Jeb Bush Says Only Traditional Marriage Gives Kids A Chance Out Of Poverty

Jeb Bush

In an interview with David Brody on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), presidential hopeful Jeb Bush swung to the far right on the gay marriage issue. Bush argued against a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry, and he invoked his Catholic faith in referring to traditional marriage as a sacrament. Furthermore, the Republican presidential contender suggested that the only way to fight poverty in America was to defend traditional marriage. During the interview, Bush told Brody:

If we want to create a right to rise society, where people - particularly children born in poverty, if we want to have them have a chance…we have to restore committed, loving family life with a mom and dad loving their children with their heart and soul.

Bush called traditional marriage a “core American value” and he implied, by his argument, that same-sex couples were incapable of providing opportunity for their children to succeed. Although Jeb Bush tried to sound a less controversial, more moderate tone on gay marriage in early 2015, but as the Republican race has taken form, he has started tacking back to the far right on the issue.

Despite his reputation as a GOP moderate, Bush has never been friendly to LGBT rights. During his tenure as Florida Governor, Jeb Bush fought to uphold the state’s law forbidding same-sex couples from adopting children. Bush argued then, as he does now, that the only acceptable child-rearing unit is a family headed by a male father and a female mother. Yet, according to data from the 2013 National Health Insurance Survey (NHIS), approximately 200,000 U.S. children are already being raised by married or unmarried same-sex couples.

Bush’s simplistic argument for traditional marriage is not only an affront to gay and lesbian couples, but also to single parent households. Furthermore, his argument that only two parent, opposite-sex married couples can lift children from poverty, is also an implicit call for government inaction. Bush is trying to argue not only that gay marriage is not a right, but he is also trying to pass the buck by hinting that the government has no responsibility to address poverty.

In Bush’s narrow worldview, poverty is simply a product of family structure. His solution is to champion traditional marriage as a magic fix, rather than advancing proactive policies like raising the minimum wage or modifying the nation’s tax code. On the dual issues of marriage equality and income inequality, Jeb Bush made it abundantly clear during his CBN interview that he is as hopelessly reactionary as the rest of the Republican field.

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  1. There are plenty of successful children who have been raised by gays, single parents, grandparents. Jeb’s comments are very naive and downright wrong.

  2. I wonder how can traditional marriage lifts kids out of poverty when if they are already there and you refuse or block policies to pay the parents a living wage to get them out of poverty.

  3. Wow, it’s that simple. Who knew. I wonder why some children raised with parents considered “traditional” seem to struggle? What sage advice do you have for us oh smart one?

  4. Well, since men still on average earn more than women, wouldn’t a marriage between two men be more likely to lift a child out of poverty?

  5. Hey Jeb, since half the kids in this country are illegitinate, why don’t you work on getting men to marry their baby mamas and leave the people alone who WANT to get married?

  6. BUMPER STICKER: GOP Wants to Take USA Back to The Dark Ages”

    “Time where Intellectual Progress Stagnated, & Regressed. Knowledge was possession of the CHURCH and anybody disagreeing with CHRISTIAN DOGMA was Prosecuted!

    THE GOP: Middle Ages/’Dark Ages’

  7. In my 75 years of living on this planet, I don’t ever remember seeing a same sex couple that didn’t have a stable and highly sufficient financial background. Sorry Jeb, you should be worrying about some of the “traditional” couples to work to stabilize their economic position so the children can grow and prosper.

  8. Bush is attempting to correct the insult to Iowa he caused by not playing in their pay-to-play straw poll non-sense.

    Those evangelicals and corn huskers suck up to gay bashing.

  9. btw, he wants to be called Jeb to remove him from his family connection. To call him Bush is to remind people of who he is and where he came from.

    BUSH – own it jebbie.

  10. I can’t figure out who is more stupid, Jeb Bush or Scott Walker. Please America, we need someone who is smart like President Obama. No dunces!

  11. The State Dept said they will be able to complete the review of the 55,000 emails Hillary has handed over to them and release them in January.

    They do not have to make them public.


    They will be out before the February Iowa caucuses, so she will be exonerated by them right before people head to the polls.

    How many candidates have said “release all my records” – it is unheard of. Powell deleted all his and did not turn them over as requested.

    Very transparent but she never brags that she is. She always was and always will be.

    Can we see the union busting emails from Walker?

  12. What ?

    I grew up in a ” traditional ” family of 11

    My father always had a job and my mother took in ironing. We still had to get Army Surplus food from the local Armory every month….

    He is clueless

  13. Hey Jeb, traditional marriage didnt keep your kids out of jail for their drunk in public(a Bush family tradition apparently), drugs, and theft. Why???? If you didnt have money, they’d be livin in poverty with a drug habit and prison time.

  14. Why would anyone in their right mind say such a stupid thing? I guess it is because they are in their “RIGHT” mind.

  15. Jeb Bush is not only ignorant of life, he is ignorant of nature.

    Apparently this Bush believes, as many Evangelicals (authoritarians) and many so-called Christians, that homosexuality is “a chosen lifestyle”, when in fact, this is nature.

    I know same-sex couples who are wonderful, caring and loving parents, whose children do quite well.

    What about families that are being abused or where there is incest?

    So there, Jeb Bush, what’s the big deal?

    It’s in YOUR mind.

  16. Playing Devil’s Advocate- gives kids a CHANCE out of poverty. Not a guarantee. Definitely not assured when you’ve got Republican “Values’ being the Law of the Land.

    Republicans: making sure that everyone gets an ‘equal chance’ to start at the bottom and stay there.

  17. Wow, I can’t believe he’d say something so ignorant and hope America would elect him into office. I think it’s called Delusional

  18. Give every parent a single full time job with a livable wage, pre-K child care, paid maternity and sick leave and then watch the poverty rate drop and, oh yeah, watch student performance soar.

  19. jeb bush is a catholic. How else is he supposed to view marriage. Don’t forget Barack Obama had the same views when he ran for president. He also had the same views when he ran for a second term. He only changed his mind after he was secure in his second term. Both the clintons were for traditional marriage. Have you forgotten that. About half the country believes in traditional marriage. So why all the name calling. Jeb bush has a right to believe what he believes. Who knows he may make a complete turn like Obama did after he is reelected.

  20. We don’t see poor gay men having children. We do see poor straight men having children and all to often abandoning the mothers, leaving the moms to raise the kids on their own. We do see gay men adopting poor kids who are unwanted by their natural parents and raising them in loving, economically secure homes. Moreover, they’re willing to take the most difficult to place children, i.e., older, minority, disabled and/or abused kids, who are not the first choice of heterosexual couples who seek to adopt. Jeb Bush should be expressing gratitude to gay adoptive parents for providing poor kids a path out of poverty.

  21. No one said Jeb Bush doesn’t have the right to believe in what he believes. But when he expresses a belief, especially as a likely presidential candidate, he doesn’t have a right to be free from criticism, particularly when what he espouses is unsupported by any peer-reviewed empirical studies. Before there was widespread acceptance of divorce in the United States, most kids were raised in two-parent mom-and-dad families that had no impact on the poverty rate. There are so many more factors involved. Family stability is just one.

  22. When Jeb Bush says successful, he means docile! I am the grand daughter of a single mother! No welfare for me! No children, No sense of failure!
    However, core American Values to me come from core Americans: White Mountain Apache, Mescelaro, Choctaw( They fought the Cherokee over slavery and the Jim Crow attitude toward children of Black and Native American couples)! Hawwaian , Samoan, etc…. They were quite successful. Several tribes had female leaders or” Sachems” if Jec was so serious, he would have Single Mothers enter leadership roles! This is about White values: Certain White Values!
    Jeb, you are a fake! I call BS!

  23. Homophobia is the world’s oldest profession, no one can prove they believe, one can only undermine society for not accepting the claim. This is requisite for liberalizing finite resource – regardless of what the mind thinks.

  24. First all, there are lots of poor people in traditional marriages. The Duggars would be dead broke were it not for the husband’s government job and ahem, free medical care. One has to wonder just how many in the family the government is supporting and will continue to support.

    Oh, wait, that’s *different*.

  25. What government job does Jim Bob Duggard have?

    I’ve only read they have rental property, the reality tv income and paid speeches, the last two hinging on their christian brand.

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