Scott Walker Dissolves Into Gibberish When Asked About His Foreign Policy Credentials

One sentence is all it took for Scott Walker to reveal himself as the next in a long line of failed Republicans.


Face The Nation’s Bob Schieffer asked Gov. Walker what his foreign policy credentials are, and the answer was revealing.

Walker said:

Well, I think as a governor, it’s really ultimately about leadership. To me, in my lifetime, one of the best presidents when it comes to foreign policy was a governor from California. My lifetime, one of the worst presidents when it comes to foreign policy, was a freshman senator from Illinois. So I think it’s not just about past experience. It’s about leadership. As a governor, you have to put a cabinet in place. Hopefully, you pick people who are as smart or smarter than you on any given topic.

I think that’s something that’s required of a successful president is putting people in place, be it Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State and others, and then having the good sense to listen to them and to others, chain of command in the military, consulting with the Congress. All of those sorts of things I think are important to the president, and I think a successful governors in either party have to do that every day.

Walker’s answer was a pile of gibberish. His answer listed no foreign policy credentials. Walker’s answer bears a striking resemblance to the answer George H.W. Bush gave reporters when asked about George W. Bush’s lack of foreign policy experience in 1999, “My predecessor, for whom I have great love, affection and respect, Ronald Reagan, had come in having been governor of a state and not having had the various jobs.”

George W. Bush’s administration was a foreign policy disaster for the country. Scott Walker is promising a return to the bad old days of Bush if he is elected. It is also ironic Walker would call President Obama the worst foreign policy president of his lifetime at the same time that Obama is receiving bipartisan praise for the successful raid on ISIS in Syria.

Scott Walker has no foreign policy experience. He is an empty suit who does what he is told. That’s why the Koch brothers love him.
The bottom line is that when Scott Walkers opens his mouth about foreign policy, he shows voters why he is unfit to be president.

73 Replies to “Scott Walker Dissolves Into Gibberish When Asked About His Foreign Policy Credentials”

  1. He was an Eagle Scout and beat the teachers unions so he knows how to deal with world affairs… in the Sarah Palin school of political ambitions.

  2. Oh Scotty next you’ll tell us that your foreign policy advisor is Dick Cheney, and THAT will endear you about 10 people, all of whom work for FOX.

  3. When I read this article I felt I was in Opposite World. To me Reagan was the worst in foreign policy (well actually the worse President domestically) and President Obama has been amazing in all the different areas of government. President Obama would have been considered the greatest president of all time if only the Republicans didn’t promise on day one, President Obama would be a one term president.

    Scott Walker only cares about Koch and will do everything that Koch wants – he has proven that (the big head using the little head to think with).

  4. Would that be the same foreign policy that had 241 Marines killed? Trading weapons for hostages? Invading a defenseless country?

    Newsflash walker not all of us are dumbasses that fall for your bullshit

  5. How does a presidential hopeful learn about foreign policy? Governors don’t. Congressmen get to vote on various foreign policy bills, but whether they’re successful or not is a crap shoot.

    What makes anyone think Obama knew what to do about foreign policy? Or Bush? Or anybody before him?

    Reading history is about the best tool there is. The second best is to surround yourself with people who have spent their lives studying foreign policy. That’s what Walker said and it makes sense.

    Foreign policy is basically crazy dictators doing crazy crap and the president has got to respond to it. Good luck with that job.

  6. This what I meant in a previous post the GOP cherry pick History. Thank you DJ for putting history back in prospective.

    The GOP should not talk about ‘splinters in someones eye’ until they deal with ‘the LOG in their own eye’.

  7. Schieffer let walker mold his message with no challenge. Schieffer was around during the Reagan years, he let him skip by.

  8. Walker was trying to drive home a republican talking point, that the world isn’t afraid of Obama, that the world doesn’t “fear” our military might anymore. Which is bs, the world lost respect under Bush, they learned to hate us under Bush.

    Obama has been cleaning up Bushes 8 year mess ever since he took office in 2009, ecomonically and foreign affairs. With no help from republicans I might add, actually with a lot of hinderance.

  9. Perhaps he things having peaceful protesters manhandled and arrested for singing qualifies him for his leadership. His leadership thus far follows his promise to “divide and conquer.” He has done that. What kind of leadership is that? He has decimated the State of Wisconsin so as to appeal to extreme right wing benefactors. Let the debates begin, sooner than later. The bad news is that when he finally comes back to Wisconsin it will still be the place he has crippled. Oh yippie. Let him stay in Iowa or wherever he is showing off his leadership this week. “To the people of Iowa, these are not to droids you are looking for.”

  10. He fails to mention; THEY LIED to create that war, engaged the press in the LIE, and caused the deaths of countless thousands of people. They tortured, misled Americans too dense to see the difference between a Sikh and an Arab, into shooting down innocent people here and there; caused airplane travel to be an embarrassing nightmare; and while known terrorists are wandering around being baited into traps like the Texas debacle over cartoons of Mohammed, unless I want to be bombarded by radiation,I’m getting my yoni felt up by a complete stranger and I’m supposed to take it with a smile? I’m a white haired great grandmother, clearly a terrorist on a rampage; going to see my grandchildren. All for one big LIE. You have to be very very rich or very very crazy to vote Republican.

  11. Gov. Dropout talked about consulting with his cabinet. What a joke. With the release of his 2015-17 budget, agency heads and cabinet members were quoted as “being stunned” at the changes to their departments. Gov. Dropout never consulted with them, not gave them a heads up as to what was coming. Too busy running for president.

  12. Can we agree that in the last six years the Middle East has gone to hell in a handbasket?

    Does Obama have a say in this? If the answer is no, some people will say that’s his fault as leader of the free world. If the answer is yes, does Obama take any blame for it?

    You can say Bush, Bush, Bush all you want. Is the guy in charge NOW solving anything?

    Saudi Arabian leader refused to meet with Obama last week. Probably just a scheduling mix-up…

  13. Hello MC
    Well said. I walk through security holding up my pants with one hand and my shoes in the other. Wait until you get a hip replacement and they fondle you and then use their metal finding wand and then fondle you again. I personally don’t mind being groped. I wonder how (R)’s like their freedom to be infringed upon?

    Be careful of this one they call Scott Walker. He morphs into whatever anyone wants him to be for the day. One day an Eagle Scout, one day the son of a Baptist preacher, one day a great leader who is going to deal with ISIS like he dealt with a bunch of teachers and social workers. One Everybody has their guns though. I myself had always thought that the greatest endorsement of Democracy would be the ability of its citizens to engage in constructive discourse. Certainly not to terrorize them and to ‘divide and conquer.’ What kind of leadership is that. He was going to bring his ‘brown bag lunch’ to work every day. I suppose that lasted about on…

  14. OMG LMFAO scott walker and foreign policy??? I’m BEYOND sick of the GOP! I really don’t give a damn about the 20% of tin foil A$SHATS who buy this CRAP! lets be honset, shall we?! the GOP is DYING in 2007! literally! now am I happy that president OBAMA got elected? HELL YES! but I also realize that it was THE best thing to happen for them since that NEO CON REAGAN got elected! See OBAMA brought out ALL the GOP RACIST who kept their usual “WE HATE N*****S” comments to their local bar or in their basements! BTW ANYONE who gets offended at my use of the slur “N*****” well I suggest you NEVER visit a conservative site! they throw that slur out like it’s candy on christmas. Sane americans voted for OBAMA and what did the GOPers say? WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!! yeah, WE know exactly what you meant by that! The koch brothers and the RACIST went wild! they can raise MILLIONS of dollars by just saying OBAMA! the very name makes most republicans turn as WHITE as a sheet!

  15. Dear Robert,
    Now you are just trolling. The population in the Middle East has not gotten along for 3,000 years and it is hubris to think we can get them to agree on anything. My greatest hope for Democracy would be that a united people who could discuss their differences and treat each other with respect. As an (R) or a (D), while we are name calling and bickering, the malefactors are making mischief at our expense. Robert, stop hating and start talking respectfully to all of your neighbors. The average (R) or (D) on the street cannot be happy with either side.

  16. Hopefully, you pick people who are as smart or smarter than you on any given topic.

    That shouldn’t be too hard for Scott Walker to do. There’s an awful lot of 8th graders that fit that description. [wink]

  17. Hey, I have been nothing but respectful on these posts. Ask knight4444. He’ll vouch for me.

    I admire people who want to get along with other people when those other people consider you worse than swine, would want to cut your head off with your family as well because you don’t follow their religion.

    Go for it. Seek peace. Seek understanding. Let me know how that works out for you.

  18. Fear not America. This man, Governor Walker will never be president. In a large drawer full of dull blades, he may be the dullest of them all. With his wit-or lack thereof-he will be lucky to still be alive politically after the third debate. America is not going to elect a dummy. We learned our less with Bush. Walker will be exposed in debate as the know-nothing he is. Until then, he will continue making one really stupid comment after another making us laugh and cringe at the same time. Walker may be the Koch’s idea of a wet dream, but I don’t think he can stand up to the rigors of an 18-month campaign. And if the repubs in the race fail to kill him off, Hillary will. No WH for you Scott.

  19. I have at last found deep value in Scott Walker: he helps with my prescriptions. I lose no sleep when he speaks. Saving pills helps my budget. Hooray, Scott Walker! A good sleep is always healing and you are one of the greatest healers of all time!

  20. What is it about Republicans that they’ll never answer the question that is put to them?

    You can ask them a question that requires either a “yes” or a “no” answer, and then they’ll go off the rails on some tangent.

    And then- their henchmen get all snippy when you complain about it.

  21. The truly scary part of this is that Scott Walker sounds so much like W when he answers a question. And as we all remember W was elected to the White House twice. So what does that say about American voters?

  22. This guy couldn’t even spell “foreign policy” let alone have any. He’s a real threat in becoming President as much as FOX News is a real threat in becoming a real media station.

  23. There may be a bigger doofus than Scott Walker (she was Mccain’s choice for VP), but this guy exemplifies the Republican party. Completely out of touch with reality.

  24. Why was Walker wearing an Ear Piece?
    Like Reagan’s: WEEEEL.

    Reagan once said:
    “I don’t know how any man could become President without prior experience as an ACTOR”.

    (I think there’s a Transmitter in Rick Perry’s Glasses)

    Walker is the mirror image of Sarah Palin!

  25. I’ve read all of the above posts and sincerely hope that Uncas72 is right. We in Wisconsin are doing our part (the sane ones anyway) to inform the public how disingenuous Scott Walker really is. He says you need to be able to choose smart people, while conveniently forgetting to mention that several of his former staff were under investigation in a John Doe inquiry and a few were found to have broken laws and one is now serving a jail sentence. He himself is not out of the woods on this one despite the fact that his party has the states majority and have changed the states constitution to ensure that a Republican is chief justice of the Wisconsin supreme court. This is one dangerous man, made more so with Koch money and advisors.

  26. And you say you’re a teacher??? I’m just a dumb fireman and I speak five languages (one of them a non-Indo-European one), I read three alphabets, and I know a sh1tload more about the world than you do.

    BUSH opened the Pandora’s box that the Middle East is today and destabilized Iraq by removing the one person who could keep the warring factions within Iraq in check (brutal though he was, we are now gaining an understanding of WHY he had to be that brutal) and keep Iran at bay.

    And Obama is somehow supposed to fix this? How?

    Are you also aware that according to SOFA (the Status of Forces Agreement SIGNED BY BUSH), that we were obligated to remove all of our troops (read: illegal occupying forces) from Iraq?

    Get honest, or get educated, or both. But stop posting your excrement here.

  27. Moongrim, the GOP never answers a question because their “solutions” are so vile, if people knew what they were, they would never get votes.

  28. Jan, I have wondered about Wisconsin and how the people elected this nitwit.

    Of course I suppose Koch bought him the elections.

    Keep the sane ones educating the insane ones!..It is a travesty what Walker has done to your state.

  29. His explanation dissolved into gibberish
    It sounded like standard boilerplate language of a generally accepted practice if you ask me.

    As long as Walker doesn’t make any major FP gaffes- or open up a can of hashtag diplomacy- voters aren’t going to hold a grudge regarding his FP experience.

    Don’t forget, it was Obama’s LACK of exposure to DC that was viewed as a plus in ’08.

  30. Hold on there, fireman. Your ability to speak several languages is to your credit. However, it does not make you more worldly or more intelligent than someone who has mastered a single tongue. A person can be an idiot in five languages. Not that you are.

    The premise that leaving Hussein in power would have prevented ISIS is interesting. It might be true. But given a murdering madman in power the natural inclination is to take him out. Speculation about what happens in the future is just speculation. Not acting because you don’t know what your actions might create leads to paralysis. That’s not leadership.

  31. Well, I’d say having a conscience, at least two brain cells to rub together, and not being a bald-faced liar 24/7 might be helpful.

    Walker has already demonstrated that he posseses no such qualities. And seeing as he’s on the Koch payroll, I highly doubt that the Koch-funded Cato folks who wrote the justification for the Iraq war for Dubya, along with the associated atrocities, are to be trusted a second time:

    Hell, I’m amazed he didn’t say, “I can see Russia from my house.”

  32. No, we cannot agree:

    History Commons: “Context of ‘August 4, 2002: Scowcroft Warns That Invading Iraq Could Destabilize Middle East, ‘Destroy War on Terror’”

    Not to mention, you continously repeat debunked GOP talking points which have nothing to do with the fact that we were lied into war with a country that didn’t attack us – purely for profit:

    “Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2m”

    And now you have the unmitigated gall to try and blame the guy who ended the war as opposed to the guy who lied us into it.

  33. He also said Reagans firing of PATCO was great foreign policy. When Reagan fired PATCO he was also selling arms to terrorist illegally and did so until he was caught, for Walker to use this as an example for him to look up too tells me all i need to know about Walker. Six of his aides have already been indicted from his first election, still has 110 more to go to equal his idol Reagan whom had 116 indictments handed to his administration.

  34. Yes Jan, this man is a dangerous man made so even more dangerous by the Koch money and advisers. The Koch’s plan is to eventually finish the plan of their Father. Take over the country and install their own dictator. So Wis. you have a mighty job. Stopping them from taking the first step, getting cross eyes being elected as the candidate for the White House.

  35. The natural inclination is to take out a murdering madman in power when he’s head of state of a sovereign country on another continent? When you have no right, according to international law, to “take him out”? And when you have no idea of the realities on the ground with regard to the warring tribal/ethnic factions, and no plan to stabilize the country once you have already acted illegally? REALLY??? REALLY????

    Your “natural inclination” may be understandable, but it would be g*dd*mned dumb to act upon that natural inclination.

  36. “It’s about leadership”.

    Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not obtained by merely getting elected, leadership is granted to someone by the people from their decision to follow that person.

    Reagan was granted that leadership by the people. But I sure don’t recall, on the day of his Inauguration, Democrat leaders gathering and deciding to oppose him at every turn…

    From Day 1, Republicans have refused to work with Obama, they’ve done nothing but attack his legitimacy, smear him and spread the craziest rumors.

    And then they accuse HIM of lacking leadership??? They refuse to work with him, and made sure from Day 1 that people would NOT follow him. Own it, m’fers!

  37. Robert, Saddam H. was the single biggest reason that Iran was kept in check for many years. Saddam may have been a dictator, but certainly no worse than the idiot in North Korea.

    I get the feeling that in reading your posts, you want to be considered “intelligent,” but what I read just about every time are nothing but the same talking points issued by Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes, every single day.

    It’s a good thing that you’re trying to engage, but your insistence on not admitting the truth of the actual history of who actually caused this Middle East fiasco is obvious. President Obama has been trying to clean up the sh*t sandwich he was served in January of 2009, and I’m tired of guys like you who won’t even admit the Bush Jr. Played a HUGE role in opening the Pandora’s Box in the ME.

  38. I watched this yesterday morning and my response was exactly the same as this authors. Why didn’t Bob call him out on his non-answer gibberish? You ain’t at a softball game Bob – people will vote for this guy unless he is exposed as the fraud that he is. If you can’t do your job for the voters then get off the moderator seat and let someone else with balls do the job.

  39. The only experience Walker has is being a good little KochRoach and taking orders. And like all KochRoaches he is best at survival. He is a moron and I am ashamed that Wisconsinites couldnt seem to see thru the downpour of Koch money funded ads to see that.

  40. “LACK of exposure to DC” does not foreign policy experience make.

    In 2008, then-Senator Obama had already traveled overseas, written legislation about Darfur and dealt with world issues. THOSE were HIS experiences. Walker has had ZERO experiences outside of Wisconsin, and THOSE were dubious at best.

  41. the Obama bashers just sound ridiculous now. president Obama is one of America’s most successful presidents- ever. time to accept it righties. that is reality and that is the truth whether you like it or not. how ironic is it that the unprecedented and preplanned conservative and GOP obstruction, sabotage, treason, and bigotry will only add more prestige to the impressive Obama legacy.

  42. Scott Walker is a very, very bad joke. Anyone who votes for him is an absolute fool. He’s destroyed the economy of Wisconsin, and would do the same to the entire U.S. if allowed to do so. Avoid Walker like the plague.

  43. Good point. I heard walker wasn’t a dropout at all. He was an honor graduate at the sarah palin school of foreign policy.

  44. The republicans don’t have one viable candidate. Major bunch of morons including shrub 2 [slight return]. And Bushie will probably be their candidate when it’s all said and done. Just not a single one of them with any vision or experience. This is truly a pathetic state of affairs. My prediction, Hilary in a walk.

  45. They all seem to forget that the Bush administration was cooking the intelligence and deliberately lying to nation.

  46. it truly won’t matter who the dem nominee turns out to be. the republicans and conservatives are going down.

  47. How did Snot Wanker get elected in Wisconsin? They sent the counts from the Walker-installed EVMs offsite to Karl Rove-trained cheaters who already had printouts made up a week in advance. i.e. they cheated!

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