Just Like Fox News, The Republican Party Is Literally Dying Off


Fox News has the oldest audience on television, and their struggles to attract young viewers mirror a Republican Party that according to a new study is literally dying off.

Daniel J. McGraw of Politico Magazine crunched the numbers and confirmed that Republicans have a party that is dying:

By combining presidential election exit polls with mortality rates per age group from the U.S. Census Bureau, I calculated that, of the 61 million who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, about 2.75 million will be dead by the 2016 election. President Barack Obama’s voters, of course, will have died too—about 2.3 million of the 66 million who voted for the president won’t make it to 2016 either. That leaves a big gap in between, a difference of roughly 453,000 in favor of the Democrats.

Here is the methodology, using one age group as an example: According to exit polls, 5,488,091 voters aged 60 to 64 years old supported Romney in 2012. The mortality rate for that age group is 1,047.3 deaths per 100,000, which means that 57,475 of those voters died by the end of 2013. Multiply that number by four, and you get 229,900 Romney voters aged 60-to-64 who will be deceased by Election Day 2016. Doing the same calculation across the range of demographic slices pulled from exit polls, and census numbers allows one to calculate the total voter deaths. It’s a rough calculation, to be sure, and there are perhaps ways to move the numbers a few thousand this way or that, but by and large, this methodology at least establishes the rough scale of the problem for the Republicans—a problem measured in the mid-hundreds of thousands of lost voters by November 2016. To the best of my knowledge, no one has calculated or published better voter death data before.

McGraw found that Millennials are becoming a solidly Democratic voting bloc, and younger voters outnumber Baby Boomers. The net result is that if Republicans don’t attract a larger percentage younger voters, they could be looking at a deficit of 2.5 million votes on Election Day 2016. The Republican base is older white rural voters, and these voters pass on; they aren’t being replaced in the party with young voters.

If this trend were to continue over the long-term, the Republican Party would shrink.

For years, Fox News’ ratings with younger viewers have been plummeting. Fox News is the top cable news network in a declining genre because they have cornered the market on white, mostly male, Republican viewers at or over 65 years old. Fox News has lost 30% of their younger viewers. Fox News’ median audience has shrunk to 1.1 million. As their older viewers have died off, Fox News has been unable to replace them with younger viewers. Fox’s big move to combat this was to move Sean Hannity’s angry Republican senior center hour to 10 PM and give Megyn Kelly the timeslot after Bill O’Reilly. It hasn’t worked.

Fox News has already found out what the Republican Party is going to learn. Throwing a younger face on the same old ideas of opposing gay marriage, immigration reform, climate change, and making college less affordable while promoting income inequality is not going to fool younger voters.

The ideas matter. If Fox News and the Republican Party don’t get a clue, both will go extinct.

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  1. see the shooting in waco. see the slobs in that crowd. theres your gop. theres your teabaggers. theres your enemy of the usa. i for one hope that texas is taken over and these types are put in fema camps. without texass, this country would much better off, and way ahead in many ways. thanks to all the rw swine sent to dc, we are still fighting the civil war. if the usa has any future, it will be without texass.

  2. It would be nice to pin our hopes for a better future, however, the many conservative churches like Rommney’s LDS are keeping their youg people corralled and endoctrinated in their dogmas.

    As young as 3-4th grade, the kids are not allowed to play with “others outside of the faith”. The mandate for their wives is to “go forth and multiply”, Having babies is their most important job.

    They may not watch fox but they are not growing liberal either.

  3. I am sure reince prebus and the repug secretaries of state are all over the voter suppression plans. At heart, these people are dishonest and self entitled so they will do anything and everything to win. Because they are the real Americans.

  4. It’s for our new AG, Loretta Lynch, to make damn sure
    that voter suppression, gerrymandering, and rigged voting machines don’t give repugs what they can’t win
    fairly. Payback’s gonna be a mofo.[WINK]

  5. Only reason why the GOP is being a shade of its former self is because of the RINO’s in the party are becoming less conservative and more like you idiot liberals.

  6. “According to exit polls, 5,488,091 voters aged 60 to 64 years old supported Romney in 2012”..I was 18 years old in 1969 (puts me in above age group),just graduated high school, had registered (had to) for the draft and knew there was no way I was going to Viet Nam. Back then, there seemed to be more of us, of that mind. Then as now, corporatocracy/media leaned heavily on patriotism/nationalism/religionism to fatten their wallets at the expense of the gullible, by fomenting anger and hate. Surprising, that if the numbers above in quotes is right, that in fact as it turns out, some could be “fooled again”..and again..and again.

  7. I’m a Boomer and have never voted repub. It drives me crazy that we keep hearing how Boomers vote repub. Not so.

  8. Happy Monday Liberals !!!

    Fox News just had 53rd consecutive quarterly audience win. 10% growth in ratings for audience 25-54 in first quarter. More viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined.
    FNC doing fine !!

    GOP just literally destroyed SOROS Liberal Party in Mid-term Elections !!!

    Have a good day gullible people !!!!!!!

  9. while what you say may be true all that happens is that the party becomes more and more marginalized with no replacement ‘True Believers’ flooding into take their place… how do you win elections with too few troops?

  10. Jimmy, I feel sorry for you. There are folks who watch Fox, but don’t vote for the hater repub party. Have a nice day!

  11. I dunno… moving from 10 to 11 viewers in the 25-54 bracket doesn’t seem like much of a win…

    10% of 10=1


    sometimes you have to do the math for the math challenged…

  12. From rebel to the “I got mine fuck you” party in one generation. Saw it with a lot of my pals, who are no longer pals. They are so brainwashed by hate and Fox News I can’t speak to them anymore.

  13. That’s not entirely true. I was brought up going to the Mormon (LDS) Church. I was fed the Mormon Doctrine, memorizing it. I guess you could call it a form of brainwashing. It didn’t take with me and my siblings. My cousins on the other hand are still active members, except for the oldest. She too had her own ideas on life. Six out of the ten of us don’t associate with the Mormon Church any longer. It’s a good start at least.

  14. That may be your fantasy Timothy, but the truth is that you purged all the moderate Republicans out of the Republican Party because you’ve swung so far to the right that you can’t see straight truth any longer You live in your Fox “News” bubble away from reality and sanity and unless you are rich, you stupidly vote against your own best interests. You are on self destruct.

  15. DownriverDem:
    I guess the LDS have been like that, I just happen to live in a neighborhood where the lines are drawn pretty loud & clear, unless you become their “target”
    to convert you.
    But that is just one example, some others are more fierce, and many of the new arrivals to this country, they are not liberal at all, especially the Middle Easterners.

  16. jimmyk, how many times must you be given the TRUTH about FauxNews’s #1 status. It is PURELY a default situation, in nearly EVERY cable and satellite market FauxNews is the ONLY channel that is in EVERY package! and in some markets the other channels aren’t even offered. FauxNews ranks last in FACTUAL news! So between the Goebbels Channel and MSNBC I will chose the channel that does not LIE TO ME EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY!! like your lovely Faux News does. Live in ignorance jimmyk and die ignorant to. Quality over Quantity jimmyk!

  17. When Fox and the GOP go extinct, we will have to declare a holiday. Otherwise there will be riots in the streets. Riots of celebration. I can’t wait for that glorious day. Hope I’m alive to see it.

  18. There’s a reason ol’ Rogie’s Ailing. A well regulated militia, their version, guns baby, more guns! See, the point I’m making, not to sound like a dumbass, is to disrupt voters enthusiasm in actually going to vote. The zombies (FOXholers) end up being the dominant votes that count, everyone else is disgusted with the system. And trust me on this one, Dems are not the same as Republicans, but stay home. Guess whose representing the zombies? More zombies. They don’t realize they’re being used by the 1%. When the $$$ flush roaches are done, they my friend, are history. Of course the zombies programed to keep them elected, just to wring the life from government. They will not be able to hustle a slice of bread from the 1% or a leftover pack of mustard from Wendy’s. They’ll phone the police and have them arrested for being stupid.

  19. They may both be at Death’s Door, but they’ll find a way to pull us all through.

    The problem being: Will there be an Earth left saving once they’ve finally gone into the night?

  20. We will never be rid of the stupidity and hatred in the south. There, the scared brainwash them at a early age driving their pickup trucks and preaching their faux pro America gibberish.
    But a shining light is on our college campuses where they teach respect for diversity and green is good for Mother Earth and our future…the selfish, greedy and paranoid will soon be a minority.

  21. Hateful comments like that tell everyone what liberals are really like. More decimation coming in 2016 ! People are sick of your kind of crap.

  22. Oh, so astute, AND if it wasn’t for all those people voting GOP, the Dems would still control House and Senate.

  23. Well folks, I guess the 100 or so post I’ve put up here, I’ve COMPLETELY destroyed much of my credibility of calling myself a christian, OH WELL! so I got nothing to lose with this mean spirited post, as far as the RACIST OLD GEEZERS at the FUX NEWS collective and the GOP DYING OFF?! I say GOOD FU#KING BYE!! SEE YA!! don’t let the coffin door crack your pointed little KLU KLUX KLAN skulls!! hey GOP, all is not lost, as long as the SOUTH is alive, you’ll always have a FARM SYSTEM for the KKK.

  24. NO JimmyK I’m sick of your kind of crap…Eight years of shrub then another six in Obama’s years,is way more then any sane person needs to be very sick of the rethugs. Can’t die out soon enough for me.

  25. Enough with the nit-picking about spelling and grammar. It’s the Net, not English class. As long at the ideas get through, whether we agree with them or not, isn’t that all that matters?

  26. I think there’s more to it than that. The older we get, the more understanding we have of how the world works. At least most of us do. It reminds me of the famous saying:

    “Anyone under 30 who does not vote Democrat has no heart. Anyone over 50 who does not vote Republican has no brain.”

  27. Bullshit. From what I have seen is that the old white male geezers that watches that cesspool are some of the dumbest MOFOS to walk the Earth you included

  28. Anyone over 50 who does vote Republican, has early Alzheimer symptoms. There I fixed it for you Robert.

  29. I appreciate that lorrene, although by tomorrow I will have forgotten you wrote it, and where the bathroom is…

  30. LOL: Robert you do have funny-bone in you thanks. I am an old boomer of the 60’s Live free and happy. Unfortunately there does not seem to be enough laughter and caring among the masses, now a-days. Peace.

  31. Yes it’s true, black undertakers are working overtime. But on the flip side, mexican pipe welders aren’t building your one and only job.

  32. Faux Noise is a sham. I cannot believe how many suckers watch that channel. The dumbing down of America is what it stands for. MSNBC has also started to lean to the right. Free Speech TV, which is not available from all cable and Satellite tv is our only hope. Thom Hartman has an excellent show everyday. He operates in the “truth zone.”

  33. There is a difference between casual killing of the King’s English and serial murder. Wingers invariably engage in the latter and it is rare to see an intact sentence from one of them, let alone one which is coherent.

    That’s the point of these comments.

  34. “People are sick of your kind of crap” You mean people are sick of the Facts jimmyk!? Well we know that people like you are sick of the Facts jimmyk. We on the left EMBRACE the facts! We don’t deny or erase the facts! The REAL problem here jimmyk is that your side is destroyed by the facts because they do not back up what you WANT to believe. WE on the left let the facts shape our lives we don’t let our lives shape the facts.

  35. So now biker gangs are in the GOP? I live in Texas and know a few Bandidos. They do hate Obama but the likelihood of them voting… Slim… Without Texas and the great people from this state you wouldn’t have a country.

  36. Eventually LDS will shrink and die out. I don’t think they have as many followers as other religions do.

  37. This is good news that fnc and the gop are shrinking more and more.

    This hopefully will give Americans a chance to improve our country instead of going back to the Middle Ages which was what we were headed for.

    My hope is that Liberals will continue to grow and improve everything.

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