puzzle is affordable higher education.

It is a tense time for students who are just graduating or still in school. The Republican-controlled Congress has targeted programs that aid students by making college more affordable for budget cuts. Sen. Sanders is making the line between the left and right clear. Democrats and the left are fighting to expand educational opportunities.

The contest on the left is a competition to see who can deliver a plan that will make college affordable for the most people. Republicans try to avoid any discussion of their plans by burying their cuts deep in their budget.

Bernie Sanders is shining a light on those plans while setting a new bar for the left for making college more affordable.

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  1. It’s time for These people to walk the plank all they do is obstruct and do thing TO people not FOR people ; here they are hell bent on destroying the future of our country ,our young brilliant people.

  2. The Game Plan
    Keep the electorate uneducated, bombard them with FOX lies, and get them to vote against their own self-interest.

    Sad commentary on the American voter IQ.

  3. Those of us who do know what they are doing to us need to step up, speak up and get right in their faces!

  4. This is the same scenario, which I keep repeting, is how history shows: Adolph Hitler, another repeat. Do Charles and David really believe in what they’re doing to our way of life?

  5. TPA is passing both the senate and house to give obama the authority to make his deal and then come back for up or down vote.

    Thought so. All a RUSE and grandstanding. Glad I didn’t fall for it. No egg on my face. I stand by all my posts.

  6. YES. Their father was a big supporter of Hitler. He was also implicated in the plot to overthrow the US gov’t, remove FDR from office and replace him with a dictator. Fortunately the man they chose as dictator was a true patriot and reported the conspiracy to Congress. They investigated and, for the sake of national unity, agreed not to prosecute the plotters for treason if they stayed out of politics for the rest of their lives.

    The traitors are all dead now but their legacy lives on. Thank God for Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

  7. *Must Read* Why the GOP Can’t Get No Satisfaction! Via Mick Jagger!

    “This is not unlike what both President Clinton and President Obama did in winning two elections each by demonstrating that the Democratic Party had moved beyond an OLD AGENDA and toward a platform of Nurturing a Vibrant Global Economy and making the United States the dominant player in it”.

    Check it out!

  8. Citizens United Peeps want to PRIVATIZE IT ALL FOR THEM!

    They have eyes on POST OFFICES…
    Prime Locations with Priceless Murals!

    Train Travel…The Eastern Corridor…
    Imagine a Bullet Train From!


  9. Oh, my shadow is fast, the down thumb appears every time I post almost instantly.

    I have a large collection of them, they do nothing to shut me up, you little weirdo who follows me around and childishly does that.

    Don’t like what I say and yet you do not have the courage to tell me what you read, what you think, your stance.

    Easy to click a thumb. Hard to debate issues with intelligence and study.

    You gave me down thumb for a computer glitch post and a post about the sun rising. La ti da. Don’t care. Every day for weeks you follow me and are obsessed.

    I don’t know and do not care who you are.

    You obviously hate Hillary not me.

  10. I’ve been reading around lots of sources, for a Sunday, not much on it except for Republican sites. It will come for vote tomorrow even perhaps. Then all week they will debate and vote on the amendments, provisions to the TPA and discussions on how it relates to the issues of concern that have been widely discussed.

    Wikipedia has a good page on TPA and the long lasting effects and powers in it as well as the long history.

    TPP is something we will have to wait till they are done dealing and release it to the public before the vote on it. That may take months to see, months to look at then months to get through congress. Or not.

    This week will be lots of side shows from the usual suspects. Keep your eyes on Reid, Schumer, Durbin and the powerhorses who wrote the bills and provisions.

  11. And Wyden, I fogot to mention him and he did a lot of the writing of the laws in he bill amendments. Those provision are crucial for worker, enviro. etc. and must be part of the body not separated at the end – as was with NAFTA.

    All articles are critical of Warren. She yelled again Saturday in California about it all being a big secret. NOT TRUE, do not believe her. OBAMA told the truth on Matthews show. Those two grandstanders are on the wrong side of this.

    And AFL-CIO smartly refused to even discuss Hillary. They know. Just like in 07, AFSCME LOVES her. I was front row center of that.

  12. All students go to college for free? Who pays for that? The government? I understand Fannie Mae owns 90+ percent of all college loans, so I guess the government is already financing college education in this country.
    When was the last time you appreciated something you got for free. Four years of Frisbee and beer drinking. Or cornhole and pot. Pick your poison. Colleges will not fail anybody since they will get reimbursed for every body who can fill out a schedule. Yeah, kids will really bear down and become engineers or such when it’s all just handed to them. Can I go to free college until I’m thirty? Sweet!
    Who picks up this tab? Taxpayers. Already 18 trillion in debt, let’s just shoot the moon.
    Bernie Sanders is a piece of (socialist) work.

  13. Seems a piece of work is self explanatory. In your case, you may be a piece of S@hit, there’s a big difference, in smell & purpose.

  14. Yes, sunwyn, this should be posted on the front page of every newspaper,magazine in the country.
    Far too many people do NOT know this…..

  15. @Clennis05, don’t fall for @roberts BULL$HIT, his ONLY reason for being here is to get attention, pitty the FOOL! just imagine being some lonely shut-in who’s biggest treat is jumping on the internet and playing the role of a mosquito buzzing in EVERYBODY ear! @roberts, isn’t here for debate or trying to better himself, he gets off saying BACK HANDLED compliments AT BEST! he’s under some illusion he’s important, see WHITE privilege does that to “SOME” WEAK minded caucasian males! he proved MY assessment of him yesterday, he actually said, “I was thinking about this website while mowing my grass” NEWS FLASH, if you’re THINKING about a political website while mowing your grass, I’d say that’s a symptom of you NEEDING AT LIFE!

  16. The Koch family have a documented history of being traitors to the United States, her ideals, and her vision of freedom for all her people. And any person who supports or defends these pro-dictatorship Koch-elites are, like you, traitors to the United States as well.

  17. When was the last time you appreciated something you got for free.

    You should ask the Koch Bros and the other greedy elitists in this country who’ve gotten theirs from “Big Gubmint” and continue to get more, thanks to Republicans. Now they turn around and use that money to fight to ensure you and yours remain beneath them.

    You, Robert, are a useful fool to these anti-American mega-elitists; the traitor among the American people; a people who still believe in a just democracy, not some lame unjust theocracy or plutocracy.

    Don’t expect the rest of us to timidly lay our necks on the block for the elites just because you so happily do so. Be grateful that Liberals and Democrats have protected your behind that would’ve had you long ago end up working for a $1 an hour, were it up to those anti-American elites you hold so dear.

  18. Turn-cloaks is a much too romantic description for these anti-American TRAITORS and their supporters of modest means.

    TRAITORS should be the word they should be labeled with, preferably with a scarlet tattoo on the forehead.

  19. Senators Warren and Sanders talk a good talk, but their legislative records are paltry at best – unlike President Obama who actually WALKS the WALK.

    Although I’m certain they mean well, both Senators Warren and Sanders are griping against the one president who’s done more for this nation since FDR’s Francis Perkins. He’s accomplished more than they ever have.

    Although it’s a good thing to listen to what they have to say, people should refrain from joining in the attack of President Obama.

    Instead, they should ask the question: what have Senator Warren – and especially Sanders in his 25 years in the U.S. Congress – done to make life better for you?

  20. Republicans say give all the education to rich people and it will simply trickle down to everyone else…

  21. Funny you should mention their record. I just read a piece at KOS about Why I am voting for Hillary not Bernie, or some such title. The person made the excellent point that the only times Bernie actually passed any legislation was when he worked on things with – HILLARY. She passed lots on her own, but he needed her to get things done. People will either see it or they will eventually have to make a choice –

    Bush or Clinton!!!

    Your choice, I know if there were 1000 people running against her who I would chose. But I know her. Easy for me to say. Not easy for people who worked to defeat her in 08, it seems… old grudges?

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