Democrats Call For A Federal Criminal Investigation Into Scott Walker’s Jobs Agency

Scott Walker

Scott Walker’s troubles are growing as Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin are calling for a federal criminal investigation into the governor’s jobs agency.

The Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel reported:

Democratic lawmakers Monday called for a federal criminal investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s jobs agency, which is facing a tough audit and a separate report that the Wisconsin governor’s top aides pressed for a now delinquent $500,000 loan from taxpayers to a failed Milwaukee construction company.

Two Democratic lawmakers on the board of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation called for a review Monday of the unsecured loan WEDC made to Building Committee Inc. The loan was made in 2011 as the company was collapsing, according to a news report.

The loan created no jobs and has led to a lawsuit by WEDC to recover its money from Building Committee, which is headed by a donor who made the maximum $10,000 donations to the campaigns of both Walker and former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

There has been a strong whiff of scandal surrounding Walker that the national media has ignored. The John Doe investigation has been a dark cloud hanging over Scott Walker for years. Walker has lawyered up and seen his closest aides turn on him over the last few years. Last year, it appeared that Walker was under investigation. Much like the current scandal at the Wisconsin jobs agency, Walker remains dogged by the investigation into if he provided special favors to conservative billionaires who donated secret millions of dollars to his political efforts.

Scott Walker is a national scandal that is waiting to happen. The Democratic calls for a federal criminal investigation into Walker’s jobs agency fit into his administration’s pattern of behavior. Unlike Rick Perry, Scott Walker isn’t under indictment yet, but more like Chris Christie, the evidence of corrupt abuses of power are beginning to pile up.

Instead of dreaming of the White House, Gov. Walker should consider himself lucky if he avoids the Big House.

There’s something rotten in Wisconsin, and the evidence points to Scott Walker at the heart of the problem.

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18 Replies to “Democrats Call For A Federal Criminal Investigation Into Scott Walker’s Jobs Agency”

  1. As soon as this crook is indicted the Kochs will drop him like a hot pancake. And he’ll find out it doesn’t mean nothing to be a lap dog for the Koch bros.

  2. I’ve been wondering what Walker’s reaction was to the SCOTUS refusing to review this appeal, and I have imagined a lot of cussing, throwing objects, and the consumption of quite a lot of alcohol at lunchtime today. When the SCOTUS refused the appeal, it was not only a blow to Walker, it was a blow to the Koch Bros’ WI Americans for Prosperity group, and other groups supported by right-wing million/billionaires. I guess Roberts has decided he’d better stop making it so obvious that he and the other 4 GOP/TPers are doing the dirty work of the GOP/TP, at least for a little while. I feel certain that Walker, AFP, & Co.’s thinking was that if the SCOTUS accepted the case, their problems would all go away. Judge Randa helped them as much as his wicked little heart could, but the 7th slapped him down, and a problem they thought the SCOTUS would rid them of has come back like a motherf*cker. I hope Walker & Co. have many sleepless nights trying to figure a way out of this mess.

  3. If this goes back to the Wisconsin Supreme court then he might get away seeing that he has it packed with his cronies

  4. Just makes sense that when the amount of $$$$$$$$ these idiots are playing with, there JUST HAS TO BE ILLEGAL SHIT GOING ON!! I hope this Crooked Ass Hole is sent straight to prison, along with Fat Ass Christie.

  5. The supreme court is elected in Wisconsin. Koch money packed the court, and these justices are elected to 10 year terms. So the WI supremes will take care of this for Scotty, you betcha.

    It sucks to be a Badger these days.

  6. Unfortunately, nothing will ever come of this. Just like Karl Rove, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, etc. Walker has enough money and enough influence to make this go away.
    And it will.

  7. He is the KochRoach, not the king. KochRoaches survive everything. A little history: the last time there was an investigation into corrupt campaign issues it was Democrats and Republicans got tried and found guilty.

    The investigation was done by a John Doe “The John Doe proceeding is an institution sanctioned by long usage since Wisconsin’s territorial days. ..the scope of a John Doe proceeding…is intended as an independent, investigatory tool to ascertain whether a crime has been committed and if so, by whom.” But Walker has changed the law because….
    “The first John Doe investigation, begun in 2010, led to convictions of six Walker aides, associates or appointees on charges ranging from theft from a veteran’s group to misconduct in office. The second Doe probe, launched in 2012, looked into coordination between conservative political organizations and Walker and other candidates during recall elections. (to be continued)….

  8. “The second probe was effectively halted in January 2014 when the judge overseeing the investigation ruled the activities in question were not illegal. The state Supreme Court will rule in three cases in the summer of 2015 that will determine whether the investigation can be revived or must be ended for good.”

    That judge was bought by the Kochs, the majority of the WI supremes were bought and paid for, and have legislated their bought and paid for judges into power. All rigged to support that slimy, Teflon coated KochRoach Walker.

  9. Most troubling to me is the headline, “Democrats call for federal investigation..”. The implication being that this is little more than partisan politics, rather than what is clearly criminal wrongdoing at the top levels of state government. Why is the Journal/Sentinal itself not calling for the investigation? The editorial board prides itself on being a “watchdog”. Doesnt their failure to call Walker out themselves speak volumes about their own partisanship? I remember all the screaming they did about a Democratic legislator named Chuck Chvala who was convicted of corruption charges some years back. Why so subdued now?

  10. Remember that through history, the ways of truth and love has always won.
    There have been tyrants.
    For a time they can seem invincible.
    But in the end these always fail.
    Think of it and remember it.

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