Republicans Forced To Admit That Obama Approved Raid On ISIS Was Successful


Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have been forced to admit on the Sunday shows that the Obama approved raid on ISIS in Syria has been successful.

On ABC’s This Week, Sen. McConnell said, “Well, the president has done a good job with these special operations type missions. Where I think the administration has fallen down is they tend not to favor, generally speaking, capture and interrogation. Although it’s good that the wife of this terrorist was captured and will be interrogated. I’ve been distressed, for example, about the willingness to release prisoners at Guantanamo. Look, this is not a criminal type matter. This is a defense matter. What you want to do is you want to capture people, you want to interrogate them, and you want to try to prevent the next atrocity. I wish we’d had, you know, frankly, more emphasis on capturing, detaining and interrogation than on strikes. Although the strikes are important, and I congratulate those who carried it out. It sounds like it was a very successful mission.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said on Fox News Sunday, “For now, let’s just say it was a successful raid, and it’s good news. Obviously, anytime you can take away and degrade top leadership of an organization it’s a positive step forward….It remains a risk, but obviously we want to congratulate the men and women in uniform who carried it out and the President for undertaking the mission.”

McConnell and Rubio are two of the Republicans who tried to sabotage President Obama’s foreign policy with their letter to Iran, so for Republicans to not only admit the mission was a success, but also praise the president is something that has been virtually unseen during the Obama presidency.

Reports are that the US raid in Syria has killed 32 ISIS members including four leaders. The symbolic message that the raid sends is that terrorists are not safe anywhere on this Earth. It takes an unspeakable amount of leadership for the President to authorize a mission where special operations forces are going into a territory where they have no allies on the ground.

The courage showed by those who carried out the mission is immeasurable, but they wouldn’t have been there if Obama would not have approved the mission. As much as it must drive Republicans crazy, even they are admitting that President Obama has been successful.

45 Replies to “Republicans Forced To Admit That Obama Approved Raid On ISIS Was Successful”

  1. Who’s forcing them? If Obama authorizes a military strike that’s successful, then sure, Republicans need to acknowledge that. There’s no controversy here. Goodness, even a broken clock is right twice a day…

  2. “Beware of the wolves in sheep clothing”, we will soon be hearing about ISIS-BENGHAZI BS until the 2016 elections.

  3. Some who comment here need to go to RWNJ sites where they have SOMETHING in common with other posters. This is a PROGRESSIVE site with FORWARD thinkers.

  4. I disagree respectfully. We learn to test our opinions and find out if they are valid in the big picture when we debate others.

    If we find ourselves to wind up choking on an answer and admit we are wrong about something, we grow even more.

    Echo chambers do nothing for us.

  5. Yep, you know you are having a bad week when your two best hopes are Jeb and Walker and they cannot stop putting themselves ass first every time they speak.

    Rubio is their back up plan.

    He can give Mitch some water…

  6. There is a term that should be substituted when the GOTP talk about “interrogation”. It is called torture. Most of the detainees in Gitmo are no value no intell types. I don’t think anyone with operational intell would of been anywhere near a battle field. Even if you have someone worth interrogating you would et better results with gentler methods.

  7. Considering it was W’s , Cheney’s et al criminality that is the reason there is ISIS and the Tea Party House of Representatives Bengahzi happened let them.

  8. Yeah, but that said, I have bled out more friends that way. My last coversation with an old friend who was rambling on about building fences and stopping ebola before it kills us all, well, ended badly.

    My last words to her were: “turn off FOX! I can’t take this anymore. bye, bye” click.

  9. The right does not JUST play dirty politics by trashing whatever the president is achieving. It has gone into the shadowy edge of treason by going outside the country to try to sabotage OUR business with other nations, and join as allies with foreign powers to undercut the United States.

    The business with Netanyahu failed to destroy a years-in-the-building treaty with twenty other countries (which was its goal) that is important to our future safety as well as prosperity, only because Iran was more like a grown-up than Israel in this particular instance. Using one of our oldest, closest, and most expensive client states as a tool to screw with domestic politics is, of course, childish–but when that country is under control of a petulant, infantile, power-hungry, and arrogant leader, it is extremely dangerous. Let’s hope in the next elections we manage to get some responsible adults into Congress.

  10. LMFAO I see our resident republican or fake A$S libertarian idiot, @robert is back to his old tricks AGAIN! @robert, I truly pitty you, not just because you’re a JOKE, it’s mainly because your life MUST be so lonely so pathetic so useless, that you find some juvenile perverse since of accomplishment just jumping on the internet, thinking YOU’RE being cool and hip by acting like a 4th grader! YOU don’t provide ANY debating points! YOU just drop those brainless ONE LINERS and jump to another topic! For GOD SAKE! act like an adult! it’s people like YOU that makes me SICK! YOU wanna debate? stop using dribble to start your rants! I for one will be delighted when the thrill of being a TROLL finally gets boring to you and YOU move the HELL along!

  11. Don’t worry, in a month or so, some tin foil-obsessed right wing hack will suggest that the raid never really happened.

  12. Sen McConnell: “Where I think the administration has fallen down is they tend not to favor, generally speaking, capture and interrogation.”

    Did he even read the news that we wanted him alive but it ended in hand to hand combat and we were forced to kill him?

  13. As for Walker–notice that after three speaking appearances in a row showed up as ignorant and virtually illiterate, Kochs appeared to be slightly less enamored with their bff and came out with a “final 5” list of options.

    You may disagree, but on scrutiny I can’t foresee–from America’s viewpoint–a nickel’s worth of difference among them as president, though. They are all pretty low information, modest intellect, and politically and ethically bankrupt.

    It won’t matter much which of them sits in the WH; Kochs and friends will be operating the country and their goal will be a tight control on the economy (keeping it away from the proles) and a harsh subsistence for most workers and families. And, of course, investing the blood of our families in seizing more wealth and power worldwide.

  14. What he is saying we need more bodies in GITMO so we can continue to waste money and then claim we don’t have money to feed our own citizens

  15. Remember, the Koch family’s still operative world views and policies came to us out of ancestors involved with the Third Reich; their grandfather’s newspaper in Texas constantly and nastily castigated the common people, workers, and farmers because they were “lazy” and “let” their crops fail in the Dust Bowl; and their father took his discovery that created the original fortune (before they manipulated the federal economy to multiply it by ten in a very few years) out of the U.S. to the highest bidder (Stalin) until, believing (probably correctly) that his life was in danger there, he returned to the U.S.

    Don’t expect any candidate of their choice to serve any purpose in the WH except to shuffle the nation’s wealth into the hands of the richest 1% and create economic tyranny as fast as possible.

  16. BTW, if theres ANY liberal here who doesn’t approve of my handling of the typical republican who flows in here, remember this, these are individuals who 99.9999% of the time will call ANYONE who even slightest disagrees with them, LIBERTARDS!- WELFARE QUEEN- TRAITORS- NIGGERS- SPICS! C’mon, how many times have any of us went on a conservative site and within two sentences read ”ODUMBER” “MUSLIM TERRORIST” and worse! And when ANY conservative gets challenged HERE, whats ALWAYS their retort??? “YOU LIBERALS are intolerant!” so UNCIVILIZED! but it’s AMAZING, they NEVER seem to see the utter FILTH coming from their “HOME” website. republicans give me a headache in my eye!! their hypocrisy, their complete DISDAIN for HISTORY, they’re intellectually LAZY people! I can’t debate with people who don’t process COMMON sense and common knowledge! this is a WAR! I’m NOT inclined to find ANY common ground with a neanderthal with KKK sympathies! SORRY

  17. Jealousy is a powerful feeling. If the Republicans had worked with President Obama from the start, for the good of the country, there would be enough praise to go around for both parties.

  18. I agree with you Rin… engaging in conversation is the proper way to treat people…

    calling them names only makes them defensive and hardens their position and then they won’t listen at all…

    as for go somewhere else… I’ve said this before… if that happens this just becomes a left/progressive echo chamber…

    divergent opinions should be welcome for the reasons Rin States…

  19. I agree we should be able to discuss in a civil manner without name calling. …there are times when I decide not to comment for fear of what I might say when I hear a certain side claim Obama is setting up concentration camps for Christians and Jews, and that Hitler had an Islamist brigade to help in the extermination of Jews. One woman actually said she would kill herself rather than let them take her. Just when you think is could not get any worse??…No this is not Satire, :-(

  20. Hey, hey knight 4444: Little kids in school will come to me and say;” This is not me, but Bob says you’re stupid.” Who gets in trouble? Not Bob but the kid who hides behind other people’s words.

    You can talk about what other people say and then print it, but in my world; If you write it (or say it) you own it.

    Knight4444: Watch your mouth.

  21. LMFAO , NO I suggest you watch your mouth, theres a reason why you get ALL the thumbs down votes, you don’t have $HIT worth talking about! GO mow your grass grandpa! and go do something with your lonely life.

  22. I used to refrain from calling names on chats or forums, but after being called libturd, atheist-commie (I am Catholic), whore, and other choice selections, I don’t hesitate to call a rw moron a moron. To hell with them. If you’re polite, they just think you’re weak and shit on you even more.

  23. Robert. You’re cranky and you need a nap.

    Interesting- McConnell seems awfully disturbed that there aren’t enough uncharged folks in Gitmo for his bosom buddies to rough up unnecessarily.

    It’s almost as if the Psychic Vampires of the Right Wing are starving…

  24. Why anyone asks these tools anything about ISIS doesn’t make sense to me because these are the guys who have been sitting on the president’s ISIS authorization request for almost 2 months now! They don’t want to vote to increase military action against ISIS. They want the president to make all of the decisions while they sit on the sidelines and “critique” his actions. They are the biggest cowards on the planet and so are their 2016 candidates for POTUS. They’re all great at giving their opinion and advice to PBO ( which I’m happy he ignores) but they’re lousy when it comes to voting to increase military operations against ISIS. I think if they were in the WH and had to make some of the decisions PBO has had to make in regard to terrorism/terrorists, they’d be crapping in their pants. None of them have the courage this president has demonstrated in fighting terrorism/terrorists. There’s a huge difference between talking and acting. They have the former down pat.

  25. Man, I agree with you 2000 percent. I wish there were some way we could have personal communication.

  26. If there were a way a private message could be sent, it would include you are a great American and you Know the difference between right and WRONG!

  27. No one forced them. The circumstances however did. And as far as your clock comment is concerned…the clock is only right twice a day if it does not have an AM?PM indicator.

  28. Oh please… head on over to the nearest right-wing blog and see what kind of conversation you’ll be having. Go give it try, I double-dog dare you:)

    There is no honest debate to be had – six years into it would have taught even the slowest learner that we’re well beyond reasoned discussion. All you’re doing is providing them with yet another forum to spread pure, unadulterated stupid with a side of hate. Enough with appeasing the morons.

  29. Robert, spending free time here, does not seem to be teaching you a single thing. Do hope the future is better for you.

  30. When playing with rethugs, you need to know enough to play by their rules of conduct. Playing NICE with thugs never works. WE, who believe everyone has some good in them somewhere, need (no must)begin to learn that lesson. The Dem,s now in office have had dirt, underhanded dishonest actions taken against them. TIME to hit back and hit hard.. I agree with you Le Hunt.

  31. He didn’t read the memo from “The desk of Donald the Rummy” (that thar’s his code name, if ya’ know what I means).

    The memo read, “Goodness GRACIOUS me!” Robert left a word out…

    Geez! He sounds/does something that sounds off, it triggers, we knee-jerk and, we all “replied”…we should stop responding to this one and Bill.

  32. He’s already going to H-E-double hockey sticks; he broke a “Church of Cannabis” tenant, “Thou shall not troll others on the internet”.

    He’s no Cannatarian; he’s not even a freak. He’s a fake from one of those fake religions!

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